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Special thanks to Pitmaster Mark, Chef Jamie and the rest of the team at Quan Ut Ut for organizing this epic Ostrich roast for us in Saigon!
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ADDRESS: 47 Xuan Thuy street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC, Vietnam
OPENING HOURS: 11:00AM - 10:30PM
SOCIAL: @quanutut
🍖ROASTED OSTRICH: Defeather and clean the ostrich. Place in a large container with a mixture of red wine, water, salt, pepper, garlic and sugar and let it marinate for 26 hours. Cut off it’s neck and wings and put aside. Rub and stuff the bird with garlic, herbs, basil, thyme, oregano and a secret Quan Ut Ut ingredient. Put the bird in the BBQ pit and smoke for 2 hours with jackfruit wood. After, pour more wine inside the tray with the ostrich and add onions, carrots, water, BBQ power and thyme. Finally, put a towel on the ostrich and cover it with foil. Place in the BBQ pit for 16 hours at 105C degrees. Take the cooked bird out and hand shred the meat for serving. Serve 200grams of shredded meat on a platter with house cornbread, pink coleslaw and mashed potatoes with the au jus gravy.
🍲AU JUS GRAVY: Separate the fat from the Ostrich juices by putting the liquid in the fridge to cool and then skimming the fat layer, leaving the collagen and broth. Make a roux by adding oil to a pot and sautéing onions and flour together. Add the ostrich broth and mix slowly. Add flour until the mixture becomes thick.
🥚GIANT DEVILED EGGS: Boil the giant egg in 1.5 hours, then take it out of the pot and let it cool in a bowl of cold water for 15 mins. Remove the egg shell and cut it into two. Scoop out the yolk and put it in a bowl with pepper, cayenne, salt, paprika, and minced pickles (cucumber and jalapeno), mayo and bacon. Put the filling in a plastic bag and squeeze it in the egg white. Top with bacon and jalapeno.
🍖GIANT BUFFALO WINGS: Boil wings for 20 min then remove remaining feathers. Place wings in a fryer for 16 - 18mins until golden brown. Place the cooked wings in a big bowl with buffalo sauce. Garnish the wings with coriander and serve with blue cheese.
💸PRICE: Whole Ostrich - 12,600,000 VND/545.00 USD | Whole Egg - 500,000 VND/$21.63 USD | Roasted Ostrich Platter with house sides - 100,000 VND/ 4.33 USD
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. People either enjoyed my undeniable charm or enjoyed watching me eat things like coconut worms, and thus Best Ever Food Review Show came to be.

I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer. If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.

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Best Ever Food Review Show
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Rick Terry
Rick Terry 8 dias atrás
@syphax08 dude u dont make any sense r u special
Rick Terry
Rick Terry 8 dias atrás
@syphax08 scammer lol hahaha
syphax08 8 dias atrás
@Rick Terry Nobody cares scammer! Plus I live in North Carolina
Rick Terry
Rick Terry 8 dias atrás
Hey this is Rick Terry from Alabama I wanna talk to you about a food challenge 2562693035 its. With burgers call me live your show
Marvin Medina
Marvin Medina 19 dias atrás
Best Ever Food Review Show
Tiến Anh
Tiến Anh 14 minutos atrás
Lương Đình Bá
Lương Đình Bá 22 minutos atrás
Có ai việt nam không🇻🇳
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea 3 horas atrás
It looks like ham.
Mr. Urag
Mr. Urag 5 horas atrás
Mr. Urag
Mr. Urag 5 horas atrás
Nice video my friend good job
A Dang
A Dang 5 horas atrás
I live 2 minutes from there!
KING Roblox
KING Roblox 6 horas atrás
This is wehere you are looking for # 2:34
Mario Cardenas
Mario Cardenas 8 horas atrás
2:08 a.m Fresno,Ca..can you imagine deep frying a whole ostrich?
Diana Saldivar
Diana Saldivar 9 horas atrás
I’m glad they didn’t show how the poor baby got killed....
Hanna Kemaw
Hanna Kemaw 10 horas atrás
Why is he detailing the recipe as if we got some ostrich laying around 😭
Hanna Kemaw
Hanna Kemaw 10 horas atrás
I would have my lean protein source for a whole month if I had this😭 It’s probably really good because it’s hasn’t been touched and/or genetically modified by man.
Daboy 13 horas atrás
This is the second time an american or americans made history in vietnam, first was The americans losing to a bunch of vietnamese talking trees
Ean Schaan
Ean Schaan 13 horas atrás
I think your chicken has something wrong with it. Have you been feeding it wheaties?
Jeysy Calderon
Jeysy Calderon 13 horas atrás
This makes me remenber about the croods movie jajaj when they eat that big bird
TIC TAC 17 horas atrás
An elephant
Jeremy Fox
Jeremy Fox 20 horas atrás
They split their roux. Just joshing , what a good use of the whole bird. I love how he knows he can improve on the fat breakdown. Good to see a chef really care about the meat integrity
odinsmeadhorn 20 horas atrás
The more I hear about Vietnam, the more I want to visit.
Fuad Shourav
Fuad Shourav 20 horas atrás
Nice Recipe ....
Tshiwambi tshaKomeya
Tshiwambi tshaKomeya 22 horas atrás
You made the best conclusion on BRvid!!
Ericson Salcedo
Ericson Salcedo 23 horas atrás
I'm thinking how many people can eat this large bird
Spyke Tan
Spyke Tan Dia atrás
That’s it Sasame Street will never be same again, RIP Big Bird, gonna miss u!
Brendon Peter
Brendon Peter Dia atrás
If youve never seen a human body being cooked, here you go.
Hitmark Hungarian
Next episode: Fully roasted blue whale
Hailstorm Dia atrás
Okay, fine BRvid, I will watch the video already
Ambrose Kelley
Ambrose Kelley Dia atrás
Vegetarians have left the chat
Richard Rickram
Richard Rickram Dia atrás
Sorry I couldn't be there
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez Dia atrás
I want eat big bird
brian meattey
brian meattey Dia atrás
I've tried ostridge before not like that but what I had was lil stripes and it was sorta cartalige texture sorta but again don't remember what part it was but I wasn't crazy about it but that sure as hell looked good
Santos Sampang
Santos Sampang Dia atrás
Somewhere in alternate universe : Ostriches: Roasting a human whole.!!!
Santos Sampang
Santos Sampang 58 minutos atrás
@Zero lol🤣...humans can do anything....
Zero Hora atrás
Or humans roasting humans oh.. wait you might find it on darkweb
Monster Youngii
Monster Youngii Dia atrás
And here we go again, Never trust a skinny chef.
fergiemcfergable Dia atrás
absolutely disgusting 13:05 literally looks like a blown up ISIS
Anti Manti
Anti Manti Dia atrás
Nahhh 😕
Angelo Natividad
Angelo Natividad Dia atrás
"when there's a will there's a way" Flashbacks to Five Feet Apart and social distancing.
Ina Trsenawati
Ina Trsenawati Dia atrás
Ngenah pisan...
Atti Vamp
Atti Vamp Dia atrás
Looks Tasty !!!
Karan Kakkar
Karan Kakkar 2 dias atrás
Stop killing these birds/ animals 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Karan Kakkar
Karan Kakkar 20 horas atrás
@Kehre Azerith eat owls also 😡😡
Kehre Azerith
Kehre Azerith Dia atrás
Birds are food
ashraf7478 2 dias atrás
12:58 looks like The Thing when they found it dead 🤢
Aryan 2 dias atrás
God made ostrich for this day ! Amen
Pavyohn Johnson
Pavyohn Johnson 2 dias atrás
Looks drrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy af
Nowell Zimmerman
Nowell Zimmerman 2 dias atrás
The vegan watching this video are so sad
Raul Soto
Raul Soto 2 dias atrás
O i Forgot and a Cow like a pig on the wheel please so i can see it Before i Die Because I'm Paralyzed bye a Doctor mal Practices and left me like this and I'm not Doing to Good and my Brother Died Yesterday Gorge Soto and his Dother Died last year and my oldest Brother Died 2 years ago and my oldest oldest Brother Died 3 years ago and i having had a rest for 5 years it been one after another.ok thanks for the ostrich that was Cool Cooking.
Raul Soto
Raul Soto 2 dias atrás
I always dreamed of how it would look on a BBQ wheel turning round and round until it was Done man you made it in a oven please make it on the wheel ok God Bless you man AMEN.🙏🙏🙏
Timothy 1:22
Timothy 1:22 2 dias atrás
Damn that looks good... shiiiiiiiiit!
Jonathan Layne-Gordon
Jonathan Layne-Gordon 2 dias atrás
This host is unbearable
Tanner TP
Tanner TP 2 dias atrás
this man is living my dream, I hate him for not bringing me lol
Liz Cultures
Liz Cultures 23 horas atrás
@Tanner TP good for u then
Tanner TP
Tanner TP Dia atrás
@Liz Cultures yes
Liz Cultures
Liz Cultures Dia atrás
Is ur dream getting diseases in a near future and then realising you don't wanna live off medicines the rest of your life? 😂
Hannah Ah Tow
Hannah Ah Tow 2 dias atrás
So basically this ostrich is nearly the same weight as me. Im 52kgs
HardManbow 2 dias atrás
His body was facing this way, but his head was facing like this
emmanuel onyeka
emmanuel onyeka 2 dias atrás
Damn! This looks good with a bottle of Jack Daniels 🥃
GinjaNinja 2 dias atrás
The final result looks like a ballsack
The Cynic
The Cynic 2 dias atrás
I've always wanted to eat ostrich. You've cured me of that.
edelen1991 3 dias atrás
Like watching monster hunter
Ice banna
Ice banna 3 dias atrás
American bbq restaurant in Vietnam, oh how the times have changed...
Ddera Oj
Ddera Oj 3 dias atrás
Where is this pls. I want to visit from Houston Tx.
L W 3 dias atrás
At approximately the 15:00 minute mark, the host makes a statement saying, Amelia Earhart was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932. She was the first woman, Charles Lindberg was the first person to do it in 1927.
It’s Private
It’s Private 3 dias atrás
It took 5 guys to move 100lbs of bird but murderers move 125-250lbs of human body by themselves!
Brady Peake
Brady Peake 4 dias atrás
What about a a big ass animal bigger that that
AMVワンピース 4 dias atrás
Next Elephant
astroboy tech ranger
astroboy tech ranger 4 dias atrás
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow that isss huuuuuuuuuuumongussss
nct lovers
nct lovers 4 dias atrás
they did not show me how they killed the ostrich
nct lovers
nct lovers 4 dias atrás
worst of them
Clonazepam 4 dias atrás
Kehre Azerith
Kehre Azerith Dia atrás
C.T. Wellington
C.T. Wellington 4 dias atrás
so Bam margera is in vietnam?
DNA Productions
DNA Productions 4 dias atrás
Thanks for the recipe I’ll be sure to cook this for dinner tomorrow
Martanto Yudi
Martanto Yudi 4 dias atrás
Is very good cook bigge chikens
RealWords14k 4 dias atrás
Grossest thing I ever seen ROASTED
Cultured White Boy
Cultured White Boy 4 dias atrás
Sorry, but that's disgusting.
Rey Jr
Rey Jr 4 dias atrás
Im hungry.. xD Haha
Larry Gencianos
Larry Gencianos 4 dias atrás
I love this show sir,very much,I enjoy it watching every time☺️
Manish Sawant
Manish Sawant 4 dias atrás
Eat eagle
Maalik Hanai
Maalik Hanai 4 dias atrás
There is no such thing as Saigon Vietnam, it’s Ho Chi Minh- Yankee asshole
TJ Booker
TJ Booker 4 dias atrás
Looked like the remains of an alien corpse found at a UFO crash site of ship fueled by gravy.
The Doge
The Doge 4 dias atrás
first video I've seen without fkin clickbait
Deepak Gawale
Deepak Gawale 4 dias atrás
Can someone help with the song?
Fluffy Do
Fluffy Do 5 dias atrás
Oh my god this is so close to my school
Canh Phung
Canh Phung 5 dias atrás
You need to make a great effort to have 20 children to consume a running bird like this :)
savage elemental worior
The vegans are gonna throw up watching this XD
Anti Manti
Anti Manti 19 horas atrás
Liz Cultures thanks I’ll give it a try
Liz Cultures
Liz Cultures 19 horas atrás
Well no meat is healthier than other because in the conditions they grow in and bc usually chickens are injected and stuff like that, well anyways thanks for giving out your point, I see you respect veganism so maybe if u wanna know more information good for u and the people you love there are quite few on Internet, BRvid and Netflix, Gary Yourofsky has a few speeches and there's a film called What The Health on Netflix that I saw if u wanna give it a shot, there are more but I haven't been able to watch, anyways take care❤️
Anti Manti
Anti Manti 22 horas atrás
Liz Cultures Thanks I hope you’ll have a beautiful day too🙂
Anti Manti
Anti Manti 22 horas atrás
Liz Cultures yeah but it’s not like all animals have diseases that’s why eating beef or chicken is way healthier than eating a pig or idk. My point is this really is about the animal if u eat a lion u would probably throw up because of the bacteria and high Ammoniak levels cuz carnivores (and omnivores but some of them are in the middle) have very uneatable meat while herbivores are more likely to be resistant against diseases and have high quality meat ( that’s why I think veganism or eating less meat is way healthier). This is why saying that you are eating bacteria is an exaggerated term cuz if you eat a steak most of your nutrients are gained from the muscle cells and not the bacteria this would only be possible if the had a really really weak Immune system.
Liz Cultures
Liz Cultures 22 horas atrás
@Anti Manti thanks for ur politeness, yes it has nutrients but apart from getting nutrients u get bacterias, and the more u eat it u are also probably gonna get diseases that come from the meats, that's my point, that is dangerous still. But well thanks for reading, have a beautiful day.
Delta Mike
Delta Mike 5 dias atrás
"Whoa, we don't need to look in there again" We've all been there brother, we've all been there.
Sagar Badeewal
Sagar Badeewal 5 dias atrás
Corona! Corona!
St Badhon
St Badhon 5 dias atrás
Awesome job!
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