Real Madrid ● Road to Victory - 2018

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In 2018 Real Madrid managed to win their 13th Champions League and 4th in 5 years. Amazing achievement. Cristiano Ronaldo was a goal-machine during this campaign.

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15 Nov 2021



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Comentários 1 530
RamiTube Mês atrás
after all what ronaldo did that season, he didn't win ballondor!!!
Masoom Ahmed
Masoom Ahmed 8 horas atrás
@Bobo no benzema is better and Ronaldo is kind of finished no offense
Hussein Sheikh
Hussein Sheikh Dia atrás
Imagine that day light robbery ❤
Henry Garcia
Henry Garcia 2 dias atrás
his last champions league goal was robbed by a fan running on the field
Paul Relloso
Paul Relloso 4 dias atrás
@Bobo Real madrid doesn't want him there anymore. He is old and isn't good anymore
Yellow Console
Yellow Console 14 dias atrás
messi fan kids show that mistake of an 'award' to prove he is better like tf how can you decide they both made themselfs better than what they already were respect them and enjoy the matches no need for arguments
Dark Mês atrás
i'm a fan of messi but i've got to say that cr7 is also a beast
joseph Kennedy Braz
joseph Kennedy Braz 4 dias atrás
Quem Assistiu vídeo do Diggo sabe que isso é um bot
Dancoo 16 dias atrás
Y 17 dias atrás
Bngst ini orng ada di mana mna
Irwin Manoj
Irwin Manoj 19 dias atrás
@IyusJeon lets talk after u done crying
M1S1NN 24 dias atrás
no shit
Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph 2 meses atrás
Round of 16 - beat champions of France Quarter Final - beat champions of Italy Semi Final - beat champions of Germany Final - beat champions of England And became the European champions This is how champions league should be won ❤️🔥
Abraham Seifu
Abraham Seifu 9 dias atrás
Wtf😂😂at that time champions of england was MC....only club do that thing was Barcelona in 2015 beaten PSG on round of 16,MC on QF,Munich on SF & Defeated Italian champions juve....forca barca
Jackson Kendrick
Jackson Kendrick 13 dias atrás
It should be won by concussion?
Van D. N.
Van D. N. 17 dias atrás
Man city is the champions of england that season
Philip Olympiacos
Philip Olympiacos 17 dias atrás
With Refs
Hadi Sudanto
Hadi Sudanto 18 dias atrás
all beaten by not la liga champ
Ravinder Singh
Ravinder Singh 2 meses atrás
That 3 consecutive UCL title & squad will never be forget.. Real Madrid is love 🔥❤️
Jackson Kendrick
Jackson Kendrick 13 dias atrás
Real Madrid is head injury
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 17 dias atrás
@Arjun Krishna hi Arjun. Happy early new year 2022.
Balwant Kaur
Balwant Kaur 19 dias atrás
Yess.. Madrid forever
Ahmey Official
Ahmey Official 24 dias atrás
4ucl in 5 yrs❤️💯
You're Sus
You're Sus 27 dias atrás
@FeelsBadMan n lmao good football is ass if youre not winning big trophies like ucl😂
Jim MoeFoe
Jim MoeFoe Mês atrás
Ronaldo was robbed that season. He was just phenomenal.
Mrinmoy Mondal
Mrinmoy Mondal Mês atrás
Missing those memorable school days when I never missed a single Real Madrid Ucl match 🙂
Adib Zafran
Adib Zafran 4 horas atrás
yeah :)
griboos Dia atrás
mộng tinh cường
mộng tinh cường 4 dias atrás
LarcuzzT Lalrosanga
LarcuzzT Lalrosanga 10 dias atrás
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 11 dias atrás
@Broken what is dayyum??
The Joker
The Joker 2 meses atrás
Damn. Ronaldo became the first player in history of UCL to score in all 6 group stage games. Then he scored important goals in both legs of the round of 16. Then in quarter-finals he scored two goals in the first leg, including that beauty of a bicycle kick. He also scored the decisive last minute penalty under immense pressure in the second leg. What a man and what a beast. Too bad he didn't score in semi-final or final, but he's a legend anyway.
Bon18 17 dias atrás
@Matija no doubt in that! 🤧
Matija 17 dias atrás
@Bon18 Sorry, but its really the same thing because they are all corrupted.
رؤوف فوزي
رؤوف فوزي 21 dia atrás
@Bon18 thx 💗
Bon18 21 dia atrás
@Matija bruh... It's not UEFA it's fifa... also I guess it was fifa who hosted 2018 balondor
Bon18 21 dia atrás
@رؤوف فوزي it's haller not heller
Spiros Reg
Spiros Reg 2 meses atrás
Bale came in clutch in the finals still so underrated he is so good🔥
reza F
reza F 16 dias atrás
@Arjun Krishna and the assist in 2016 final against atletico
Wales. Golf. Madrid. In That Order.
@Nikhil 7 get out lad. You’re overlooking the impact he’s had for the club
Huskie Huskerson
Huskie Huskerson Mês atrás
Why was he sitting between the clutch plates
DHH listener
DHH listener Mês atrás
In that match mvp for real were bale and their gk
Green_Gamer11 Mês atrás
Janak Advani
Janak Advani Mês atrás
11:54 "Here comes Ronaldo and he scores, ofcourse he scores. The greatest player in the history of Real Madrid. The finest goal scorer in the history of Champions League with ice running through his veins"🥶🥶🥶
Raffaele Babalean
Raffaele Babalean 5 dias atrás
@Spectrum Forzx 🤣🤑
Spectrum Forzx
Spectrum Forzx 5 dias atrás
@Raffaele Babalean keep crying kiddo
Raffaele Babalean
Raffaele Babalean 12 dias atrás
No penalty, referee🤑
Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell Mês atrás
Fun fact: Ronaldo and bale scored at the same minute NOICE
SaidJogo Mês atrás
Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell Mês atrás
Yes, both of the Bicycle Kick Goals 🔥🔥
Andrusha Andrusha
Andrusha Andrusha 2 meses atrás
Ohh i miss this team (2013-2018) best era of real
kd wijayantara
kd wijayantara 17 dias atrás
@Black Box now go to uel, cUELes 😂
Arif Muhammad
Arif Muhammad Mês atrás
@Black Box in ucl 2016-2021 barca is trash team.This year,welcome to Europa League.🤣🤣
Platism6000 Mês atrás
@Black Box barca got 3 champions leagues in 18 years
Gaminglegends12 Mês atrás
@D' sories it was the golden era of Madrid. No matter the level of the competition,
Ramizqail Ademi
Ramizqail Ademi Mês atrás
@Black Box how can a trash team win ucl 4 times in 5 years
Aakif Naushad
Aakif Naushad Mês atrás
Gareth bale’s contribution in finals is phenomenal !
tazz gikong
tazz gikong 3 dias atrás
@felipe vitolacome on man, ballon dor is judged by a bunch of journalists n coach 🤣 not by an entire population vote 🤣. Bale doesnt need to be messi, he won what a player wants to achieve in his career.
felipe vitola
felipe vitola 24 dias atrás
@tazz gikong u seriously comparing bale to messi now? There’s a reason bale has 0 ballon d’ors and messi has 7. Bale didn’t win all of that by himself, madrid won that. Meanwhile Messi’s individual contributions got him his 7 ballon d’ors. Not just that but all the career messi has had including 4 CL’s like Bale.
tazz gikong
tazz gikong 26 dias atrás
@Huskie Huskerson he doesnt need to be messi. Balelifted 4 champions league in 5 years, where he won 3 consecutive champions league which messi never and wont bebe able to achieve in his life :)
Георгий Манолов
Согласен, Зидан угадал с заменой
Huskie Huskerson
Huskie Huskerson Mês atrás
But he's no Messi
JayCFC Mês atrás
I remember watching that bicycle kick from Bale. One of the best I've ever seen live.
Георгий Манолов
Но велосипед Роналду был красивее.
Mustaf Farah hussein
so you have seen many bicycle kicks live?
Remigues Rodrigues
Remigues Rodrigues Mês atrás
This Concludes Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo are Incomplete without each other 🥰😍
JopTV Mês atrás
All jokes aside.. I have seen a lot of footballers in my life but the man “Ronaldo “ is exceptional.. DEMON
SegetKing _
SegetKing _ 25 dias atrás
MASTER OOGWAY 25 dias atrás
@SegetKing _ he eurpoa and robber fan
SegetKing _
SegetKing _ Mês atrás
@Huskie Huskerson what
Huskie Huskerson
Huskie Huskerson Mês atrás
@SegetKing _ yes lol
SegetKing _
SegetKing _ Mês atrás
@Davi ɧK丨G͜høst kid lol
she's Dope
she's Dope Mês atrás
With this kinda beast performance he didn't get ballandor..still wondering 😱
KILLING HEROS 15 dias atrás
He would have more than Missy, but it's honestly, jealousy and hate for CR7 by so many trash people and organizations.
nguyen thanh an
nguyen thanh an 23 dias atrás
@Mukhtar chill fanboi no need to be triggred 😂😂 if that is your point then hear this clearly: Ronaldo has 5 ballon dior, 4 of them comes when he win UCL and scored most goals in that tournament so it's undeniable. Messi has 7 while only wining 4? Xavi, Inesta, neuer, van dijk, lewan were robbed 😂 is this sound familier?
Mukhtar 23 dias atrás
@nguyen thanh an In that case, Penaldo robbed Ribery in 2013 because he had 0 trophies. At least Messi completed the domestic double in 17/18 with La Liga and Copa Del Rey. Ronaldo only had the UCL, which btw he only won due to fraudulent referring in the semi finals.
nguyen thanh an
nguyen thanh an 23 dias atrás
@Mukhtar and no cup?
Mukhtar 23 dias atrás
Messi got more goals and assists
Claudinho Souza
Claudinho Souza Mês atrás
O Cristiano marcou gols em todos os jogos cara, incrível.🤭👏👏👏⚽
MASTER OOGWAY 25 dias atrás
@Huskie Huskerson thats why he did not robbed more than 1 times
Mzl games
Mzl games Mês atrás
Fifa:bola de ouro pro Modric
Huskie Huskerson
Huskie Huskerson Mês atrás
He's no Messi
Жавохир Мустафоев
Whenever they need a goal, Cr7 is here.....Nailed
My Top 10
My Top 10 Mês atrás
Even though I am a Messi fan, I think Cristiano deserved the 2018 Ballon d'or. Beast!
Soham Thapa
Soham Thapa Mês atrás
Some beautiful memories of Real Madrid 🥺❤️
Apa Aja
Apa Aja Mês atrás
The Golden Era of Real Madrid 2014-2018
Gaminglegends12 Mês atrás
Golden era is when they won 5 ucl in a row.
@mcdafold GO CRY LOL
mcdafold Mês atrás
The Golden Era of robbing other teams
Apa Aja
Apa Aja Mês atrás
@Dewansh parashar 2014-2018 in champions league not la liga
Dewansh parashar
Dewansh parashar Mês atrás
Амандык Карымсаков
Everyone talking about Ronaldo, but Marcelo was also amazing, goal or assist almost every game in play off
What A Team 💗❤️ Goosebumps 🥳
cfcrm Mês atrás
Это командная работа, каждый из них вкладывал свою душу, восхищаюсь 👏🏻
Phoenix Mês atrás
That's the secret
Bhavin ravariya
Bhavin ravariya Mês atrás
What a great move by Zidane and Bale The reaction of Zidane 🤩🤩
Frederico Campos
Frederico Campos Mês atrás
Só quem viu esse time sabe o que foi ter prazer em ver futebol
CRISTIANO FAN BOY ꪜ 2 meses atrás
I miss that team 😔
Fazeofrez Community
@Tudor Motroc cry
Tudor Motroc
Tudor Motroc Mês atrás
Miss the robberies 😔😔
Mohini Mês atrás
Legendary team ❤️
ruhab rifas
ruhab rifas Mês atrás
this was the last list they reached the final THANKS TO RONALDO
mister-ris 24 dias atrás
CR7 effect😂
Nathaniel_ Lyma
Nathaniel_ Lyma Mês atrás
Cristiano Ronaldo maior da história do futebol 🔥 monstrooooooo
Prashanth M
Prashanth M Mês atrás
I still remember CR7 interview after winning the final. All my happiness of winning UCL final nullified
ALI S 24 dias atrás
which interview?
MAXIM The InternetBreaker
2018 was the last year of the true machine CR7.
Lulu Luvely
Lulu Luvely 2 meses atrás
im a Messi fan but i must admit CR7 is also beast
Heinz Beans
Heinz Beans Mês atrás
@pLaStIc ArSeNaL fAn just letting you know
pLaStIc ArSeNaL fAn
@Heinz Beans ok i really don't care at this point
Heinz Beans
Heinz Beans Mês atrás
@pLaStIc ArSeNaL fAn he posted it 2 weeks ago, dark commented 7 days ago, this guy didn’t copy bro
pLaStIc ArSeNaL fAn
wow copied comment
IyusJeon Mês atrás
No one asked
ShrEEramPaTHak Mês atrás
Moises Sequera
Moises Sequera Mês atrás
It gives me chills ! What a ride it was. 💪🏽
FootShorts Mês atrás
7:05 Corner Taken Quickly🔥😍🤯
12 - MS Jacob - IX D
ruffy gum gum
ruffy gum gum Mês atrás
If somebody is Barcelona ran . This like hit harder then Russian hard base .
Luis Angel Guaregua Gonzalez
Años de gloria pura para el Real Madrid 😎🌟🤩
R J seven
R J seven 2 meses atrás
the ballondor was robbed...cristiano did absolute magic in 2018 ...whatever you say idont care..
Black Box
Black Box 6 dias atrás
@Anime Renegades ! Why didn’t iniesta win the ballon d’or after winning more than Messi and being more crucial in 2010 ? Modric was the player that missed penalties during the knockout stages of the WC and Croatia was almost out. Ronaldo was definitely better at WC but such a shame that Portugal can’t and won’t have a great working NT ever as they lost to Uruguay despite being 10x better on paper
Anime Renegades !
Anime Renegades ! Mês atrás
@Black Box Its not about goals when it comes to modric. He's a midfielder. The chances created, dribbles completed and overall control of the game that Modric had was incredible. He was better than Ronaldo in the WC imo. Ronaldo would definitely do better if they didn't lose to Uruguay
Black Box
Black Box Mês atrás
@Anime Renegades ! Ronaldo was also better than Modric in the WC. Scored a fkin hattrick against former WC champions, scored 4 goals and gave 1-2 assists. Modric did miss crucial penalties that nearly cost his team the elimination and also had the easiest opponents through the final
Maya C Nair
Maya C Nair Mês atrás
@Crate Opening because messi robbed lewa
Crate Opening
Crate Opening Mês atrás
@Ishaan Samaddar it is ended now!
Gopinath Kevin
Gopinath Kevin Mês atrás
2018 is the year where all cl teams were in their prime...❤❤
Erlend H.
Erlend H. Mês atrás
This video shows that: 1. Ronaldo and Verane deserve better. United should challenge for the PL title, not for a fourth place. 2: United should do everything to get Zidane in.
Black Box
Black Box Mês atrás
Zidane will stay in the shadows unless France NT job is open or return to Real Madrid again when ancelotti leaves, he never wanted to do a coaching career like other managers with different clubs.
K Mês atrás
@Anonymous Guy and because he doesn't want to
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy Mês atrás
Unfortunately he refused because of his wife
11 Mês atrás
RONALDO litterally scored in all matches except final
Георгий Манолов
Поэтому его вклад в эту команду стал ключевым
Ricki Kookie
Ricki Kookie Mês atrás
And semi final
Wasif W
Wasif W 29 dias atrás
2016 17 18 were the best years of my life,and this real madrid was a part of that life.
JayCFC Mês atrás
That Real Madrid team was crazy. Loved watching Noodle Hair Ronaldo during that time, at the peak of his powers.
THẮNG...!! 2 meses atrás
I admire them so much, but their era of domination is over
reza F
reza F 16 dias atrás
Real Madrid always rises again, from the ashes
Ezhil ek
Ezhil ek Mês atrás
They are never over 🤍🔥 always in the race
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv Mês atrás
@nguyen thanh an👍 you right subscribe bless up
nguyen thanh an
nguyen thanh an Mês atrás
Because they sold the biggest man in the club CR7
024_Swapnil Gohil
024_Swapnil Gohil Mês atrás
Lol it's real madrid they'll be winning again
Majed Asiri
Majed Asiri Mês atrás
Madrid was a monster and CR7 did everything in the football !!
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah Mês atrás
Those where the days 🥺 Ronaldo and Marcelo ♥️
Indra Mês atrás
James Rodriguez deserves a icon card he was so good in his prime he has done his job 2x uefa champions league that's pretty good
Gaminglegends12 Mês atrás
f1kid Mês atrás
Yeah I agree
DeVilLs AdV0cAtE
DeVilLs AdV0cAtE Mês atrás
I miss those memorable days when we had Ramos CR7 Zizou in RM and winning 3 consecutive CL titles in a row....
Devan R
Devan R Mês atrás
Look at the confidence of marcelo when cristiano is taking the first groupstage penalty ❤️ i want that friends in my life
Knigth Movies
Knigth Movies Mês atrás
Soy Barcelonista pero reconozco que este Madrid cuando iba a jugar solo podías pensar en que iba a ganar … El mejor de la segunda década...
Aaisar Rahman
Aaisar Rahman Mês atrás
Biggest ever club in Football history. Rich history, Legendary players. ¡Una vez madridista, siempre madridista! ¡Hala Madrid!
Yovany Polanco
Yovany Polanco Mês atrás
This was one hard road to the final sheesh. I remember watching this great run. This was a magical year. 3rd time seem crazy but they did it. Ronaldo & Marcelo were superb all the way thru. Than Benzema in the Semis and Bale came in the final. Just an amazing run.
Mc Faddy
Mc Faddy Mês atrás
@Islam Albarazi Barca lost and failed due to their own mistakes while madrid win because of their opponents Clear mistakes. I am not criticising, just saying madrid were fortunate to win the 3rd UCL. 🥱
Islam Albarazi
Islam Albarazi Mês atrás
@Mc Faddy if so then why does barca not win as much as real 🤔
Mc Faddy
Mc Faddy Mês atrás
Also with the help of GK mistakes 🤷🏻 in KO stages and FINAL🤷🏻
That Guy
That Guy Mês atrás
Damn CR7 really deserved the Ballon'dor that year . Shame he didn't get it
Serano Mês atrás
What a journey! 🔥
m kh
m kh Mês atrás
Navas was in top form holy shit. Man saved us so many times
H0NZ1Q 21 dia atrás
As Barcelona fan I can say. I love 2018's Madrid
Ali Yasin
Ali Yasin Mês atrás
I think Bayern tried to close down Ronaldo so much that they forgot about the other players, Liverpool had the same error.
Kevin Lujan
Kevin Lujan Mês atrás
Nah If the keeper controller didn’t turn off they would’ve won 😂😂. Dumbest shit I ever seen
Tech Blade
Tech Blade Mês atrás
A player who won three champions league and three premiere league in a row🏅🏅 - Cr7 GOAT for a reason
Anvols Mês atrás
let’s just appreciate that he always shows the opponents goals too and the goal scorer
bakary wabi
bakary wabi 26 dias atrás
Take me back please 🥺😭…. Never missed a single match of this golden era
Madridista Forever
Madridista Forever Mês atrás
Greatest team in the history of football and Zizou the best manager of last decade😍👑
Gaminglegends12 Mês atrás
Everything you said is wrong especially the “greatest team in the history of football”
Ulabrita Mês atrás
Ever heard of Ferguson. Mate Ferguson had one of the shittiest team 12/13 Pl season,and he won the pl. Zidane had a bunch of scary World class players
MEDUSA Mês atrás
9:35 best moment
I am Real Madrid fan and to be honest Cr7 should have won 2018 Ballon D’Or if it was not baba perez that’s pulsh*t he has been absolutely deserved to take it home.
Hau Tran
Hau Tran Mês atrás
Speed. Simple and Maximum effectiveness. That is Prime Real 2013-2018
Gaminglegends12 Mês atrás
Prime real was when they won 5 ucl in a row. This comes second tho
05. Adhil. S
05. Adhil. S 12 dias atrás
9:38 Goosebumps🔥
Thanh Đạt Nguyễn
Ronaldo 15 goals ; Benzema 5 goals ; Bale 3 goals ; Marcelo 3 goals ; Ramos,Modric,Nacho,Borja,Lucas Vazquez,Casemiro,Asensio 1 goals
SicK • Official
SicK • Official Mês atrás
2018 Real Madrid was something else
Георгий Манолов
Какая команда была - просто мощь!!!!!! Роналду, Бейл, Бензема, Кросс, Модрич, Марсело, Иско, Ассенсио…!!!!!!
Mohini Mês atrás
Every time they need a goal they find 🐐 him ❤️
Prashant Chhetri
Prashant Chhetri Mês atrás
Real Madrid is still exists.. But This Squad is Emotion 🤗
Sibt E Jaffer
Sibt E Jaffer Mês atrás
Aaah those days when we win Champions league for fun , what an Era , no one will ever repeat until the End of the World No Club . By the way the most Difficult game of 2018 was against Juventus 2nd Leg we were so lucky
Nikhil 7
Nikhil 7 Mês atrás
Real madrid was always lucky. Money is money
spcck Mês atrás
2 goals amazing in 2018 🔥💯❤️
Hermann Master
Hermann Master Mês atrás
Que des émotions à ce temps 😁🤗 de nos jour le football est devenu n'importe quoi 😒
Big Man Christian
Big Man Christian Mês atrás
I remember watching Juve’s 2nd leg.. Bruhhh my heart was non-existent 😂😂
Teodor Gavrilut
Teodor Gavrilut Mês atrás
ronaldo scored 15 goals that season. He completely carried his team during group stage, round 16 and quater finals. If he could just score some goals in semi finals and final he could set a new record, even bigger than the one in 2014 of 17 goals
Black Box
Black Box Mês atrás
Unfortunately by the time he played the semi finals and the final he had already decided to leave and he wasn’t trying his usual best
Chanitha Pemasena
Chanitha Pemasena Mês atrás
You are witnessing one of the golden eras of football❤
King ofDreams
King ofDreams Mês atrás
Its nice to see how far we've gotten :)
Qamar Satti
Qamar Satti Mês atrás
I was watching the final live on my TV and Gareth Bale did that bicycle kick, I was stunned, shocked and shouted "F**k" What a Goal, What a Moment
Latashia Escudero
Latashia Escudero Mês atrás
Goosebumps❤️ Ronaldo beast💯💯
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Mês atrás
*Ronaldo first player to score in all 6 group stage games* Ballon d'or= Modric
The best fact I would love to hear is this is my best champions league season EVER I watched + this is the first champions league season I watched! I love Ronaldo bicycle kick, it’s gorgeous, magical, it’s so historical even makes the best goal in the WORLD!
Robert Lewangoalski
even though I am a Messi fan I think real Madrid winning UCL 3 times in a row was incredible Like if you think that real Madrid is fire
Jashwin Ryan
Jashwin Ryan Mês atrás
It's Ronaldooooooo 😭😭😭😭 Scoring Every game whata man 😭 "Everytime they need a goal Cristiano Ronaldo finds it" 😭
BackyardFIFA Mês atrás
1:04 That is a delightful goal by Gareth Bale
Mohaned bassam
Mohaned bassam Mês atrás
What a beautiful game❤️
Kiyoomi Mês atrás
Ah yes the good old days of watching my beautiful team play.
Claudinho Souza
Claudinho Souza Mês atrás
O mesmo erro de Lewa não ter ganhado a bola de ouro esse ano foi com o Cristiano em 2018 🤦
Md. Nahid Hasan
Md. Nahid Hasan Mês atrás
Dream season for me as a Madrid fan
Kot Mês atrás
The whole video gave me goosebumps.
cfcrm Mês atrás
Какой же Роналду великий, какие голы он забивал !
Anandan Raman
Anandan Raman Mês atrás
11:55 the real goosebumps Cristiano Ronaldo is the King🔥♥️
Raj Kumarcr7
Raj Kumarcr7 Mês atrás
9:38 just 🐐 things 😌 bith of the wonder goal🔥
800 IQ
800 IQ Mês atrás
I'm so glad I found a channel that does these videos. I've been wanting this for a while
nqubeko mkhize
nqubeko mkhize Mês atrás
This was a monster of a team
Dean Mês atrás
It's weird that CR7 and messi never meet in ucl final. Imagine the crowd
Kebbs Mês atrás
They met in the 09 final
Cristian Aizprua
Cristian Aizprua Mês atrás
Recordar es vivir que bien me sentí volviendo a recordar
Kip. Abraham
Kip. Abraham Mês atrás
Champions league commentary is something else🔥🔥
Tora Chan
Tora Chan 2 meses atrás
I will never forget 9:35 as long as I live
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv Mês atrás
Ronaldo the🐐👑☄
Binota Ghosh
Binota Ghosh 2 meses atrás
I also will never forget Bale's goals in Finals
Binota Ghosh
Binota Ghosh 2 meses atrás
It's unforgettable 🤍🏳
Saksham Jeswani
Saksham Jeswani 2 meses atrás
iJezuz Mês atrás
Gaminglegends12 Mês atrás
Best team? No Greatest player? No.
Controversial Moments
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Shocked Hidden Chats You Surely Ignored
Liverpool FC ● Road to Victory - 2019
Portugal ● Road to the Victory - EURO 2016
Funny Moments #2
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France ● Road to World Cup Final - 2018