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Wes brings in a real Lawyer to argue against Joven and he shows us how it's done!
A full improv scene with only 30 minutes to prepare- it's Smosh & Order!
Joshua Ovenshire
Damien Haas
Mari Takahashi
Wes Johnson
Michael "Real Lawyer" Lawyerson
Tim Baker

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17 Nov 2018

smosh and ordersmosh gamessmoshsmosh courtmock trialmock courtsmosh trialsmosh games courtmari takahashiboze smoshdamien haaslawyerjoven



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Comentários 2 962
Zeno-sama Dia atrás
easiest money that lawyer has probably ever made
Jeylan Jubran
Jeylan Jubran Dia atrás
Wow! This is so ironic and foreshadowing
_chinice_ _
_chinice_ _ 2 dias atrás
Melissa Hahn
Melissa Hahn 2 dias atrás
My name is wesley or wes
rachel arrow
rachel arrow 3 dias atrás
Ok but...did Wes ever ask them not to...and isn't he an know....Wes the Editor...🤣🤞
Night Train
Night Train 3 dias atrás
....I’m about to get shot in the mother f**king chest
Bethany Zdrojewski
Bethany Zdrojewski 3 dias atrás
BRvid should make it possible to like a video more than once.
AvaC_14 3 dias atrás
18:38 Joven! Joven!
Theo Petsagas
Theo Petsagas 4 dias atrás
THe lawyer looks like the zucc
Sweet Pork
Sweet Pork 4 dias atrás
Why is there a swat member in the court??
Athena Green
Athena Green 4 dias atrás
This is honestly the best one so far.
Nick Mullins
Nick Mullins 4 dias atrás
Lasercorn in a swat vest
sreerag kn
sreerag kn 4 dias atrás
what happened to pit nd games?logo less
LourdAldrin R. Thompson
why is the graduation song at the end of the video???
Anthony Jordan
Anthony Jordan 5 dias atrás
Joven is F**CKED
Michael Marriott
Michael Marriott 5 dias atrás
who is that cutie in the jury box in the front
Dan Heston
Dan Heston 5 dias atrás
To be fair, Jovan could've made a better argument asking Mari about her contractual obligations to smosh rather than being wes's friend, but still hilarious video
sleepy_ wolf
sleepy_ wolf 5 dias atrás
Joven's ending statement was soooooo touching omg!!!!!
sicky thiccy
sicky thiccy 6 dias atrás
"you brought in a real lawyer?" lmao the irony of that question
Diego Macedo
Diego Macedo 6 dias atrás
Now we know the truth
Edward Barrera
Edward Barrera 6 dias atrás
10:16 Damien 😂😂😂😂
noob entertaiment
noob entertaiment 6 dias atrás
Blade_des 6 dias atrás
So Wes made Smosh homeless....... i see now
The Best
The Best 6 dias atrás
This video raised the bar...
noob entertaiment
noob entertaiment 6 dias atrás
to over 9000
Emily Ridal
Emily Ridal 6 dias atrás
So now we know why Defy Media closed its doors...
Unripe Banana
Unripe Banana 7 dias atrás
...and DefyMedia closes their doors.
Kainenrox :: Sahbastion Hopson
What even is this
yohanna Audrey
yohanna Audrey 8 dias atrás
I f****** hate boze
Andrea Borgström
Andrea Borgström 9 dias atrás
This is awesome
Guerreo Mix Tape
Guerreo Mix Tape 9 dias atrás
Renny 3000
Renny 3000 9 dias atrás
That Damien booty though
Jonathan Preston
Jonathan Preston 10 dias atrás
Rest in piece, Smosh. I know y'all are gonna go on making videos individually, but there will always be a hole on BRvid, and in our hearts, where new smosh videos used to be. To any smosh members, cast, writers, etc. that might be reading this, I hope you all will go on to do other great projects, just don't ever forget: we love y'all.
heyitsgauge oof
heyitsgauge oof 10 dias atrás
Phantom0Zero 10 dias atrás
What was Damian gonna say at 10:15
noob entertaiment
noob entertaiment 6 dias atrás
angel1202003 10 dias atrás
ononlycookie 10 dias atrás
This is the reason defy media went out of business
noob entertaiment
noob entertaiment 6 dias atrás
Wes sued the company he worked for and didn't get paid for it but it still went out of business. WOW!
aris ellis
aris ellis 10 dias atrás
This has to be the funnest court the lawyer has ever been in.
Jace Tzur
Jace Tzur 10 dias atrás
sub to pewds
WilPhil Gaming
WilPhil Gaming 10 dias atrás
Mark Zuckerberg..... what are you doing here?
Emily Grace
Emily Grace 10 dias atrás
Wesley “Rap God” Johnson! LMAO
comedy kitty
comedy kitty 10 dias atrás
That ending is something that will haunt smosh until they find a new parent company, just saying!
noob entertaiment
noob entertaiment 6 dias atrás
forever haunted from the ghost of the past (have you ever noticed parents told us not to live in the past but show us a Christmas carol which has about half of it with him worrying about the past)
Mdgirlterrie 10 dias atrás
love Tim :)
Jonathan Fradette
Jonathan Fradette 11 dias atrás
That ending joke about defy was god tier
Theo Isaac
Theo Isaac 11 dias atrás
what's the attorney's namee
Air Bendin'
Air Bendin' 11 dias atrás
brendyyyyyn is so funny 😂
Matthew Stark
Matthew Stark 11 dias atrás
Is this all improv?
Walledfive89 11 dias atrás
Is this why Smosh is Homeless now?
G6 Jerbear101
G6 Jerbear101 11 dias atrás
Hold up i dont get the sarcasm is Wes the actual reason smosh shut down Because Defy shut down due to marketing losing millions would go into that no
Miss LateTrender
Miss LateTrender 11 dias atrás
Why does the lawyer looks like mark suzucaburg (idk how to spell his last name)
Gemma 11 dias atrás
That last bit is too real now 😂
Alexander Sakadelis
Alexander Sakadelis 11 dias atrás
The sad part is defy media did close there doors
It's Isabell
It's Isabell 11 dias atrás
10:13 yes
Terence Pace
Terence Pace 12 dias atrás
should these court room stints keep going... next time Actual Lawyer vs Actual Lawyer
Alana Rheinhardt
Alana Rheinhardt 12 dias atrás
So that's how Defy shut down...
Joshua Ezekiel Belandres
so this is why Defy Media went bankrupt 😂
Missie Gomez
Missie Gomez 12 dias atrás
The cool gamer
The cool gamer 12 dias atrás
I felt bad for joven for some reason he just feels cringed
Kittys.equii_clips 12 dias atrás
I can feel that lawyers awkwardness
Charles Tallman
Charles Tallman 12 dias atrás
Smosh fans please subscribe to pewdiepie
lunargeekx 12 dias atrás
Guess we can blame wes for the things that happened to defy media ,.. HAhaha 🤣
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 12 dias atrás
German is fucking going to cry
ppanina 13 dias atrás
Tim is literally just Tina Belcher
overnightsiege 13 dias atrás
Is that why dyfi media is broke at
Ruby Tries To Do Things
The real reason Defy Media shut down
Nick Poleto
Nick Poleto 14 dias atrás
Jovens reaction is priceless 😂
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 14 dias atrás
You guys I’m willing to help
Dark Knight56
Dark Knight56 14 dias atrás
Jovem wins
Loki Odinson
Loki Odinson 14 dias atrás
Please review Fallout 76!!!!
Cameron Holtman
Cameron Holtman 14 dias atrás
So this is why Defy lost a bunch of money! It wasn’t 70 million dollars they used but 100 million. Science
Lil Ambivert
Lil Ambivert 14 dias atrás
He brought a real lawyer!
Alexander Sandström
Alexander Sandström 14 dias atrás
Did Joven forget about fair use?
Olivia Sanciangco
Olivia Sanciangco 14 dias atrás
What was Damien gonna say in 10:17 ?
Luis Yepes
Luis Yepes 14 dias atrás
So this is why smosh closed doors, copyright infringement again
Ossy Koi
Ossy Koi 14 dias atrás
A joke law session became real
Ossy Koi
Ossy Koi 14 dias atrás
Lasercorn: we should play it again Lawyer: no Lasercorn: (shut down...)
Jared Kertesz
Jared Kertesz 15 dias atrás
How can corn produce lasers?
Disaster Doctor
Disaster Doctor 15 dias atrás
so thats why defy went bankrupt
Luis Dunford Gavira
Luis Dunford Gavira 15 dias atrás
I like how they also revealed that the contracts they signed would not hold weight in a court of law
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 15 dias atrás
Noah will you marry me?
Amanda 15 dias atrás
Taz Mohr
Taz Mohr 15 dias atrás
So if every idea that happens in a video is owned by smosh.....does that mean the lawyer is now owned by smosh?
Yolo 15 dias atrás
Next thing you know judge Judy walks in
Caitlin Wheeler
Caitlin Wheeler 15 dias atrás
Matt Raub vs Boze for all the times she takes his money. Damien as judge and Shayne as bailiff
Natalie Peters
Natalie Peters 16 dias atrás
So yall bankrupt yourselves this would mean?
Jarrod Ward
Jarrod Ward 16 dias atrás
I love how Damien turns on joven during questioning
Brooke T.
Brooke T. 16 dias atrás
isn’t that damien’s actual roommate?
TaylerMarie13 16 dias atrás
As a law and order svu fan I appreciate this series for using its intro😂
Yzabella Demaisip
Yzabella Demaisip 16 dias atrás
WHHYYYYY!i was going for Joven at the end.
TheQueerisHere 16 dias atrás
I feel like this is the 100th time I've watched this so yeah.....
foscitalli 16 dias atrás
Too real
pandaperson Thing
pandaperson Thing 16 dias atrás
We need matpat to be a lawyer he would take everyone DOWN!
pandaperson Thing
pandaperson Thing 16 dias atrás
He got a real lawyer 😂
Emilie Feivelson
Emilie Feivelson 16 dias atrás
joven"s speech was the most amazing bullshited thing I have ever heard.
Chesur5 17 dias atrás
If anyone wants a weeb lawyer I’m ya guy for d job
GamingWithEm ________________________
Joven at the end just proved the smart lawyers point
Epsen Lambert
Epsen Lambert 17 dias atrás
Why did you draw boobs Jovenshire 2018
Maurice Rosser-Hendrix
Maurice Rosser-Hendrix 17 dias atrás
I'm so in love with Boze
Nazwa Fajna
Nazwa Fajna 17 dias atrás
Why is Mark Zuckerberg a lawyer tho?
The_Hoodie_Knight _
The_Hoodie_Knight _ 17 dias atrás
Oh so this is why defy closed!!
1234coolman 18 dias atrás
Could have been a great teaching point for all Americans and individuals who could get in trouble. Instead this video made a disgusting attempt at making a joke. Quite pathetic really.
Dave Hyler
Dave Hyler 18 dias atrás
When someone asks what happened to Defy Media: 19:36
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