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14 Jul 2018



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stella 2 anos atrás
I’m completely obsessed with this show at the moment, and it’s really nice to see that it is mostly medically accurate. Makes me feel like I’m learning something.
TheMadAfrican1 21 dia atrás
Oliver Platt is such a GREAT actor. So it's nice to see him starring in something great. I gotta watch this now!
Sierra loves one Chicago
It’s the best
Polina Lee
Polina Lee 3 meses atrás
Please, do not. I know i'm late, but, please, don't learn medicine from tv-shows. It is very dangerous.
eclipse gaming
eclipse gaming 4 meses atrás
@Bodhi Valkyrie i haven't gotten to S5 but is it necrotising fasciitis? Since that's the only disease i can think of that is called "Flesh eating bacteria"
Ravenous__Rose 8 meses atrás
Well, Chicago Med has a rule that they can only use published cases. Of course, they will still have medical inaccuracies but the rule prevents them from having a big amount of them. There are also people in the medical field that review things for the show to look for possible inaccuracies.
TheMemester439 Anos atrás
When I was a boy scout, we were all trained on CPR, and they basically explained it to us as "breaking ribs means that you're doing it right. They can fix broken ribs later, but they can't fix dead."
Lilia Mês atrás
The CPR instructor told us that we shouldn't be afraid of hurting the person or not doing CPR perfectly because "you can't kill a dead person" - and they're right, cracking ribs is a sign of doing CPR right, but even less-than-perfect CPR is better than nothing at all.
gamtax 4 meses atrás
Had my First Aid skills and my CPR instructor told us the same thing.
Mirabel L-S
Mirabel L-S Anos atrás
He should look through the Chicago med s5ep6, where one of the Drs literally locks herself in the patients room to give the child antibiotics even though the parents were not wanting it. Would be interesting seeing his reaction to the ethically wrong decisions made throughout the episode, even maybe with legal eagle to go through the law aspects
Michaela Beaver
Michaela Beaver 2 dias atrás
Something that medical shows don’t get right is that in a lifesaving scenario where a parent is denying care the hospital will sue for medical custody. I’ve seen it dozens of times ex. Jehovah’s Witness and a transfusion, refusal of a heart surgery, etc
AshTheAngel 5 dias atrás
Oh yeah it was dr Manning
Alligaytor Mês atrás
@FLIP L in Canada, some of the seasons are also on Amazon Prime. Not all of them, I think the first 4??
Ava 2 meses atrás
That episode really annoyed me lol
gargles 5 meses atrás
@Amy K ooo good to know!
Holly Anos atrás
Every Chicago med episode: “Uh oh. This woman is pregnant.”
DosagePosage 3 meses atrás
"You're going to Baghdad!"
Jimin’s lost JaMs
Jimin’s lost JaMs 5 meses atrás
@Tony bablony DR. CHOI!
Spreading the DREWTH
Spreading the DREWTH 5 meses atrás
every episode they have to drain fluid/blood from around the lungs
Mrs Fellbär
Mrs Fellbär 6 meses atrás
Also „I‘m going to intubate!“ or „We need to intubate!“ 😄
Phase 6 meses atrás
@Tanuja Mahadevan Me and my mom are watching this show. Currently on season 4 right now, we noticed by season 3 that Dr. Manning's favorite line is "We are going to do EVERYTHING that we can-" and it's starting to grow hilariously annoying 😭
TheAMaazing 4 anos atrás
I clicked on this so fast, thanks for another great episode Dr Mike!
TheAMaazing AMaazing. You watched him too? Thas nice 😄
GamingNation 4 anos atrás
SeaPinecone 4 anos atrás
TheAMaazing hi
caroline goodsir
caroline goodsir 4 anos atrás
amber 4 anos atrás
CG256 Anos atrás
As a nursing student, it's nice to see a show that is pretty medically accurate. It reinforces my understanding of my material and helps me pinpoint what's right and what's wrong. Also love the amount of time nurses are shown in this series
right2write 8 meses atrás
The nurses are so well-scripted! Maggie is the charge nurse we all want to work with and April is the nurse that many of us aspire to be.
Charles Spillman
Charles Spillman Mês atrás
My mom and grandfather done CPR to me in 2012 when I was 6yrs old, I had a grandmal seizure, once they got to me I was dark blue and my eyes rolled into the back of my head, as they were doing CPR the people I was with said to my mom "Should we call an ambulance?" My mom went off the wall.. The ambulance worked on me for an hour in our driveway then the flight crew worked on me for about 30min to an hour because no one could get me stable enough to take off, from what I heard I had over 90 seizure in just 2hrs. EMS crews told my mom and grandfather that if they hadn't administered CPR I probably wouldn't have made it, I went into a coma for 4 days. Once I was off of the Ventilator I had Mycoplasma pneumoniae and encephalitis. That was my first seizure. My mom knew CPR from being a respiratory therapist and my grandfather had his CPR license because he was a blaster in the mines
Swayzie Kelsch
Swayzie Kelsch 10 meses atrás
1:26 I liked that he was doing the chest compressions with one hand while holding onto the top bar. While not ideal and you absolutely should use two hands whenever possible, when riding in an ambulance you can very easily fall and lose your balance while driving. Speaking from experience :)
Ryan Connell 5150
Ryan Connell 5150 21 dia atrás
Yeah I don't think his arms were tired like Mike said at 1:06, Rhodes was just hanging on with the other hand.
Irene Toledo
Irene Toledo Anos atrás
10:55 for the record, his Spanish was perfect! at least what you showed, the pronunciation was correct and the grammar was flawless. he seemed to know what he was doing, and like he only said it in English first for the TV audience
gamtax 4 meses atrás
@eternalaster If I'm not mistaken, he said hes studied med school somewhere in Spain.
Julio Chavez
Julio Chavez 7 meses atrás
The pronunciation was meh
Taost_BTW 9 meses atrás
@eternalaster yeah he was a doctor somewhere like that for a year
eternalaster Anos atrás
I was just going to comment this. I'm assuming the character has a Hispanic background of some kind or learned the language since he spoke it so well and confidently.
ur mom
ur mom Anos atrás
What Dr. Mike meant was that they don't need broken translators, not that he meant that Rhodes was a bad translator, he was good
ns 4 anos atrás
He should come out with merch that says “chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions!”
bernain molina
bernain molina Dia atrás
He did
Dingus LOL
Dingus LOL 8 dias atrás
He has them now!!
Rosemary Keutzer
Rosemary Keutzer 16 dias atrás
I hope you got your own t-shirt. And you deserve the fìrst choice of each new edition, every time he drops a new one.
Audrey McCann
Audrey McCann Mês atrás
I’m from the future and he does
B A G 2 meses atrás
@Jourdyn Groman aged like a fine wine
M0ment 2 anos atrás
Yes, merch with "Chest compressions" would be great, but how about "Break those ribs!"
Low-Cozmic 11 meses atrás
Instructions Unclear Im in court for assault and battery
James Wagner
James Wagner Anos atrás
Chest compressions, Break a rib save a life!
James Wagner
James Wagner Anos atrás
Chest compressions, Break a rib save a life!
TheBanana Anos atrás
Solangelo Shipper
Solangelo Shipper Anos atrás
@karmasdoor when you’re a theatre kid as well as a doctor
Simón Cornejo
Simón Cornejo 2 anos atrás
I didn't know that hospitals had translator, but... The doctor's spanish isn't broken at all, coming from a native speaker. Great video! 😄
Nix Spodek
Nix Spodek 7 meses atrás
yea, you learn later im the series that he is fluent, so him doing translation isn’t an issue actually.
ur mom
ur mom Anos atrás
What Dr. Mike meant was that they don't need broken translators, not that he meant that Rhodes was a bad translator, he was good.
Kylie Roth
Kylie Roth Anos atrás
I just finished this show on Netflix. What I love about the show is how they treat disabled patience and giving those patients a voice when most places would look to the caregivers which isn’t always the right thing to do.
Sierra loves one Chicago
Not all seasons are on Netflix check peacock
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy Anos atrás
Me in my 40’s with cystic fibrosis: Oh, is like to see Dr. Mike analyze this show. Dr. Mike: Most people with cystic fibrosis live somewhere into their 40’s. Me: ☹️
Shevanese John
Shevanese John 4 meses atrás
You will live longer.
Kostas Gamer
Kostas Gamer 7 meses atrás
Wish you the best :(
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
@Amelia Rose And high infant and child mortality is what gives rise to the statistic in the middle ages diet at 30. Once you reached 5 or so, your chances were good to reach 70 and beyond, but because so many died early, the average is so low.
fbbWaddell 8 meses atrás
If it makes you feel better, doctors don't know everything. New advancements in medicine happen daily. And your best tool for survival is the will to live and looking forward to each new day. People outlive doctor's expectations all the time.
Mëkhâlå M
Mëkhâlå M 8 meses atrás
I hope you live much longer but in a healthy way...god bless
Arfaelo 3 anos atrás
Doctor Mike: "you have to get the 7 to 9 hours of sleep" Me: "five it is!"
🌸Elizabeth Afton🌸
Me when I'm sick: less amount of sleep. Me with covid: sleep! Sleep! Sleep!
MintLeaves Anos atrás
A few seconds at most, after tossing and turning for 2 hours
Zachary Joseph
Zachary Joseph Anos atrás
Doctors on a 24+ hr shift: I’m I a joke to you
hindenburg2006 Anos atrás
I don't need sleep - I need ANSWERS!
Mena ali
Mena ali 2 anos atrás
@Mëtal hæd that explains why I can't remember my social studies when I solve prep problems for my exam (if we are even gonna have them
Not Another Nerdy Podcast
Question! For the surrogate case what would happen if the parents of the baby wants to keep her on life support but the parents of the surrogate who have power of attorney say take her off?
nadiutta Anos atrás
I'm really loving this show. I just graduated as RN and I love the fact that they explain what they're doing. It's a great review for the NCLEX that I'll have in 2 weeks! The only thing that seems a little odd to me is that everytine they do CPR they don't do many compressions but they defibrillate a lot. Is that right?
right2write 8 meses atrás
Hey fellow RN! Typically you try to do compressions in increments of 30, or over 2 minutes. Modern defibrillators let you slap the pads on the patient's chest and it will periodically tell you when to stop, analyze rhythm, deliver a shock, and resume compressions. Paddles are used in every TV show but they're old school. So yes, they should be doing compressions a bit more
Robin Brar
Robin Brar 8 meses atrás
@nadiutta oh that’s good happy to hear that I’m preparing for mine
nadiutta 8 meses atrás
@Robin Brar I passed it on the first try!
Robin Brar
Robin Brar 8 meses atrás
How did your nclex go?
Felicat Anos atrás
@Jayden Bisson Dr. Mike is always pointing this out, too! Now I do the same thing thanks to his videos.
Ayano Aishi
Ayano Aishi 2 meses atrás
Broken ribs can be bad but as long as they’re breathing then a broken rib is better than them being dead
Ronaldo 2 anos atrás
It sounds like Chicago Med did a good job being relatively accurate in their medical research and acting =]
Quincy 4 anos atrás
My dad has a cystic fybrosis in his DNA and my mom has it also.(it means both of my parents don’t have cystic fibrosis but the childeren have a chance of getting it) My 2 brothers died, one died at the age of 5 the other at the age of 11. My sister died at 4 months. I’m the only one who doesn’t have it. I’m studying in a lab. I’m trying to find a cure using Crispr Cas. It’s hard, a lot of pressure and a lot of studying. But we’ll get there.
prajakta 2 anos atrás
you are so brave
M.M Sariles
M.M Sariles 2 anos atrás
Hope you find the cure!
Alice 2 anos atrás
i am so sorry for you i have never had a close loss so i will not say i know how you feel but i do hope you will find the cure
Sosroseno 2 anos atrás
I hope you're still keeping up the good fight dude. Don't forget to take good care of yourself as well. We're all proud of you.
Leah G
Leah G 2 anos atrás
Thats horrible. Im so sorry for your loss. I wish you the best of luck with the cure.
M. C.M.
M. C.M. 2 anos atrás
I had a classmate who had cystic fibrosis, they passed away when we were in the 8th grade - we were told that basically they had coughed so hard it sent them into cardiac arrest. Not sure if that's something that can happen, regardless, it was so upsetting.
Lily ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Lily ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 8 meses atrás
What I like about chicago med is that they include nurses a lot and show the importance of nurses. They even have nurses as main characters.
Holly Anos atrás
At school, we had a paramedic come in and give us training. She told us that quite often, they expect ribs to be broken after CPR. My STEM teacher told me during training like this (she is not a professional) that where you are doing the chest compressions, ribs should never be broken.
SquareWalnut240 9 meses atrás
Me who's watched literally EVERY, SINGLE, episode of Chicago Fire (10 seasons), Chicago Med (7 seasons), and who is on season 2 of Chicago PD (9 seasons): Nice, very nice. I'm obsessed with the series.
JotFeelings_YT 4 meses atrás
Chicago fire 😍
Maura Leonora
Maura Leonora 3 anos atrás
Chicago Med is actually a really good show and I feel like it stays a good show for a good few seasons. There is some romantic drama of course but I feel like it doesn’t destract from the super interesting medical problems!
Running Satan
Running Satan Anos atrás
I agree. It's not like Gray's anatomy for example where there's too much love drama and not enough medical background.
ur mom
ur mom Anos atrás
HPR_Amin Anos atrás
Luis Gabriel Dahmer Hahn
Last season was terrible
Sid Tom
Sid Tom Anos atrás
@Zoey I was waiting for someone to finally say this!!
Sierra loves one Chicago
You should watch the last episode of season 4 and the first one of season 5
NIN 13
NIN 13 Anos atrás
The show seems real, because they have real doctors and real surgeons on set all the time, the actor who plays dr. Rhodes has been practicing real surgical procedures, in order to perfect his techniques and his hand movements. Each of these actors have lessons, they even joke they have a medical school on set lol:) one of the doctors who teaches them even said the actors are better students than his own residents and was begging them to go to med school😅 incredible people, they work hard to make it as real as possible
Susan Wise
Susan Wise Anos atrás
Love the show, however, since I work in a level one trauma center blood bank, I find it interesting that Chicago Med has such an awesome blood supply that everyone( men and women) can get O neg blood in an emergency. Also love how every other patient gets put on ECMO even before the pandemic.
Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker 9 meses atrás
10+ year nationally certified ASL interpreter here! 🙌 Thanks for the shout-out! FYI - It's not "translator" ... we are interpreters. ;) Translators do written translations on paper. Interpreters interpret real-time conversations. ❤
Oppaloopa 2 anos atrás
“Back so soon?” “I missed you guys.” Is a whole chronically ill kid mood. The front desk attendants know me by name and multiple medical professionals in the building know me by face (or wheelchair at least). That was an extremely accurate moment that I appreciate lmao.
Sofi Mês atrás
As a cancer kid I can recall nearly identical conversations with the peds staff at my local hospital
I get this.
Kyleigh Norton
Kyleigh Norton 7 meses atrás
I know what u mean because I spend a lot of time on the gi floor and all the nurses and doctors know me and my mom works at the hospital as well so I’m pretty well known and whenever I’m there the nurses know to give me puke bags when I arrive 😂
Pluto Pepsi
Pluto Pepsi 9 meses atrás
I ask my GP how her daughter is doing at college 😂
megan 10 meses atrás
same here haha - “good to see you but hate that it has to be here”
lilkoton826 11 meses atrás
I appreciated Dr Mike's face expressions when something was serious and lethal shows that ur empathetic and a human being. Thank u for that. Need more doctors like u
charlotte boy
charlotte boy Anos atrás
also the character development in this show is absolutely incredible!!!
Deborah Ryder
Deborah Ryder 2 anos atrás
My mum was a cf nurse and her patients were amazing, so strong in mind. So sad when they passed away but taught us so much about living your life in the best way possible and nothing is impossible.
fbbWaddell 8 meses atrás
I remember during my last CPR training, the teacher told me that sometimes the person's ribs break but if their heart isn't beating, they are clinically dead and you can't get any worse than dead so it's better to break a few ribs to bring a person back to life than to do insufficient chest compressions and waste time and energy watching someone's life leave their body. Point was taken.
Alisha Santiago
Alisha Santiago 4 anos atrás
Chicago Med is my favorite medical show because it feels most accurate Not too much relationship drama I could understand it as a pharm tech student
Ava Anos atrás
Feroza Ebrahim
Feroza Ebrahim 3 anos atrás
Same it like the best show ever😍😍
Chipchase 3 anos atrás
Will and Natalie: *ahem*
luna love
luna love 3 anos atrás
there's def relationship drama now (but i think there's a good balance between focusing on cases, relationships and the characters on their own). one thing i like is that they actually show a lot of the hospital staff (like nurses, psychiatry, pathology etc), and a wide range of cases by tying some storylines into the pd or fire shows.
Hannie 3 anos atrás
ruth_loveSNSD 9IRLS'6ENERAT10N where can I watch it
Ghostess Anos atrás
Lost a good friend senior year of high school from cystic fibrosis, only a few months before we would have graduated. It's a horrible condition.
Sam Zaref
Sam Zaref Anos atrás
6:18 My experience with doctors that know me and know CF, they are open to us helping to make the decision because we know ourselves so well. I've recommended which antibiotic I have needed to go on or even the plan of treatment while in the hospital. In a way, we have been CF specialists all our life and can tell what works and what doesn't.
Fiona Hendrickson
Fiona Hendrickson Mês atrás
I honestly thought he said 'CBC, which means complete BUTT count.' 🤣
A. K
A. K 2 anos atrás
6:55 My Mum had an (undiagnosed) brain aneurysm approximately the size of a golf ball which burst at home in 1990 (she was 36). Fortunately Dad was home at the time because the rupture soon caused a stroke and she couldn’t move, so yelled out to him (meaning he then called a freaking ambulance straight away! But still... the fact that she survived and recovered from that burst aneurysm with only minor symptoms from the stroke still blows my mind tbh 🤯 (no pun intended lol).
Darcia G. Laucerica
Darcia G. Laucerica 6 meses atrás
"People don't just run in and go IM THE DOCTOR NOW!" this was such a funny line to me cause my mother had to do that when i almost died in the hospital that was treating my pneumonia. my actual doctor was nowhere to be found when they gave me penicillin (which im deadly allergic to). Nobody was doing anything while I almost died so she started shouting orders at them. Luckily they did as told and I [obviously] lived
🌸Elizabeth Afton🌸
I can kind of relate. When my mom had me (I'm the oldest) she got Epidural late. So, when she had my brother she said as soon as she got in the hospital 'ok, I'm in labor, Epidural!'
Laura Burgos-Cunningham
I’m Colombian, that Spanish isn’t broken. It was very clear and a full sentence and a literal translation. Just pointing it out.
ur mom
ur mom Anos atrás
What Dr. Mike meant was that they don't need broken translators, not that he meant that Rhodes was a bad translator, he was good.
anh droid
anh droid Anos atrás
"We have translators in hospitals...!" [next scene] [doctor translates] :D
Antiplays Anos atrás
Cxxx Bxxx
Cxxx Bxxx Anos atrás
Hi - Have you ever watched Chicago Hope? It came out in 1994 when ER did. I found it to be a much superior show. Starred Mandy Patinkin, Adam Arkin & Hector Elizondo plus a host of other great actors. Great accurate it is I'm not sure
Becka Walker
Becka Walker Anos atrás
*Gasp* Shout out to Cystic Fibrosis! My mom has just celebrated her 9th year of having healthy lungs! I had a moment of joy when he mentioned the vibrator vest. When I was little, I would give my mom long hugs while she was using her vest, and we would giggle over the funny way our voices quivered while talking with the vest running.
♥︎walmart shizuku♥︎
He protecc He attack But most importantly He *chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions*
Bhagatveer Singh
Bhagatveer Singh 2 anos atrás
@Tom Delarue Its supposed to be attacc
Lana Grace
Lana Grace 2 anos atrás
hayawiii your likes are the amount of times he said chest compressions
dr 2 anos atrás
@Husni Hassan *attacc *Heart attacc
Husni Hassan
Husni Hassan 3 anos atrás
No no no. It's like this. He protecc He attack But most importantly He does chest compressions to avoid a heart attack.
ChocolateM1lk's yt channel idk
It is supposed to be He protecc He attacc But most importantly He steal his snacc Src. Tucker Budzyn comments
Paige Warren
Paige Warren 8 meses atrás
I'm in love with this show. This video has also helped me. I'm 12 years old and wanting to be a doctor when I'm older this video gave me information to give me a head start for when I start. Thank you ❤
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf Anos atrás
You should react to another episode of these! It's so interesting to learn all these new things.
Sawyer432 Anos atrás
As always I love watching Doctor Mike get serious about this! Keep doing what you do best!!!
CoffeebreakTX Anos atrás
Always amazed by doctors & nurses in pressed, tailored scrubs, perfect hair & makeup. Every person model-looking. Nope, give me the original ER, more realistic people.
nonyabusiness 4 anos atrás
Just to clarify, his Spanish was not broken, even though scripted, it was pretty perfect for an English speaker, not to mention the correct translation. Also, Chest Compressions.
Daisy Ray
Daisy Ray Anos atrás
Chest Compressions
Ejjd Hdrj
Ejjd Hdrj Anos atrás
Chest compressions
nonyabusiness 2 anos atrás
@Giovanna DB I'm a native Spanish speaker and I can certify his Spanish was perfect, what's your basis? Edit: let me be clear with this, just because he's speaking with an accent, it doesn't make his Spanish incorrect or broken, he conveyed the message and it could be interpreted perfectly fine.
Rue Dayz
Rue Dayz 2 anos atrás
Chest compressions
Alba G
Alba G 3 anos atrás
It wasn't perfect at all, not broken but I wouldnt say it was good
Nadja Larsen
Nadja Larsen Anos atrás
The Chicago shows are some of my absolute favorites 😍
fbbWaddell 8 meses atrás
Yeah, glad this was a good one. The first episode of this show I saw they did CPR on a patient that coded in front of them for what seemed like 10min before calling time of death. He had literally just arrested in front of them, granted from hypernatremia, but still.
SchneidersRammgirl RH
SchneidersRammgirl RH 2 anos atrás
Do more reacts to episodes of this great show please, house & greys anatomy has gotten multiple episodes, can we get you doing more of ER & Chicago Med too? Like a past & present opinions I think be interesting watch :)
Lynda Rocha
Lynda Rocha Anos atrás
Until I saw Dr. Mike had done Chicago Med, I was going to suggest it. I have watched a ton of medical shows, love them, from ER to St. Elsewhere, onto Gray's Anatomy (one of the dumber shows). Chicago Med, thus far (into season 2) is the best I have seen. For one thing, it features nurses, whereas the others don't as much or at all. Nurses make the hospital function and the fact they are left out in Gray's Anatomy, Good Dr. and New Amsterdam is horrifying. Surgeons do not prep patients, do not get involved in patient's personal lives. When would they have time to operate? This is by far the best show of the Chicago trilogy; and right now, the best medical show on tv.
chloe neale
chloe neale 3 anos atrás
“Me: Why are your arms so muscular?” Dr Mike: “ chest compressions,chest compressions, chest compressions
Wow that's how he exercise 😳 🤔 by chest compressions
Darlene Fraser
Darlene Fraser Anos atrás
onyx Anos atrás
if he used his full force he would absolutely crush something
Nour 2 anos atrás
soph 2 anos atrás
@The Proton why is it so hard for you to let go of little things? its a comment on youtube get a hobby or summ
Nikki Emerson
Nikki Emerson 10 meses atrás
Thankfully some life changing meds have come out in recent years for CF patients. A lot fewer hospital stays for people I know.
A T-D 2 anos atrás
The first time I had to give chest compressions I felt ribs breaking and it felt weird. I got the heart started for medics to transport the patient. Compressions are tiring and I'm always thankful when I see the medics show up.
Chloe’s Stuff
Chloe’s Stuff 2 anos atrás
I love how dr.Mike just explains every thing that they say for example what’s a chest compression I think it’s called lol I have always wanted to be a doctor and he helped me learn WAY WAYYYY more stuff about doctors and stuff that doctors use and what there called so thx doctor Mike❤️
Renee Jackson
Renee Jackson 11 meses atrás
Just found Doctor Mike and am watching the back episodes. Such a sincere, enjoyable person to watch. Knowledgeable, kind, and ....he has a great sense of humor.
- Sam._.G -
- Sam._.G - 2 anos atrás
My friend:*gets a paper cut* Me:starts doing chest compressions Edit:omg 1k likes haha
beachmagnolia Anos atrás
Sara Zigova
Sara Zigova Anos atrás
Sara Zigova
Sara Zigova Anos atrás
dedlyocen16 Anos atrás
@denelson83 r/goodexplanationbutwoooosh
Sylvia Buzantian
Sylvia Buzantian Anos atrás
3.2 k
Rachelle Spencer
Rachelle Spencer 8 meses atrás
Dr. Mike! I NEED you to react to this show again! Specifically the clip that just came out about the car that crashes into the ER. I just saw this clip and I have to know how realistic it is! If you have the time pretty please give me your thoughts?
RedSinger 1
RedSinger 1 6 meses atrás
Brooooo. I’m so happy he did this!!! These are my favorite sister shows and I have been curious how accurate it was. Thanks for the info man! Obviously some of it is a little dumb, but ya know! Thanks!!!
Stacey Hollen
Stacey Hollen Anos atrás
I just finished watching Chicago Med and then saw your video! I thought a lot of the medicine was accurate as well! Glad you liked it :-). I believe the new season comes out next month!
AB-80X Anos atrás
Interesting about the intubation dilemma. When I was doing internships as a student, we were always taught to push hard for patients to accept intubation if PH is low. I don't recall ever seeing anyone reject it. Happy about it? No, but people usually are so uncomfortable form their illness, that the outlook of feeling better is enough to not cause any kind of conflict. Good show overall with a ton of accurate info. A bit dramatic, but there would not be much of a show if the characters were as two dimensional to the viewers, as real world hospital staff usually is to the patients. If we had the types of arguments and intrigues in our workday as they have here, we would have been kicked to the curb on the first day.
beba 01
beba 01 3 anos atrás
"Doctor he is dying from cancer" Mike: "should have done more chest compressions"
Anneliese B
Anneliese B 2 anos atrás
@Huss 110 he answered already
Huss 110
Huss 110 2 anos atrás
beba 01 what did he say? I think he might have deleted the comment
Tlelkina 2 anos atrás
I know it's a joke, but taking into consideration Mike's mother story, it feels way too rough...
One smart girl
One smart girl 2 anos atrás
beba 01 || Thanks! I really appreciate it. :)
beba 01
beba 01 2 anos atrás
@One smart girl done and done
Jillian A
Jillian A Anos atrás
Being intubated was the worst experience I went through. I was awake for some of it. It was uncomfortable and hurt r like a mother ducker when they pulled it out. Felt like razors in my throat. Just like they show on TV… they tell you to blow. It’s so relieving when they do pull it out. I had ICU delirium where I was hallucinating too. I signed a DNR after that. Never do I want that again even though I know it saved my life.
Kason Hayes
Kason Hayes 6 dias atrás
I’m happy to see there is at least one show where Mike isn’t yelling at people to do CPR
Hanan ruqya
Hanan ruqya Anos atrás
This show portrays a version of the hospital environment where the doctors go above and beyond to maintain the ethics and care for the patient much more than these people working in such conditions are normally seen doing ? Maybe it's that good in America i wouldn't know But otherwise this show is gold
Nerdynessocity Anos atrás
I admittedly flunked out of nursing and took a social service worker course (so I am not a social worker but a similar styled underling) and I admit Dr. Charles sold me for the show. Psychiatry is a difficult field and to do well one needs to know how to connect and speak to people. The writers did a great job of incorporating interview techniques for therapeutic communication in him. For example, the episode where he speaks to a woman on the balcony (avoiding spoilers) has him ask "what would a normal life look like?" Which is a great open question that allows people to describe what they would like to see for themselves and often leads the conversation in better directions
kitty levins
kitty levins 4 anos atrás
"How'd your arms get so toned?" Chest compressions
Eimear Pigott
Eimear Pigott Anos atrás
For a life saving test, I had to do it for 20 minutes. I literally died😂
Bone Head
Bone Head Anos atrás
@super_sad a soul for a soul
Meliy Con-Roma
Meliy Con-Roma 2 anos atrás
biskwit녹차 2 anos atrás
LITERALLY i remember training for first aid to complete high school the dolls were worn out i even got scratched wrists but it was the best experience
Petros 3 anos atrás
kitty levins or just gym
Nothing to see here
Nothing to see here 8 meses atrás
I love this show and am currently watching this and now that I know this is quite medically accurate I feel like I'm actually getting info, also can you react to another episode? Thanks
Michael Mabon
Michael Mabon Anos atrás
@Doctor Mike this one was particularly interesting to me. Approximately a quarter of my cranium is titanium, after a subarachnoid haematoma (from an assault). Ironically I was a day from starting uni to do nursing.
itsadancething 10 meses atrás
I loved this show when it first came out. The last few seasons should watch them, because it has REALLY changed.
Dani Malloy
Dani Malloy 2 anos atrás
Hey, Cystic Fibrosis patient here! Thank you for clearing what the disease is up for the people who have misconceptions of CF!!!
Kristy Lee
Kristy Lee 4 anos atrás
“ people just don’t run in and say I am the dr now” 😂😂😂 you’re funny.
Dawn Cochran
Dawn Cochran Anos atrás
Dr. Connor Rhodes does lol!!
Jack Skatter.
Jack Skatter. 3 anos atrás
Look at me...look at me i am the doctor now.
Tamara Afflick
Tamara Afflick 3 anos atrás
Lol I get it, but wasn't he on the bus with the victim/patients, in the ambulance to the hospital giving cpr? I think under a normal circumstances he wouldn't do that. Lol
bg4396 3 anos atrás
Look at me, look at me. I am the doctor now
michael bruun pedersen
@Sheva Hauser it's a quote in captain phillips the movie.
Joël Anos atrás
We really need to see more reviews on this show!
Jennifer Schmitt
Jennifer Schmitt 10 meses atrás
There’s some new medication for cystic fibrosis and it’s really outstanding 😍 a normal long life is possible!! Love the medicin, pharmacy and constant studies for this ❤️
Newson7248 Anos atrás
As someone who has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) it's actually interesting to see it on a medical show like this.
Mad Hare
Mad Hare Anos atrás
okay, but can you react to more episodes? I wanna see how accurate it is beyond the first episode!
ElenaTalks 2 anos atrás
8:30 Doctor: “I can’t find a pulse” Dr Mike: *whispers “code blue” under his breath*
Novapanthera 10 meses atrás
@SCP-173 Yeah that's what they said to me too, with smaller kids it's not 2 inches I don't think. Could be entirely wrong though.
Abby Wing
Abby Wing 11 meses atrás
Omg didn't notice that
SCP-173 Anos atrás
That doctor didn't need 2 hands honestly, I took a first aid course and they say with younger kids you likely only need one hand
Ragnar the cat
Ragnar the cat Anos atrás
she didn make it
Ragnar the cat
Ragnar the cat Anos atrás
well that happened to his mother
Sandy Gonda
Sandy Gonda 9 meses atrás
I have friends who work this show. (I'm from Chicago) They do have a team of medical persons as advisors, as well as extras in the shows. They do put in extra effort towards the efficacy of the show. All three shows actually. Thank you for your critique! It's good to know their hard work is appreciated and recognized.
Lyra McD
Lyra McD Anos atrás
can u please do more like this? it’s actually really cool and helpful!
Kelly St-Hilaire
Kelly St-Hilaire Anos atrás
He should do more Chicago Med review. P.D, Fire and Med are my shows. Watch them everyday!
Laynna Lucia
Laynna Lucia 2 anos atrás
9:55 i think she gave her the ring then- because he was on the verge of dying. and the nurse wanted to give her some hope. and so she could stay with him- because sometimes only family can stay with a critical patient, and with the ring- it made her a step closer to being family.
Sam 2 anos atrás
Has he done anymore of these? This show has SPIRALED into something else and I would love to see him address some of the more ethically questionable things that have happened, specifically from Torrey DeVitto’s character
Maizy M
Maizy M 3 meses atrás
I know im late… but also what happened with Ava and *SPOLIERRRRR* Her death and why she did it after being the root cause for Rhodes’ fathers death.
Sam 4 meses atrás
@Christoph Howard yes that is why i commented what i did
Christoph Howard
Christoph Howard 4 meses atrás
@Sam Okay, I'm pretty sure this is the only one for this show so far
Sam 4 meses atrás
@Christoph Howard i’m talking about this show specifically, not other shows. i’m aware he does a series on it.
Christoph Howard
Christoph Howard 4 meses atrás
He has done a whole series of reacts to medical shows
Lava Yuki
Lava Yuki 2 anos atrás
I love Chicago Med, it's my favourite medical drama, along with the resident. It has a lot of sad and tearful moments in it
Katreanna Kelly
Katreanna Kelly Anos atrás
i’ve cried so much✋ season 1-4 i cried A LOT after it was more drama so i didn’t get as much tearful
JunpakuKarasu 5 meses atrás
I had a biology teacher with a kid with Cystic Fibrosis, he talked about how their daily routine was helping her do a handstand and he would thump on her to help get the fluids and mucus out. Inserting some fun into life threatening conditions probably helps a lot. And it helped us a lot, I think, because he brought it up because we were at genetic conditions in our textbook and it made them more than just words on paper.
Aisling Oharrigan
Aisling Oharrigan 11 meses atrás
Considering all the other shows have been questionably good, I like that you're enjoying this.
Sabine Ro
Sabine Ro 11 meses atrás
I love the show but since it’s always so overly dramatic I expected it to be medically inaccurate. I’m glad it scored so highly on medical terms.
Whitney R.
Whitney R. Anos atrás
Finally started watching this show (just finished all 10 seasons of Chicago fire). When it comes to the scene where the trauma surgeon was speaking in Spanish, I would clarify that his character did his residency in Guatemala, so it would be safe to say he should be pretty fluent in Spanish.
joanab Anos atrás
I've recently found this show. I can't stop watching it, I am in binge mode hahah
Ede-Jo Madden
Ede-Jo Madden Anos atrás
I like the way you've addressed the medical situations -- well done. The issues that always worry me about this show are the doctors who have boundary issues -- particularly the emotional and territorial ones. I was a nonclinical mgr in a small community hospital for many years and know such things could actually close down a hospital if they happened with the frequency they do on the show.
Samantha Alfaro
Samantha Alfaro 10 meses atrás
Yay! I recently started watching. Love that it’s accurate.
Blight 3 anos atrás
Me pretending that I know what's he's talking about.
Yow Ma
Yow Ma Anos atrás
darkest king
darkest king 2 anos atrás
@08/15 Dorfkind English English is my second language
08/15 Dorfkind
08/15 Dorfkind 2 anos atrás
It is even funnier if english isn´t your mothertongue and you need to know the translation of the things he says and know what it means.
Beckett Hines
Beckett Hines 2 anos atrás
Dootanator_ 2 anos atrás
Me pretending that I know what’s he’s English about.
Lyx Anos atrás
The scen with the girl reminded me of when my ex was in hospital, he was in and out of hospital quite often because of his sarcoidosis, at one point this disease caused problems with his stomach, couldn't eat or anything. Anyways, when he was in the hospital he got thirsty so he used the help button to ask for water, but he accidentally pressed and held the button for a few seconds. Instead of getting one nurse a whole team of doctors and nurses rushed in ready to do whatever to help him. He was just laying in the bed and said "I just wanted some water 😳" apparently (here in Sweden at least), when you press and hold the help button it signals that you need imitate help, like chest pains and so on 😅 so now I know at least what not to do if I'm in hospital 🤣
kxmipikachu 2 anos atrás
Sarah: I can’t find a pulse- Nobody is talking about the fact Mike said code blue under his breath 😏
Ava Anos atrás
What’s with the emoji?
Eínar 10 meses atrás
I would love to see you react to “The Midnight Meat Train” starring Bradley Cooper. You would definitely need to add a clear and concise warning for the fact it’s a straight up gore fest. But with some of the things performed on victims it would be so good to hear the medical side of all the “Not Compatible With Life” situations
Shine On
Shine On 9 meses atrás
...and howz about the "Denver Knife & Gun Club." Yes, am actual Hospital given that as it's Nick Name.
le bron 202
le bron 202 9 meses atrás
I really love this program. That's good because sometimes, you won't be able to remove all the variables according to the scientific way of calling them all the way through, they're just as important as you want them to be. moreover, the diagnosis is relatively difficult. For example, I want to check abdomen. I hope life is always cherishe.
Ma’ayan Praiss
Ma’ayan Praiss 2 anos atrás
Seems like we have finally found a show that’s ACTUALLY medically accurate
eclipse gaming
eclipse gaming 4 meses atrás
The Good Doctor is more accurate
☆Idk☆ & Balvan
☆Idk☆ & Balvan 5 meses atrás
according to Google, most doctors give this show an 85% or 7/10 on accuracy which is much better than Grey's Anatomy, which in the same article only got 4/10
Sabrina Evans
Sabrina Evans 5 meses atrás
@Ally De I just watch Chicago Fire to see Jesse Spencer
Sabrina Evans
Sabrina Evans 5 meses atrás
ER was better till George Clooney quit
Kim Pedersen
Kim Pedersen 8 meses atrás
@B&BVlogs goddamn i cant believe a 13 year old just made me feel old before im actually considered old compared to a 13 year old 💀💀 that show isnt that old, it started in 2012
:p Anos atrás
this is really late but could you maybe react to more of chicago med? love this show
anonymous 8 meses atrás
I love this show!! My grandma watches it all the time
Doctor Reacts To Grey's Anatomy Bomb Episode