Reacting To Ourselves After Surgery!! (We Remembered Nothing)

Dolan Twins
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As you may have seen in the last video... we were off a da chain. This was our first time ever seeing what we did after our surgery because we remembered nothing...
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20 Ago 2019



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Comentários 100
Joey salinas
Joey salinas 5 horas atrás
The sauce 😭😂
Indigo 15 horas atrás
18:22 Grayson literally sounds like Abby Lee Miller😅😳
Robyn Pollock
Robyn Pollock 23 horas atrás
They remind me of an old couple who are drunk.
FrostD Seth
FrostD Seth Dia atrás
Omg Ethan asked if it was dairy free 😂
FrostD Seth
FrostD Seth Dia atrás
super cute Dog
super cute Dog 2 dias atrás
мya ѕpencer
мya ѕpencer 3 dias atrás
"Bro you mood changed so many f' n times in this...Yea I don't even know who I am" ...the story of my life lmaoo
Memo Alalawi
Memo Alalawi 3 dias atrás
20 minutes of Ethan caring for Grayson awww
janet c:
janet c: 4 dias atrás
They sounded like the Hollywood Fix guy hahaha
Lady Lady
Lady Lady 4 dias atrás
*Akechi pancakes :)*
Ieat Toes
Ieat Toes 4 dias atrás
Tupac needs to hop on Ethans freestyle fr fr
Estrella Aparicio
Estrella Aparicio 5 dias atrás
did anyone notice Ethan saying something at 15:20? It's like it was muted or something.
Madhura Patil
Madhura Patil 6 dias atrás
So who edited the video if they did not see it?
Alicia Cepress
Alicia Cepress 7 dias atrás
Was anyone else freaking cracking up the entire time???
VB Channel
VB Channel 7 dias atrás
I kinda like loopy Grayson
Rainbow Looms in a Suit!
Ethan- "you look like a fool " Grayson- "WE LOOK THE SAME"
Maknae Army 13
Maknae Army 13 8 dias atrás
I love when they react to these 😂😂😂
Jaden Torres
Jaden Torres 9 dias atrás
I really don’t mean to ruin the vibe but Ethan seems too happy on drugs pls never do drugs we love you it made me kinda sad even tho it was for surgery to see him like det.
Amanda Edits
Amanda Edits 9 dias atrás
Hey was the anestisha dairy free- ethan 2019 😂😂 (Sorry if I spelled it wrong)
Cami Ochoa
Cami Ochoa 10 dias atrás
Who is watching this in 2020
KalzCampbell09 10 dias atrás
i need to know what they’re on for uh research purposes
Hi Lol
Hi Lol 11 dias atrás
E: dairy free Us/ grey: seriously 😒 one video Ethan one video
Mara May
Mara May 11 dias atrás
Ethan: I got some tampons in my nose. Grayson: I got some tampons in my nose. 😂😂
Evelyn Rebelo
Evelyn Rebelo 11 dias atrás
This video was fuego
bqer41yu 12 dias atrás
Fuck shit bitch Random people: sToP cURsInG
Aanya Narang
Aanya Narang 12 dias atrás
Ethan is such a softie here
ShawnieGirl !
ShawnieGirl ! 10 dias atrás
Aanya Narang he was super cute🥺😂❤️
landon carpenter
landon carpenter 13 dias atrás
If they edited the last video how did they not see it?
кαмυι gαкυρσ
кαмυι gαкυρσ 13 dias atrás
The random outburst of "I'M ITALIAN" deadass had me laugh crying on the floor. 😂😂
Tess Helgeson
Tess Helgeson 13 dias atrás
there mom saying gray was misbehaved and then having ethan be obnoxious is quite funny to me
Marie Cassandra
Marie Cassandra 13 dias atrás
i wonder if their subconscious actually remembers some of that because at certain parts it looked like ethan or grayson would mouth what their high selves were saying
kae s
kae s 13 dias atrás
Ethan: "sorry, I'm a little out of it man" Grayson: "no you're not, you're just trying to steal the spotlight you b*tch" Ethan: " what?" Grayson: "yeah no stop" I'm dying wooooowww
Aya Nihad
Aya Nihad 14 dias atrás
Idk how many times I've watched this video but it's 2am and I'm watching it again.
Bayanda's Life
Bayanda's Life 14 dias atrás
my mom told me I was misbehaved - the one twin on the right 2020
Chlo Oakes
Chlo Oakes 14 dias atrás
Ethan: I missed u Gray: Hey stop ... touching me brotha Ethan: Oh oh sorry Me: laughing my hed off 😂
Celeste Morales
Celeste Morales 14 dias atrás
Grayson dancing is by far the best part😂😂😂
Jie-Lynn Barrett
Jie-Lynn Barrett 16 dias atrás
how does the camera man not laugh his face off filming them? 😂
Ellie Pogach
Ellie Pogach 16 dias atrás
Who else remembers the sleepy fuck?😂😂
Mysha Diba
Mysha Diba 17 dias atrás
why they lowkey look like ducks half the time tho
Sabrina Sel
Sabrina Sel 18 dias atrás
17:43 there is a straight up SKULL on Grayson´s hoodie and it scared me to death
Isabella S
Isabella S 19 dias atrás
Atleast they Apologized for making me throw up-
Josaphat Hergo
Josaphat Hergo 20 dias atrás
Marie Dolan
Marie Dolan 20 dias atrás
17:50 Grayson was so cute when he kissed Ethan's hand aww 🥺❤️❤️
Carla xd
Carla xd 21 dia atrás
cute x
Liza Harris
Liza Harris 21 dia atrás
lisa probably meant that ethan was misbehaved last time he had surgery 😂😂😂
Steve Blood
Steve Blood 22 dias atrás
I have something to tell you all! Yes I have nothing to say ! Sike Lol Lmao Woah
Cheyenne Terrell
Cheyenne Terrell 23 dias atrás
this dude sayed ive had my first period!!!! IM DEAD!
angelina brown
angelina brown 24 dias atrás
Nobody talks about the part where he was like like where’s my phone? Give it! Sorry , that was aggressive bro that was adorable
Amanda Ferrao
Amanda Ferrao 24 dias atrás
For some reason, Ethan's hair reminds me of Chandler Bing in college
Identical Reactions
Identical Reactions 24 dias atrás
Lmao my twin and I reacted super similar 😂
shannon hedden
shannon hedden 24 dias atrás
The funniest part of this was watching Grayson's mouth open on a WHAT everytime he didn't know whether to laugh or cringe...
Will Zecchini
Will Zecchini 24 dias atrás
ethans freestyle STRAIGHT FUEGO
Jake Fox
Jake Fox 24 dias atrás
if ethan didn’t see it then who edited it?
* Sugasito *
* Sugasito * 25 dias atrás
“did the doctors take him ?” “give him back!” “i need to upload a video! where’s my phone?” “*give me my phone*” “i have cold areoles” i’m dying at the drugged up twins💀
Naemy Rubio
Naemy Rubio 25 dias atrás
Grayson: *my first period* Ethan: *definitely not your first* Grayson: *WaT aRe YoU sAyInG iM mOoDy?!*
Ava Duponte
Ava Duponte 28 dias atrás
“Mom, stop him” LMFAOO
Ella 28 dias atrás
okay but grayson's hoodie is so cool
toesnf 29 dias atrás
Grayson half the time: 😧😮
Max Moose
Max Moose 29 dias atrás
I was just joking
Max Moose
Max Moose 29 dias atrás
I am sorry for what I said in 2016
Ash Wøłfïę
Ash Wøłfïę 29 dias atrás
*Vibe town bishesss* I actually can’t breathe XD it was so funny XD
Cecilia Field
Cecilia Field 29 dias atrás
okay Ethan is acting the same he did in his wisdom teeth vid anyone notice that like he rapped and was lovey dovey in both
Azza Shaik
Azza Shaik 29 dias atrás
Me throughout the video: "Aw..."
Loom Creator
Loom Creator Mês atrás
When they kept saying I love u to each other it was so cute they never say that
sophia_yt Mês atrás
16:13 “can i go home?” I’m sorry but that was so cute 21:47 that little giggle🥺
Y they be looking like mermaidman off spongebob
Stop touching me brotha...ight 😂
martina farber
martina farber Mês atrás
23:14 Grayson getting ready for COVID 19
I go by Riley now
I go by Riley now Mês atrás
When Ethan freestyle raps and he’s like “why was that good” I’m like “bc he’s young dairy”
MusicGirl5 Mês atrás
Who edits the video then if they didnt see it? And dont say nolan😂
Carissa Chadzamkon
Carissa Chadzamkon Mês atrás
This make me feel happy
rose hurst
rose hurst Mês atrás
when ethan say was that anstsa dair free
Layla Sellers
Layla Sellers Mês atrás
Brielle scully
Brielle scully Mês atrás
“where you come from” what do you think thats ok for”😂 12:07 ish
Brielle scully
Brielle scully Mês atrás
im kinda surprised why he wasnt like the wisdom teeth ethan 😂
Hxmzxh_09 Mês atrás
What Sergery they had
Why was his rap lowkey good
Brie Cowan
Brie Cowan Mês atrás
it is 2 am and i am laughing way to loud
Maripaz Cadet
Maripaz Cadet Mês atrás
Why did u get a surgery?????????
Nour Roushdi
Nour Roushdi Mês atrás
This is so great and cute like how many times did they say I love u to each other aww it’s cute ❤️❤️
Ky Berry
Ky Berry Mês atrás
Nobody: *Grayson dancing* I got such a kick out of that 😂👏
northprincess Mês atrás
Did Etham just say “he’s my wombmate” ?!
Tarls Fogarty
Tarls Fogarty Mês atrás
“Ayo, is that anaesthesia dairy free” 🤣🤣
Brittany Moreno
Brittany Moreno Mês atrás
Wait so opposite sides of there noses didn’t work so basically the egg split so each twin took half of a working nose. P.S now that I’m typing it I sound dumb as fuck
Danica Samson
Danica Samson Mês atrás
26:56 I miss you
Danica Samson
Danica Samson Mês atrás
Their faces when Ethan was freestyle rapping
Laurens little planet
Honestly having the worst day but this video made my day
Zeina Charkatli
Zeina Charkatli Mês atrás
21:46 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez Mês atrás
"Listen linda you said i was misbehaved i mean look at me i am so precious" The second pic had me cracking up for 30 minutes 🤣😂😂
Kylie Frederick
Kylie Frederick Mês atrás
Who noticed Eathan said im gonna leave him
Esther Hernandez
Esther Hernandez Mês atrás
Is it me or in this video the look the same I mean they are twins but I don’t know if y’all know what I mean ?
Tessa Powell
Tessa Powell Mês atrás
My favorite part is when Ethan says “hell yeah I want some apple juice”
ItsJustKj Mês atrás
And then he said: ooooooo that hit the spot!😂
Marissa Legal
Marissa Legal Mês atrás
I think Grayson misbehaved more so than Ethan lol
Trust :None
Trust :None Mês atrás
I love this
Natalie Fisher
Natalie Fisher Mês atrás
I just watching this and wondering what they would be like drunk 😂😂
SHIZZI!! Mês atrás
I thought there was a teleporter
Mari Rainbow
Mari Rainbow Mês atrás
Loopy Ethan: “I love you” Grayson: “you can tell you were fucked up.”
Dani Gledhill
Dani Gledhill Mês atrás
This is still one of my favourite videos!!!
Leah Lil10
Leah Lil10 Mês atrás
"you look like a fool!!" "We look the same??!!" *Awkward silence*
Areea Johnson
Areea Johnson Mês atrás
Ethan was like👁👄👁
Areea Johnson
Areea Johnson Mês atrás
"Come on in brotha watch ya head"😂
zoe kalos
zoe kalos Mês atrás
upload that 𝙛𝙪𝙚𝙜𝙤
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