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Videos referenced:
When Ben broke a nail polish (2020):
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More on my nail polish shelves:
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World record largest nail polish collection:

And no, I did not count how many nail polishes I own because that would take me another 3 days. But it's definitely over 2,000🤡

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Comentários 12 088
Miranda Milner
Miranda Milner Anos atrás
Ben has really exposed his true sass over the years. He’s such a gem.
@Jimmy Jones-Nguyen yess lol “I FEEL LIKE REMMEL LONDON”
Miranda Milner
Miranda Milner Anos atrás
@•peachii • oh yes, my mistake.
•peachii •
•peachii • Anos atrás
Miranda milner it's beyyn not ben
Kathy Thomas
Kathy Thomas Anos atrás
@Sarah Jo same
Spongebob Squarenails
Stella Chambers
Stella Chambers Anos atrás
Cristine: its unicorn pee! Ben like a minute later: Hey, it's unicorn pee!
Stella Chambers
Stella Chambers 8 meses atrás
@Abigail Wassenaar 10:56 & 11:51
Abigail Wassenaar
Abigail Wassenaar 8 meses atrás
Time stamp?
Nino Nino Nii
Nino Nino Nii Anos atrás
This is why they are perfect for each other
Rosie Galbally
Rosie Galbally Anos atrás
The REAL FLEX here is how many Cat beds Menchie and Zyler have
Evergreen 13
Evergreen 13 4 meses atrás
Hi 5 meses atrás
@Brandi Williams how
Hi 5 meses atrás
@Lilly Rose mine like concrete
Jordan Vanta
Jordan Vanta 5 meses atrás
Lol my dog only has 1
Tatum Lily
Tatum Lily 5 meses atrás
True! My cat has 1 bed and never uses it lol
Mappy 10 meses atrás
Remember when Ben was camera shy? Now he just be singing and dancing wherever he please lol
BELLAS1 PL4NET Mês atrás
As soon I was reading this he was singing
Shxdo 3 meses atrás
@starboy that’s literally what she’s asked 💀
starboy 4 meses atrás
@Teresa Quintero Terejova are you asking if she quit her day job? well if you are, no she didn’t
Teresa Quintero Terejova
Yes. I haven't seen the channel in so long I was surprised! Did she quit her job?
Squirrel Kiln
Squirrel Kiln Anos atrás
As someone who works in a library, this is almost exactly the same as reorganizing books. Except I catalog the books instead of hoping for the best.
Hannah Craig
Hannah Craig 2 meses atrás
yeah but the libraries are smart enough to leave room on the ends of all the shelves haha
Alexandria Griego
Alexandria Griego Anos atrás
Ben: "Im not doing this" Cristine: *immediately cuts to ben doing this* 😂😂
Jerry Gurrola
Jerry Gurrola 5 dias atrás
@Aaliyah H101 😇 Thank You Thank You
Aaliyah H101
Aaliyah H101 5 dias atrás
@Jerry Gurrola OMG I hate myself
Cre8 Queen
Cre8 Queen 3 meses atrás
So true
@Jerry Gurrola I didn’t until you said it😂😂
Jerry Gurrola
Jerry Gurrola 4 meses atrás
@༒❦ℝ𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕣❦༒ Oh don’t act like you didn’t think of that too!!! 🤣
Anenymous 7 meses atrás
Ok but Ben’s character development is everythin’ “riMmIL lOnDon”
lehmoú Anos atrás
honestly, i'd just have a mental breakdown in the middle of doing this
Native Nonsense
Native Nonsense 2 meses atrás
The fact they made over 12k in ad revenue alone made it worth it lol
Ashleigh O’Connell Harrasin Kelly
Same,I just have a mental breakdown just getting ready for school in the mornings (I’m in 7 grade)
lehmoú 3 meses atrás
@Cali renee wait what-
Cali renee
Cali renee 3 meses atrás
Holo there again ghost!
ColourfulYT 4 meses atrás
I do it cus of a mental breakdown, have ANOTHER mental breakdown leave it for ages and when i finally walk back in the room have another mental breakdown 🤣🤣🤣
triccele Anos atrás
Just... I love when Ben calls Cristine "Simply"
Weezie P
Weezie P Anos atrás
I’m so curious if that lady with the biggest nail polish collection ever reached out 🤔
Kalie Haynes
Kalie Haynes Anos atrás
Honestly it looks so much better this way. The rainbow order was like 1 part aesthetically pleasing and two parts chaos.
wise_girl93 Anos atrás
That's how I feel about anything being organized in a rainbow order. Like books for example. I think bookshelves that are organized in a rainbow order are pretty aesthetically please but there's no way I could ever do that because I have a system that I have to go with for my own sanity's sake.
Genesis Adorno
Genesis Adorno Anos atrás
@seeingyouaround I’m not saying anything’s wrong with that I’m just ready to see a mini simply 🙂
seeingyouaround Anos atrás
@Genesis Adorno and? what's wrong with that? it's not like you magically split in two like bacteria 😒
Genesis Adorno
Genesis Adorno Anos atrás
32 and no kids? Wow just wow
Mehrnoosh Hosseini
Mehrnoosh Hosseini Anos atrás
I agree all of the tops did not match and was just annoying unlike this
Artemis015 Anos atrás
Also, as someone who works at Shoppers Drug Mart and frequently "straightens ojt" the nail polish section, I totally understand the frustration of the Essie Nail Polishes being inconsistent with their sizes!
Nova Is Tired
Nova Is Tired 7 meses atrás
i am both comforted in the knowledge that i have not yet reached this level of nail polish hoarding, and jealous that i have not yet reached this level of nail polish hoarding
Juno Crader
Juno Crader 11 meses atrás
Cristine: “There not stupid” Jen : “there all stupid” That is the most childish thing I have heard from 32 year olds.
Hi 5 meses atrás
@Nicole Kennedy 😐
Hi 5 meses atrás
Welcome to simply nail logical lol
Nicole Kennedy
Nicole Kennedy 9 meses atrás
They're *
Linda Liu
Linda Liu Anos atrás
"ben left me." "i'm not even surprised." I love jen akjlsjflks
Kelly Nguyen
Kelly Nguyen Anos atrás
Ben should take one polish (from the top shelves or even bottom ones) every single day and let's see how long it takes Cristine to notice those missing polishes.
Interesting. Anos atrás
@Meatykitten 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚑𝚎𝚕𝚕?
Buzzy Anos atrás
true lol
Jesslynn Anos atrás
Where would he put it all? lol
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Surviving Student
Surviving Student Anos atrás
muffin 2008
muffin 2008 Anos atrás
lmao cristine shud make a decluttering video of her nail polish and it will consist of ben throwing old nail polish out and cristine screaming at him to stop
Gabby Coll
Gabby Coll Anos atrás
ben: who wants salads Jen: do you have vodKA ?
Why Hello There
Why Hello There 8 meses atrás
Can everyone just appreciate that she did this in time span of three days and edit it all together That deserves a round of applause
Fandom Trash
Fandom Trash 6 meses atrás
“Well we can move the cat off the table,” Was so simple but so great
TeapotGamer Anos atrás
I much prefer this "by brand" look than the rainbow one. Bottle sizes matching up is so pleasing.
Evergreen 13
Evergreen 13 4 meses atrás
Hi 5 meses atrás
@Raven Gray that must be a chore but do you like organizing it
Hi 5 meses atrás
@Bonnie Ella what if you talking to simply she is Canadian and if your talking to the commenter well then idk cause idk where they live but you could sthu either way
Kira Potter
Kira Potter Anos atrás
Exactly what I thought it’s so satisfying 😍
⭐️wi11u⭐️ Anos atrás
simply 10 meses atrás
Everyone: *trying to get Holo Taco* Simply: *hoarding all the holo taco's*
Teisha W
Teisha W 8 meses atrás
Honestly Jen is a great sister for helping for so long. I think I'd resent my sibling after like an hour or two tops of helping with this kind of task. This looks exhausting :')
Rebzy Rebz
Rebzy Rebz Anos atrás
I think the organisation of them in the same brands and then into rainbow makes it almost look like the shelf is kinda holo because there are rainbows everywhere and they start and end at different spots all over the place like holo
The Te
The Te Anos atrás
Riva 4 meses atrás
Sarah's Nail Secrets
I love reorganizing my nail stuff, I usually love rainbow order but this does look better with them in collections
I am Victim
I am Victim Anos atrás
I know i love organizing my nail stuff by brands
jamie todd
jamie todd Anos atrás
Ooooooooo ooooooo o
jamie todd
jamie todd Anos atrás
jamie todd
jamie todd Anos atrás
I’m orooo ooo ooooo
jamie todd
jamie todd Anos atrás
Ooooooo has ooo
D. Rob
D. Rob Anos atrás
*The definition Of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result* Cristine: "Weird?" **Sips tea**
Trying Something New
Trying Something New 10 meses atrás
It takes her 3 day’s to reorganize over 2000 nail polish yet it takes me 3 weeks to clean my room after switching rooms with my older brother
Living Life
Living Life Anos atrás
When she said holo ghost I didn’t know if she was saying hello to the ghost or if it was a ghost of holo
Kae 5 meses atrás
yes, both
Reyna Kondaveeti
Reyna Kondaveeti 8 meses atrás
Same lmao
Jade The Dragon
Jade The Dragon 10 meses atrás
yo same
Fantastic Toad
Fantastic Toad 5 meses atrás
19:07 when Menchie made the polish fall when she hit it with her tail, it actually looks like she popped a polish out! Instead of the goose who laid the golden eggs, it's the cat who expels the holo polish! Now we know the secret to how these amazing polishes are made! The magical Menchie!
Emmalee Crick
Emmalee Crick Anos atrás
Ben: I’m NOT doing this! Immediately after: *Time-lapse of Ben doing this*
CrazyFaceNumber1 Anos atrás
I was looking for a comment like this because I thought that was so funny 🤣
Lise Versteeg
Lise Versteeg 11 meses atrás
No one: Cristine: the things you do to entertain yourself when you haven't left the house in six months. Me: You have no idea how long its going to take...
Lacey M
Lacey M 8 meses atrás
I love re-watching this one and finding all my favorite indie brands in your collection and trying to name the brands when I can't see the bottles (like how floss gloss has a really unique ribbed gold lid). I guess I've been stuck home long enough that this is what fun looks like now?
Pruefus Anos atrás
I love when Jen and Cristine are together. They play off each others humour so well, it's hilarious.
Nessa Kim
Nessa Kim 7 meses atrás
Ben: “who wants salad?” Jen: “me! **also nonchalantly asks for vodka**
Kendall Johnston
Kendall Johnston Anos atrás
Cristine : “Oo I think it’s molding gross” Also Cristine: *puts nail polish back on shelf and does not throw away*
Blondie Sundae
Blondie Sundae Anos atrás
@Snake With A Pen there are kinds of polish that are soy and other natural stuff that aren't the typical nail polish formulations, just Google natural nail polish and you'll see
Snake With A Pen
Snake With A Pen Anos atrás
@deedeeiam what do you mean, normal chemicals? Like the type of ingredients found in average nail polish at like the drugstore? Because everything is a chemical technically lol, I'm just curious what you mean
deedeeiam Anos atrás
@fleur babe it was sarcasm dear. Also, some of those nail polishes don't have normal chemicals in them
fleur babe
fleur babe Anos atrás
@deedeeiam shes not allergic to nail polish one, and two she doesnt use that bc shes busy w halo taco
what's goin' on
what's goin' on Anos atrás
That dog looks like he's having the time of his life! This should be a one-time thing though.
Leslie Benites
Leslie Benites 11 meses atrás
I love how Ben just shows up with food or snacks without cristine asking 🥺
Cesi Kaplan
Cesi Kaplan Anos atrás
ben: who wants.... SaLaDs Cristine: YAY jen: dO yoU hAve VOdKa?
Aubrina Scianna
Aubrina Scianna 9 meses atrás
Christine: " such as nail polishes I got from the drug store years ago that are probably too crusty to use but I save them anyways because I have attachment issues and I just can't bring my self to throw out anything," Me: "so basically your a hoarder."
Vi Ray Wazny
Vi Ray Wazny 7 meses atrás
Aesthetically, rainbow is great. This is 10x more functional.
Meredith Hagan
Meredith Hagan Anos atrás
Organizing by brand looks so much nicer because the bottles are cohesive.
Stephanie Leong
Stephanie Leong Anos atrás
YES I’ve been waiting for this since she did them in rainbow
Virginia Anos atrás
die Yps lackiert
die Yps lackiert Anos atrás
Except for essie 😅😅😅
koboldweib Anos atrás
Yes! That unevenness before made me nervous
Clorinda lucas
Clorinda lucas Anos atrás
Meredith Hagan I agree and better on the eyes
laschelle mendes
laschelle mendes Anos atrás
Imagine trying to choose a colour to paint your nails when you have more than 2000 nail paints .I would never be able to pick one color 😂😂😂😂😂
Annabel Merola
Annabel Merola Anos atrás
Ben: WhY dO YoU hAvE So MaNy HaLo TaCoS? ShOuLdNt YoU sAvE sOmE fOr ThE cOsTuMeRs. Bahhahahahahhahahhahaha omg I can’t. Bye
Mirna Kalayjian
Mirna Kalayjian 7 meses atrás
honestly, this looks so much better, I'm glad you re-reorganized them lol
Emily Middleford
Emily Middleford Anos atrás
I love seeing Ben open up and actually having fun being on camera
Nishita Goswami
Nishita Goswami Anos atrás
Honestly, the symmetry of bottles of the same-brand nail polishes together looks more satisfying than the rainbow.
wise_girl93 Anos atrás
Agreed! Like I get that there are some people who prefer organizing various things in a rainbow or color coordinated way, but it's just not my thing. There has to be some sort of order to it other than "it just looks aesthetically pleasing" (no shade to anyone who likes that though. You do you boo)
Kell Doe
Kell Doe Anos atrás
Fiona MacKenzie
Fiona MacKenzie Anos atrás
hannibal lecter
hannibal lecter Anos atrás
who asked
hannibal lecter
hannibal lecter Anos atrás
@Babyfox how? the rainbow was so chaotic looking, it was not satisfying at all
Kendall Tacon
Kendall Tacon 11 meses atrás
Christine: Ewww its moulding "keeps it any way"
Ophelia S
Ophelia S 10 meses atrás
I love how Menchie loves being with her people. I kinda wish my cats were like that. I mean, they're affectionate and I love them to death but they could stand to tolerate a cuddle or two.
CyberneticRose Dia atrás
Surely some of those polishes must be congealed beyond repair, but if you want to keep them for the memories or for aesthetics you go for it girl! Also...BANANA CAT BED! I love it.
Connie Swift
Connie Swift 5 meses atrás
"Shouldn't you save some for the customers?" Cristine... youve ben burned
Sabrina H
Sabrina H Anos atrás
"I hope this makes you feel better too" it does, it really actually does. It looks so much better this way!
Tommy Watts
Tommy Watts Anos atrás
Tommy Watts
Tommy Watts Anos atrás
Lucy Anos atrás
Kinshuka L.
Kinshuka L. Anos atrás
Debby Nash
Debby Nash Anos atrás
Lllllll I
WEFAbender6 Anos atrás
Seeing Cristine be a normal person despite being a famous youtubers makes me feel happy cuz it shows you don't have to be change your while personality. She's just a 32 year old lady doin her thang
Kayla Evans
Kayla Evans Anos atrás
I love the dedication you made to wait 4 months before re-organizing back to the way you like because let’s all remember the SECOND you finished organizing last time you knew you hated it and wanted it back to normal. 💋💋💙💜
Swordchild001 8 meses atrás
I really want to see a Cristine declutters her nail polish! And maybe hires someone to help with the process
Sara Bailey
Sara Bailey 8 meses atrás
Can we just take a second to appreciate how comfortable her cat was during this video
Chicklet64 Anos atrás
The real reason she didn’t want a professional organizer is she was scared they would make her get rid of some....
cherrie meade
cherrie meade 9 meses atrás
Wow just wow 🤣💕💕 xxxx
Tiffany Drumright
Tiffany Drumright 9 meses atrás
For real tho
LeftRightandBender 9 meses atrás
@serellie Polish thinner bay-BEE
Gracie Willis
Gracie Willis 9 meses atrás
She would never get rid of them.
Ducko Taco
Ducko Taco 10 meses atrás
@Chicklet64 they are adorable
Sakura4anime25 Anos atrás
I thought the rainbow organization looked really pretty and aesthetically pleasing, but I do agree that this way makes more practical sense.
Gemma 11 meses atrás
Cristine: There is just not enough room Beyyyn: Well we could move the CaT off the tAbLe!
Caroline Ot7Army
Caroline Ot7Army Anos atrás
When I started watching this video I was so sad my glitter taco broke 😭but by the end of this video I feel much better ❤️ thank you Cristine 💿
Starmony Sparkle
Starmony Sparkle Anos atrás
What am I supposed to be doing right now? My chem homework . What am I doing? Watching a girl her husband and sister sort nail polish for 25 minutes
Alizée Anos atrás
Ben: "I'M NOT DOING THIS!" Also Ben: *proceeds to help*
Juline Pryce
Juline Pryce Anos atrás
I was ur 2,000th like
Alizée Anos atrás
@Gabriella Wirth tbh I didn't even realise it got this many likes xD
Mary Beth Estes
Mary Beth Estes 11 meses atrás
Am I the only one who would volunteer for this in a second? This would be so satisfying holy crap
Ayathia C
Ayathia C 3 meses atrás
I'll be honest, this is not my first time watching this video. Somehow, it's just still funny in a relaxing sorta way. Your need for systemizing stuff is amazing and I feel much appreciation for it. I feel... less alone, y'know?
RedAlly 5 meses atrás
I’m literally on my way to becoming Cristine , I’ve started a nail polish collection,I’m constantly wearing sweatpants and I already have really long hair uwu
CyanGoalie Anos atrás
Her: working her but off organizing The cat: *straight vibing* 😎
Metzli Anos atrás
It actually looks better like this, there's still little rainbows in each shelf and it's more consistent with the bottles shape!
Lioness Anos atrás
Yes it looks so much better!
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Anos atrás
Xavier Koo
Xavier Koo Anos atrás
When she organised by colours, the difference in bottle height BUGGED me close to insanity🤣. I'm so happy with its new arrangement.
potato tomato schmewtato
plus, depending on how others see it, she looks like she has her own customized and permanent holographic background because of how it has been organized... definitely more appealing than the last one.
Elsa Drummond
Elsa Drummond Anos atrás
Agreed. This is waaaaaaaaaay better.
guacamole Anos atrás
Now I really want a tour of her nail polish collection! I'd be really interesting to see just how many polishes she has in different categories (brand, color, etc.)
EmmaVasNormandy 10 meses atrás
I love that is organized properly again, its so satisfying to see. The rainbow was cute but gave me some second hand anxiety lol.
Multistanbtch 8 meses atrás
Your know those math problems “sally had 20 dogs and her friend had 403 tomatoes, if sally sells one dog for 35 tomatoes how many tomatoes would be left?” Well Christine is a math problem her self with 4,000+ nail polishes
skyler hu
skyler hu Anos atrás
"ben left me." "i'm not even surprised." I love jen akjlsjflks
Akshita Gupta
Akshita Gupta 6 meses atrás
did you really copy a comment, keyboard smash and everything included 😂
Alessandra Mitolo
Alessandra Mitolo 7 meses atrás
Geordine Wright
Geordine Wright Anos atrás
Ben: "Who wants salads?!" Jen: "Do you have any vodka?" Well if that's not the biggest mood I've ever heard lmaoo
CatsForLife Anos atrás
What you don't use vodka dressing on your salad? Oops
M Mendoza
M Mendoza Anos atrás
Riddler Anos atrás
Killed me hahaha
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Anos atrás
@Danielle King 😂
Danielle King
Danielle King Anos atrás
@Emily Rose SHOW ME POTATO SALAD! ❌ *buzzer* ❌
Emma Landers
Emma Landers Anos atrás
"Ben left me" Literally jen: "im not surprised" 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂
Lauren Wright
Lauren Wright Anos atrás
Just discovered this channel & I have been stuck for hours binge watching 😂
Phyllis Smith
Phyllis Smith Anos atrás
When she said "everybody gonna see my butt" I stared dying I love you so much you are so positive and always your self.
Gracie Anderson
Gracie Anderson Anos atrás
3:12 “we can move the cat off the table” I couldn’t tell you why that cracked me up
SEVEN 4 meses atrás
I was looking for this comment
Linda Forss Lindoff
Linda Forss Lindoff 6 meses atrás
Zylers face is like "What the fuck dad"
Gracie Archibald
Gracie Archibald 7 meses atrás
Okay why do you seem kinda like me?
agent s d
agent s d 8 meses atrás
Ekua Osei
Ekua Osei Anos atrás
*Cristine probably has more nail polish than most stores ngl*
Jana Schmidt
Jana Schmidt 8 meses atrás
Yeah Mine has a 100
Sergio Olmeda
Sergio Olmeda 8 meses atrás
No not probably she dose have more nail polish than all stores
A Babysitter’s World
A Babysitter’s World 8 meses atrás
True....and certainly more selection. Cremes, holo, iridescent, multi chrome, mirror polish, holo tacos in so many different variations, Edible nail polish, and so on.
:: isabelle ::
:: isabelle :: 9 meses atrás
@blyssfulxx my god what lol. Yes it’s still aesthetic why would anyone do that other than people trying to be aesthetic because spacing letters in normal use doesn’t make any sense
blyssfulxx 9 meses atrás
@:: isabelle :: ??? clearly you need logic because i c o u l d d o t h i s is that still aesthetic to you? my god.
Sofia Cruz Cilveti
Sofia Cruz Cilveti Anos atrás
Im so confused, how is it possible that when they were organized in rainbow order the top shelves were empty, but when organized by brand order all of the shelves are pretty much full?! Edit: never mind, I just realized she said she bought a bunch of new polishes thar had been sitting around, I guess that explains it (:
Hey-bish111 Mês atrás
I would never do this but I saw you do it so I will do it thank you so much!!
Kallisto Indrani
Kallisto Indrani Anos atrás
WOW, that's a serious collection! I love the shelves!
JELLY :} Anos atrás
Is it just me or are Menchie and Zyler getting cuter as they grow 🥺💕
This way looks better, because in the rainbow one, the white cap bottles were scattered randomly about. This one they are together in blocks
Prosperos Moon
Prosperos Moon Anos atrás
@Giselle yuu just report them for spam
Kelly Evans
Kelly Evans Anos atrás
agree! I like the rainbows but all the height differences mad me cranky... lol so sorting by same size and then by rainbow is so much more aesthetically pleasing
Lucky cat 777
Lucky cat 777 Anos atrás
That’s what I said
Giselle yuu
Giselle yuu Anos atrás
@shoogur stop spamming
shoogur Anos atrás
KawaiiKittyMoo 42
KawaiiKittyMoo 42 Anos atrás
Stockholm Syndrome... Nail Polish edition ❤️❤️❤️ this organisation is actually so much more aesthetically pleasing, as nice as the rainbow was I prefer the similar shaped bottles being together. Oh, and the Holo Taco section is just fancy pants 😁
Blaire Shoe
Blaire Shoe Anos atrás
Before, there was only one rainbow. Now, there are many smaller rainbows, all of which have the same bottle types within- LOVE! Hopefully your new system works a lot better for you! Nice to see Holo Taco front and center!
wolfee's Hair And beauty
Omg I would love to do this!! I must change my beauty room around every week lol x
Safi Draws
Safi Draws Anos atrás
Ben a loving and supportive boyfriend: "What's it called when someone kidnaps you and makes you think you love them again?" also Ben: HEY UNICORN PEE
Harriet Sarah
Harriet Sarah Anos atrás
For anyone who doesn't watch Cristine's Snapchat/instagram stories she filmed for 3 days originally had 15 hours of footage (I think after Ben's rough edit) and then had to get it down to under half an hour. Also if anyone is wondering how she did this and her day job - she didn't, she used vacation time to make it.
Hi 5 meses atrás
@Jem I would also watch a 2 hour simply video heck even a 15 hour simply nail video
Serena Anos atrás
@Ahhh Suke Suke Just use them and chill at home or do some home project. It's better than wasting them
aveysquarerooted Anos atrás
The Spooke dont feel bad hun, this was her choice. i bet she feels super fulfilled after the hard work
damla karatekin
damla karatekin Anos atrás
you mean to tell me this bitch used her vacation days to reorganize... that is hillarious and I relate %100
• NooobSical •
• NooobSical • Anos atrás
Jem what about 72 hour video?? I would watch ❤️
Amy Clark
Amy Clark 9 meses atrás
I love seeing you with your sister, it reminds me of my sister who passed away a few years ago. We were that close too. Thanks
Felix Tuomi
Felix Tuomi 9 meses atrás
Does anyone else come to Cristine’s vids for psychological and emotional comfort, and every time it feels like coming back home where the good times never ended?
OwO Anos atrás
Love how you have the patience to do this and I gave up deep cleaning my room after 2 bins and 2 drawers. (Oh fun fact the next day my 5 year old sister MESSED IT ALL UP!)
Dina S
Dina S Anos atrás
I and my cousin have the same style step stool as you use here. Disclaimer: not FDA approved... we both step on the top to get an extra foot of height. This would allow for you to more comfortably reach your top shelves. Make sure you're balanced and don't expect it to feel flat, but it's another option.
Adrienne Reimer
Adrienne Reimer Anos atrás
Ben 5 years ago: the ominous silent uninterested boyfriend Ben now: rImMeL lOnDoN
Clover 10 meses atrás
Grace S
Grace S Anos atrás
His true Aries came out at that moment
Abby Akano
Abby Akano Anos atrás
@work work work work YES
Emma Landers
Emma Landers Anos atrás
Just gonna throw this out there: Ultimate Polish mountain.... with every polish in the collection.... I’d watch that on repeat.
ᒪᗴY ᔕTᑌᗪIOᔕシ
@Natryla Silimon She said that they both don’t feel the need to get married
Marleigh Edwards
Marleigh Edwards 8 meses atrás
sitting here binge watching these videos while i’m doing my nails and waiting for them to dry bc i’m out of gel polish & lost my curing light 🥲😭
Hayley Calhoun
Hayley Calhoun Anos atrás
Honestly, the same-brand nail polishes together is SO much better! Totally watched this while studying for finals because it's super aesthetically pleasing and calming and it makes me feel like I can keep on keeping on. XD
iPyromantic 11 meses atrás
"Why are there two different sizes??" Me with paperback books.
KatsMe Anos atrás
I'm that type of girl that bites her nails but I've watched your older videos and you've inspired me to grow my nails out and try to stop my bad habit of bitting them. Thank you🙂 🖤💜
Daryn Curtis
Daryn Curtis Anos atrás
Cristine: “Ben left me” Jen: “I’m not surprised” 😂😂😂
Victor Munhoz
Victor Munhoz Anos atrás
@Daryn Curtis they're just random shitty teen videos, the accounts are probably bots.
Daryn Curtis
Daryn Curtis Anos atrás
Victor Munhoz what does that mean? Thanks for the warning
Victor Munhoz
Victor Munhoz Anos atrás
The replies above me are spam, pls ignore
Lil Nas X 🅥
Lil Nas X 🅥 Anos atrás
Richplaya Hi-Top 901
Hannah Edwards
Hannah Edwards 3 meses atrás
Watching how much care and effort Simply puts into her nail polish collection is amazing. It also is probably a good thing she doesn't want children 😂 a kid could mess up all that work so fast!
S C Anos atrás
You're hilarious (i forgot you live here lmao) and I love how analytical you are,......i'm the same! I love scarves and own about 2,000 lol!! Love you and your channel!
Pixie AG
Pixie AG 9 meses atrás
Now its like a moment in history when you see a video that has the rainbow order nail polishes!!!!!
Tina Tina
Tina Tina Anos atrás
*”why do you have so many Holo Tacos? Shouldn’t you save some for the costumers?”* Also to answer Bens question (and for anyone else) about the kidnapping, it’s called Stockholm Syndrome.
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