Ranking Your CURSED Presentations

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Schlatt ranks your HILARIOUS presentations.


I asked you guys to send in your FAVORITE presentations, your CURSED presentations, your WEIRD presentations, your SCUFFED presentations, or whatever other word I can throw in here for keyword optimization. They were Hilarious, Embarrassing, and Downright Scary at times.

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17 Jun 2022



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jschlattLIVE Mês atrás
Go to and use code "jschlatt20" for 20% off on the best Father’s Day gift you can get!
Nalexon 22 horas atrás
Haha I’m fatherless..
Lucy Cox
Lucy Cox 23 horas atrás
@blackbob Why My Dementia Hasn’t Affected Me As A Person, By: Me
chad kortex
chad kortex 6 dias atrás
wait so how Jschlatt's comment gets pinned in a video he never made?
Eddie , The Destroyer
Eddie , The Destroyer 15 dias atrás
its kinda funny he doesn't think his audience isnt 60% fatherless
Ryan Butterly
Ryan Butterly 19 dias atrás
Hey there it’s Lyjak what’s going on like subscribe comment he he
Doktor Skipper
Doktor Skipper Mês atrás
You should rank your fans bone structures in the next one
Krimson Potara
Krimson Potara 2 horas atrás
@Don't Read My Profile Photo ok i wont
jared 2
jared 2 2 dias atrás
he should rate things that happened in 99'
StarBright 4 dias atrás
StarBright 6 dias atrás
Jalan Snyder
Jalan Snyder 7 dias atrás
Ol shakey Jones at it again
Maz_T10 Mês atrás
I love how everyone collectively said "We are gonna steal stuff, show out feet, and make 9/11 jokes" I love this
Boston cream donut the 2nd
and send wheezer memes
Dragongirl2032 23 dias atrás
Oh and pronounce jschtall's name wrong
Dragongirl2032 23 dias atrás
The only things you need in life.
CallMeCAMURAN Mês atrás
Shitt, you've honestly gotten me out of some dark places and I'm grateful for that. You're a beacon of light for everyone in your youtube community. The September 11 attacks, commonly known as 9/11, were a series of four coordinated suicide terrorist attacks carried out by the militant Islamic extremist network al-Qaeda against the United States. On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, nineteen terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners mid-flight while traveling from the northeastern U.S. to California. The attackers were organized into three groups of five members and one group of four, with each group including one designated flight-trained hijacker who took control of the aircraft. Their goal was to crash the planes into prominent American buildings, inflicting mass casualties and major structural damage. The hijackers successfully crashed the first two planes into the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, and the third plane into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. The fourth plane was intended to hit a federal government building in Washington, D.C., but instead crashed down in a field outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania following a passenger revolt that foiled the attack
Citrine Shark
Citrine Shark 18 dias atrás
the way my face crippled
File Lost
File Lost 19 dias atrás
They had us in the first half, not gonna lie
Egg roll
Egg roll 19 dias atrás
*why is it funny*
Ace Knowles
Ace Knowles Mês atrás
I think that Jschlatt has probably one of the most chaotic fandoms out there. Not in a way of toxic, just, the fandom is the reason that the chaotic alignment is a thing.
Théa Delerme
Théa Delerme Dia atrás
I'm pretty sure we're the definition of chaotic neutral
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 10 dias atrás
I thought it was a community. What is the difference between a community and a fandom?
The Trenches
The Trenches 14 dias atrás
chaotic evil fr, they out hear stealing and 9/11ing and showing they feet
Onyx 18 dias atrás
His community is good, unlike the *cough cough* dsmp community
Brick Wall
Brick Wall 22 dias atrás
Very much so, and we are all proud of it. 😌
Kermit Can't See
Kermit Can't See Mês atrás
Schlatt: "Oh no, thats a meth recipe" Me: *replays and screenshots*
Kermit Can't See
Kermit Can't See 9 horas atrás
@Mikepeped 17:02
Mikepeped 9 horas atrás
What’s the time Stamp ?
Dominus C
Dominus C 14 dias atrás
I wish it was a Meth Recipe, not that I don't have one but that others can gain one too
Admiral RNG
Admiral RNG 14 dias atrás
K 25 dias atrás
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny Mês atrás
One day “Schlatt” will snap from his fandom terrorising him, and we’ll just watch him go insane
Funky tree
Funky tree 14 dias atrás
The Good Griefers
The Good Griefers 14 dias atrás
Can't wait!
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 15 dias atrás
@Onigashimap bro can’t even check replies without bots
MuffinKirby 15 dias atrás
Homie he threatened the queen of England sky's the limit
RedFox 497
RedFox 497 Mês atrás
6:31 one of jschlatt’s few moments of genuine fear and confusion.
Teddy Mcfartson
Teddy Mcfartson 14 dias atrás
Dude… that no clip one was phenomenal. The acting and everything.
TheMineFatMan 13 dias atrás
Probably the funniest video I’ve ever watched, laughed at 99% of these
miriam Dia atrás
i love how schlatt always laughs at the ones made by younger kids :)
MUI TV Mês atrás
His community is unironnicaly super creative it's insane.
Tommy Coolatta
Tommy Coolatta 9 dias atrás
gibbon profile picture. im surprised people know what gibbons are anymore
hel 🇺🇦
hel 🇺🇦 16 dias atrás
and insane*
Memu 21 dia atrás
Some of them at least. This is definitely just 5% of the responses for a good reason.
noskin 22 dias atrás
@BlackSheep their delivery is mostly creative
Prototype X
Prototype X 24 dias atrás
@BlackSheep yeah but the way they get to it is pretty damn good
Taylor Huntley
Taylor Huntley 23 dias atrás
I like that every video he makes he always puts the animal crossing music well done schlatt
Pizza man
Pizza man 18 dias atrás
I love how schlatt didn’t seem to notice at 15:58 the title of the slide show is that this guy is being held hostage lmao
coolsindy345 28 dias atrás
I love how the presentations being weird also makes them very creative unironically and the community as a whole then creates great content 😂😂😂
RayquazaRoom 23 dias atrás
Honestly, I’ve watched this so many times it almost feels nostalgic at this point
Patchez 18 dias atrás
Sameee bro
Archidus Mês atrás
Next time “ Rating your horrible cooking “ that would definitely break several human rights
Victor 18 dias atrás
@Sticky and expect a laugh from JSchlatt.
🍄Mushroom🍄 19 dias atrás
WoA official
WoA official 19 dias atrás
@dolow noooo
KWQ 26 dias atrás
Someone is going to cook a traffic cone. Mark my words.
krumlukum 26 dias atrás
@Sticky oooohhhh hellll nawwwwww
dolita windo
dolita windo 28 dias atrás
Very education episode. Hope to see more like this in the future.
Daniel Valencia Gutierrez
You're really good at doing sponsors 😁
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 29 dias atrás
I aspire to be as funny as the kid at 3:04, absolutely beautiful storytelling
Finn the Human
Finn the Human 28 dias atrás
Hey Schlatt, thanks for making free content, just like the shopping carts in stores. I appreciate it.
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny Mês atrás
At this point Schlatt viewers are more unhinged then Schlatt
Skyramn 🇺🇦
Skyramn 🇺🇦 Mês atrás
@Jaxon Cole smh all of you are bots here, you're just here to keep me entertained
WilsonRoo Mês atrás
@Funny Bunny dude how do you have two top comments on the same video.. one has 12k the other has 7.5k- sheesh
Jaxon Cole
Jaxon Cole Mês atrás
@Skyramn 🇺🇦 im not a bot, it's just finally here
Nessessary Mês atrás
@Skyramn 🇺🇦 damn, you caught me.
Skyramn 🇺🇦
Skyramn 🇺🇦 Mês atrás
@Nessessary nah, all of you are bots
IgnitedBread Mês atrás
I haven't laughed a lot in a while, bro this was hilarious.
Loomic 28 dias atrás
I love the content posted from "Schlatt's" viewers, its very comforting
Scribble Doodle
Scribble Doodle Mês atrás
8:05 I will never get over how funny that picture of schlatt looks
SpadexYT Mês atrás
I like how when he does the sponsorship segment you can see him looking down at a script between cuts for 0.1 seconds.
UnstoppableLIVE Mês atrás
I love that schlatt has a pavlovian response to hearing "Joooe biden"
-TheTopAdventure- Mês atrás
It would be great if we could personally hide message containing certain phrases and not just have to hope that the youtuber will block them, Like blocking every comment containing "finally i't's here"
Davi Clemons
Davi Clemons Mês atrás
@EnderGoku9001 GAH DAM
Noefi Mês atrás
@Davi Clemons I would like to know too
EnderGoku9001 Mês atrás
@Davi Clemons too soon bruv
NamelessGamer42 Mês atrás
Report them for terrorism, that’s what I do
TheFigmaAce12[sws] 22 dias atrás
How schlatt doesn’t have more subscribers just baffles me. This content is amazing
Crank Yanker
Crank Yanker 26 dias atrás
I'm actually mad that he skipped some that genuinely seemed to be well made, funny or interesting.
Inkzion_ 25 dias atrás
Recently I made a presentation for my friends about how Shrek is the best DILF in cartoon history .... I don't regret it
dreamkal7 yt
dreamkal7 yt Mês atrás
I ABSOLUTELY love funny presentations ❤️😂
TheNoobOfLegend Mês atrás
Very education episode. Hope to see more like this in the future.
qrae_qrae Mês atrás
Very education episode. Hope to see more like this in the future.
Laakea CreeperYT
Laakea CreeperYT Mês atrás
mann vs machine up in this bitch
H3XXED Mês atrás
@Mr. Danno Amen... wait
Obama Mês atrás
Dude wtf BRvid . Like , it was rare at first , but now I can't even read five comments without bumping into 5 morbillion fucking bots ....
ANThony Mês atrás
So many bots on this one comment wth
TheAdvertisement 11 dias atrás
0:53 The way Schlatt realizes here, and can't help but laugh. It's always wonderful bringing back his regime in 1956. :') 1:25 Lmao love the music stinger in time with him showing off. 13:28 I have one of those mugs from the same series but it's Peanuts. 17:24 Why does Schlatt's editor look like Joe Keery.
Waffles Syrups
Waffles Syrups 19 dias atrás
Hey Schlatt I love your videos and live nearby Austin and was wondering if I could challenge you at something to prove I can beat you P.S I had mutton chops as well and they were overrated
Salty 13 dias atrás
the dementia one had me absolutely cracking up
Yorick 9 dias atrás
These were so good, I didnt expect this level of quality
TEXT ME ON TELEGRAM 👉 jonathanyoung15
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Heisenberg Mês atrás
Jschlatt: "I'm not laughing at poverty" Jschlatt: *laughs at poverty*
MF DOOM 23 dias atrás
I think you mean “jschlatt”
josiah 24 dias atrás
hello heisenberg the ethyl ether solution i had created while trying to mimic your world famous meth recipe made my lungs hurt a lot and im starting to wrory if i have cancer, i forgot to bring a respirator or a gas mask so i tried to make one with a cereal box, i dont think it worked because my lungs are like itchy and it just overall burns, what should i do?
Among Imposter
Among Imposter Mês atrás
My favorite number is nine hundered and eleven
A 7
A 7 Mês atrás
He was telling us he didn’t laugh at it yet, he wanted us to be prepared for when he actually did laugh at poverty
Natural Selection
Natural Selection Mês atrás
Technoblade was a fucking legend, Fuck Cancer, and Fuck the 2020s E my Fallen Brother- the legend will never die
GЯIMM_555__ Mês atrás
I always sync my smile with you smile with every advertisement
kingofbacon 4 dias atrás
I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement, and I don’t expect to be forgiven. I’m simply here to apologize. What we came across in the woods that day was obviously unplanned. The reactions you saw on tape were raw; they were unfiltered. None of us knew how to react or how to feel. I should have never posted the video. I should have put the cameras down and stopped recording what we were going through. There's a lot of things I should have done differently but I didn't. And for that, from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. I want to apologize to the internet. I want to apologize to anyone who has seen the video. I want to apologize to anyone who has been affected or touched by mental illness, or depression, or suicide. But most importantly I want to apologize to the victim and his family. For my fans who are defending my actions, please don't. I don’t deserve to be defended. My goal with my content is always to entertain; to push the boundaries, to be all-inclusive. In the world I live in, I share almost everything I do. The intent is never to be heartless, cruel, or malicious. Like I said I made a huge mistake. I don’t expect to be forgiven, I’m just here to apologize. I'm ashamed of myself. I’m disappointed in myself. And I promise to be better. I will be better. Thank you.
Dinomax Productions
Dinomax Productions 27 dias atrás
This reminds me of the time I did a 30 minute long presentation on Bionicle lore for my mythology class
Eternal Miasma
Eternal Miasma 21 dia atrás
I wouldn’t mind a part 2 to this
MaXMario Mês atrás
The presentation at 11:10 was amazing, and so helpful. Because of his teachings I am now the proud owner of a Walmart shopping cart.
AnnaVG 16 dias atrás
I love your content
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 21 dia atrás
The Milk Man
The Milk Man 29 dias atrás
@Connor Barkington getting it off the wall isn’t the hard part i was talking about how they got it outside without getting caught
Connor Barkington
Connor Barkington 29 dias atrás
@The Milk Man screwdriver? i was always surprised noticing how much stuff i encounter in daily life that can be defeated with a simple philip's head
McKay Moore
McKay Moore Mês atrás
@IndyGirlfriend their fault for not putting a price tag on it
Nicholas Grandfield
Nicholas Grandfield 14 dias atrás
Cursed things is just my humor in general. I could think of anything else that would make me laugh, but this is just my main type of comedy.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Mês atrás
Very education episode. Hope to see more like this in the future.
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Mês atrás
Very education episode. Hope to see more like this in the future.
Understandable 24 dias atrás
unironically teacat's one (~6:45) was one of the best ones. I wonder how many takes that took without cracking
said sereapple
said sereapple Mês atrás
The humor of Schlatt’s fans is through the roof! When will they be able to do comedy night?? If they do, let me know!!
get noob
get noob Mês atrás
THey're actually comedical genuises
Ether Mês atrás
i mean i’m a “schlatt” fan and i just put on a comedy show so.. win?
Natural Selection
Natural Selection Mês atrás
Technoblade was a fucking legend, Fuck Cancer, and Fuck the 2020s E my Fallen Brother- the legend will never die
Bendyartbat Mês atrás
Among us 😄 BALLS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
x8bitpixel Mês atrás
One of the best videos I’ve seen from this channel yet.
Oliver Montange
Oliver Montange 27 dias atrás
keep up the great work schlatt
SamM Mês atrás
I almost threw up laughing before even making it to the sponsorship plug, which I was too busy recovering from the first two to skip.
AstralDreamZ 22 dias atrás
Schlatt's reaction, from start to end, combine with Specter by Alan Walker, made the "Top 10 Successful Communist Countries" presentation hilarious 😂
Mysterious K
Mysterious K Mês atrás
13:16 The Garfield one was the best one imo. The dude drinks from the cup as subtle foreshadowing until the climax where it is revealed it is toxic and then the comedic ending where he gets brain damage. A short story in a few minutes :)
Boyacka12 Dia atrás
Nah, the kid with his reasons why he was awesome had me dead
Twin _
Twin _ 9 dias atrás
@parqcizm edits no
C4SUAL CYCL0PS 23 dias atrás
Wait. I had these glasses when I was a kid…
serendipity 24 dias atrás
Did you explain this like a fuckin anime protagonist LMFAO
Palmberry 24 dias atrás
brooo, 9 percent lead and 0.3 percent cadmium
Alto Clef
Alto Clef 17 dias atrás
the amount of confidence colby had with the may 19 2024 yellowstone eruption statement is kind of scary
Waffle man
Waffle man Mês atrás
Her voice sounds so normal that it scared me twice 5:31 I thought there was someone next to me
Pope Francis king of the Vatican
hey big guy thanks for the videos mate and thank you for being a catholic I thank you for the content that you have produced for others and thank you for your religious stance
Ash Winslow
Ash Winslow 20 dias atrás
The wheel vs door presentation is an accurate representation of adhd
Ganer Mês atrás
6:08 you really shoulda said some more about that one, it was super well made
sirknightlancelot Mês atrás
@finkus pretty sure it’s John CO. here on BRvid
Natural Selection
Natural Selection Mês atrás
Technoblade was a fucking legend, Fuck Cancer, and Fuck the 2020s E my Fallen Brother- the legend will never die
Imposterchu :3
Imposterchu :3 Mês atrás
Yeah that guy was talented
random youtuber
random youtuber Mês atrás
What’s up “checkmark”
shep Mês atrás
that was so sick
daisy 3 dias atrás
You should get your fans to apply for president. I would love to see how that one goes.
Binniestattoo Mês atrás
I was recently broken up with (ended on good terms) but it’s been difficult not being able to talk to him. I’ve been binging your videos every night to help myself feel less lonely and they always make me laugh so much and I appreciate it a lot in this difficult time. Much love
Usnatescout 29 dias atrás
I’ve watched this 20 times, and just realized that the presentation from the man with the massive dumper says for j shart 😂
Wesley McGaugh
Wesley McGaugh 15 dias atrás
These are literally the best. Funniest shit I’ve ever seen💀
Griffin Spence
Griffin Spence Mês atrás
I just love how half of Schllatt’s fans are thieves and they’re so chill they post them stealing it. That tells you a lot about Jschlatt
alexalouisesantos 18 dias atrás
*A P P LE*
Lev Katenin
Lev Katenin 18 dias atrás
"Jschlatt" is a really good "influence" on the new "generation". I "really hope" more children will grow up "responsible" just like "Schlatt"
Nezuko Kamado (because rp)
It's not stealing it's free
hushtheseus 20 dias atrás
It's f r e e !
Liz Thompson
Liz Thompson 21 dia atrás
But it’s free!!
RTG Mês atrás
Colin’s presentation was a 10/10
tristan armer69
tristan armer69 29 dias atrás
I like how schlatt just screams no every time he sees the twin towers like he has ptsd or smth
uhavemooface 28 dias atrás
New subscriber here you're hilarious.
kamitsu Mês atrás
can someone explain to me how schlatt laughs his ass off when he sees 911 but when he sees the twin towers before 911 he gets sad? lmao
Trololoface Ten
Trololoface Ten Mês atrás
You know, I’m noticing a steady increase in the amount of furries sending in these presentations, which is strange considering the fact that he just skips them the moment he sees them.
GalacticYeti 39
GalacticYeti 39 Mês atrás
@Илья Артемьев You're not even making sense at this point. There's no one called e621. It's clear you've run out of things to say so just refrain from further comments. It would be best for you.
MaryGrace Popky
MaryGrace Popky 19 dias atrás
So i’m new to this channel and have watched a few similar vids and the humor trend im getting so far is a) 9/11 b) stealing shit to make schlatt angry c) feet to make schlatt uncomfy d) men = saucy let me know if i’m missing anything- glad to join the community
PGHSadBoi Official
PGHSadBoi Official Mês atrás
Hey schlatt just so you know, the “muffin” tutorial was actually how to extract and manufacture DMT or meth
Br34D 25 dias atrás
I couldn't stop laughing at this for some reason
_-.Oxpelim.-_ 23 dias atrás
7:21 this got me laughing so hard my lungs were hurting-
Red Tord
Red Tord Mês atrás
The "Why I'm awesome" presentation kid literally looked and sounded like a younger TommyInnit
Vlad Muzychuk
Vlad Muzychuk Dia atrás
Alternate timeline TommyInnit
zalter zhite
zalter zhite 3 dias atrás
@Lonk i forgot what i said
Lonk 3 dias atrás
@zalter zhite for sure zalter zhite
zalter zhite
zalter zhite 4 dias atrás
@Lonk dang bro you got the whole squad laughing
xen_stinks 13 dias atrás
I agree
mini_gtag 17 dias atrás
You should do one of these with an eye tracker
💥Kasuki Bakugou 💥
Oh my god Sclatts laugh is hilarious when it says "top 10 successful comunist countries" and then it says thank you for watching and Sclatts laugh is priceless 😄 🤣 😀 😆
StarPrism 26 dias atrás
My family had an hour long debate on the more doors or wheels question. We had to cut things off because we could’ve honestly kept going for days
Space_Banane 6 horas atrás
i actually thought Jschlatt wasnt my type of youtuber I WAS DAMM WRONG
I'm not as dumb I promise
I loved the telebrush presentation : , )
Baby_Dino 29 dias atrás
With those displays, once they are done you can ask for em. Or, they often just dump their cardboard near their trash, and are pretty chill about you just taking it
Snivy dream
Snivy dream 18 dias atrás
5:46 as a man who know way too much about the backrooms it is deeply scary to see something like that but at the same time I want to know how the hell did he do that
Jungkquie Mês atrás
6:21 I’m actually from Kentucky so when Schlatt said that, I started laughing in shock 😭
Zener Mês atrás
I'm glad the "Misogyny is hilarious" one made it into the video, that one had me crying of laughter
Cry for help
Cry for help Mês atrás
The way he perfectly paused... Props to that fan
Illuminati Confirmed
@undercover cat yeah, that’s fuckin hilarious and clearly a joke (coming from a woman)
undercover cat
undercover cat Mês atrás
Ik, someone called her a pick me but bruh, she was just tryna be funny 😂😂
Joshua EdwinRoehl
Joshua EdwinRoehl Mês atrás Finally it's here.
Ghost Mês atrás
I'm rewatching this video with headphones on and I shat my pants at 7:58 because of that knocking noise. Literally thought someone was at my window.
Causarius 4 dias atrás
What a way to find out that I've been exposing myself to lead poisoning
pog 22 dias atrás
Me when jshlatt points out the obvious and forces a laugh at the most unfunny thing ever
Franklin Joseph The
Franklin Joseph The 14 dias atrás
I like how the first half is creative then it devolved to Twin Towers and devious licks
GroovyNin Mês atrás
0:21 the way the font and placement was different every slide made this so much funnier
GMD_Operation86 [GD]
GMD_Operation86 [GD] 16 horas atrás
@Robo Pope Who's gonna tell him?
just a pineapple
just a pineapple 10 dias atrás
Floofyp4n 👑🎗
Floofyp4n 👑🎗 10 dias atrás
RandomDude 1st
RandomDude 1st 11 dias atrás
Jaxgotscared 14 dias atrás
Axeius Mês atrás
5:25 I almost destroyed my computer bursting out laughing by spilling a cup of water
WockySsge 12 dias atrás
the knocking actually freaked me out because im wearing a surround sound headset and it was in the right angle that it sounded like it was coming from my window i genuinely panicked because of what happened at 7:59
Sukairā Jiin
Sukairā Jiin 20 dias atrás
I love how ‘we’ have just become the ones who steal things like yea I stole a 50 dollar bag and sold it to a friends mum for way more but come on we’re not that bad
Sukairā Jiin
Sukairā Jiin 20 dias atrás
Also if anyone wants some quality clothes contact me
— 𝗠𝗿𝘀𝗖𝗼𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗲 ☆
10:14 One of my favourites 😂💀
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Patterrz Mês atrás
Schlatt fans humour is in 2030
Oliver boii
Oliver boii 27 dias atrás
Jonathan Comish
Jonathan Comish 28 dias atrás
what’s up checkmark?
MCA 7 29 dias atrás
It died in 1999 in chicago
BioMega Mês atrás
So what it is
Natural Selection
Natural Selection Mês atrás
Technoblade was a fucking legend, Fuck Cancer, and Fuck the 2020s E my Fallen Brother- the legend will never die
daniel alvarado
daniel alvarado Mês atrás
hey schlatt i love your videos
Mikasa !
Mikasa ! 23 dias atrás
i dont really like the dream SMP, but damn you are so chill and funny
Mr. Moto Reptile
Mr. Moto Reptile 28 dias atrás
4:56 she was just straight up tryna get him banned 😂
Ryland Greer
Ryland Greer 22 dias atrás
5:48 is so well made
Techbot28 Mês atrás
Honestly, 7:35 got me. That kid is legitimately funny.
Victoree 3 dias atrás
@Mr Guy "the telebrush helps to touch your- to keep in touch with friends" 💀
rainy tee.
rainy tee. 10 dias atrás
phoonwax 10 dias atrás
ok but can we talk about why he looks like small blonde matpat please im dying
rainy tee.
rainy tee. 14 dias atrás
no bc why is an 11 year old funnier than i'll ever be LMAO
ok sry
ok sry 16 dias atrás
ran out of names
ran out of names 3 dias atrás
i dont even like the dream SMP but these videos are fucking hilarious
Shikami C:
Shikami C: Mês atrás
I'm actually losing my shit over this. Usually I don't laugh at videos anymore but God damn it
sokin jon
sokin jon 26 dias atrás
You should rank your fans bone structures in the next one
That one other guy
That one other guy 27 dias atrás
4:32 Im not going to ignore the person in the comments. "His delivery is weak" I love the reference, overall 10/10 (pause to read comment)
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