Ranking the 40K Combat Patrol Boxes - 40K 10th Edition 

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On this episode, Brad and Eric reevaluate the value contained on the Combat Patrol Boxes for each faction. Which raised in value? Which got worse? Tune in to find out!
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00:00 Intro
01:50 Adepta Sororitas
04:23 Adeptus Custodes
06:04 Adeptus Mechanicus
09:02 Aeldari
10:21 Astra Militarum
11:56 Chaos Daemons
13:33 Chaos Space Marines
15:30 Death Guard
16:48 Drukhari
19:47 Genestealer Cults
22:34 Grey Knights
24:59 Leagues of Votann
26:42 Necrons
29:11 Orks
30:31 Space Marines
32:36 Thousand Sons
34:09 Tyranids
34:36 T’au Empire
35:46 World Eaters
37:30 Final Toughts
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5 Dez 2023



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@thepoorhammerpodcast 5 meses atrás
We tried boosting the volume on this episode by a lot more than usual. You may hear some weird mic distortion as this was done in editing, not while recording. Please don't be shy on feedback about the volume this time, as we're going to try honing in the exact volume needed for BRvid as we get a lot of feedback about being too quiet vs YT ads. If this is slightly too much we'll try a few dB lower again next week, if it's still not loud enough we'll need to find a better long term solution.
@GCLEM92 5 meses atrás
I’ve been very pleased with your improvement of audio over the last few weeks.
@TheHacknor 5 meses atrás
I found the volume was a lot better
@yeturs69420 5 meses atrás
I think the audio sounds good. I prefer a video be balanced a bit too loud and I can turn yall down if I need to. Thanks
@HyenaRump 5 meses atrás
Sounds a bit too noisy now, honestly I never thought the volume needed to be increased
@shadowssun1120 5 meses atrás
The audio distortion on the "yEah B0i" at 36:35 is perfect and I will need this effect replicated in future episodes
@Autechltd 5 meses atrás
"combat patrol is now balanced?" GW: Yes. "By the rule writers?" GW: By our accounting and marketing department.
@Xynth25 5 meses atrás
Tbf most of the games of Patrol I've seen have been pretty close. Nothing truly egregious since both Grey Knights and Custodes have to pick between two units to bring. Really reigned them in.
@Highlaw 5 meses atrás
@@Xynth25 Nah, Combat Patrol datasheet stats rarely (if ever?) change from the main game. All they did was remove one or two abilities per unit regardless if it was a strong faction or not, so the same peaks and valleys remain. Also factions with too many points like Custodes have an inherent advantage since you can chose which excess units to take, while trash factions with lower pointed boxes are stuck with their units, even if they are a double-kit you're disallowed to bring the other half (in Admech you can't have Breachers instead of Destroyers for example). I'd argue Combat Patrol is even less balanced than the main game since secondaries are faction-specific again instead of universal like in 10th, and there's only a couple choices, so some factions will have laughable ones while others will be scoring 3-4VP per turn while barely doing anything. Using Admech as the punching bag once more, one of their secondaries is to roll a dice, if you control 1 objective on a 6+ you score points, for each extra objective you control you score on a 5+, 4+ etc. So in a balanced match you're praying for a 25% chance to score your secondary each command phase. Has to be some sort of joke, Harlequins wrote this.
@dxpsumma383 5 meses atrás
​@@Highlaw I think this is a pretty bad take, boxes are also balanced by how strong the stratagems are and how easy or hard to complete the secondaries are. The game is fun and seems decently balanced so far
@MrHoneuma 5 meses atrás
​@@dxpsumma383how are you going to suggest someone else has a bad take and then drop that nonsense? No, the boxes are not balanced against each other. Those boxes who include powerful vehicles are going to win against those who don't every single time when played by equally skilled players. The Aeldari get their full 12 fate dice and a t11 wraithlord. What are the boxes that are entirely infantry expected to do against that? The World Eaters box needs literally every single model to get into melee with it just to have a theoretical chance of destroying it while having to get the lethal hits from Blessings of Khorne, and if they don't, their 107 attacks average to 6 damage, since only 23 of those possible attacks wound it on 5s and everything else on 6s. It's the same deal for the Dark Angels and their Redemptor Dreadnought. They need to redo the balance of the mode, or else it's just going to dominated by who's got powerful vehicles. Nobody needs t9+ units in combat patrol.
@synthwavehyena4849 5 meses atrás
GW could cure cancer and you'd still find a way to cry about it lol
@patchcoatgrey3434 5 meses atrás
Ironically, the khorne daemon box is even better if you play Age of Sigmar...
@BananaMystic 5 meses atrás
We'll see how it performs when Old World premieres
@melonboi927 5 meses atrás
​@@BananaMysticprobably still better than the old world
@TheLordofMetroids 5 meses atrás
​@@BananaMysticaren't deamons not getting rules for Old World? I could have sworn they were like any army you can buy right now and it's current form which naturally includes demons aren't getting rules.
@thequestbro 5 meses atrás
No one plays Age of Skubmar.
@thequestbro 5 meses atrás
​@@TheLordofMetroidsevery army is getting rules. They just aren't present in the story yet.
@Xx_deadmeme_xX 5 meses atrás
The deathguard box is actually just a tiny bit better since those poxwalkers are ones from the old 8th edition starter set, meaning they come with the torso and backpack parts of a plague marine. So since there are 3 poxwalker sprue’s you can easily kitbash 3 extra plague marines to make a full 10-man squad. Also typhus is a decent base model for a lord of contagion kitbash since they don’t sell those anymore. Just switch the top of his scythe with a spare plague cleaver and maybe use a different head.
@aiken2258 5 meses atrás
Don't even need to switch the weapon on Typhus. The LoC's two weapon options got consolidated into just a single profile, so just swap the head and don't glue the cloud of flies on. Boom. You have a Lord of Contagion. I mean obviously the more you change the better, but you could probably blag just a headswap and removing the flies changes the silhouette quite significantly.
@Sip_Dhit Mês atrás
Just did that last night, had fun fitting them together
@omni-fan8413 5 meses atrás
Hey , when will you guys rate the combat patrol boxes?
@thepoorhammerpodcast 5 meses atrás
Listen here you little shits.
@elijahtourtillott7550 5 meses atrás
@@thepoorhammerpodcast no hesitation, no mercy
@cadettrev762 5 meses atrás
Followed up with a video rating every single paint they’ve ever used in depth
@AdmiralStormy 5 meses atrás
When JSchlatt ranks TikToks
@JoshMC2000 5 meses atrás
@gkiyo 5 meses atrás
cannot believe how accurately the 'you're the kind of person who sees twenty khorne berzerkers and goes YYYEAH BOYY' described my reaction to that combat patrol. just absolute savagery here.
@JuiceBox30301 5 meses atrás
A tip for anyone getting into the Imperial Guard with the combat patrol, on the new sentinel kit don't glue the top armor plate on. It fits pretty well and allows you to swap between scout and armoured.
@MrLFJ7 5 meses atrás
Thanks for the heads up
@MysteriousPinkFlufff 5 meses atrás
would i need to magnetise it? or is relatively secure on its own?
@elRandomTk 5 meses atrás
@@MysteriousPinkFlufff I saw some building guides on YT because I got the box, but for now I've only built the infantry. Sentinel weapons don't need to be magnetized. Also, if you didn't glue the batteries guns, don't do it, they can be used in all 3 ways; the shield is secure on his own (don't glue it because one of the versions use it upside down) and you just plop the right gun on top of the wheels - to keep the long guns from tipping over you can glue a weight on their underbelly
@thedandy6765 5 meses atrás
@@MysteriousPinkFlufff its pretty secure just magnetize the guns
@Trazynn 3 meses atrás
@@MysteriousPinkFlufff Not even. GW actually intended for the armour panel to slot perfectly into the outer frame of the scout. It's a very tight fit.
@DominatorLegend 5 meses atrás
I'm so mad Boarding Patrols went the way of the Dodo so fast. A bunch of them were great complements to the Combat Patrols, and a few even better than them. Is there even a way right now to get Farsight and Snikrot?
@Ben-fk9ey 5 meses atrás
Soon ™️
@blam320 5 meses atrás
I was even contemplating getting the Farsight box as my intro to 40k tabletop. But no, it’s not available anywhere.
@xdude228 5 meses atrás
Its probably because I'm pretty sure internally boarding actions is considered a failure. Most local game stores can't even run it because it would require somebody on staff to buy and assemble an ENTIRE setpiece for it, and very few people are even buying it FOR boarding actions, mostly buying it to put the characters into their 2k point armies (Like Farsight), creating a self-sustaining loop where there are never any places to play boarding actions BECAUSE there are never any places to play boarding actions. Which is a shame, cuz in many ways it seemed like a much more interesting version of Combat Patrol, or at least another way to get good value out of certain units.
@fireinacan 5 meses atrás
I too am salty about boarding patrols. Bring them back!
The admech one was rather nice I think, way better character unit and some infiltratiors
@alexdelloiacono7398 5 meses atrás
Just got into this hobby with Leviathan after years of being too scared to try it. You guys have been essential listening!
@timunderbakke8756 5 meses atrás
Welcome! Glad you’re here. Leviathan is an amazing box in my mind, for either army in the box.
@Hedonite 5 meses atrás
I joined in ninth after years of fear as well. Welcome welcome:))
@kylemartin9735 Mês atrás
I agree. Haven't even bought any models yet lol. Got the core book tho so it's an official step
@msventurelli 5 meses atrás
About the DG patrol: It secretly comes with 10 plague marines. You have all the bits to make 3 extra marines except for the bases so it's not that bad.
@blizzardgaming7070 4 meses atrás
You still need some clay as the pieces don't match.
@Sip_Dhit Mês atrás
Yup just did that last night
As someone getting into world eaters, I think that the box is a great starting point for getting into the army. The discount is actually really, *really* good, and buying just one has you well on your way to a 1000 point army, with a bunch of stuff you will most likely be using in every game you play
@steeltywars1 5 meses atrás
I will defend the World Eaters box as a good one to start with. This is the equivalent of the intro box we didn't get like LoV got. It doesn't help our army has a small dedicated WE range but it covers everything your gonna run in most lists.
@un0riginal539 5 meses atrás
I love the WE box cause I fully intend on running 60 berserkers and getting those plus the pretty decent Jakhals is pretty good
@williamings773 5 meses atrás
I like that the HQ has multiple build options.
@xdude228 5 meses atrás
​@@un0riginal539You're going to try and run 1,380 points worth of Berzerkers? With how inflated World Eaters point costs got you'd be lucky to run more than 2 other units worth anything. Better to run 3 Zerk units with Master of Executions for Fights First and then use other stuff like Helbrutes. HQs for World Eaters are AMAZING this edition; itd be a detriment to your own army to try and run it 1999 horde style. Its just simply not a melee horde army anymore. Those old 20 man Zerk bricks are long gone lol
@un0riginal539 5 meses atrás
@@xdude228 I can run all those plus Angron and a few transports. Plus idc, I don’t play the game just to win, I play to have fun. The only thing wrong with my list is that it’s not 80 berserkers.
@xdude228 5 meses atrás
@@un0riginal539 Well hey, you can run your army any way you want. Thats the best part of 40k. Although I do hope you like watching your army get annihilated by the [blast] and [anti-infantry] keywords, cuz that's exactly what's gonna happen.
@keyne444 5 meses atrás
The AM combat patrol box lets you experience the Expert Bombardiers side of the faction. I find it nice.
@elRandomTk 5 meses atrás
I got one and don't regret it, if I'll pull the trigger for a 2000 points IG army I will buy another and gladly double up on both Sentinels and Batteries, and you can't have too many Guardsmen :D still it feels kinda weird it lacks both tank and chimera, and I hope they make a discount box for the new releases, more so since they didn't do a Boarding Patrol.
@adamn8156 5 meses atrás
​@@elRandomTkyeah I mean I bought it and just got a Chimera, that brings the total to 450-500ish. A good start imo.
@IceZachara 5 meses atrás
Bought the previous Necron Combat Patrol for my son 6 hours before the Combat Patrol rules dropped. Had to send it back and get the pieces for the new one individually (Thank you ebay) but damn that was a rough start to our 10th edition. lol
@DogmanDraws 5 meses atrás
Oh man. I am literally just dipping my toe into 40k now after enjoying killteam and I'm wanting to jump into Deathguard and I really appreciate the heads up with their combat patrol. I'd love a video where you go into a "getting started with a 1000 army" for each faction for 10th edition
@SimplyAdriel 5 meses atrás
The Grey Knight boxset is also one of the only ways to get the old Terminator Librarian.
@docterfantazmo 5 meses atrás
Funny thing about the Genestealer Cult box is that the one model you may not want multiple of (the magus) is prime kitbash fodder for AoS so you can probs sell them online super easy.
@jsm1978 3 meses atrás
Also, every model is a Necromunda model. Probably some good kitbash use there also.
@brianmcgloughlin7799 5 meses atrás
As someone who has played guard and is planning on getting back into the game, the Astra militarum box is pretty good value for me since it's basically all new stuff.
@drafty9580 5 meses atrás
Yeah their biases really show with guard. The only thing that the rules haven't been great for is just the arty. I got two plus cadia stands and no regrets. Perfect way of staring a guard army. It would be nice if guard were cheaper but that ain't happening.
@HadrosaurHero 5 meses atrás
I managed to find the Tson box for $94, so i essentially got the 20 Tzaangors for like 8 or so bucks. Arguably maybe still just get the IM and Terms, but at least it was an actual discount.
@ConfusCat 5 meses atrás
I feel like the old guard start collecting box in addition to the guard combat patrol would make for a really solid army, I did that and it worked quite well. And I bought a baneblade. No further explanations.
@nitrodax2298 5 meses atrás
You forgot to mention that the World Eaters Lord can also be built as Lord Avocado, one of the army's best and most universally important characters. And on a second buy you can build him as a standard lord so you dont have repeat name characters.
@alexdanke133 5 meses atrás
I played 40K years ago and tried to get back into recently. I went GSC after being a Guard player just on the box alone.
@bexpaints2988 5 meses atrás
I love the guard combat patrol, it has a lot of the cheap troops "that you just need" and all the newest nicest models and in the end of the day models are forever but rules change. So its a great way to add the basis for a guard army that is super expensive so this is a good discount. a couple of these and some tanks and you are good to go!😁
@kirbydavis5703 5 meses atrás
In case anyone was wondering, its fairly easy to bash the farseer and a jetbike into a jetbike farseer. you can just swap out the head and the sword arm. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try to fit the robe overtop.
@newworldempire 5 meses atrás
The Votann boxes drive me crazy because they have exactly half of what I need at any time after the Army set.
@kylemeyer2139 5 meses atrás
Engineseer does make a fun base for an inquisitor with thunderhammer
@KamenRiderGreed 5 meses atrás
37:00-37:23 I'd love to hear that discussion and rant about the Mono-God Chaos Legions. *Especially* Emperor's Children, I need to know what umbrage is taken with them. Because I *really* hope they give Fulgrim's Legion some beautiful models.
@benjamincourts 5 meses atrás
They'll get *some* beautiful models but it won't be enough for a full range so they'll need to blend in base CSM models to make the roster work. Players then need to do some kitbashing to stay on theme for their army and run the risk of say Death Guard just seeing Possessed drop off of their lists. There's also more pressures against any given Cult Legion seeing those missing parts of their range expanded or older models getting refreshed with each new one added, presumably we'll see a Dark Mech or Iron Warriors range also thrown into the mix.
@timunderbakke8756 5 meses atrás
The issue isn’t the models that will come. It’s the models that won’t. Meanwhile, WE, DG, and TS will all continue to get even less love because they want to sell the new EC models. In all honesty, Thousand Sons is an army with two units in the range (3 now with the vortex beast) plus the characters. Which, if the models just had new weapon options to diversify them, I’d actually be OK with that. But they don’t, and now our psychic is just shooting so it’s harder to have an answer to vehicles since our old answer was “lol here’s some mortal wounds”
@kharnt.betrayer2946 5 meses atrás
Having bought the Chaos Marines box I can confirm that the Havocs come as per the stand-alone box, you get 2 of missile launchers, lascannons and autocannons, 1 heavy bolter, 1 reaper chaincannon, it's not too bad if you build 2 pairs and ideally load the helbrute with whatever you didn't use.
@findus6813 4 meses atrás
Another reason the Genestealer Cult box is amazing, is the acolyte kit. It comes with only 5 bodies, but enough weapons, heads and limbs, to where you could easily make 10 more acolytes with for example a Cawdor ganger kit.
@TheMartinator99 5 meses atrás
With the new edition the Tau box is good to pick up twice, if you like breachers get 3. A cadre per breacher squad is good, you kind of want 3 ghostkeels if youre a metachaser, 2 for a rounded collection 1 at least because theyre real good. Ethereals are the only component where the second one is a maybe and the third is a no. So just get 2. (You can easily use all the stealths you get) so yeah the box had a huge glowup for this edition
@pawelpiw 2 meses atrás
What should i buy next after 2x combat patrol? Devilfish? Crisis and commander?
@TheMartinator99 2 meses atrás
@@pawelpiw crisis + commander are very good, 1-2 devilfish are also very good for the breachers you got from the boxes. I would recommend to get the hammerhead kit tho, its very easy to magnetize / just not glue parts so you can convert it into whatever tau tank or transport you need. Piranhas are always a good cheap model to round a list out with and thatll get you to 1.5k roughly, which is already a good game size. For 2k you just figure out what you want or need from there.
@Xynth25 5 meses atrás
I'm still working on finishing off my CSM army, but I *really* want to pick up the Drukhari and Khorne Daemon patrols to add to my pile of shame.
@AAhmou 5 meses atrás
Too bad the CSM combat patrol is horrible.
@Xynth25 5 meses atrás
@@AAhmou Yeah, but luckily for me I was never interested in it in the first place. Definite Word Bearers vibe and I collect Night Lords. I'm not interested in the Kill Team either. But I look at Patrol and Killteam as modes to invest in armies I don't want 2k of but still like. *Really* hoping the Striking Scorpions refresh in a Killteam box rumor turns out true.
@williamings773 5 meses atrás
​@Xynth25 the dark apostle is a very kit bashable model. I'm going to make mine a Iron Warriors combat servator (accursed cultists) operator.
@YungBo670 5 meses atrás
As a Necron player who has a collection already, I much preferred the old combat patrol box. It was really more of an expansion pack for people who bought into necrons with indomitus or the other 9th ed starter boxes. I get why they're changing the box, it just sucks for old collectors, who get to reminisce about the past and how you could get warriors for dirt cheap. It also suck for new collectors getting into the faction because they have to hear about how good it was from the old collectors lol.
@matthewtaylor2890 5 meses atrás
Also you don't get the orb overlord and the orb is cracked this edition
@dustinasche 5 meses atrás
I was thinking the same thing. The great thing about the last combat patrol was that there was no overlap with the Indomitus/9th ed starter boxes. I still didn't buy one, though, because the old models are ugly...
@firice49 5 meses atrás
So, getting the old and new combat patrol would be good for a start for an army ?
@YungBo670 5 meses atrás
@@firice49 Finding the old box may be difficult and I personally wouldn't say its such a good deal that its worth the time trying to find one for retail price. But more importantly, you have to like the models in both the boxes. Models have a far longer shelf life, and rules will change throughout the edition(s), so there's no point in meta-chasing if you're starting from scratch.
@firice49 5 meses atrás
@@YungBo670 Luckily a store where I use to shop can get one from another shop, they juste need a trade so the box is send to them, it's already reserved ^^. And of course, I like the models of both boxes, it's a no go for me if I find it ugly/etc.
@DERADI30 5 meses atrás
I think the Tau box is pretty good in the new edition. The ghostkeel got a massive glow up in 10th. The fireblade gives a big buff and you might take one in every single squad. We will see where the meta moves, but fish of fury lists with lots of breachers in devilfish seem pretty viable atm, so having two or maybe even three units + fireblades doesn't sound terrible. The ethereal farms command points for Tau, and while you can't get more than one per turn you can still run multiple in a list to make it very unlikely to fail generating. They can even sit in reserves all game and still be useful. This model might be the most likely to become less useful with rules updates, but rn it's good. The stealth suits are the only unit I don't see you running a lot of, but they are not really the biggest part of the box anyway.
@demon1103 5 meses atrás
Ok, so I've said it before, and I'll say it again. When the DG Combat Patrol box released, there was a legal army in the box (in 2 ways). First way is a bit odd granted, but you could fairly easily get an extra 3 marines using the Poxwalker sprue, I did it with basically zero experience. Secondly, in regards to the amount of Poxwalkers you could field: You couldn't field 30 anyway as that put you over 500 pts (PMs were either 21-23pts back then, PWs were 6, and wargear wasn't free). At release Typhus, Putrifier, 7 P Marines, and 20 Poxwalkers costed around 490 pts...before even considering wargear. (Also, to be clear, I'm just talking about when it launched. Point drops made this and a couple other boxes drop below the 500pt mark) All that being said....I'd say there is some value in the box if it's your start and you can get it at a good price (I got one for $112, so a bit biased with it being under $3 per model XD). However it's definitely not for everyone.....especially due to it being "oops all Poxwalkers", which I could live with if they weren't sooo monopose.
@crusaderkirbo8818 4 meses atrás
Note: the latest update for 10th (July26) You can play plague marines in 7man squads 16:03
@senntis 5 meses atrás
I feel called out for the WE combat patrol box. Literally bought it, Kharn, angron, and a MoE with the intent of throwing away all thought process and just rushing the enemy
@blitzburn2871 2 meses atrás
The command squad in the IG box is honestly not that bad if you wanna get multiple boxes. Just give everyone in the extra command squad and a special weapon and swap them in and out of the other squads depending on your list or kitbash a castellan.
@timothydalton2388 5 meses atrás
the DG combat patrol isnt actually that bad when you realize theres secretly 10 plague marines in it because of the way the poxwalker sprue works. so with that its not too bad if you were able to pair it with one of the christmas bundles or the DG half of the 8E dark imperium set
@jackmcfetridge 5 meses atrás
I’m actually getting into GSC partially due to your previous glowing recommendation of the GSC combat patrol Considering how good battleline are in GSC I’m actually thinking of grabbing up to 5 to make my army, the neophytes are needed, along with acolytes Metamorphs and Aberrants are icing and while the truck I may never use 5, can be converted into (odd looking) rhinos for my other armies (I play DG…)
@joshanderson6485 3 meses atrás
Good episode; I wish you guys had ranked them in order.
@theturnc0at 3 meses atrás
Counterpoint: if you intend to *also* build an AoS Disciples of Tzeentch army on the side, then the TSons combat patrol is great! Just build the Tzaangors how you want to run them in AoS, and it wont even matter on the 40k side
@mogwaiman6048 2 meses atrás
Fun fact, you can make three additional Plague Marines from the Combat Patrol Box .
@budgethammerofficial 2 meses atrás
A friend of mine at my local gamestore he made a New combat patrol box units and it is exactly the same only he removed the artillery thing and added a leman russ tank and it works good
@hinti24 4 meses atrás
Guard Collector here. The guard box is great! you get it often 40% off from third party retailers. Buy 3, have a solid start with flexible support Platforms (bombard/heavy las), all command squads you'd ever need (commander double as cadian cadtellan), 60 Infantry, which is about right for combined arms guard army of and a full squad of sentinels. everything synergises. fill in your list with firepower any any sort and you got a decent start for a guard army.
@wmcastillo28 5 meses atrás
Another issue I've found with the ORK set, is the Warboss in mega armour can't join the boys. So if playing regular warhammer out of the box, he has to be all on his own.
@speeddeamon100 5 meses atrás
The leviathan box also comes with 2 rule books (in one, the core rules and crusade), a mission deck, a SWEET transfer sheet, and 6 objective markers. Plus 5 people are gonna get every new model. Niche stuff considering all the rules are going to be online for free; but something you have to weigh in on.
@ksrknwht300klls 5 meses atrás
To be fair, the guard one is quite nice. Like, buy 2 or 3 good. You will end up wanting 60 guardsmen, 3 sentinels and you can get the extra bodies from the field ordnance to get another squad too, especially if you want to run some heavy weapons (same for the 2 command squads)
@Johnnekaiser 5 meses atrás
I got my self both the Combat patrol and boarding Patrol of Chaos Daemons. I'm not gonna lie, I like Slaanesh more and I would of loved a box set of each of the chaos daemons. but I do enjoy Khorne as well. The main reason I also got into Chaos Daemons Is due to the fact I can use the models in both 40k and fantasy, Granted the rules for each army may be different like AOS has a full khorne faction In the form of Blades of Khorne and Chaos Daemons is meant a mix of all 4 daemons, but I am glad they got rules for single god armies too. My goal is to get another Combat Patrol daemons later so I can have a Solid collection of ground groups and get 3 more crushers to make a full 6 man sqaud. Then move on to other things like a Shrine of Khorne and of course a Bloodthirster
@dustinasche 5 meses atrás
I thought the biggest issue with the Space Marines combat patrols was the Impulsor that always seems to be thrown in to inflate the value, since Impulsors are almost as free as Rhinos.
@CarlosRuiz-zw5lr 5 meses atrás
For plauge marines, you can actually build 5 normal plauge marines and 2 icon bearers. So technically, you get 1 unit and 2 characters per box.
@dracosummoner 5 meses atrás
This was super useful (I'd tried a few games of 9th but had a poor experience not because of the game but because of the unorthodox format one store was using - I wanted to give 10th a fair chance), thank you so much!
@helix.01 5 meses atrás
I would argue the WE box is amazing as a one time buy then you have all of those units you'll ever need.
@alexisvento3432 5 meses atrás
I am about to jump into warhammwr 40k, got myself a Leviathan box. Was looking to see about getting another combat patrol box or two, to have options for playing different factions. Amazon had the Thousand sons combat patrol for $85, figured with that price it would be worth it. GW stuff is extremely rare to see discoubted. I guess bcuz it one of rhe worst boxes😂 cant wait to play though 😊
@justinclement7211 5 meses atrás
So if you can find the old Necron combat patrol, 1 is good especially for someone with nothing. It has the best version of the overlord. Immortals and Deathmarks are good ( and the deathmarks make 5 more imoortals), tomb blades are playable as well as the Doomscythe. Another fun thing is right now RAW, the nightscythe has no model limit for what it can carry, just 1 infantry unit.
@inquishoth 5 meses atrás
I ended up with 3 engineers myself buying various Admech force boxes. Kept 1, gave one to my guard friend, and kitbashed the third into my marshal
@cookiecreep9204 5 meses atrás
I'd say a Tyranid one is pretty good because you will always run fleshborer termagants. Not because they are good, but because tervigon can refill only fleshborer ones, and you want them to die before your expensive ones. You really gotta think of nid troops as "which models should die first?". Though I don't know if I can still mix them in new edition...
@sscjessica 4 meses atrás
As a guard played the combat patrol is amazing, it's one squad of 25 people ak extra sentinel and some fun field guns, picking up 2 or 3 is worth It if you field troop guard.
@64powered 3 meses atrás
I started my first army 10th edition with the guard combat patrol box, ive been a fan of them since i first learned about 40k, and all i can say is the field ordience guns inflate the box points so much and become awkward fitting them in a list @120pts
@khaymanwilson1320 4 meses atrás
And now I don't feel bad about blindly buying the Dark Angels combat patrol =D thanks Poorhammer
@hannahtoennis8860 4 meses atrás
Well for Orks you have the problem with the warboss in mega armour which can only be combined with meganobz, so if you wanna build from it you’ll have to get yourself some meganobz and a new character for your boyz to make it work
@Infinity_Coda 5 meses atrás
Buying the World Eaters box exactly twice is good tbh. You get all the Berzerkers you'll ever really need, all the Jackals you'll ever want, and the Juggernaut lord kit also makes Lord Invocatus, so you can get both him and the generic one at a discount. But it is true, my brain did light up immediately at the sight of that many Berzerkers.
@alextruecustodian6174 5 meses atrás
Slight correction on sisters silence: In main 40k their squad size is a minimum of 4 model, so you could make 2 knight centuras little issue in gameplay
@krontor98 5 meses atrás
Getting into this game with 10th edition and learned the hard way that Guard are brutal with lack of points in their box. The good news is at least the Sentinel can be swapped between armored and scout variants without needing to magnetize, just don't glue down the canopy. Honestly for new guard players it's at least good savings, but that brings in the other issue of savings only being good because Games Workshop overprices a lot of their models to begin with. That said, the models all look great, have a very cohesive look and a 1000 point army can be comfortably achieved by picking up 2 combat patrols, a tank of your choice (I went for a leman russ), and filled in with more troops or a named character unit. Ursala Creed is very tempting and commissars are fun to field. In the end this will run you $400-500 which... oof, but that's the price of little green men I guess.
@thatlonewolfguy2878 5 meses atrás
As a former player wanting to get back into the game who used to run Dark Angels but has always had an interest in Orks and Chaos Marines, possibly Thousand Sons specifically what boxes would you recommend? I know for Orks you said its kinda meh, also gotta say the idea of the "oohh boi 20 Khorne Berzerkers!" for World Eaters is accurate lmao, I do love the idea of a total meme army that's not meant to be competitive in any way that's just "charge at full speed and turn everything into red mist in glorious melee" so I can go either way, Orks or World Eaters on that one, I do love my tactical gunlines as well though which is where the Dark Angels, possibly Thousand Sons interest comes in (I first learned the game in 6th edition when Rubricks just straight up killed Tactical Marines with AP 3 guns lmao) plus the Dark Angels hold a special place in my heart as the 5th edition models were the very first 40k models I was ever introduced to so I'd love to play them again, plus I love their lore and Primarch
@redReiRei 29 dias atrás
The new admech Combat Patrol is now ~265 points lol, truly masterful work from GW
@mabatsekkerp9967 5 meses atrás
You could always pawn/trade a second Admech Combat Patrol's Enginseer to a tank-happy Imperial Guard player.
@arkslippyjunior7773 5 meses atrás
For the admech box you could kitbash the engineer into a techno archaeologist using the ranger/vanguard spares. If your cool building your skitarii without their two attacks hitting on 4s baton you can put that and a pistol onto a engineer to make him a technoarcailogist to join a vanguard squad and the engiseer to join the rangers
@jkdonut7218 5 meses atrás
You can now run a 7 man plauge marine squad for the death guard
@219Hexagons 5 meses atrás
Have they actually confirmed that the Space Marine / Tyranid combat patrols are going to come in combat patrol boxes? I assumed their combat patrols were like, the equivalent of the contents of the new starter set or the recruit and elite starter sets for each faction put together. Especially since the winged prime and the termie captain come on conjoined sprues
@countingcards1208 2 meses atrás
Feel like they should do a big knight and a warglaive and make that the imperial knight combat patrol. Puts the value at about £140 so not far off some of the other combat patrols. I would definitely buy it.
@bodhit 4 meses atrás
I'm a Necron lover so I was a bit dissapointed that they didn't get a box. But what is out there is pretty neat.
@Grubnar 5 meses atrás
About those Chaos Space Marines ... Sure, it does suck that the Havocs do not come with more weapon options ... BUT the regular marines come with both a heavy bolter and a missile launcher, so you can actually make a havoc squad that will shred infantry, by using those parts!
@MrTibruk64 5 meses atrás
The world eaters box was abolutely perfect for me, massed berserkers and 10 man squads is how i plan on running them, especially with a DP giving them invulns
@mohawkmodels2665 5 meses atrás
The guard box is good option for getting the masses of troops needed and the command squads to help them. Sentinels are pretty much a must have in 10th, but the box gets lacklustre after you get 3 of them, the FoB are best served in the bombast flavour. But you can only field 3 units of them. Still, buying the set for everything but the FoB still works out cheaper and they can either be sold or turned into terrain pieces/objective markers. The parts to make the crew can also be used to make sure your masses of troops have some variety A Leman Russ would be more favourable as a true guard commander can never have enough of them
@AnominousRex 5 meses atrás
Be nice to see a buy guide as a returning player I’m scared of grabbing bits for the new nids as they have stated they are getting more kits and I don’t know what else will get updated sculpts. I can see the warriors getting one so you can get shrikes but that’s as far as I can guess
@mrmors1344 3 meses atrás
new to w40k here; i got lucky and got a couple boarding action boxes i wanted. also went overboard and got three combat patrols and some random sets... drukhari boarding action & combat patrol seemed like a good value for both of them and not too much duplicates. now if only i could also find a tau boarding action... as tau boarding action was great value at 55% off and cmdr farsight out of stock everywhere...
@breezierchip8355 2 meses atrás
I'll say this for the WE combat patrol - it's an army where you do have a LOT of small conversions to do. Beyond the fact the Lord on Jugg nets you a spare Power Pack and Helmet/Head, you'll often need a few spare Berzerkers for conversions of stuff like Terminators.
@Steak51430 28 dias atrás
What do you mean by this? I’m pretty new to 40k and the next group of guys I wanna get into is WE
@johnmertens3022 5 meses atrás
The combat patrol for death guard includes enough part to build ten plague marines because it uses the sprues from know no fear but you have to kit bash them
@effindave6909 5 meses atrás
It's important to note that armies do play a drasticaly different game in combat patrol. I got a game of tyranids vs orks in last night and the tyranids have a solid shot at winning but the clutch of the army is the termagants. In combat patrol the tyranids highest strength weapon is on the psychophage and I was still wounding my buddies ork warboss and deffdread on 5's at best. Due to the termagants being able to bring back a shockingly large number of models every turn even after the units get wiped you can totally win the points game. Overall it felt pretty balanced but it did feel like I was playing a more strategic game and he was playing a more "how many gants can I kill a turn?" game
@arkslippyjunior7773 5 meses atrás
Havocs come with 2 autos, 2 heavy bolters, 2 las cannons and 2 rockets with one chain cannon. If your super determined to have a 4 man squad with one weapons choice you can chop off the barrels on an auto cannon, stick a smaller barrel on it and it looks like a heavy bolter
@mothballmouth3053 5 meses atrás
What do you guys think about the leviathan box value wise?
@Tinytraveler 5 meses atrás
I know you're not asking me persay, but I just recently picked mine up, you get A LOT of plastic for the price you pay. I'd be interested in Poorhammers break down aswell!
@darkjak565 4 meses atrás
Well damn, the allure of genestealer cults is getting a lot harder to avoid now. You might have convinced me here... EDIT: three days later, I now own GSC.
@ChimaeraTom 5 meses atrás
I'm kinda torn on the new Necron Combat Patrol. Having picked up Recruit + Elite Edition, the old box looked quite appealing for expanding what i already have. The Night/Doomscythe is meh but the rest of the box isnt too bad for adding variety. Adding to my: 20 warriors, an Overlord, a Royal Warden, 3 Skorpekhs and 6 Scarabs it mostly seems pretty useful. The new box is just Elite Edition + Doomstalker. Saying that you want the extra warriors and skorpekhs at some point and the Doomstalker is such a cool model. It only really would change the order id get stuff in.
@thebestnameeva 4 meses atrás
There's a couple extra issues with the Sisters combat patrol as well. The main issue is that the combat patrol doesn't scale well if you're looking to expand the units in the future (without kitbashing). One issue being that the Serephim aren't equipped with any special weapons, so you're running pretty lackluster units and picking up an extra box of serephim wont give you the ability to equip them with 8 hand flamers for example (if you buy 2 boxes of zerephim you can pretty easily remove the hands from the combat patrol models to kitbash the extra weapons tho) The other big issue for me is there's no way to buy the 5 additional repentia to bump the squad to a full squad which means your army will always have a half-sized repentia squad since repentia only come in boxes of 9 with a repentia superior (if you don't mind sacrificing your arco-flagellents you can kitbash an extra repentia using the arms and head from a proper box of repentia if you can remove all the mechanical elements from the models back). As a helpful tip for Battle sister squads, if you have a standard battle sister box, you can assemble both a heavy flamer and a heavy bolter and mix those with the preset storm bolter and flamer from the combat patrol squad to make their weapon choices a bit more efficient. Just a bummer that they're so set in stone with their loadouts especially coming off the militarum combat patrol which was pretty good for building whatever loadouts I wanted.
@michaelb6186 5 meses atrás
Just found you guys... Getting back into Warhammer - AoS and 40K. Dig the content so far, keep up the good work and try not to suck.
@chriss427 5 meses atrás
Do you think the death guard box is mroe value now that they announced plague marines can be taken in 7s?
@sonicwingnut 5 meses atrás
The Necron Patrol worked out kinda good because I've got all the stuff except the doomstalker via Imperium Magazine, so like 4 issues @ £8.09 (I get 10% discount at Forbidden Planet) plus £24 for the doomstalker comes to £56.36. Also got the Space Marine and Sisters ones via Imperium but minus the tanks - so Space Marines is like £25 plus whatever an impulsor costs, but the Sisters I think is like £40 plus a Rhino.. I guess you can proxy that with any old rhino though so in that case Rhinos are free and the Sisters Combat Patrol is super cheap via Imperium.
Thank you for this insightful analysis video!!!!
@boydy3542 5 meses atrás
As a world eaters Player you nailed my reaction. All my lists include 20 berzerkers and 10 jakhals so my brain is literally „20 berzerkers! Yeah boiii!“
@BW-CZ 5 meses atrás
CSM Havocs do have 2 of each gun (except the chaincannon) so it isn't as bad, but still agreed. Note to beginners: Do NOT build them like the Combat Patrol format tells you to!
@AdmiralStormy 5 meses atrás
I'm gonna raise a point Havocs come with 10 guns, 10 power packs, and I think 11 heads? They all fit on the Legionarie bodies, 40mm bases are cheap as dirt, so you can easily kitbash 5 more Havocs. This is a really good use of your money if you're buying this box more than once, Havocs are really good this edition and having 15 isn't bad at all. Especially with 10th you'll get a full squad with autocannons, full squad with lascannons, and a full squad with rocket launchers. You also can build a full rocket launcher squad if you don't give rocket launchers to your Legionaries, and instead use the chaincannon for them.
@AsuraBoss 5 meses atrás
I bought my friend that old Necrons box to help him get started, and it’s been nearly two years. Dude hasn’t even opened it yet.
@fatal_bull 4 meses atrás
Managed to get the Gua... *cough* Astra Militarum box dirt cheap at a store in Australia a few months back. There's NOOOO WAY I would pay the normal costs on it though, Totally agree! But I'm using I.G as a mix with my Dark Angel army.. so it's got what I need, to help build the army that I want. I'm unsure if I wanna keep the field guns though, woulda preferred a tank in there.
@zRxLLegacy 5 meses atrás
I do love the value for points in the Sisters box but I played a couple of games of combat patrol and they just didnt seem to hold up against a few of the others, it seemed to me that the restriction of having 1 ten lady squad was a significant downgrade in a small game where objective control matters, the tank's firepower is abysmal which is okay since its a transport and then a big damage sink on an objective.. but repentia just seem a lot weaker in 10th for some reason, they dont chew through big things like they used to and for seraphim, the lack of hand flamers is a real killer, they only matter for maybe an end of game point scorer... big up the penitent engine for doing its job well tho
@Kottery 5 meses atrás
I didn't know Space Marines were getting a new Combat Patrol box so now I need to get the current on ASAP. I love Phobos marines so I guess I need to stop procrastinating and just get it. I've already missed out on SC Space Marines and SC Blood Angels, I don't wanna miss out on these guys too.
@mothballmouth3053 5 meses atrás
I'm so glad I haven't impulse bought buying the deathguard box. Hopefully they'll give em more interesting rules soon™️ and fix the box.
@tdnavy1066 21 dia atrás
Unless it's already been done I'd like to see a video on the combat patrol format/game mode for 10th edition.
@Keldabeski 5 meses atrás
The Guard one may not have a lot of points. Its still agreat value msrp $160 vs $244. The only thing you dont really need double of is FOBs. But its not a deal breaker.
@davidrowe1557 5 meses atrás
Thanks for doing this episode as my FLGS has announced plans to do a slow grow League and I am debating which army that would interest me to start collecting.
@dzelman444 5 meses atrás
Drukhari is SILLY good. Like showing up in clown shoes good. The SM boxes all make me sad. Votann not getting either of their tanks also makes me sad. Loved the comment about WE players.
@dillonwarcup6426 5 meses atrás
some points on the Astra Militarum box: 1. FOBs have always been one unit 2. Sentinels of both flavours are pretty good in 10th 3. It seems like half a box because it is half a box lol- it's literally just the cadia stands box without the codex and datacards
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