Random BOOMER Journalist Says WHAT About Paul Simon???

Rick Beato
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In this episode I discuss an NBC News Think article that attempts to predict the historical importance of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and The Beatles 200 years from now. And Fails!
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5 Abr 2021



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Comentários 12 399
Shawn 5 horas atrás
I like the bit about “history being a blunt tool without any room for subtlety”. Clearly this guy doesn’t study history or know how fever-ant historians argue with one another about small details.
Diane Courtney
Diane Courtney 12 horas atrás
I think jealousy always brings out the worst in people.
Jess Stuart
Jess Stuart 5 dias atrás
The author who wrote this seems to me to be just a bitter person lashing out at musical icons he envies.
Sandee Sandwich
Sandee Sandwich 10 dias atrás
Paul Simon is still writing and recording. His most recent album (within the past couple of years) had one song ("Wristband") that got heavy airplay on college radio stations. And, of course, current bands like Disturbed are covering his songs to great acclaim. So, yeah, right, Simon has no continuing relevance (/sarcasm). This Jeff Slate guy must have had a song rejected by Simon, or perhaps been negatively compared to him, because that was an awful lot of vitriol.
Michael Long
Michael Long 11 dias atrás
Just looked up 'Jeff Slate' and found, about 5 listings down, a link to an Idaho journalist (Martin Hackworth) titled 'Jeff Slate you're no Paul Simon' and wouldn't you know? His response almost immediately links to this video. Gotta love Rick, here, people all over the country know and appreciate him.
Joe Spangle
Joe Spangle 12 dias atrás
Dylan and Neal Young are negative thinking tree huggers.
Joe Spangle
Joe Spangle 12 dias atrás
Subjective thinking No one above Joni Mitchell. Tom Waits for poetry.
Cloxxki 14 dias atrás
Video killed the radio star. It's true.
Cloxxki 14 dias atrás
I was at the Graceland tour, Goffert Park, Nijmegen. I was 12 or so. Epic.
Cloxxki 14 dias atrás
Watching this shortly after ABBA released two hit worthy songs, after a 40 year hiatus. Lots of supposed adults are unaware of them. See the reaction videos. Video killed radio star. For real.
chris johnson
chris johnson 15 dias atrás
and the most excellent album Graceland OMG that changed music
MoDr01 15 dias atrás
Paul Simon is one of the best songwriters that have ever walked this planet.
synrose1 15 dias atrás
mr. bungle might be that band in 200 years
Ayb Gim
Ayb Gim 18 dias atrás
Paul Simon could have just written the BOTW and retired the same day - that would be enough to be remembered in 200 years from now.
Nv man 22
Nv man 22 21 dia atrás
just imagine looking back on history and being able to hear the views and voices kept out of the ruling narrative, because many were kept out for a reason
Nv man 22
Nv man 22 21 dia atrás
the media really sucks " understatement " and their opinions on art are as skewed as their opinions on the wars we are forever in. that's why we watch rick and need people like him to speak.
Nameless Games
Nameless Games 21 dia atrás
Not my Paul Simon!
Erin Nelson
Erin Nelson 22 dias atrás
Rick, I love you for this. ❤
Tait Steven
Tait Steven 23 dias atrás
A poet and a one man band...
Back Off
Back Off 23 dias atrás
I like Shiner Bock, ha,ha,ha!!!
Back Off
Back Off 23 dias atrás
Start doing your own freelance articles Rick, that guy is obviously a libtard hack that only writes yellow journalism (fake news) smear pieces , give him the what for and put him in his place with a rebuttal of your own. Hell, he's irrelevant now as a song writer/singer or journalist, lmao!!!
David Lewis
David Lewis 23 dias atrás
that's like certain sects saying they know when the end times are and then switch when they're wrong...if they are still alive when proven wrong...
Jay Fogelman
Jay Fogelman 23 dias atrás
Not just a rant, but a well-reasoned argument based on evidence. Well done, Rick.
Alexandra Knox
Alexandra Knox 24 dias atrás
Ditto! He couldn't be more entertaining while being real as well.
conuropsis Mês atrás
Absolutely true that no one has a clue what music will be like or *liked* in 200 years. But I'm afraid Mr. Slate is the one who's got it right about the (potential) historical significance of Simon compared to Dylan or the Beatles. Consider your very apt analogy to J.S. Bach. Bach's genius was combining the large-scale structure of popular Italian forms (notably the cantata, sonata, and concerto) with the ornamentation and micro-phrasing of French keyboard music with the complex counterpoint and intense harmony of north German sacred polyphony and synthesizing their features to create unique works of great power. That is why he was appreciated by giants like Mozart and Beethoven and why his music ultimately stood the test of time, was revived, and now is widely performed and praised as some of the greatest ever composed. I would never say Dylan and the Beatles were on the same level as Bach. But in the realm of popular music, what they did was in some ways similar. Dylan took the entire history of American song - folk ballads, labor songs, blues, country, rock, and a lot more - and wove it into something original and at times profound. The Beatles, though as a group they lasted scarcely a decade, had an outsized influence because they not only wrote some great songs but because they also created a revolutionary new sound, melding rockabilly, blues, English modal folk music, and later music hall and even some classical elements. Simon did nothing remotely approaching any of those contributions. He was one of the better among dozens of contemporaneous singer-songwriters. Personally, I find Joni Mitchell more compelling as a lyricist and melodist, as well as a far deeper observer of the human condition, but no matter. Neither she nor he nor any of their singer-songwriter contemporaries fundamentally changed popular music. And let's be honest about Simon's songs. Some were brilliant, some were rather corny, banal, or pretentious. And some were not even original. "Scarborough Fair," which you praise, is a traditional English ballad. "Richard Cory," on the same album as "The Sound of Silence," was a setting/paraphrase of Edwin Robinson's 1897 poem by the same name. And let's not even get into all the artists he ripped off in making 'Graceland.'
conuropsis Mês atrás
PS: And the lyrics Simon imposed on "El condor pasa" were a travesty. Every Latin American friend of mine who's heard them agrees.
Ken Rhodes
Ken Rhodes Mês atrás
To say that Paul Simon is irrelevant to the history of music, is so incredibly short-sighted and myopic, I don't even have words to describe it. The narrowness of this viewpoint is just unbelievable.
Kevin Corcoran
Kevin Corcoran Mês atrás
I believe that in two hundred years Hootie and the Blowfish will be regarded as the most influential and greatest band of the 20th century.
Andreas Grönvall
Andreas Grönvall Mês atrás
Exquisite rant! 🙏
Fred Vo
Fred Vo Mês atrás
pick on Joni Mitchell, punk? Now Rick's pissed. great vid.
sam .t
sam .t Mês atrás
only Sith deal in absolutes
nevermindgames Mês atrás
Preach El Duderino!!!
ATL Mês atrás
How many times has Steve Gadd called Jeff Slate for a gig?
Justin Ashworth
Justin Ashworth Mês atrás
Music journalism is so dead, right?
Justin Ashworth
Justin Ashworth Mês atrás
You can pick any song from Graceland and compare/rate it against anything from Dylan's entire catalogue and Dylan will lose every time.
hr1meg Mês atrás
Jeff Slate is employed and will continue to be, because he brings clicks in to a site. He can say anything he wants behind the shield of "Op-Ed" since its just an opinion piece. However, his comments bring revenue to the websites he writes for. This is why he writes the garbage he does - he's encouraged to. He once also wrote: "Passing Michael Jackson, the Eagles now have the best-selling album of all time. And they're still terrible." This is just par for the course with him. It means nothing, and its written by a nobody. He loves the attention and so do the rags he writes for. Being ignored is one of the worst things a writer can have happen. Notice how he is getting plenty of attention? No one has standards anymore. You can write anything on anyone, and no one cares.
David Rockett
David Rockett Mês atrás
Yes...what Rick said!
Harold Bahls
Harold Bahls Mês atrás
Jeff Slate! WHO?
garaj plaz
garaj plaz Mês atrás
It was amazed that every song you listed from PS I play in my repertoire. I think I’ll go out tonite and play his songs.
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Mês atrás
Wondering if this a**hole would turn down the fame, attention or proceeds of say "Bridge Over Troubled Water?" One song. One song that people will still appreciate 50 years from now, when he'll be forgotten in a matter of days.
Jan Edmunds
Jan Edmunds Mês atrás
Phew! I was waiting for Bridge Over Troubled Water.
C. Sue Palmer
C. Sue Palmer Mês atrás
The shocking hubris of some people! The tone of his article is just plain narcissism. He knows?…above all else, what’s going to happen? He knows that the top 50 singers and songwriters of 20th Century won’t be equally as relevant? He ALONE knows that David Bowie’s “Wild is the Wind” might not be considered the future’s favorite. We don’t know these things!! Sheesh…
bigpapacoco Mês atrás
I’m in my 30s and I binge Paul Simon records a couple times a year 🤷
Lemon Lady
Lemon Lady Mês atrás
Nick Drake, a great early 70's British singer/songwriter, inspiration for many artists, didn't get national US recognition until 1999, 30 yrs after his first album, even though he had an Island Records deal and released 3 amazing albums. He came into our consciousness when a song of his, Pink Moon, was used on a Volkswagen ad. Now I hear him all the time. He just wasn't marketed well and didn't sell when he was alive, plus had mental health challenges which probably contributed to his death in 1974. Who knew?
Joseph Graf
Joseph Graf Mês atrás
200 years from now Bridge over Troubled Waters will be played by major orchestras (if they still exist) as part of the classics anthologies.
Sven Lima
Sven Lima Mês atrás
A co-worker and I were talking about songs that have been covered. I mentioned The Beatles. Some other young-ish co-worker who was listening to our conversation said earnestly: "Who would (ever) cover the Beatles?" I was dying of laughter.
Mythical Mountan Central Asian Ovcharkas
The "Sounds Of Silence" and "The Boxer" in all likelihood will be cherished by generations to come, because they speak to the loneliness, disillusionment, isolation, and disenchantment that humankind struggles with, issues that are only likely to exacerbate over time. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" will probably elicit an emotional response by listeners hundreds of years in the future. Beautiful music is timeless. If you asked people, even the most respected artistic critics of the late 1800's, not a single one would list Vincent Van Gogh as a great artist.
Brian Wikley
Brian Wikley Mês atrás
Yeah, well NBC hasn't had anybody, I mean anybody, that knows anything about any history, except of the history of how to smear people, and it has been for a long time.
⚡Kozmic Re'⚡
⚡Kozmic Re'⚡ Mês atrás
Dylan is great surely a legend no less But has this Slate joker lost his damn mind?! I believe he planned on a picnic and left more than one sandwich back home. The two compared as such is musical blasphemy, I can hear the growing voices gathering and saying Crucify Him! 🤣
E M 2 meses atrás
NBC is fake news
Google Account
Google Account 2 meses atrás
I was SO HOPING you would play a few bars of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" on the keyboard... just the first 12 to 15 seconds of the song, and then ponder... did that douche-bag (I won't even mention his name) "EVER" listen to Simon & Garfunkel? Their music "defined" my childhood!!
SpaceTiger Hobbes
SpaceTiger Hobbes 2 meses atrás
Rick, no need to waste your time teeing off on random opinion articles on any given subject. Opinion pieces are written to evoke more opinions, which this guy's successfully did. And in today's reality where there's no gatekeeper function and everybody is their own publisher. Even the major media have web pages to fill every single day. What they value is web "hits." And there's no gimmick to get hits quite like saying something outrageous. Keep talking about music.
Andrew C. White
Andrew C. White 2 meses atrás
I really like this. His point is absolutely true. Nobody knows what music or whose music will be considered relevent in 200 years. I too know many great artist that nobody knows currently, brilliant song writers, amazing musicians in tucked away places, that have influenced generations of musicians day after day.
Tarquin Midwinter
Tarquin Midwinter 2 meses atrás
I once heard it said that lyricists are not poets, but Paul Simon is an exception. 'On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow.'
Tepidtooth85 2 meses atrás
I just found this guy’s Instagram and he posted happily about sharing a bill with Bruce Springsteen, what a poser.
Sacco Belmonte
Sacco Belmonte 2 meses atrás
Saying Paul Simon is irrelevant is pure distilled ignorance. Also, Paul Simon can do whatever he wants with his catalog, he worked hard and deserves to cash in from HIS work.
Drums 7520
Drums 7520 2 meses atrás
I live it when Rick gets mad! BOTW is one of the all time greats that has ALREADY stood the test of time.
Wir und Gesellschaft by John Furst
Well said! Thank you.
Chris Helbling
Chris Helbling 2 meses atrás
Whenever my students ask me for ideas, for their "Senior Quote" to go in the Yearbook, I suggest to them, "When I think back on all the crap I learned in High School, it's a wonder I can think at all."
nikkkis90 2 meses atrás
well, humans probably won't be here in 200 years anyway
Christopher Hailey
Christopher Hailey 2 meses atrás
Rick is wondering how NBC News would publish crap like this -- apparently Rick is not familiar with NBC News
bee kay
bee kay 2 meses atrás
love it when you are right, like mostly always.
Brian Vetter
Brian Vetter 2 meses atrás
Dylan way over rated. My opinion.
Red Planet
Red Planet 2 meses atrás
I'm the same age as Rick. I'm a guitar player and singer of average talent who grew up singing Paul Simon's songs.. Paul Simon is an indispensable part of the soundtrack to my life. My mum had Bridge over Troubled Water. I recognized Simon's song writing genius from a very early age. Some of his best stuff is hardly even known. Hearts and Bones is a masterpiece.
Myron Elias
Myron Elias 2 meses atrás
Right on Rick. Paul Simon is the MOST versatile and eclectic cotemporary composer/songwriter in the last 100 years (in my opinion). He has mastered ever genre of contemporary music out there. He has incorporated traditional music from diverse cultures, something Bob Dylan could never even dream of attempting. Hey, he even out-Dylaned Bob Dylan himself with songs like 7O'clock news/Silent Night and Everything Put Together Falls Apart. But, hey, someone has to justify his Nobel Prize, which should have gone to Leonard Cohen anyway. Keep on educating us Rick, you have no peer!!!
John Johnson
John Johnson 2 meses atrás
David Crosby is one of the Greatest songwriters of all time???! You have lost all credibility by uttering that.
Sameh Strauch
Sameh Strauch 2 meses atrás
Paul Simon's songwriting is far superior to Bob Dylan's.
Jay Are
Jay Are 2 meses atrás
While Paul Simon, et al, are extremely talented and beloved by many, you can ask a random sampling of Gen Z who he is and I bet the majority won't know. Point taken about predicting future relevance, but many greats from the past are lost to obscurity.
Charly Goehring
Charly Goehring 2 meses atrás
I wish you would quit messin around And tell us how you really feel!
Kenneth Tavares
Kenneth Tavares 2 meses atrás
The analysis here is spot on, especially when you mention Bach. Music history is full of composers who weren’t known in their time.
Dan Stalmach
Dan Stalmach 2 meses atrás
Go on Rick!
Kern Baker
Kern Baker 2 meses atrás
Love this video!
Ardsgaine 2 meses atrás
They're only going to remember what they can dig out of the rubble and reconstruct.
Joetime90 2 meses atrás
Paul Simon is fucking awesome and that editor most have some vendetta against my man
Nonkel Jef
Nonkel Jef 2 meses atrás
Are we just gonna forget about this one guy named Elvis?
John DeSanto
John DeSanto 2 meses atrás
Tell it like it is, Rick..
sj sturkie
sj sturkie 2 meses atrás
Yes, Bob Dylan is a wonderful lyricist, but no one can understand a word he's saying.
Matt Powell
Matt Powell 2 meses atrás
"... guy who doesn't have an editor." 🤣🤣🤣
Mike Whitfield
Mike Whitfield 2 meses atrás
Wait - NBC "News" published a stupid opinion disguised as news. Yeah, I'm gonna need a minute to compose my surprised Pikachu face. A great video (or series) would be your opinions on which obscure musicians and/or bands you guess might become well known in future times, and why.
Andrew Snider
Andrew Snider 2 meses atrás
Jeff Slade will be remembered long after Paul Simon is forgotten, but not before.
Brad Crane
Brad Crane 2 meses atrás
Rick I f*cking love you dude
Joseph Calderone
Joseph Calderone 2 meses atrás
I love you man
MiserableOldFart 2 meses atrás
Phil Ochs is barely remembered now, but he will be one of the ones remembered in history, along with Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro, and of course, Leonard Cohen, Dylan and Simon.
ThePuzzleDetective 2 meses atrás
Never heard of Mr. Slate - his opinion is hardly worth anyone's breath to waste in acknowledging. But it's still great to listen to your impassioned argument. Thank you for your videos and what you do.
Frank Maas
Frank Maas 2 meses atrás
Just play......
Dan Wendlick
Dan Wendlick 2 meses atrás
JADF: Just Another Dylan Fetishist I always think Star Trek is missing a great gag that would ring true by not having one of their teenage characters spout off to one of their parents "Have you ever heard of this Lennon McCartney guy? His music was great!"
Guy Jerry
Guy Jerry 2 meses atrás
I’m a millennial. Paul Simon is one of the greatest songwriters, not just of the 20th century, but of all time. He has the rare combo of musical AND lyrical genius that only a handful of songwriters have ever possessed. This article is an embarrassment to the concept of the op-ed
Keith D
Keith D 2 meses atrás
In my opinion, Simon IS THE STANDARD to whom all others aspire. Dylan was a better-than-average poet, but not a great musician. I much prefer the remakes of his work to his originals. Paul Simon is the Mozart-Yeats amalgamation of our day.
donniehba795 2 meses atrás
You nailed it, Rick! Well done!!!
Ross Watson
Ross Watson 2 meses atrás
Total Bollocks! Dylan is not on same page as Leonard Cohen or Simon. You have the same prat talk like the tubes who call "Clapton god" !
Easter_Sunday Grey_Man
Easter_Sunday Grey_Man 2 meses atrás
Simon is better
Jai Guru
Jai Guru 2 meses atrás
Ps, love the nobody guy bit of the video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jai Guru
Jai Guru 2 meses atrás
What idiots do they hire these days???who is that guy again???Rick totally agree, Simon is a living poet and forever icon x
John T
John T 2 meses atrás
That’s a very brave statement.
Michael Laderman
Michael Laderman 2 meses atrás
Preach it, man! Perfect response.
Genevieve McCulloch
Genevieve McCulloch 2 meses atrás
we love you, Rick!
Brian Mathis
Brian Mathis 2 meses atrás
Come on Rick, crank it to 11!
kaaswolf 2 meses atrás
I understand your anger and annoyance. But isn't there a bit of him in you? I think you are right in defending your own account of music and its course through your lifetime, but Mr Clickbait Slate is clearly not of your cohort or generation even. He picks up from a completely different starting point. He never sat down with a gatefold and marvelled at what Yes, Spirit or Led Zeppelin had come up in the studio. He doesn't know the shock of hearing Hendrix play in London '67. He is from the shockwave that came after. You can see how the Animals lead to Ten Years After and Deep Purple and how the sound of Janis Joplin inspired a generation of singers. You were around when it happened. At best he was around when gated reverb was all the rage and Annie Lennox brought Neil Young back to the limelight. He might have been sitting in a backstreet cinema watching Prince in Purple Rain and be convinced that he was original. More likely still Mr Slate grew up in the early digital age and has an Umwelt populated by the bands and artists of the early 90's. His writing is still biassed and flawed, but it is of this time. My heart, soul and ears pray for the iconoclasts to be silent, but it is their day. The days are gone that we took five weeks to learn to play a song or took time to read up on artists and their craft. You mentioning Gordon Lightfoot might be the only time some youngster might come across him. Most of the bands I worked with are at best known by a bunch of music buffs working on a radio show Saturday midnight till 3, but to me they are greats that learned from other greats like Redbone, Larry Norman, Urban Dance Squad or Sly Stone. That frustrates me no end, but as you said in 200 years somebody completely unknown to us will take the biscuit. Johann Sebastian who? Bruce Dickinson? Allison Moyet? Larry Love? Everlast? 16 Horsepower? You tell me.
ksb2112 2 meses atrás
200 years from now? I'm guessing it'll be nothing but The Monkees.
Bill Conant
Bill Conant 2 meses atrás
love ya man
Flavio Colker
Flavio Colker 2 meses atrás
The writer is a jealous as s hole.
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