Randall Carlson's Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe - First 2 hours of 4 total

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The first two hours of the four hour epic.
*Update, all who purchase Blu-ray or Dvd versions of the presentation will receive a free HD digital download of the presentation*
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“A cosmic tempo based on Sacred Geometry, encoded in myth & mystical
architecture throughout the Earth governs the unfolding of world ages,
the rise and fall of civilizations & is ultimately the very basis of
apocalyptic prophecy” - Randall Carlson
“I think you should be aware about the work of Randall Carlson…one of the great unsung geniuses who is revealing to us the truth about our past and its been my privilege to spend the last 10 days traveling across the cataclysm fields of the northwest of America, looking through his eyes at the effects of this terrible cometary disaster. ” -Graham Hancock via the Jimmy Church Radio Show
“No one can be told what the Matrix is. You must see it for yourself”
“Geometry will draw the soul toward truth, and create the spirit of
Join independent scholar Randall Carlson as he presents an authoritative overview of the “master key” of the ancient mysteries, Sacred Geometry.
You will be shown the significance of the “sacred canon of numerical cosmology”, and how it effects every aspect of life from the, “sub-microscopic to the super galactic.”
Extending these patterns into the dimensions of catastrophism and Earth history demonstrates the overarching significance of these sacred proportions in space, time, and human history.
Nothing less than a new paradigm for humankind is invoked with Carlson’s synthesis of leading edge science and ancient myth.
This 4 hour, 2 disc, Blu-ray presentation leads the seeker of wisdom towards understanding of the sacred canon of numerical cosmology, a veritable codex of Sacred Geometrical knowledge, and how these patterns form an ever present hidden architecture of creation.
Divine templates of harmonic ratio and proportion, governing the unfolding of space and time are mysteriously and ubiquitously encoded throughout the archaic world in a multitude of forms including:
ancient myth, sacred architecture, language, symbolism and prophecy reaching back beyond the dawn of modern history are all decrypted before your eyes by independent scholar and 32˚ Freemason Randall Carlson.
Blu-ray Chapters and Topics Covered Include
The Sacred Canon of Number
Sacred Number Embedded in the Measure of Geometry
Sacred Number Embedded in the Dimensions of Space
Sacred Number Embedded in the Measure of Time
Sacred Number Embedded in Solar System Architecture
Sacred Number Embedded in Ancient Metrology
Sacred Number Embedded in Language (Hebrew and Greek Gematria, Kabbalah)
Sacred Number Embedded in Scripture, Symbol, and Prophecy
Sacred Number Embedded in Sacred Architecture
Sacred Number in Ancient Calendrica Systems of the Maya, Sumerians, Hindu Vedas and More
The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and The Squaring of the Circle
The Dimensions of the Sacred Precinct, The Holy City, The New Jerusalem
Evidence for Advanced Geodetic Knowledge in Archaic Times (The Great Pyramid, Parthenon and Stonehenge:
See the overwhelming evidence that our distant ancestors understood the size and shape of the Earth and their relative position upon it, with precision rivaling modern satellite surveys and GPS coordinate systems)
Decoding of Religious Metaphor and Symbolism in The Old and New Testaments
The Great Year (Precession of the Equinoxes) Understanding the Horizon system of Astronomy
Mysteries of Archaic America and the North American Mound Builders
Evidence for Geomancy and Precise Astronomical Knowledge in Pre-Columbian America
The First Christian Church and the Revelation of Behemoth the Number of the Beast 666
Catastrophes in the Time of Man: The Tempo of Global Change
Evidence for the Great Flood Which Drowned North America ~12,900 Years BP.
A Crash Course In Catastrophic Geology
And much more...

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28 Set 2018



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DOCTOR ZEE Dia atrás
All night creating some artwork in my man cave, listening to Joe Rogan in the background, and this guy, along with Graham Hancock talking about the ancient catastrophe of flooding. Wow, My head is spinning at the enormity of all this.
Big Body Slim
Big Body Slim 2 dias atrás
in this lifetime, i hope to see this "extraordinary knowledge" become "common sense"... as it should be. Because when i see the whirl of my fingerprints, i know the spiral of our very galaxy is governed by the same geometry and same forces that drive hurricanes through my home. Sometimes i go for walks and take photos of the flowers, and in the semblances of all the formations, it's there as well, the universal principle. This is blatantly obvious if you pay attention so why is this not common sense like "The universe is a fractal- big whoop, tell me something i don't know"... It almost doesn't make sense why we can't fit this into our paradigm of conventional rationale. It frustrates me because it's so *surface level* and all the time and effort that's put into this could be dedicated to more important connections. No knowledge should be taken for granted, but that's just my hot take on things anyway i appreciate the work Randall!
jan krijnen
jan krijnen 3 dias atrás
For mr carlson : they found two years ago a huge, very young crater in greenland. Have a look in this; expains everything.
1 0
1 0 5 dias atrás
Every 12 068 years...we start over and we rebuild on what remains.
Johannes Scholtz
Johannes Scholtz 6 dias atrás
Hi Randall! One question: This might become long winded but bare with me. Is there a correlation between the (speed of the) spinning of the earth and the polar/equatorial disfigurement, discounting the gravitational effect on the earth’s shape due to the position of the moon and sun in respect to the earth?
nash clapp
nash clapp 12 dias atrás
Every number reduces to 9!!
JoneS SenoJ
JoneS SenoJ 17 dias atrás
We live inside a giant set of nested platonics 🤔👍 got it ! Thanks uncle Randal 😊👍
Vicente Duran Jr
Vicente Duran Jr Mês atrás
I don't believe the earth is wobbling, it has been demonstrated in Space that a gyroscope doesn't wobble. To support this that earth doesn't wobble is the star Sirius which do not precess like the other stars. If you want to learn more about alternative theory relating to precession, visit "See the Pattern" channel in BRvid.
Beer & Blues
Beer & Blues Mês atrás
Although I agree with not losing the mile to the metric system for its importance in understanding ancient wisdom, you have to agree that even the Romans divided their mile into 10000 paces. The metric system makes calculations so much easier.
Distant Observer
Distant Observer Mês atrás
and all of the final numbers total; 3, 6 or 9. Must be something to it.
Vinyl Lady
Vinyl Lady 2 meses atrás
A question: If the earth rotates exactly once every 24 hours, why does day not become night as it orbits the sun? In studying this material, this is the only discrepency to be found. If the earth does NOT rotate exactly once in 24 hours it's a real wrench in the works. If the earth DOES rotate exactly once every 24 hours, then 6 months after high noon is established as the middle of the day, then it would be midnight. The only reasonable answer I've found to this question is: Any thoughts on this topic would be most interesting.
Vinyl Lady
Vinyl Lady 2 meses atrás
Randall's beautiful geometry begins with the 24 hour rotation and works up from there.....not 23 hr 56 min. All the numbers are based on this. It seems the earth must rotate either 361 degrees or 359 degrees in 24 hours to avoid ending up in a day vs night pickle 6 months later.The only way I've found to solve this is to make the earth stationery and rotate the heavens around us. Then the math is perfect.
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 meses atrás
Not quite 24 hours, it turns out - it's precisely 23 hours and 56 minutes. But because Earth is constantly moving along its orbit around the sun, a different point on the planet faces the sun directly at the end of that 360-degree spin.
Christopher Cave
Christopher Cave 2 meses atrás
4:07 ; Remember how Tesla was obsessed with the numbers 3, 6 and 9. Well 24 (6) hours, 1440 (9) minutes, 86400 (9) seconds, 43200 (9) seconds all break down to a 3, 6 or 9. What does it all mean? I have no idea 😅
Dan Tyler
Dan Tyler 3 meses atrás
His use (and love) of water bottles is a HUGE distraction. He uses water bottles in several locations and shows.
King Blaze
King Blaze 3 meses atrás
Where's the other 2 hours?
BuckNaked2k 2 meses atrás
I believe you have to buy the DVDs or Blu-rays on the website mentioned at the top.
Tess Lawson
Tess Lawson 3 meses atrás
Fabulous...and in addition: This retired US Military Mathematician, Carl Munck, connected Stonehenge, The Pyramids, all the Major Ancient Megaliths/ Monuments on Earth...and 'The Face' and Pyramid on Mars to realize they are all Calculators with the Nazca Lines in Peru as the "Rosetta Stone" to them all... Fascinating stuff, truly. I have not seen or heard of anyone who has furthered his work or officially debunk it.. Sadly, it seems he has passed away before Gobekli was discovered. Watch "Carl Munck "The Code" part 1 of 3 | The Matrix Revealed" on BRvid"
Greg Rhodes
Greg Rhodes 3 meses atrás
Always wondered why the bottom was about 5” longer on a side...(out of square)
Ophirian 3 meses atrás
Adding zeros and moving decimal points just to relate the figures to show something is an awful way to prove one's Mathematics. Another unbelievable theory. These people have studied way far and gone too faraway on their findings. Such a waste.
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 meses atrás
@UC7biywwe4CR-0pyBcgMH4ug hes not suggesting they are same equal figures you moron. Its the number 144 showing up over and over again raised to different powers. Same with the other numbers 216, 432, 648, 864, 1296, and the rest and they all divide equally by 9. These same numbers show up in all spans of time measurements and the geometries of the Earth and the solar system in different orders if magnitude.And ancient peoples built the megalithic structures like the pyramids with these numbers built into their dimensions to reflect the dimensions of the Earth. Your question proves that you barely glazed over this video and didn't pay attention to any of it.
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 meses atrás
@Ophirian How is it wrong poiint that out for me.
Ophirian 2 meses atrás
Why do i need to pay attention to something that is wrong from the start? This is a hoax and an assumptive video not even academic.
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 meses atrás
If thats all you are getting from this you are not paying attention in the slightest.
Patrick O'ryan
Patrick O'ryan 3 meses atrás
Randall Carlson is truly one of my heros in life. I hold his work very close to my heart as it got me through a really rough patch in life. This man is just truly amazing.
Andy Plays Games
Andy Plays Games 3 meses atrás
I'm only 1/4 of the way into this but I am already having a hard time grasping the coincidence of it all. It's almost as if the placement of the earth and our orbit in relation to the sun isn't accidental. And the placement of our moon to the earth is likewise non-accidental. It's almost as if the moon and the earth were placed where they are, and orbit as they do ... intentionally. How can these geometric shapes coincide with these sets of numbers when these shapes are likely just standard constant geometric forms? WHAT IS HAPPENING!?
jake h
jake h 3 meses atrás
Why do I get the impression that you could play with numbers to get whatever you wanted if you tried hard enough.. like isn’t this a bit of a stretch? It would be totally cool if he’s right but it kinda feels like I’m falling for some kind of magic trick which is easily explained and not magic at all.
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 meses atrás
Its not him playing with the numbers though, hes showing how the ancients figured this stuff out and incorporated it into their creations.
Janet Byrd
Janet Byrd 4 meses atrás
9 is the number of completion. The next number takes two symbols(numbers) to make.
Must not sleep. Must warn others
I find it interesting that natures healing frequency is 432hz... also Verdi’s “A”
artoo detoo
artoo detoo 4 meses atrás
there is also a 4th motion of earth as it moves through space in an extended corksrew pattern as it orbits.following the sun as it moves.....what is the number for this rotation±? surely a sacred number totalling .....9...also The moon takes 27.3 days to orbit Earth......a womans menstruation period is average of 28 days.....human birth is ...9 months
Justin Curll
Justin Curll 4 meses atrás
The King James is a very much altered translation, and in more accurate ones it's apparent that Jehovah (YHWH) is talking to either Jesus, or Jesus and the angels. *rolls eyes*
Peter Dominguez
Peter Dominguez 4 meses atrás
Talk about an expansion of consciousness...WOW Thank you
Pato McBrain
Pato McBrain 4 meses atrás
The addition that leads to silver's atomic weight is bullshit. First, there is an almost continous series of atomic weights (masses) along the periodic table, so one could eventually match any addition of magic numbers with an element's atomic weight (mass). Plus, atomic weights presented in the periodic table are relatie averages of all the isotopes that have been found of that particular element. It is way too forced to make such a "discovery" in these numbers.
Lúd 5 meses atrás
What's holy in a universe that lapidates its own creatures/ creation with meteroids ?
Corinne Hill
Corinne Hill 5 meses atrás
I think all of this... Has a lot to do with the freemasons... The men who built the cathedrals... An probably the men who built the pyramid were also Masons. I was a Job's Daughter. I am also Jewish. luvs
Sarah Kay
Sarah Kay 5 meses atrás This is #1 of an EPIC series called ...Sonic Geometry!☯️🔯🕉 (made by an amazing man named Eric Rankin!)
AM 5 meses atrás
Can someone please link Dungeons & Dragon dice to this?
Joanne Baughan
Joanne Baughan 5 meses atrás
Things that make U wonder, going back to where the entity's or gods lived hundreds of years which I've recently learnt that it's referenced throughout the old Bible would it be fair to say that our year is 360 - 365 days orbit around the sun which makes you think to be in that era and have such advanced knowledge of our Earth and perfect mathematic knowledge and technical skills building the pryrmids like that's advanced stuff that man today could not accomplish, keeping an open mind to live those ages there year would have to collerlate with there origins further from the sun than us here to live that long, which brings me to the point that remember reading somewhere else or watched in the pryrmids the sound chambers that were used with a resonance that equals 9 or speculation myself using the 432Hz frequency would perhaps bring them into harmony with earth's frequency, if that makes sense, #this video was definitely thought provoking things that make you wonder
Joanne Baughan
Joanne Baughan 5 meses atrás
And love the fact that truth = 9 you must be a nine 🌞
Joanne Baughan
Joanne Baughan 5 meses atrás
If you only knew the magnificence of the 3 6 and 9 you would have the key to the universe, totally enjoyed that and it's on point, been interested and studying numerology and all sorts for ages and my only concern is as every thing ultimately falls back to the 9 as it can never be broken and works in harmony with our existence , when they changed the 432 Hz decades ago, to the 442Hz that goes against the natural harmony of our existence causing disruption and chaos within the world and to many if not aware stay distracted not connecting with the higher consciousness , like a direct manipulation of peace on earth , what do you think ?
Meghan Grine
Meghan Grine 6 meses atrás
So grateful for sharing this with us Randall. You're truly enlightened good sir
Aaron 6 meses atrás
432,108, and 864 are all frequencys that heal and resonate with human beings. There are many others, but it is very interesting that these reoccurring numbers that reflect major astrological time cycles parallels harmonic resonance.
Geo Man
Geo Man 6 meses atrás
Is there another part to this lecture??
PinkBunnySlippers 6 meses atrás
Randall will be known as our centuries greatest mind
Jimmy hall
Jimmy hall 6 meses atrás
So, with all this order, surely our current understanding of galaxy and planet formation is BS? If 'stuff' just collapsed in on itself randomly with gravity creating the Earth, Moon, Planets etc, the odds of there being this much mathematical order is just ridiculous, right?
Armchair Rockstar
Armchair Rockstar 6 meses atrás
Armchair Rockstar
Armchair Rockstar 6 meses atrás
Did anybody watch this while stoned?
Armchair Rockstar
Armchair Rockstar 6 meses atrás
Where free will exists, numbers really doesn't matter. Proving any idea thru showing any numbers is ridiculous. Randall Carlson is a great philosopher but there's no need to look at any numbers.
Elliott Booth
Elliott Booth 6 meses atrás
So is this the secret knowledge passed down by masons
Elliott Booth
Elliott Booth 6 meses atrás
You mention the stick measurement the Greeks used could the Egyptians have been using a big stick to build the pyramids and stumbled apon the size of the earth
michael gorman
michael gorman 6 meses atrás
I would like to see Randall tear-apart the measurements of the other two pyramids of Giza. Curious what exactly they measure out to be coordinated with.....? As the "Great" Pyramid compares to Earth, what do the other two signify ? Possibly Venus or Mars,.....maybe our Moon ? Perhaps even a planet that no longer exists, where now is nothing but fragments and the remains of a planet......a belt of meteors and such. No one has paid much attention to the other two Pyramids over the years, if they don't mean anything, which is wrong. They absolutely do have a purpose, a meaning,......My own time is limited and the information needed is not readily accessible also. With the knowledge and years of research that Randall has done, I'd bet he can discover the details quicker than I could ever do.
michael gorman
michael gorman 6 meses atrás
(24:30) The distance around the Equator is greater than the Polar distance by 27` ,.......Randall said 26` which is wrong. Moreover, at 27` it thereby becomes in sync with (9),....3x9 = 27` that is the precise and accurate calculation. Why Randall preferred to say 26 confuses me, especially seeing how it divides by 9. Randall is pathetically smart, no doubt,.......But I wanted to set that part straight. Peace All.
abc 7 meses atrás
This is why Randall Carlson is the expert to listen to when it comes to the theory of a past civilization, not your standard archaeologist or geologist or whatever. His understanding of ancient knowledge combined with expertise in geology reveals a wholistic picture that makes sense in the context of the ancient minds. The average archaeologist would look at the pyramids and say the numbers are just coincidence because they do not understand or think like the ancients.
Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina
Being a Freemason helps, too.
michael gorman
michael gorman 7 meses atrás
Awesome work Randall,.....(not new to me but, still excellent.) It's a shame that most people think it's all BS/play on numbers,....though it might appear that way, there is still a strong cause for concern as well as interest, (IF) only the people knew what all this really does come down to. And furthermore, I just can't spring it upon them, it won't penetrate. Little by little Randall,.......that's the best we can do to open the eyes of the .......people. However,....get back on it, don't stop, produce more lectures. I'm watching. Peace.
michael gorman
michael gorman 7 meses atrás
You and I could have been buddies back in the Old school Randall,.....I was looking for you, where the hell were you ? Excellent.
TheGreatWent1 7 meses atrás
Dangerosu 7 meses atrás
Seems to me like you have to make a lot of conventions in order to link all these numbers together. Use miles here, move a decimal here, interpret what a cubit is in hebrew times, interpret what a cubit is in egyptian times. With all these interpretations and extrapolations aren't we simply arriving at numbers of our own convenience? I mean, most of the world now uses the metric system, and in this system, all these numbers would not coroborate into these measurements. So if we use different systems aren't we simply going to have varying results? Im not saying that the pyramid of Cheops is not a model for measurements of the Earth, im just saying that some of these numbers are chosen for convenience. The numbers found in the bible and the vedas are compelling, but how do we know exactly what unit of measurement they used when they came up with those numbers thousands of years ago? I feel like i need an entire course in numerology to understand this whole lecture...
Martin Lapalme
Martin Lapalme 7 meses atrás
Anyone else got here while researching dungeons and dragons dices? 😜
Alan 8 meses atrás
If the great pyramid means all this what do the other pyramids mean.
Richie Ignition
Richie Ignition 8 meses atrás
In biblical times, a year was one luna cycle. So 13 biblical years = 1 standard year, which puts Methuselah living for approximately 73.92 years
Socialisten 8 meses atrás
Oh, i thought he was a scientist ... and then he appears to be a ... numerologist :D? What a load of bullshit! Everything ... when you subtract, add or divide enough, will end up with the number you want.
SUDATH 7 meses atrás
@abc its so hard to see how naive peoples acting like flat earthers, because they are uneducated how the heliocentric model works.
abc 7 meses atrás
You are taking things out of context. Once you see that so many ancient structures are aligned with the processional equinox it is no longer a coincidence.
SUDATH 8 meses atrás
@Socialisten "numerologists" is a term who not interessted in geometrical architecture. thats why he explain Geometry and the Sexagesimalsystem. a circle with 360° has nothing to do with numerology.
Socialisten 8 meses atrás
@SUDATH I DO trust facts/relevant data, which is why i do not trust numerologists :).
SUDATH 8 meses atrás
Trust Data not Lore! 99,9% is not coincedence, its purpose. geometry means measuring the earth. a scale model of the earth? scientific confirmed!
octart 8 meses atrás
ok so...where are the other 2 hours?
Margot Margot
Margot Margot 8 meses atrás
Buonasera Esiste una versione in italiano? O almeno con i sottotitoli? Grazie mille ❤️
Pharoah Akhenaten
Pharoah Akhenaten 9 meses atrás
As a 32nd... I must say you've done enough to get that 33rd invite! So more it be👏
Ed R
Ed R 9 meses atrás
Looks like everything goes around us to me.
Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson 10 meses atrás
what if the sumerian kings were actually the symbols of the stars that we see today, did they exist then? so much information to comprehend and i am only 38 minutes in,.. aghhhh LOL
Schmee gil
Schmee gil 10 meses atrás
Look for the tedx talk of the unusual orbit of our ancient past. Resonates with this .
Jordan Flower
Jordan Flower 10 meses atrás
I like Randall, but I notice he likes to reference KJV a lot instead of looking at the original text. For instance, when he cites Genesis 1:28 where it says "replenish the earth", it's important to note that KVJ is one of few versions where the ancient Hebrew word מָלָא "male'" is translated as "replenish". Examining English at the time the KJV was translated, and English's latin roots, shows that the prefix "re" didn't (and still doesn't) always mean "again". It wasn't until a 1612 poem we see the word "replenish" used as "fill again".
Gospel Truth or Fake News
Love these videos They are a MUST WATCH For all those who are ready & want to Learn #Truth of hidden world around us!
Anthony Biddle
Anthony Biddle 11 meses atrás
As an Esoteric Numerologist, those numbers are the 🐝’s Knees. By my calculations... Well I would say that wall is 13332... Digit Triad sum......13+332= 345 345+543= ***888*** 888+888= ***1776** 176 Magic square of 176 “What is 17x6”????? Sirach 317 176 degrees Kelvin.....(316.8) rounded to 317
Anthony Biddle
Anthony Biddle 11 meses atrás
I think, the holy city or New Jerusalem IS NOT A PHYSICAL PLACE. As above so below...As within so without Sirach ***317*** ***76127***
Anthony Biddle
Anthony Biddle 11 meses atrás
I would like to know what Randall knows about the numbers 1331,13331,1332,13332. And 176 The 66th prime number, and the numbers... (311,323,317) 1776, ***176*** 588, ***741*** **747*** I think those walls should be ***13332***
solukhumbu911 Anos atrás
the number 9 because there are 9 dimensions . dante's divine comedy states 9 circles. tolkien wrote "there were 9 rings given to the world of men". there are nine worlds in the tree of life in kabalah and the tenth was our physical world. christ also mentions the nine gates as being his city in Acts of Peter gospel.
Meaghan Galvin
Meaghan Galvin Anos atrás
The implications are profound!!! 🌏🌎🌍👀🤔
Meaghan Galvin
Meaghan Galvin Anos atrás
Isn't 9 the number of completion? 🌏🌎🌍👀🤔
Meaghan Galvin
Meaghan Galvin Anos atrás
I always said numbers are the universal language!🌏🌎🌍👀🤔
Meaghan Galvin
Meaghan Galvin Anos atrás
Quite frankly it still irks me that people can't see that the head of the sphinx is not the original!! 🌏🌎🌍👀
Meaghan Galvin
Meaghan Galvin Anos atrás
I don't understand how as a child I had no problem realizing that civilization (and the earth) was much older than "they"we're staying! I always thought it was beyond belief that all was no older than six thousand years! As a matter of fact I "knew "more as a child!🌏🌎🌍👀🤔
musicman787 Anos atrás
cant wait for feb i heard Randall Carlson is gonna be back on jre
Stewie PID
Stewie PID Anos atrás
I only regret that Geometry wasn't taught like this in my high school.
Andrew Pfeifer
Andrew Pfeifer 21 dia atrás
you regret it ?
Jeff Wilke
Jeff Wilke Anos atrás
Randall says that there is a cosmic entity out there with a diameter of 1,500 miles, which is the holy city, but, never says what the name of that cosmic body is. Does anybody else know?
Petros Evdokas
Petros Evdokas Anos atrás
So thorough, and full of insight! The petty minds who wrote most of the belittling and insulting commentary below simply confirm the admonition to beware casting pearls before swine.
kenneth malvik
kenneth malvik Anos atrás
link to his dvd download?
abbadonnergal Anos atrás
Let me get this straight. Out of all of the Egyptian pyramids, including the failed pyramids that collapsed before completion, Khafre’s was the ONLY one to showcase this precise ‘geodetic knowledge’ that comports with the circumference of the Earth somehow? And even though Robert Schoch’s official dating of the age of the Sphinx is 7,000-9,000 years, his margin of error is within 20,000-30,000 years based on his water erosion hypothesis? And, despite all of the evidence that Khafre’s pyramid was built in the 4th dynasty, we’re supposed to anchor the date of its construction to that of the Sphinx, despite such a huge margin of error? And this precise geodetic data (going back 20-30 centuries), was somehow extant during the Archaic Greek period, where the knowledge was employed in Athens, showcased in the underlying architecture of the Parthenon? This knowledge must have been lost somehow during the Hellenistic period, since Eratosthenes in Alexandria obviously didn’t get the memo. Despite the superior knowledge of his predecessors, he had to back-in to the calculation of the size of the Earth by measuring shadows… like an ignoramus!
Ken R
Ken R Anos atrás
Dan Britt - Orbits and Ice Ages: The History of Climate Published on Feb 8, 2012Another lecture in IHMC's award winning lecture series. Climate change You should have Randall Carlson and Dan Britt talk with each other. Together they could do get things.
Wretched Fibs
Wretched Fibs Anos atrás
g X y = c g = gravitational constant y = length of year (10000 years ago is most accurate) c = speed of light. Do the math.
Tri-Lambda Delta
Tri-Lambda Delta Anos atrás
I am the discoverer of the Ancient Ceiling Maps, Petra, JORDAN. I have put them all on video. 100 videos - 'Tri-Lambda Delta' on BRvid. You'll never be the same, once watched. Take Care now. Aerial bursts... MAPS of the landscape before they hit. They were tracking them.
Summer Walden
Summer Walden Anos atrás
so when’s our next catastrophe lmao
hbpiaff Anos atrás
AGORA - Portuguese = now. To awaken to the present moment.
mickey quintana
mickey quintana Anos atrás
I live randell5but this numerology stuff is bullshit.
SaschaVonRosen GermanChef
Plz, do this in metrik system again.
Zion Trumpet
Zion Trumpet Anos atrás
Did you not hear why he is apposed to that? It would negate the entire subject...
John Paul
John Paul Anos atrás
Nicola Tesla wrote about the power of 9!
gefrast1 Anos atrás
37:28 1 m² has 100 dm² ^^
Nick Lemon
Nick Lemon Anos atrás
jeesus the sacred geometry for the most part was desperate as fuhq...
Pamela Homeyer
Pamela Homeyer Anos atrás
This is another reason why Tesla like the number 9
Andree K
Andree K Anos atrás
Looking at the numbers used: Can we be sure that a foot is the same distance as used in a foot back in ancient times? I mean the numbers change from epoch to epoch and civilisation to civilisation. I’m a bit sceptical here.
Midnite Ryder
Midnite Ryder Anos atrás
All the geological changes of the earth have been initiated by the same mechanism. As far back as you can go to determine or see a cataclysm of this planet you will find the 'mechanism'. This same initiator of planetary geological change is cyclical and is coming round the sun one more time. In my view this is the P7X that Gil Broussard has delivered to us in all of his talks. I think that Randall Carlson and the astronomer Gil Broussard should get together and discuss each other's findings. We need answers from people who will help us, and not maniupulate us like the catholic church has done for so many centuries now.
Sunil Nair
Sunil Nair Anos atrás
Angrej to chamar se kum hai. ROFLMAO Isliye tumhare dimag se attach nahi hu. Pooch kyu. Tumhara Samjh alag hai. Tumhara Samjh ko chaatu bolte hai. Chamcha chaat. ROFLMAO Isliye alag paida hua. Tum chutiye ho. Tumhara brainwave. Bohat. Chuttad. Hai. Isliye mera brainwave tum. Logo pe bhari padd raha hai. Tum kuch bhi control nahi kar paate. Kuch bhi nahi kar paoge. Na angrej kuch kar payega. Na Katuwa kuch karega. Na mere yaha ke log kuch kar sakte. ROFLMAO simple si Baat Hai. Tum kabhi kuch nahi kar paoge. Tumhe to ye bhi nahi pata. Kya chal raha hai. Tum apne limited peripheral view se dekhte ho. Aur sahi kaha aap anpadh ho. Abhi to bohat kuch seekhna padega. ROFLMAO
Jinxohh Anos atrás
Satan just means adversary in Hebrew lol
Squid Master
Squid Master Anos atrás
isnt the hour/minute/second just an arbitrary division of one day that humans came up with? I feel like that shouldnt be compared to anything that is implicit in math/physics since we basically just made it up. I mean, we could have made 69 hours in the day and used that hundreds of years later to say the 69 position is the best way to have sex because the measure of our day happens to be 69.
Squid Master
Squid Master Anos atrás
@wep 49 who cares who picked it out? It was still picked out by humans.. A degree of a circle is as arbitrary made up as an hour is. We could've made a circle 150 degrees. They'd just be bigger. It just happens that the same people picked both to use the same base so obviously you can make a million connections between them. The diameter of a circle will step around it 4 times. What does that mean then?
wep 49
wep 49 Anos atrás
might want to search sexagesimal, base 60 number system from Babylon. It has some unique properties that make it mathematically useful. using a COMPASS and SQUARE you can easily divide a circle into 6 equal parts ( the radius will step around the circumference 6 times).
Stein Angeloff Viste
1445446,95999992203 round that down to 14400000,13000 and that again to 1440 and there is your number
joe bloggs
joe bloggs Anos atrás
Such a good teacher!
PsychoPat Anos atrás
The people who rules us know things we can only dream about, they are all about symbolism; knowledge is power when you know your past. Ps: Read everything you can about a subject you embrace.
Niki Fausett
Niki Fausett Anos atrás
Didn't Egyptian culture claim to have seen/ recorded 3 great events... Where majority of western only recognized one in myth? Clue me in if I'm mistaken?..I am not a fan of the judeo Christian centricity so far but I'm not far in...I study more shamanic things to tie them back to the common spiritual principles of modern theology..metaphysics..alchemy and our collective primitive cultural similarities.
Niki Fausett
Niki Fausett Anos atrás
Very good
Niki Fausett
Niki Fausett Anos atrás
And then as soon as I post he brings up Vedas 😄
Gotzy GOTZY Anos atrás
Absolute dick head
dappergen Anos atrás
i don' think so nice try randall
Chris Rosenkreuz
Chris Rosenkreuz Anos atrás
wait, how can we trust the gp measurements when the sides are off? I mean the base isn't square (nevermind the indentations on the sides, I'm only talking length wise)
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