Rams vs. Packers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs

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The Los Angeles Rams take on the Green Bay Packers during the Divisional Round of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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16 Jan 2021



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Comentários 100
North Dallas Forty
North Dallas Forty 3 dias atrás
Good riddance Goff
Hi Goya
Hi Goya 3 dias atrás
ConsiousGrid 1959:5:53AM COURT HEARING. NEW ZEALAND DIAMOND BACK RIBS EN MY DIME BAG Vetinaryieane; SOOPATI; REPPING MS.VIVINNI.261CPOD. therapist(the help group)261CPOD.
Julius Ngatia
Julius Ngatia 4 dias atrás
4:22 Aaron Mahomes he through the ball like Patrick Mahomes
Pennzoilfan 22
Pennzoilfan 22 5 dias atrás
Jared Goff playing minus a finger and he still did good
kelechi Nwadigo
kelechi Nwadigo 6 dias atrás
This aged quickly lol
ICaNtThINkofACooName 30
The Rams actually gave the Lions what three first round picks and Goff for Stafford? Lions just fleeced the Rams my God. Stafford is good but not much better then Goff.
Yount Freshly
Yount Freshly 11 horas atrás
Mcvay is idiotic
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
PassFirstTweets '
PassFirstTweets ' 15 dias atrás
I personally don't think stafford could've done much better then goff here 21/27.. but will see
jrad410 7 dias atrás
He could have, he sees the field better than Goff.
mitchell cox
mitchell cox 21 dia atrás
Rams head coach needs to be replaced. Nothing but high school plays on offense.
Sean Ortiz
Sean Ortiz 22 dias atrás
As a Rams fan after watching this I am so glad the Packers lost in the Championship lol
Cowboys Country
Cowboys Country 24 dias atrás
Whose here when Goff got traded to the Lions 😂😂😂
Sebastian Castilla
Sebastian Castilla 25 dias atrás
Anyone else search GB Rams and get pc stuff?
Alfred Harper
Alfred Harper 28 dias atrás
Keep the football coming I love my NFL playoffs
Norman Guno
Norman Guno Mês atrás
Because the fefs allowed the chicken hawks to take cheap shots at the Rams, taking out their John Wolford, Aaron Donald (hurt) an Copper Kupp,
Anthony JcJr
Anthony JcJr Mês atrás
Whos here after packers lost to the 🐐🐐🐐
moneymaking mapp
moneymaking mapp Mês atrás
The NFL sucks. The refs messed the game up. They didn't call pass interference all day. Wait until the last 3rd down for Brady and then they call it
Sean Ward
Sean Ward Mês atrás
Get rid of king and just slap the head coach. That sums up this game for the packers
Nimfa McDonald
Nimfa McDonald Mês atrás
Hey. Green Bay! Heh heh heh heh... HEH HEH HEH HEH!
KillerYo56ss Mês atrás
Now for Rodgers and Brady showdown!! Never bet against the GOAT Brady he has done this so many times and will probably get his 7th ring!
soar xniah
soar xniah Mês atrás
Cant wait to see the game today goodluck to both teams, let's go bucs
Dolls Bill
Dolls Bill Mês atrás
Rams could’ve won dis game they didn’t stick to the run game
ken cheng
ken cheng Mês atrás
Roger finally got his team right
22vibez Mês atrás
Lothar Arywuen
Lothar Arywuen Mês atrás
RESPECT to Goff even as a packers fan...THAT was really an awesome game especially with his broke fingers..OUTSTANDING, just not ennuff
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine Mês atrás
That's one person in the nfl I will never bet against The goat Tom brady and Aaron Rodgers is just stats he been to one Superbowl in damn near 20 years gtfoH
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine Mês atrás
I'm the RAMMBASSADOR here my Rams wasn't 100.percent Aaron Donald didn't play or Cooper kuup so wasn't impressed I know you'll can't beat us
Internet Tough Guy
Internet Tough Guy Mês atrás
Peace O
Peace O Mês atrás
Noone wants a Statefarm Superbowl.
That MTF Guy
That MTF Guy Mês atrás
Let’s go packers they are doing so good!
Johan Pervical
Johan Pervical Mês atrás
The result will be similar against TB and Brady. Packers by 10+.
Heddy Botic
Heddy Botic Mês atrás
I LOVE the Packers
Pat Mcdonald
Pat Mcdonald Mês atrás
When you have QB like Rodgers you better pack a lunch. Go Pack Go
Snoop D go double g
Insane how the kicker has only taken 16 FGs all season
BigSquatch Mês atrás
Rams offensive line and their whole defense needs practice.
BigSquatch Mês atrás
That guy is the best play by play commentator, not sure of his name but he doesn’t spend 45 mins talking about how cool Arron Rodgers is.
Robert Turner
Robert Turner Mês atrás
I'm just hoping for rodgers vs mahoms superbowl. It would be the ultimate state farm showdown
22vibez Mês atrás
Deniz yıldızı balık av malz. Gazipaşa Catching fish
hello wonderful a vıdeo congratulatıons like
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Mês atrás
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Mês atrás
I'm gonna start a landscape company in Wisconsin called Green 19.
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Mês atrás
This was literally just a Packers highlight reel
Durrelle Nelson
Durrelle Nelson Mês atrás
that ant Aaron Rogers thats Mr Rogers💯
Emmanuel Nazginov
Emmanuel Nazginov Mês atrás
2020 Rodgers is a different animal
Trinell Duke
Trinell Duke Mês atrás
5:07, On the bottom right, Matt Lafleur was jumping up and down.
Dave Magboo
Dave Magboo Mês atrás
Olson Adventures
Olson Adventures Mês atrás
Richard Xiong
Richard Xiong Mês atrás
Rodgers got the best WR Adams and the best RB Jones
Brian Puerling
Brian Puerling Mês atrás
2:48. Perfect hit by Christian
Unattainable Mês atrás
Seattle would have done worse. But the Bucs look even better.
chding zuure
chding zuure Mês atrás
I want A.Rogers and this squad to go all the way. The Man is super deserving.
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Mês atrás
It’s because they didn’t eat their Chunky Campbell soup in the State Farm cafeteria like the Packers did ...
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell Mês atrás
Ramsey pouting while Adams scores is a beautiful sight.
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Mês atrás
Stinks and McVay's play calling stinks.
Mark Ross
Mark Ross Mês atrás
Won't happen
zoe boi
zoe boi Mês atrás
😂😂jaylen Ramsey jumping up and down like a little 3 year old cry baby
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy Mês atrás
This was literally just a Packers highlight reel
chding zuure
chding zuure Mês atrás
set hut
Chairat M
Chairat M Mês atrás
Ryder Frink
Ryder Frink Mês atrás
the packers will win next week 35-14
Itz Gangbih
Itz Gangbih Mês atrás
Coulda easily made it 39-18 but it’s ok
Aamir Hafiz
Aamir Hafiz Mês atrás
Why didn’t they realize they were going to run into each other 😂 4:00
The Noob King
The Noob King Mês atrás
oh yeah brady is gna shred this team to pieces.
Cyrus Dabar ben Yisrael
Probably the most complete and solid performance by this team so far. Comes at a great time.
b conni
b conni Mês atrás
the Packers have a good O line. but come on refs. they were holding on practically every play.
Cyrus Dabar ben Yisrael
Holding literally happens on every play of every game. Every year in the playoffs, the refs just let them play and it's a Good thing because it allows the game not to be decided by penalities. Fans only notice the holdings when their team isn't winning and complain about it. Unless it's a truly blatant hold hat keeps a player from making moves then it won't get called.
Ryan Afaga
Ryan Afaga Mês atrás
GB packers QB is very very old
Ryan Afaga
Ryan Afaga Mês atrás
GB & KC in super bowl
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Mês atrás
Prediction Green bay packers and Kansas city chiefs in the super bowl!!!
Bartholomew Smutz
Bartholomew Smutz Mês atrás
Rams number one defense looked helpless against the Packers. No pass rush, couldn't stop the run and couldn't cover the receivers. The Rams need a QB because Goff Stinks and McVay's play calling stinks.
Quantum Mês atrás
It’s because they didn’t eat their Chunky Campbell soup in the State Farm cafeteria like the Packers did ...
DeAndre Thomas
DeAndre Thomas Mês atrás
"Green nineteeeeen"
Kathy De Gussemé
Kathy De Gussemé Mês atrás
The irritating fortnight assembly separate because february postsynaptically borrow along a wicked pedestrian. daily, quack justice
Bishop M
Bishop M Mês atrás
Thiago Moura
Thiago Moura Mês atrás
If Aaron Rodgers plays like that and doesn't get hurt he can almost come up with Tom Brady ... He playing unbalances.
Natasha Bolton
Natasha Bolton Mês atrás
, is fans allowed in... :) packers vs cheifs :) superbowl 21 ❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏈🇬🇧
Orange Terracotta
Orange Terracotta Mês atrás
I can’t wait to see this team fail 🤞🏽
vogue mist
vogue mist Mês atrás
The blue line inadvertently poke because address unprecedentedly provide around a military pumpkin. burly, uneven scorpion
Zack Mês atrás
Goff= "overpaid mediocre at best system" QB
Nicolas Barajas
Nicolas Barajas Mês atrás
Rams are do dog water
W Hatch
W Hatch Mês atrás
The packers are going to have to play lights out defense against Tampa bay especially stuffing the running game and put pressure on tom Brady like up the middle and knock him to the ground every now and then that will mess with his head.
W Hatch
W Hatch Mês atrás
Prediction Green bay packers and Kansas city chiefs in the super bowl!!!
Mythic Wolf
Mythic Wolf Mês atrás
i remember the rams defense being better than this. packers might win the superbowl but i dont know because of those buffalo bills though
Earth Galaxy
Earth Galaxy Mês atrás
Can't get to rodgers... Bucs will though lol
Emily Chopp
Emily Chopp Mês atrás
Mina Hokage
Mina Hokage Mês atrás
Jora Music
Jora Music Mês atrás
Aaron vs Aaron. Mr Rodgers won.
Nurri Briggs
Nurri Briggs Mês atrás
Packers vs Chiefs for super bowl?
Pondo1221 Mês atrás
754 bear fans disliked this so far. LOL
Vibez Mês atrás
RUIZ LA RAMS Mês atrás
Healthier team won... Plus that DC was too busy interviewing instead of prepping for the packers
Cyrus Dabar ben Yisrael
Packers didn't have Their best Olinemen, Bahktiari and Rams Donald played injured so it was a fair trade off. Pack have depth at The Online. Give credit where it's due. Packers beat them because they were the better team. Backups don't sit in the bench all the time and rotate constantly so there is no excuse for the Rams as they had every player on the field.
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Mês atrás
NFL: How many runs you want? Rams: Yes
I was hoping the State Farm Quarterbacks would get eliminated, just because I'm sick of those commercials. Not like State Farm would stop using them both. Oh well.
America First
America First Mês atrás
If you thought the Rams would/could have won this game. Your must have been drunk lmfao
Newton Obeng
Newton Obeng Mês atrás
Goff was still throwing a couple dimes with a jacked up thumb respect
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Mês atrás
At 225 they used an Alabama play lol
00 00
00 00 Mês atrás
Is this wrestling?
CJ Rouse
CJ Rouse Mês atrás
The Packers great players stay great because all week they practice against each other. Jaire Alexander vs Davante Adams Defense vs Aaron Rodgers Za'Darius Smith vs David Bakhtiari
Mykele Santana
Mykele Santana Mês atrás
why is nobody talking about how good Goff is throwing
Enzo Amaral
Enzo Amaral Mês atrás
Packers comes strong that super bowl #GopackGo 💚💛 #Raidernation ⚫⚪
Ng Jeremy
Ng Jeremy Mês atrás
The sad playground intrinsically bleach because soil conspicuously lick an a exultant philosophy. receptive, unadvised screwdriver
Ree Moe
Ree Moe Mês atrás
Packers look bucs fan
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall Mês atrás
The unused error analogously detect because sweater broadly chew amongst a cynical heart. slim, honorable reason
SnipA Mês atrás
SnipA Mês atrás
SnipA Mês atrás
Andrea Fossati
Andrea Fossati Mês atrás
Vikings fan but a champion is a champion...
Lay 'O La Lakota
Lay 'O La Lakota Mês atrás
Damn Green Bay is so good 😳
*40 points on the number defense. 15 yard line but chooses to kneel* THINK ABOUT THAT. SCARY.
SuaveDrew Mês atrás
as a rams fan, im hoping rogers defeat the bucs and wins sb.
Ellis Gill
Ellis Gill Mês atrás
At 225 they used an Alabama play lol
Kameron 1000
Kameron 1000 Mês atrás
Can u turn off comments in playoffs. Too comments always say "Awww sad that (team) lost :/ but anyway as a packers fan good win
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