Ramattra | New Hero Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

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25 Nov 2022



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Loved the part where Rammatra said “Fight with me! Fight until the prices fall!”. While he is very passionate, someone is gonna have to break the bad news to him…
I like the little animation of Ramattra at the end where he transforms into a shiny credit card and yells “Buy me!” Goosebumps.
Cheese Muffin
Loved when Rammatra said "Fight! Fight until you reach battle pass level 55!" You can truly hear his passion.
Steno Celia
Adore the final part of the video where Ramattra states "This is not cruelty, this is Overwatch2™"
Jack Allen
Love the moment when ramattra said:"Have you guys not achieve 55 levels?'' What a perfect ow2 time!
heavy boy
Loved when rammatra said "suffer or buy the battlepass" truly an overwatch 2 moment
Tahrib Miah
I love how his nemesis-form primary fire moves like Zenyatta’s, and that his ult is like a reverse-transcendence it seems. Really plays well into his lore
I love how much of a leader Ramattra is, the lines are top notch. "Fight until you fall" "I will break before I yield" Clearly someone who cares about a team and doesn't care if he makes it out dead or alive.
Tom Ols
Ramattra: Fight with me! Fight until you pay!
When I heard “this is not my victory, it’s my wallets” it sent a shiver down my spine, he’s so cool🥶
I love when rammatra said "Come let us banish their wallets" you can hear the determination in his voice
My favorite overwatch 2 voice line is when cole cassidy says "Its high prices" and shoots up the shop.
Whoever did Ramattras voice work did an amazing job, I can't wait to play him
So inspiring! I love when Ramattra says "I will break their wallets before I yield" I'm awestruck!
I think the buff should be with teammates or lack of teammates, he gets shielding based on how close his allies are, 400-550 in Nemesis mode, if he is in Destructor-mode, he gets bonus ultimate damage for being alone (the entire line "Suffer like I HAVE!" means more when you think about how he is stronger when he has nothing left and is all alone) This can change the game by making him a desperation tank, he is a leader so why is he not center stage?
Jon Carr
Super awesome new Hammond ultimate line!!! "SAVINGS DENIED!" Oh man, gets me amped every single time
my favourite part was when ramattra said "go broke, as i have!" truly one of the best overwatch 2 moments of all time
Andrés Araya
I love that at
Derek Sparks
"I will break before I yield" better be his ult line. That was too good!
i loved when he said "Pay for me! Pay before you play!" its such a powerful line sent chills down my spine
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