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Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix
Sleep & Rain mix
Listen to another Rain mix here -
0:00 TRA$H - Journey
2:24 BIDØ - last sunshine.
3:45 broey. - Paradise
6:04 heytheremylove. - bloom.
7:37 tzelun - see u soon
9:05 Jay-Lounge - Sleeping City
11:59 WYS - lone
15:33 Jay-Lounge - Puddles /w Jordy Chandra

Artwork by Nikolai Lockertsen

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17 Fev 2019



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Comentários 80
the bootleg boy
the bootleg boy Anos atrás
finally a new RAINING IN mix, hope you guys like this one. Where should the next city be? 💜 Listen to the NEW mix here -
Mintee 6 horas atrás
Raining in Australia. Oh wait. We don’t have rain.
Phareel Photo
Phareel Photo 23 dias atrás
Sofía Rapela
Sofía Rapela Mês atrás
raining in Buenos Aires!
ronny creights
ronny creights 3 meses atrás
I challenge you to do a RAINING IN LOUISIANA. Bc it's always rainging in LA...
Saim Raja
Saim Raja 4 meses atrás
Dubai 💜
giacomo neri
giacomo neri 8 minutos atrás
Osaka Streets, good dreamy memories :,)
Shreyash Shubh
Shreyash Shubh 2 horas atrás
Listening to this and just straight up chilling is the best :D
Mintee 6 horas atrás
RAINING IN A U S T R A L I A .... oh wait we don’t have rain.
jauja Muhoro
jauja Muhoro 10 horas atrás
This just gives me strong vibes from another life
Sienna Turner
Sienna Turner 10 horas atrás
Lofi makes me feel so calm, and all of the sick feelings are gone...its like my anxiety never existed
Adam RocknRulerz
Adam RocknRulerz 10 horas atrás
" hello stranger" that scared me
SriZeN Shahi
SriZeN Shahi 15 horas atrás
SriZeN Shahi
SriZeN Shahi 15 horas atrás
Sir. Random
Sir. Random 16 horas atrás
This ones for you George.
Canis Canem
Canis Canem 16 horas atrás
Watching at that picture makes me wanna cry, don't really know why. It's like I'm on that balcony, feeling the rain on my skin, listening at its sound, and its smell, oh god, the smell. Nothing better in this world than the smell of the rain.
Arizal JR
Arizal JR 20 horas atrás
Relaxing Sleeping 🛌🛌🛌 favorit jazz
I hope if corona end i'ma go to japan
cordee Dia atrás
this is aesthetic and so calm , i really love watching these types of videos when i'm doing homework .
pictochat Dia atrás
take me back to japan
X Dia atrás
文字読めない… 異世界文字か…??
Alex Montemayor
Alex Montemayor Dia atrás
this is so freaking relaxing bruh
Mr. Cringe
Mr. Cringe Dia atrás
wtf I just rapped on the first song lol
Lean Cup
Lean Cup Dia atrás
The seventh one, WYS - lone, has something so fucking sad yet beautiful about it.
chi. Dia atrás
sorry to self promo but would love it if you checked out my beat on my page! stay chillin
AsangaSP 2 dias atrás
Hi, Iam Asanga. Hope I your having good day. I am 25. Male from London. I never had a girlfriend. If you feel you like to get to know me add me in Instagram - COSTA23122
kampret berdasi
kampret berdasi 2 dias atrás
kampret berdasi
kampret berdasi 2 dias atrás
kampret berdasi
kampret berdasi 2 dias atrás
Kan of Yams
Kan of Yams 2 dias atrás
stop bragging about having travel money to the despressed proles
iiroseboomer 2 dias atrás
When my mom asks me whats wrong, i say im tired because i dont want to tell the woman who gave me life I dont want it anymore.
Janna Elf
Janna Elf 2 dias atrás
I miss Winter times
The Vintage Mooner
The Vintage Mooner 2 dias atrás
just reads lots of comments from all of you with the music, men that's crazy like we are all the same somewhere inside
The Vintage Mooner
The Vintage Mooner 2 dias atrás
mmm you are the master bootleg
Mr. Cat
Mr. Cat 3 dias atrás
Do you ever feel alone....even though your surrounded by people
je sais pas
je sais pas 3 dias atrás
Z03 W33D
Z03 W33D 3 dias atrás
Lo-Fi comment sections are the least toxic place you'll get to be. I genuinely love that.
Alex Sol
Alex Sol 4 dias atrás
Please tell me that someone else noticed Eddy’s low key lofi, too lol it sounds similar
parkk woojinn
parkk woojinn 4 dias atrás
but still, the first one trash-journey hits me the most
Jireh Koshy
Jireh Koshy 4 dias atrás
This music is like a sentence that ends with three dots...
Utkarsh Pandey
Utkarsh Pandey 4 dias atrás
You know what really hurts? Forcing yourself to accept the fact that the person you love isn't with you anymore...
jasmine bay
jasmine bay 4 dias atrás
why is no one commenting about the cool feature that tells you what the title of the song iss
Finn 4 dias atrás
Hi ! If you have the time and want to check my channel to listen to some song i would be happy :) Cheers !
Becky 4 dias atrás
The talking at around 5:33 sounds so familiar! Does anyone know where that’s from? :)
Hunter Stokes
Hunter Stokes 2 dias atrás
Right! Why cant I think of it. The guys voice... so familiar
Daniel Al
Daniel Al 5 dias atrás
that new listing features on youtube is cool yo...
Zashi 愛
Zashi 愛 5 dias atrás
Not depressed just love vibin to this music
tank tank of war
tank tank of war 5 dias atrás
I love this song at the being
monty turner
monty turner 5 dias atrás
This song is making me miss my family members that have passed away.
Aesthetic Trap
Aesthetic Trap 5 dias atrás
That`s remind me all my sleepless nights on emigration when I fight with my demons and nostalgia. After year nothing change except that I return to my country. Everyone who's reading this on emigration (or not) remember to take care about yourself
studiesum 5 dias atrás
rain sounds + lofi is everything i need to study rn 💜
Lance Mkhokheli Dube
Lance Mkhokheli Dube 6 dias atrás
This mix on some A-Z isn't💁
Sadaf islgbt
Sadaf islgbt 6 dias atrás
Jennifer Rios
Jennifer Rios 6 dias atrás
Lofi reunites and brings the chill ones together 😌🙏🏻🌌
Hisho Senpai
Hisho Senpai 6 dias atrás
I'm not depress or crying I just like hearing this kind of music just warms my heart and ease my mind and it also fell like your in your own dimension
dolor 6 dias atrás
Man i listening it's 20-30 times it's so fucking good and chill ;v
Josh Aston
Josh Aston 6 dias atrás
This comment section just proves that the lofi community it’s just downright the best, thank you lofi for bringing strangers together:)
Kool Tony
Kool Tony 6 dias atrás
Joji vibes
Nestor 6 dias atrás
Lofi community!! I love y’all man fr
The Awake Christian
The Awake Christian 6 dias atrás
i love the japan atmosphere.
Hoseoks HopeWorld
Hoseoks HopeWorld 6 dias atrás
I Love this
Skaalster 6 dias atrás
Sounds pretty similar to a music beat on mine craft.
Sayfullah Abbasi
Sayfullah Abbasi 6 dias atrás
This music always just reminds me of when i was a kid and i used to wait by the window looking outside thinking when my dads gonna come home he never did
Zero Stob
Zero Stob 7 dias atrás
This video I feel i haven't Anxiety
Smol Jazzy
Smol Jazzy 7 dias atrás
Me trying to sleep listening to this 4:22 👁👄👁.....
retina gland
retina gland 7 dias atrás
LrdChristios 7 dias atrás
I want this as an animated wallpaper in Wallpaper engine.
Atool Namjoshi
Atool Namjoshi 7 dias atrás
does anyone know the artist behind the background?
Vadim Blyat
Vadim Blyat 8 dias atrás
I know this is a video from a while ago but a year ago in the grade before the grade I am in now I like a girl and she would hug me almost every day because it was a “dare” but I refused to believe it and she would also cuddle up to me one time on a field trip and would also get really close to me and yeah and I just liked her so much and I still do yesterday I texted her when my friend was over and we asked is she still have a f*** about me and she said when did I ever give a f*** about him and that made me really sad can someone help me feel better
Carlos Educado.
Carlos Educado. 8 dias atrás
a love you
Soothing Lofi Beats
Soothing Lofi Beats 8 dias atrás
I wish the world had this same tone, vibe. Be safe everyone Have a beautiful day :)
Soothing Lofi Beats
Soothing Lofi Beats 8 dias atrás
Sweetness :)
Andres Maldonado
Andres Maldonado 8 dias atrás
Lifes ass at times lol but love the hell out of this playlist it helps alot believe it or not. Keep the tunes comin
Borax Borax
Borax Borax 8 dias atrás
That picture has such a weird kinda vibe to it
ᴋxxʀᴠɢɢ 8 dias atrás
My soul misses you. Let's meet one day..♡
Nermin Butt
Nermin Butt 8 dias atrás
Is it normal that i have suicidal thoughts because of how people treat me and because im just straight up ugly even tho im only,11m
angel dndna
angel dndna 8 dias atrás
What the song in 12:35
Jose Garay
Jose Garay 8 dias atrás
I wish I could choose which memories I remembered
Rafik Mestouri
Rafik Mestouri 8 dias atrás
You are truly good and fabulous your trapliste is very beautiful
The . Zuku
The . Zuku 8 dias atrás
I recently got a new BRvid channel! Please check it out. A vid might be coming on later today. Thanks!
Graphaite 8 dias atrás
mevainlove 9 dias atrás
im so in love w this song. its so peaceful and honestly so special to me, it can make you happy and sad at the same time and I love it sm
Natasha Olson
Natasha Olson 9 dias atrás
death: its time to go my friend me: wait what? why? death: you have experienced life to its fullest, you have done things that you wanted to do when you were a child, dont you remember? me: oh... can i have one last wish? death: yes? me: please tell my wife and daughter i love them death: sure buddy, alright cmon lets go me: (sigh) i wish life was longer death: i know buddy me: where are we going? death: i wish i knew death: i guide others to a treasure i cannot possess me: oh... hey death? wait where did he go? bright light: welcome to heaven me: woah thats cool bright light: please no talking me: oh ok
Damian Ruiz
Damian Ruiz 20 horas atrás
that was dope dude
Natasha Olson
Natasha Olson 9 dias atrás
i love Osaka
Sagerotus J
Sagerotus J 9 dias atrás
Me: about to fall asleep Ad: Im bout to ruin this mans whole career
Zenkua 9 dias atrás
I'm just a genetically sad person, I have the purple eye bags to prove it.
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