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21 Ago 2019



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Epic 16 minutos atrás
At 7:40 Sara say "WTF" bcuz it's a hen that's why is a She/Her not His...
Homie Drako
Homie Drako 4 horas atrás
Me In the middle of the night trying to watch emkay: A AAAa A aAaaa AAAHhHHhHHHHhHHHhHH
Teyeb Ahmed
Teyeb Ahmed 12 horas atrás
don't you dare like the video
Toenail 93
Toenail 93 19 horas atrás
if you're watching in fucking 2020 you'd know this has 69k likes 🙂
viktoria k
viktoria k Dia atrás
Well thats Technically not true your also a fan if you are a flat peace of meterial that can be flapped to blow air ,no electricity required
Something Interesting
i saw one of those weather rocks but it said " if rock is wet it's raining, if rock is hot it's sunny, if rock is white it's snowing, if rock is moving it's windy, if rock is gone there is a tornado
CR Zone
CR Zone Dia atrás
Can you turn off your lights with your feet ? I can but don't wear jeans . Wear something flexible ,then its possible . Unless your light switch is really high.
ronithemangles Dia atrás
Submarines in the sky... Skymarines?
Calvin Stevens
Calvin Stevens Dia atrás
All of these jokes come from Drax the destroyer -Guardians of the galaxy
Zen Dragoon
Zen Dragoon 2 dias atrás
Triggered when you do a post youve done before. Also that ive seen enough to be aware
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva 2 dias atrás
Not coal graphite
Chrystal Orourke
Chrystal Orourke 3 dias atrás
13:38 " if you keep that ( up )"
Minecraft STEVE
Minecraft STEVE 3 dias atrás
I just checked the part at 1:01 and apparently Minecraft is statistically more popular than both memes and Jesus. 🙂
Anthony massey
Anthony massey 3 dias atrás
2:24 fans dont have to be powered by electric
rex is back
rex is back 4 dias atrás
I mean a land mine most likely u die but uhh Lego is just ow for more then a- *BOOM*
Jessica Lengyell
Jessica Lengyell 4 dias atrás
Grover is a chicken.
Bailfall 4 dias atrás
7:15 I would’ve said nascar
noel hutchins
noel hutchins 4 dias atrás
orbit is sustained plummeting, flight is traffic jamming air molecules and detouring them.
Faith bosch
Faith bosch 4 dias atrás
1:40 they could have adopted u that means they didnt have u but adopted
Mighty Crusader
Mighty Crusader 4 dias atrás
AK BT 4 dias atrás
Your laugh alone made me subscribe....
MrXemrox 4 dias atrás
13:07 Only thing that sharing is poverty and suffering, look at California. _Forced redistribution_ never works, instead off allowing the bottom to climb to the top, and pushes everyone down, and keeps them down, it punishes those at the bottom for trying and hits them in the face with the metal bar called communism and causes them to fall from getting out of poverty, making them suffer even more. The the new high tax, they've earned less after it than they probably previously earned after tax. And less than those on welfare, because their income before tax disqualifies them, even though after it, they are earning less, forcing them to cut pay, hours, and even staff, or move out or closed down due to the high tax rate... When you make job providers suffer, you make workers suffer, and making those trying to climb out of poverty suffer by keeping everyone down. And then everyone has to stay in line for bread that the government may or _not give to you because of for arbitrary reasons..._ also the streets become literally crappy. “That's not real communism” is not a valid argument, _forced redistribution_ always leads to that. Communism is just a farce that always scam the workers, while the government totalitarian.
Juandiego Ramon
Juandiego Ramon 4 dias atrás
At 28 seconds the tea was ready
Ride the ridge Bros
Ride the ridge Bros 5 dias atrás
1:48 .....what if you are adopted......
MacKenzie Ly
MacKenzie Ly 5 dias atrás
Was that last one a double pun??
Stik Bot123
Stik Bot123 5 dias atrás
At my school people of glued mayonnaise packets on our libraries roof.
SMILEY 5 dias atrás
Dose that mean I can chug ketchup
Can we get 100,000 subscribers with no videos
2:53 no he means the person is dead and flying in heaven EmKay. It's kinda like my life but mine actually is plummeting
Pricey Is Icey
Pricey Is Icey 6 dias atrás
I went to their office and i can confirm they don’t get paid enough to buy Microsoft products
Did you know that if a baby is born under water, it can live it’s whole life under water
Dabi Todoroki
Dabi Todoroki 7 dias atrás
1:40 umm people can adapted kids witch means someone could be a parent and adapted a kid meaning they would of had no kid of their own but treat the kid they adapted as the one they longed for so long or just treat it lovingly as that is said people can have kids without $3x or even a partner like someone could be single and adapted a kid meaning the kid would only have mother, father, both(at the same time), or other at one time in one living being. This is what I think plz comment if you disagreed, agreed, or have anything to add onto this and please do like this if you agreed with this!
Alvin Ramali
Alvin Ramali 8 dias atrás
3:17 *Menacing*
Bessiemarie Wittrock
Bessiemarie Wittrock 8 dias atrás
Here's a technically the truth *Vampires don't need to hunt they can drink their own blood the only down side is theyd need to have high blood pressure at all time"
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 6 dias atrás
Bessiemarie Wittrock is that the Harry Potter sign?
BrahDuh 8 dias atrás
That ac dc thumbnail made me choke on my uncle
GoldenDoodle252 8 dias atrás
13:40 could also be a pun "keep that Up"
Soggy Biscuit
Soggy Biscuit 8 dias atrás
But if you're fat just exercise and eat healthy
Jeffrey TanyTan
Jeffrey TanyTan 8 dias atrás
At 11:00 the guy should’ve said “yeah, well, one is underdeveloped and it ain’t the baby”
Link The Fox
Link The Fox 9 dias atrás
Bruh ive got a similar coupon for british shops with the queens face on it
ari stepka
ari stepka 9 dias atrás
the thing is , if that guy actually was to wake up 430000 years ago he wouldn't live up to two weeks after that conversation
Socketlaunch! Meow!
Socketlaunch! Meow! 9 dias atrás
If you have a electronic medical device in your body (or attached to the outside of your body), hold a bunch of knives and spin in a circle. You are now a fan. You are dependent on a device powered by electricity, you have multiple flat blades, and you are spinning around really fast.
1000 subs with no videos
Thumbnail isn't Tru btw It's only ac. Cuz DC is direct current. Wich gets delivered by only batteries. Ac is from outlets...
GGmoddo 9 dias atrás
Some people say that of you hang out more with your friends, you will dance with them and be best friends. It's been 2 years and they still don't have a pulse.
Shargo 9 dias atrás
3:52 i have both ADHD and asthma. I feel offended
Blodershade Donald productions
Jesus was just a guy with gamemode 1.
5k subs wìth no videos
"You will get blocked if you keep that up" "I won't i threw it in the toilet".
Fae Forest
Fae Forest 10 dias atrás
10:50 *C E L L U L A R* *R E S P I R A T I O N*
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh 10 dias atrás
All Of The Above
All Of The Above 10 dias atrás
Isn’t Casper a child *HM*
Huskie Bros
Huskie Bros 10 dias atrás
I thought the bun with one seasame seed was a bald mans head with a weird thing on it
Gurvir Singh
Gurvir Singh 10 dias atrás
4:10 it is not bharàt it is bhàrat. 4:14 it is not sàlman it is salmàn You got the accents wrong. (I am indian that is how i know)
Isaiah Becker
Isaiah Becker 10 dias atrás
3:54 after seeing this I'm glad to say I no longer have ADHD or asthma! I have been cured! Truly, a miracle.
BAZZUTEE 11 dias atrás
Me when someone comments using you are instead of your
jacob motley
jacob motley 11 dias atrás
Microsoft office uses Google docs and Google slides and Google excel on apple computers
Lazy Fox753
Lazy Fox753 11 dias atrás
Crocs are made from crocodiles
Pluto Mist
Pluto Mist 11 dias atrás
Yes, we do think about which twin was unplanned. We keep arguing about it, our reasoning being "who's the worse fuck up, me or you?"
555zxc_Gamez 11 dias atrás
It took me a bit to realize the obe with 'round cheese' abd 'rectangle cheese' but after 10 second Icralized and just laughted
Sooble Grook
Sooble Grook 11 dias atrás
If u don’t understand the pressure coal one with the diamond 💎 when coal gets under pressure it tuns into diamonds Big brain time
Wagyourtail 12 dias atrás
2:55 so umm, you basically called falling with style flying...
Sidney Sicard
Sidney Sicard 12 dias atrás
7:31 that's actually a hen in the photo
TrainerblueTube 11 dias atrás
Top ten anime betrayals
Blake Guice
Blake Guice 12 dias atrás
He literally ment if you keep that Up
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