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21 Ago 2019



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Kyle Stubbs
Kyle Stubbs Dia atrás
If you marry the child of a notorious criminal, then you get an outlaw for an in-law.
Vogue Arts
Vogue Arts 2 dias atrás
4:14 that guy is a Bollywood superstar
Lio Local Chibi Thief
Lio Local Chibi Thief 2 dias atrás
Actually glass is made from highly heated molten sand if I’m not mistaken...
David Graham
David Graham 2 dias atrás
5:41 you should have done that in the chills voice Also I'm a twin and we realised it when a friend mentioned it. I'm the younger twin so everyone deduced that I was to be the mistake :(
EchoRoblox 2 dias atrás
2:32 lol
Hopeworldian힐 라
Hopeworldian힐 라 2 dias atrás
Flying is just enslaved plummeting
Monkey1n2 3 dias atrás
As a twin the twin the twin joke caught me off guard and as the younger twin I am now have a lot to think about
Chris Vellner
Chris Vellner 3 dias atrás
12:15 ROFLMAO!
GaudyUser 3 dias atrás
13:31-13:35 Who are you and what have you done to Damien
There's something wrong with Gru
You do a great impression of Timmy’s dad.
Jakob Mayert
Jakob Mayert 3 dias atrás
At 6:35 that is the most true thing I've ever heard
andreninya 3 dias atrás
u mean youre gonna ceiling us later SORRY
The Grammar Police
The Grammar Police 3 dias atrás
The heck is up with your voice, dude?
GD Ganymed3
GD Ganymed3 4 dias atrás
13:38 why would he keep it he threw it in the toilet
marie musgrave
marie musgrave 4 dias atrás
Of course she said "what the heck" to Grover, it's a hen in the picture not a cock.
Call_me_alex 13
Call_me_alex 13 4 dias atrás
8:53 actually it’s a smoothie
Justin Phillips
Justin Phillips 4 dias atrás
If your parents didn’t have children then, well... how are you here to read this.
Brappo 4 dias atrás
I still don't understand the AC/DC one
Brappo 4 dias atrás
@maya crafts thanks
maya crafts
maya crafts 4 dias atrás
Electricity is made up of ac signals
Never Winter
Never Winter 4 dias atrás
Technically the thumb nail is wrong at best hes listening to AC
• Jaida •
• Jaida • 4 dias atrás
Why does his accent appear and disappear out of nowhere
jeon jungcoconut
jeon jungcoconut 4 dias atrás
9:51 iS THAT HOOVER?!-
Orangecreem 4 dias atrás
13:38 they didn't keep it, they threw it in the toilet
RUBY ROC 4 dias atrás
I got a good one Her: Everytime I ask you a question you must say ketchup and liquor. Him: Ok Her: What did you have for breakfast? Him: Ketchup and liquor. Her: What did you have for lunch? Him: Ketchup and liquor. Her: What are you going to have for supper? Him: Ketchup and liquor. Her: A fat girl runs past what are you going to do? Him: Ketchup and liquor. Her: Hehehe Him: It's true though Pls put this in one of your videos😂😂😂
AmateurOtaku Gaming
AmateurOtaku Gaming 5 dias atrás
2:13 Only at american stores
President Potato
President Potato 5 dias atrás
drakesayingnowithgesture r/technicallythetruth drakesayingyes r/dadjokes
Spongebob Humanpants
Spongebob Humanpants 5 dias atrás
Lisa/derpy spider-man: r/technically the truth is just dad jokes in disguise
ben beebe
ben beebe 5 dias atrás
8:27 no land mines kill you unless if you have diamond armor with blast protection on it but Legos there like poison half a heart but don't die
Deadlyman Gaming
Deadlyman Gaming 5 dias atrás
3:54 ADHD Is not how that works lol
Skar 5 dias atrás
11:38 is that Grizzy?
Zed Grant
Zed Grant 5 dias atrás
2:45 “you aren’t flying, that’s just falling with style!”
ASHES 5 dias atrás
13:38 why wouldn’t I keep up it’s a perfectly good movie?
GhostRiderAce 47
GhostRiderAce 47 5 dias atrás
Some people are just like clouds. When they disappear, it’s a beautiful day.
Lisa Harbers
Lisa Harbers 5 dias atrás
Flying is just falling and missing the ground
Chromecircle 08
Chromecircle 08 6 dias atrás
13:28 jokes on you, we were IVF
Wraith8097 6 dias atrás
Am I the only one thinking at the last one "You're getting blocked if you keep that up" with the reply "Well... Better throw it out then!" and send a picture of it in a trash can?
serpent347 6 dias atrás
if the guy kept that copy of up no wonder he getting blocked
Chris Polak
Chris Polak 6 dias atrás
Microsoft server's run linux
EDK_707 7 dias atrás
10 mid rolls in 15min vid?...
game84cube 7 dias atrás
About that last one: "You're getting blocked if you keep that up" "You think I'm gonna keep a DVD I threw in the toilet?"
Ju'Ale 7 dias atrás
Did you know.. Grass is called grass because it's made out of gra!
Isa DG
Isa DG 8 dias atrás
RG Warrior64
RG Warrior64 8 dias atrás
Memes more popular than Jesus easy make Jesus memes
8bit Delta
8bit Delta 9 dias atrás
5:42 actually it's made of really hot sand thanks minecraft
SilverStoneX 9 dias atrás
13:37 Well yeah. That's why he threw it away Karen..
calamity Wolf
calamity Wolf 9 dias atrás
13:29 I'm a twin and I was planned my mom wanted another girl to make it even, my brother came as a added bonus
biskitty 4ever
biskitty 4ever 9 dias atrás
1:33 wHaT aBoUt AdOpTiOn?
Patrick Kroll
Patrick Kroll 10 dias atrás
I have adhd its hard to consatrte
Cosmic Cubing
Cosmic Cubing 10 dias atrás
5:10 r/blursed crocs
Loyalixre 10 dias atrás
I literally laughed out loud at the “You’re not a true fan” post😂🤣👌🏼
Diamond Gacha Life
Diamond Gacha Life 5 dias atrás
KrazyKiwi 10 dias atrás
Got to love Laconic language.
YoshiRocks57 10 dias atrás
Friends are like whales They both die after their lifespan
C.D G.C 10 dias atrás
4:48 I almos died. I got to be helped to get up because I couldn't breathe. 10/10
Daniel Irvine
Daniel Irvine 10 dias atrás
That moth one actually made me kinda sad, but thats what sleep deprivation does.
Guvyyg Vuhh
Guvyyg Vuhh 11 dias atrás
8:37 Wait, thats Kilian! r/technicalythetruth He is a youtuber tho, he makes parodies about a lot of shit. Ans is funny
kya Lavender-Williams
kya Lavender-Williams 11 dias atrás
8:36, the bubble rap is touching you.
senile old lady explains the joke
When you walk in a forest, you step on grass. Bet you didn't know that.
senile old lady explains the joke
5:47 hmm i see, this floor is is made out of floor.
the artwoolf
the artwoolf 11 dias atrás
Land mind lego enjoy that pain also it can be piled and built into a wall like a normal lego untill a single button is pressed the starts there pressure sensors
ILL Corpses
ILL Corpses 11 dias atrás
3:19 *Tries soo fucking hard to not make a JoJoke*
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