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This video is sponsored by Gamer Supps, which means I make money if you buy some. My name is on the container, duh.


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Heavenly (Light Pink):
Smii7y (Baby Blue):
FranzJ (Pictured):
Clu (Red):
Grouse (Yellow):
Jello (Turquoise):
Badda (Burgundy):
Dustin (Army Green):
DigitalVagrant (Sand):
Calvin (Teal):
Booger (Brown):
Skullker (Dark Pink):
Mickey (Purple):
Geuce (Green):
Pasta (Blue):
Bing (Flesh Color):
Eekaj (Orange):
Stretchy (Grey):


It's mainly royalty free stuff from Epidemic Sound, a few Payday 2 tracks, and Pasta's outro:

A Classic Vibe - Ya Boi Pasta:


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16 Mai 2022



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Comentários 12 573
Loserchair Mês atrás
badger: "making a video every 2 months isnt good for my money situation" also badger: "i spent a thousand dollars on crates in one sitting and then splashed 300 on a fac new hyper beast m4"
Erin Erin
Erin Erin 5 dias atrás
How is he not verified tho?
Noxsiac Number XV
Noxsiac Number XV 5 dias atrás
Also also badger: helped with quarantine hunger relief with his Honey money. His financial decision making is like playing Russian roulette
stipee 6 dias atrás
alexander black
alexander black 9 dias atrás
“Pinned by theRussianbadger”
KXNG MXLLS 9 dias atrás
@Knight Tide inspiring
Uwu Boi
Uwu Boi 15 dias atrás
Skulker is like the weird kid you made friends with in middle school and had god tier programming. I love skulker sounding like he is having a technological aneurysm.
Joshua B.
Joshua B. 7 dias atrás
He legit needs an intervention
Cameron Black
Cameron Black 11 dias atrás
Skulker is my favorite. He's funny as fuck.
Neo Nike
Neo Nike 25 dias atrás
Badger: "Your cat stole your radiator? How does a cat steal a radiator?" Smii7y: "Dis cat goofy as hell. What the hell?" Geuce: "Nah, bro he do be certified in HVAC" Smii7y: "HAHAHAHA"
Boop Boop
Boop Boop 18 horas atrás
Thanks I really needed lyrics for this video
Admiral_ Waffles
Admiral_ Waffles 23 dias atrás
22:59 For the scene
Wolfen 29 dias atrás
Fun fact about the zeus, Lauren "Pansy" Scott, a former pro CS:GO caster, has admitted on air that the zeus is her favorite weapon purely because of the scream when you kill someone with it. To this day we all love Pansy that much more because she always says what we all think.
Francis Portugal
Francis Portugal 10 dias atrás
Isn't she a PUBG caster now?
Wolfen 21 dia atrás
@Dorvuzak Uzn people that like good/fun casters in CS? same reason Sadokist should come back
Dorvuzak Uzn
Dorvuzak Uzn 21 dia atrás
Who is "we"?
scorpio049 29 dias atrás
Badgers heading the way of maxor. Eventually he’s gonna merge with his editing software
Epic Toast
Epic Toast 19 horas atrás
@G4mbit that sounds like it would be complete hell and excitement and isn't too farfetched when you consider that Brandon has mentioned watching Badger.
Neppy Neptune
Neppy Neptune 6 dias atrás
@Smörgåsbored This sounds like a fun idea! I love it!
G4mbit 11 dias atrás
I'm holding out for the Badger and Crew x Brandon "AK Guy" Herrara. That'd be fucking nuts.
Ayax McGill
Ayax McGill 12 dias atrás
@Smörgåsbored n o, this year has already been too eventful we don't need to witness the fabric of space and time collapse on itself due to the sheer amount of shitposting those two working together would cause 😂
Ayax McGill
Ayax McGill 12 dias atrás
Istfg I'm so sad badger hasn't done a dmc 5 video 😂
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor Mês atrás
Badger wont stop until he has swaws in every game he enjoys
VenomizedEddie 5 dias atrás
Call of duty modern SwawS
Tracer 13 dias atrás
Which is every game ever
max hates everything
max hates everything 17 dias atrás
*S w a w S*
Bl1t7 the Protogen Hybrid
I shall grant him immortality to begin his crusade
James Ward
James Ward 10 dias atrás
Badger is actually really mature, he doesn’t get mad when he loses, he instead asks “why am I losing” and tries to figure it out. A lot better then me.
Giorno Giovanna the 2th
love the moment where the Russian badger said "its swawsing time" and swaws'd all over the bad guys i did not watch the video
easysqweasy 18 dias atrás
24:06 Badger was scoped in for *2 F R A M E S*
easysqweasy 3 dias atrás
@forgive me for what imma boutta yabba-dabbadoo the quickest scope unless we can find someone scoped in for one frame
forgive me for what imma boutta yabba-dabbadoo
one hell of a quick scope
easysqweasy 7 dias atrás
@Michael Schumann YES
Michael Schumann
Michael Schumann 7 dias atrás
Sydney Spencer
Sydney Spencer Mês atrás
23:29 is my favorite moment in the whole video lmfao
Jesse Kew
Jesse Kew 19 dias atrás
Kedo Mês atrás
Badger really out here thinking I’m not taking 12 scoops at once and hallucinating my tiredness away.
Nightwalker L.o.t.s
Nightwalker L.o.t.s 3 dias atrás
In my mega pint of course
the chaos society
the chaos society 6 dias atrás
First of all: no Second of all: W H Y
Bean 11 dias atrás
@G4mbit So. What are the chances I get a 'sugar hangover' if I eat three bags of Mike n Ikes and down three monsters in the course of two hours?
G4mbit 11 dias atrás
@Bean He's referring to an intense sugar crash, one where you physically cannot move.
Awol gamming
Awol gamming Mês atrás
good man
Vito Alvarez
Vito Alvarez 16 dias atrás
I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Amazing editing skills, reminds me of SovietWomble, but the sfm part? just GOATED
the chaos society
the chaos society 6 dias atrás
With the swaws?
TGUltraSupreme 16 dias atrás
I love how badger makes his sponsor segments fun to watch.
BandAidStudios 10 dias atrás
These guys would love TF2, at least when its not swarmed by bots all the fuckin' time.
Forchin Brewer
Forchin Brewer 21 dia atrás
I’d love to see a “Depth” video with nothing but a bunch of diver pov jump scares
lavamate Mês atrás
Badger: "What's the point of winning if it isn't any fun" Every competitive CSGO player: "Fun what is dat shit?"
Cameron Black
Cameron Black 11 dias atrás
This is exactly why I've never played CSGO. I like to enjoy my games.
Padlock Steve
Padlock Steve Mês atrás
you clearly have never played the game if thats what you think MM is like lmao
Khoe Lindawati
Khoe Lindawati Mês atrás
@dolphee God damn
Irish Badger
Irish Badger Mês atrás
mixed narwhal
mixed narwhal 18 dias atrás
I feel like they could get some quality content and a fun time while playing the game muck
Blue Krystallo Lazuli
Blue Krystallo Lazuli 23 dias atrás
*When the world needed him most…* *He returned.*
Tris Hill
Tris Hill 9 dias atrás
"I've never felt better!" *Passed out on the floor* MATE THATS EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE
Tact1ca18ac0n 2 dias atrás
26:44 My man out here with a Speedglass about to have a bad time when 3 rounds of 5.56 zip through it ruining a $270 hood
Normal David
Normal David Mês atrás
This man literally gave them so much money that they told him to stop and chill out. They were scared of how much money he was giving them.
HighSpeed Nerf
HighSpeed Nerf Mês atrás
They put him in time out
njung1990able Mês atrás
He is breaking the very fundamentals of capitalism
randomguywhodraws Mês atrás
They got so scared, they just gave him the knife when his 3 day ban was finished xD
magnusm4 Mês atrás
To be fair. Would you want to get into legal actions with some guys stealing bank accounts then using that money to launder it through in game gambling? How many morons besides your little brother with dad's credit card would legit waste thousands of dollars on digital drip over a few days? Years, yes just ask WoW devs. But CS:GO and TF2?
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Mês atrás
GAMEPLAY TO INFINITY. And it works like 40~70% of the time. This is like shitter level of "psychological warfare". I'm so going to hell because of this.
Faei 26 dias atrás
I swear to god after 6:40 I fully believe Pasta voiced the Freaky Brain Monster that SONIC got it on with in Sonic For Hire.
Anthony Roman
Anthony Roman Dia atrás
I literally went through a full 3 months of marine corps boot camp thinking “hey at least there’s gonna be a stack of badgers videos to watch when I get out of this hell hole” but nope there’s only one. Fuck
Anthony Clay
Anthony Clay 18 dias atrás
Badger’s Counter Strike character feels like he could be a Metal Gear Solid character if the series didn’t take itself seriously.
Marcus Willems
Marcus Willems 15 dias atrás
Maybe not mgs, but mgr:r? Totally, i mean monsoon literally talks about memes.
Anthony Clay
Anthony Clay 17 dias atrás
@William Miller Lore I guess? I just picture some post SoP operator shitposting and Badger could be that guy.
William Miller
William Miller 17 dias atrás
Quick question: gameplay-wise or lore-wise? Because those are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SLIDERS
AG Solidus
AG Solidus 12 dias atrás
I feel like we need a best of 3 5v5, Badger's crew (who I'd like to be called the SWAWS BOIS) vs. ZF First and second round in cs and r6 one round each and then maybe valorant I think the banter between them would be legendary
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Mês atrás
18:25 "What's so hard to learn about 'Swish Swish Stab'? It's a sword not a fighter jet."
siegeofmadrigal 12 dias atrás
The sword is a key, stick it in someone and it unlocks their death
Slosh 17 dias atrás
Average RVB enjoyer
Norman R. Dolan
Norman R. Dolan Mês atrás
Tucker did it.
WGC.Patriot YT
WGC.Patriot YT Mês atrás
Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice
Atomicpotato Mês atrás
7:48 that was the best second of my life
coolrover5466 3 dias atrás
5:50 i can actually see myself on the Terrorist team, i dont remember playing against you but fun match
I have to wait 90 days to change my name
11:21 Those Bullet Shells that come out of the P90 is a great ass Attention to Detail
Darling Cruel
Darling Cruel 7 dias atrás
I love how he said "I am still sh*t at CS" and yet he domes all of his enemies after he figures out how to be good.
Tyrus :D
Tyrus :D Mês atrás
Badger is that one guy at a party that you can never tell if hes high or sober because hes just so hyperactive
scherox wdk
scherox wdk Mês atrás
@Gavin Alley yes this was the joke
Gavin Alley
Gavin Alley Mês atrás
Prob spelt that wrong
Gavin Alley
Gavin Alley Mês atrás
@scherox wdk that reminds me of "drake the kinda whippersnapper"
Rednek Zombie
Rednek Zombie Mês atrás
I remember the story when badger one time hit this one chick (she walked in front of him) while riding his bike, then the same night feel asleep, then woke up with the iron on or something, and a whole thing of Bologna in the microwave.
Nicholas Darryl H.
Nicholas Darryl H. Mês atrás
there is no difference between high and sober when it comes to badger
WeeGerGai 18 dias atrás
the csgo content is amazing, keep it up, i love this
Yes Mês atrás
Hey badger I really like smi77ys content and your content so I was wondering if you guys could make like full length videos together and team up more
Trayaurus Science
Trayaurus Science 3 dias atrás
Badger: I wanna do dumb shit and have fun The enemy team: Fuck your happiness
Robbie McSwain
Robbie McSwain 11 dias atrás
Badger: Kills a man with the tazer Steam: You have earned theachievement Expert Marksmanship
ChaosMiles07 Mês atrás
"Hey, SMii7Y, prank em, John!" Ah, Badger knows that SMii7Y and Kryoz are the same person. A man of culture, indeed.
Hinomaru Hio
Hinomaru Hio Mês atrás
Not surprised, the same person often share the same braincells.
Lon 🅥
Lon 🅥 Mês atrás Finally its here
Adam Mendoza
Adam Mendoza 19 dias atrás
Thank you showing me GG Badger. Your videos add portions of my life back. Keep up the good work my guy.👍
Krunchy Kandy Productions
i love these videos. it's amazing how they just continue to get better and better.
LukeRaptorWill 24 dias atrás
Heavenly's reaction to that Reddit part was so genuine, and it gets me every time!
GeeklyLegend Mês atrás
I was literally thinking how mental it would be if you collabed with Smii7y, and then I go to this video and he’s in it? Holy fucking shit
Borge Gush
Borge Gush Mês atrás
Badger: “taking two months off is not good for my money situation” Also Badger: “ I got banned from the store for 3 days for spending over a thousand dollars on crates to get a knife”
ToXicKush420 Mês atrás
@Claire Lili what so people actually go broke for a knife in a video game lmao
Katama Mês atrás
@Zach 1= 2.49 2.49× 440= 1095.6 Plus the addtion of 19 packs so he spend roughtly ( if you buy every key sepret) 1'142.91 Dilla Dollers for a knife. Please correct me. I dont live in America and dont play cs:go but was intrested in the amount of money spent for buttplugs
Zach Mês atrás
@Katama the price fluctuates but keys are always $2.49 in the US
Sir Loser Lot
Sir Loser Lot Mês atrás
got the gamersupps money
Katama Mês atrás
How much does a fukin crate cost
videosten 16 dias atrás
Damn now I wanna buy some supps, has anyone told you that you would make a great salesman?
Zilch The Grate
Zilch The Grate Mês atrás
Badger makes gaming look more financially unstable then being a car tunner
Kylium Kraniuns
Kylium Kraniuns 26 dias atrás
Thank you badger for motivating me to try learning this damn game
Dregos 3 dias atrás
I would love to see these guys play squad and see how well they do.
CentricTero Mês atrás
Smii7y and RussianBadger in the same room. I can die in peace now, knowing that the pure comedic duo I watch whenever I can snorted gamer supps together
Kinologan Mês atrás
@UNHOLY_SOLDIER Im so glad I wasn’t the only one.
Midge Mês atrás
Did the same thing. Actually had to reload the page cause I thought I was goin insane.
I literally questioned my sanity when badge said "Hey smii7y".
中村 Dia atrás
Badger did the same as me by starting with the deagle and the ak. Didn't know ak was most difficult, felt pretty easy to me
VR Central
VR Central 20 dias atrás
Amazing as always. Itd be incredible to see your chaos in VR 😂. If you ever want to try something I can send you some recommendations based on genres (multiplayer of course for you and your friends) and see if I can get you free access as well :)
Brandon Walkup
Brandon Walkup 27 dias atrás
16:05 this makes me wanna go 2 Kings Dominion with my friend's to see who has the worst aim on game's. 🤣
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 19 dias atrás
I've been binging Badger content lately and I saw one of his really old videos where he's like "humbly thank you all for giving me your support" and it was so weird since he now just playfully bullies the fans and says "F*** you, buy gamer supps, love you guys"
Shibby2142 Mês atrás
This video is incredible. The amount of work that goes into the SFM work is WILD Badger. Elite.
Cripple Mês atrás
@Alexander Vandall he still needs to “rig” the models, without it he just has a floating group of dots
Weezer's The Blue Album
But Shibby.
Alexander Vandall
Alexander Vandall Mês atrás
I love that he liked this knowing damn well he has a mocap suit
Narixm Mês atrás
Yeah no, he confirmed a little while back that he was using a motion capture suit.
operator145 Mês atrás
Mocap is a very useful and can be funny sometimes
NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip
so glad I found this channel, one of the best quality content on BRvid
Valoric 22 dias atrás
Press F + R shortly after eachother while holding the lightly shidded daggers and youll spin one on your finger
I feel like badger would be the type of friendly in tf2 that would just mess around without doing most of the friendly type of things only if we had a video on tf2 to learn about this.
AbizAir Mês atrás
3:09 your daily dose of swaws
Inzanepiratical Mês atrás
"I'm over it." 'Immediately box jumps an IT' 10/10, comedic genius, I spit my drink. EDIT: Shit this doin' numbers.
Gavin Alley
Gavin Alley Mês atrás
@Игорь Щитко 2 likes 1 retweet
Игорь Щитко
numbers on your braincells
Spr_Mysteryman_0 Mês atrás
@ASTRIEL SHADOW Good, I'm more used to the iFunny comment section
@Spr_Mysteryman_0 Guess Badger brings the best out in everyone.
Spr_Mysteryman_0 Mês atrás
@ASTRIEL SHADOW I took a gamble with a high possibility of being called a slur, and I won
Big uzi vert
Big uzi vert 26 dias atrás
Tbh I haven’t watched badger for a couple of years, and holy shit the video quality is insane now, this 28min video feels like a 3 hour long video, keep up the great work!
Loading 27 dias atrás
Can we appreciate the editing in this video?!?! world class quality
Jeremy24 tyler
Jeremy24 tyler 29 dias atrás
There's no way half of chat wasn't screaming at you to stop moving lmao its the first thing I thought as soon as this video showed gameplay
♡ b 1 l L y :( ♡
This man and SMii7y need to collab, I would love to see their chaotic energy mix
Vortex Mês atrás
Lay Nee
Lay Nee Mês atrás
@The Dinkmaster Finally someone freaking noticed!!
The Dragon Master
The Dragon Master Mês atrás
@Flamme 5.0.6 at the very start. Now we need him in an ENTIRE video
Affan Sami
Affan Sami Mês atrás
oh i have been waiting for this, now i need to see him and vanoss or sovietwomble
bd986a Mês atrás
badger, smii7y, soviet, starcat, swagger, martinicitopants all with their groups of friends battling in war thunder
LMGM Mês atrás
Nirroir 19 dias atrás
Man i havent watched badger since like around the time they added mozzie to r6 i think? Its crazy to see how much better his sfm things are now
Nicholas Eaton
Nicholas Eaton 7 horas atrás
Damn I'm upset that Badger didn't say anything about Smi77y being a prediction master on games like CSGO.
Martin Method
Martin Method 4 horas atrás
You mentioned cs_office, and I can remember a achievement that is or was broken on cs_office, due to the windows. The achievment required to shatter all the windows within a certain time frame, but it relied on the old-source style of windows seen in Counter-Strike: Source where shooting them would make a hole where the bullet went through while cracking the rest. Keep in mind, you would be able to walk and shoot through it, causing more of the cracked glass to fall to the ground (but the "window frame" would remain regardless), but the cracking of the glass probably made it difficult to see through, which is probably why they changed the windows to the newer style of window where shooting it once would cause the whole window to break (leaving no "window frame" behind), therefore breaking the achievement to break all the windows in cs_office. 3Kliksphilip mentioned this when discussing broken Counter-Strike: Global Offensive achievements... I think.
Veester5 Mês atrás
Can't wait to see the next siege episode! Your content is "yummy"!
liladoodle Mês atrás
Was not expecting Smii7y in this video, like at all! Cheers Badger for the inclusion of the Canadian milkbag.
hello World
hello World Mês atrás
@Hooligan101 OK thanks I'll most definitely check them out
Hooligan101 Mês atrás
@hello World a group consisting of Mcnasty Soup Blarg and the Doo very similar type of videos ie gameplay with humor only much draker humor lol give them a watch
Noah Winters
Noah Winters Mês atrás
@Kurt Flores add the Smii7y+ crew and we will see a video marked down in history as one of the best with how many jokes there will be
скелет остов
@hello World war criminals
hello World
hello World Mês atrás
@Kurt Flores who are the goon squad?
sean daculla
sean daculla Dia atrás
im gonna be honest i installed this game again all i feel like is a clown because its so fun even if you get stomped by good players
James Ice
James Ice 26 dias atrás
Someone needs to make a small compilation of everytime Badger says SWAWS
R T 23 dias atrás
I hope badgers next video is on Borderlands 2 or 3 cause I would love to see him and his friends have something that matches their chaotic personalities
fireblast3001 24 dias atrás
God, I loved that carnival game rant. That made me laugh HARD!
Mikal Mathews
Mikal Mathews Mês atrás
When the world needed him most, he has returned with Smi77y and Kyroz. Truly a certified hood classic.
Sammy Wills
Sammy Wills Mês atrás
Sadly smitty was only in thr beginning. I didnt see him anywhere else
Mikal Mathews
Mikal Mathews Mês atrás
John and Smi77y are the same for the meta lol
Not Smii7y
Not Smii7y Mês atrás
@ixEpic Troll I thought he was in there. Guess it was just Smii7y. Still cool to see badger and Smii7y in a video
ixEpic Troll
ixEpic Troll Mês atrás
@Not Smii7y yeah I know he ain’t there that’s why I’m asking
Not Smii7y
Not Smii7y Mês atrás
@ixEpic Troll actually, check the description. I didn’t see kryox
The Flooferman
The Flooferman 21 dia atrás
I loved the little tid bit that Smii7y was in there for. I would ABSOLUTELY love it if RussianBadger did a full video with him
ThePaik_Man 28 dias atrás
The flashbang part is when you really say.... "My life flashed before my eyes...."
Logan Kuhnwald
Logan Kuhnwald 15 dias atrás
I’m glad to see him playing with Smii7y, they’re both good
FlamingPotato 16 dias atrás
i wanna see badger play "my friend pedro" just so he can tony hawk the wifi router
pelicanpeppers Mês atrás
seeing Heavenly type in chat: “Do NOT let him win. We will never hear the end of it” made it so much funnier at 23:25
Blyat Man
Blyat Man Mês atrás
One of these days, I just wanna see a crossover with smitty or Brandon with how chaotic you are
Wobbly Lobster
Wobbly Lobster 14 dias atrás
I want to see a behind the scenes of Badger editing with the mocap suit
Khiem Trinh
Khiem Trinh 11 dias atrás
Just for the fun of it, I wanna see Badger animate a video by hand again, rather than use the mocap suit.
Thingy 14 dias atrás
Those headshots feel so filthy sweet I love it
Erik Woodruff
Erik Woodruff Mês atrás
Skulker with his soundboard never fails to entertain
Bucanneer Guy
Bucanneer Guy Mês atrás
That or he just gives you a headache 🤣
Tomáš Musil
Tomáš Musil Mês atrás
This video had enough material for another skulker sound compilation from clipchannels
Prepper Agent H
Prepper Agent H 21 dia atrás
2:15 to be fair, throwing an awp at an opponent does ensure they can’t Zeus you at that particular moment in time.
Jack Ashmore
Jack Ashmore 14 dias atrás
I’ve been waiting for a new Siege video for awhile, it’s what brought me to his channel in the first place, I’m hoping this was a lead up to a big one for siege since it was suppose to be the counter strike killer
Bedside Gaming
Bedside Gaming 10 dias atrás
23:28 thats a very powerful/intimidating laugh
Average Gamer
Average Gamer 29 dias atrás
1:23-1:31 me when badger makes a tfs reference: good to see someone also had a damn good childhood
Lobo2019 Mês atrás
Badger: "What's the point of winning if it isn't any fun?" Competitive Counter Strike Players: "What the FUCK is fun?"
kompletny idiota
kompletny idiota Mês atrás
League of legends players
Minato yuki
Minato yuki Mês atrás
@Jeff M.G. don't do it man it ant worth it
Wesley Wilde
Wesley Wilde 18 dias atrás
The fact that smi77y is in this video means it is a colab between 2 of my favorite youtubers
Da Maan
Da Maan 7 dias atrás
The Badger Smi77y combo is incredible
DooM 17 dias atrás
I bought the gamer juice, i expect only greatness Badger, love the content
De Leon
De Leon 27 dias atrás
Badger I tried your gamer sups at my track meet. I couldn't feel my heart after a good 5 minutes.
Vincent Martineau
Vincent Martineau Mês atrás
Breaking news: badger returns to CSGO after like 6 years
ColdGamingLp Mês atrás
@Retro Overlord nah, we need to wait at least 5 more years for that 🤣
2003 subaru impreza wrx sti
TruthMalice Mês atrás
Return of the King
Ex0dus Mês atrás
@Jet Ardeshna don't. it will be for your own good.
Jet Ardeshna
Jet Ardeshna Mês atrás
I'm almost gonna install it again
Controlfreak Official
Controlfreak Official 10 dias atrás
I swear, Badger ages like wine. The more memes that are made, the more powerful he becomes.
LittleVivi Gaming
LittleVivi Gaming Mês atrás
I never thought id have so much fun watching a CSGO video after Smi77y stopped posting them
Cyber Spark
Cyber Spark 3 dias atrás
5:40 FUCK I wish he did Mr. Bluesky for this compilation of deaths! Would've been the fuckin greatest!
Esmeray Frost
Esmeray Frost 23 dias atrás
It's pretty easy for me to imagine that the Zeus is a powerful shock enough that it'd knock out the target for long enough to win the round, not kill him. Well, that's my headcanon at least
JupiterDude3000 Mês atrás
I’m so happy- it’s been almost 2 months, so you knew like a 30 minute video coming, and that he poured his heart and soul into this video just like the Fallout video. AND SMII7Y?? Bro. You already know this episode gonna be freaking incredible
Exalted_Space Mês atrás
He got da milk
JoMiMi Mês atrás
Deleted Banana
Deleted Banana Mês atrás
More lore.
Jack Mês atrás
Yeah I like badger so much that I have figured out the longest he won’t upload is around 3 months unless something happens he usually uploads every month or 2 months and it will be around 20 to 30 minutes
Lоn 🅥
Lоn 🅥 Mês atrás it's here finally
Queen Majura
Queen Majura 8 dias atrás
I’m glad that with everything going to shit in this country, we can count on The Russian Badger to not give two fucks, and do whatever the hell he wants, it’s a little reassuring
LargeBoyLuke 29 dias atrás
such a fantastic video I love the animation.
The_Burito 10 dias atrás
I love using the Ak and the degale, literally every game I use them, best rounds tho are the ones where people go pistols in the 3rd/4th set
BillTheBoneBoy 15 dias atrás
Everytime I watch a Russian badger video I feel like I just did very drug in the world, simultaneously Not necessarily a bad thing
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