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Watch the official Music Video for “B U B B L E G U M"" by Quavo.
Directed by Daps & Quavo
Produced by Sara Lacombe
Creative Directed by Joseph Desrosiers
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Buddah Bless this beat
Fuck with me and get rich (rich)
Popped one off then she fly through the six (six)
Keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch (bitch)
Six in the mornin' and we still talkin' shit (shit)
Drink a molly grow some weed (weed)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave
Pop, pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
[Verse 1]
Hey, you got it, drop, Ferrari ('Rari)
Hey, you got it, hoes, menagin'
Hey, you got it, woah, your wallet (woah)
Two falcon fifties back to back on autopilot (woah)
Jumped on her phone and put them bands on her
Everywhere we go we see some fans for her
The plug pulled up on me wanna convo with us
Had to triumph, finesse or gon' buy 'em
Hey, you got it, trust the process (process)
Hey, you got it, whip it, hibachi (hibachi)
Hey, you got it, probably goin' through college (college)
I'm tryna figure out the best way to feed your wallet (yeah, yeah)
Fuck with me and get rich (rich)
Popped one off then she fly through the six (six)
Keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch (bitch)
Six in the mornin' and we still talkin' shit (shit)
Drink a molly grow some weed (weed)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (yeah, yeah)
[Verse 2]
Hey, you got it, still got it poppin' (poppin')
Hey, you got it, freeze on the diamonds (freeze)
Hey, you got it, probably got somebody (body)
That won't sacrifice it (no)
That don't satisfy you, yeah, yeah
I let her park the Benz, yeah (skr skrt)
Drop one off then go shop with friends, yeah (shop)
This the type of life we live, yeah (can't stop)
Million dollar type of M's, yeah, yeah
Put her in the light and watch her eyes glow up (glow)
Locked in tight, she like the vibe on us (oh)
When she check the gram watch her likes go up (woah)
Woah, watch her likes go up (woah)
Fuck with me and get rich (rich)
Popped one off then she fly through the six (six)
Keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch (bitch)
Six in the mornin' and we still talkin' shit (shit)
Drink a molly grow some weed (weed)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (yeah, yeah)
Music video by Quavo performing B U B B L E G U M. © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, Under Exclusive License to UMG Recordings, Inc


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10 Out 2018

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Comentários 12 664
andy jack parker robbinson
Help me, name of the model? Ayudenme nombre de la modelo?
Matt's rolling stone baker
L lit fick with me quavo song hard asf
Ebony Renee Martin
Ebony Renee Martin 2 horas atrás
He should've stayed with the others for all songs. No sir
ZKOREYX ofc*_ 2 horas atrás
B U B L E E G U M🤓
ZKOREYX ofc*_ 2 horas atrás
quavo god ,_, Brs??
Rom Anjel
Rom Anjel 2 horas atrás
I prefer when its migos not quavo
LAsQtst and you know this
Landon Gamer #DUCKSQAUD
This song is lit
Beast Awaken101
Beast Awaken101 3 horas atrás
Landon Gamer #DUCKSQAUD Not even lmao
T'Niyah Pates
T'Niyah Pates 5 horas atrás
HEY. You got it! Trust the process.
RAW FAME 6 horas atrás
Draya 👌
Z6ne23 vee
Z6ne23 vee 6 horas atrás
I don't know about the lyrics....but the beat is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Michael Sommerville
Michael Sommerville 7 horas atrás
All these c bitches in here are thick as hell
Michael Sommerville
Michael Sommerville 7 horas atrás
This shit be banging pop bubble gum
Dilan Denis
Dilan Denis 7 horas atrás
I was chewing gum to
Victoria Gilmore
Victoria Gilmore 7 horas atrás
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥 B U B B L E G U M
Tylek Butts
Tylek Butts 7 horas atrás
This song is missing nicki ...🤷‍♂️
Akshat 7 horas atrás
go all the way please thats my fav song from your album 🙏
D Ellis
D Ellis 7 horas atrás
Quavo got some basic lyrics in his solo music. It all sounds alike. It also seems like its missing something in all the songs... Oh yeah, Offset & TakeOff 😂😂😂
el_posky_trap_ posky
el_posky_trap_ posky 8 horas atrás
Quavo is fantastic
FaneixGold 9 horas atrás
FAZ3R 9 horas atrás
AlphaShred TV
AlphaShred TV 9 horas atrás
*HERE BEFORE 20M* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marie Laurie
Marie Laurie 9 horas atrás
You just lost a fam 😣😞😒 The song and the title have nothing in common.and let me talk about this beat all the songs have the same soundtrack I just can't👀👀👋🙅
melly Kelly
melly Kelly 9 horas atrás
Who else was laughing when Quavo was in that dark house
Badishon Joe
Badishon Joe 10 horas atrás
They do
Osborne bn
Osborne bn 10 horas atrás
there’s no relation between the video and the song
anyran smith
anyran smith 11 horas atrás
Quavo just get back wit offset and takeoff cause this ain't it
Eliya Hadad
Eliya Hadad 12 horas atrás
Boring with a lot of auto tune
Brailen Redmond
Brailen Redmond 13 horas atrás
This ain't it cheif
Adamou Souleymane
Adamou Souleymane 13 horas atrás
My idol Migos
Nathan Clarke
Nathan Clarke 13 horas atrás
Are we just gonna act like he ain't try to make it look like WW3 in the intro?
Image prince
Image prince 13 horas atrás
hawwt daddy 🔥🔥🔥
roo.x. fizzle
roo.x. fizzle 14 horas atrás
I have never seen Quavo without sun glasses lol
Astro Guy
Astro Guy 15 horas atrás
i had 5k likes before this video were deleted
Its Jazz
Its Jazz 16 horas atrás
12k dislikes and 12k comments and the comments I've been seeing are just saying that this song is shit 😒😒😒
Beast Awaken101
Beast Awaken101 3 horas atrás
Its Jazz It’s because it is, most of his songs sound the same and are basic asf toppped with over load auto tune and mumble
Kimi Vettel-Könën
Kimi Vettel-Könën 17 horas atrás
...A M E N ...
21 gang
21 gang 18 horas atrás
Atane Amen
Atane Amen 18 horas atrás
If you are interested in our today fixed soccer game WhatsApp or call +1 (757) 330-4269
Jeron White
Jeron White 19 horas atrás
Quavo stole Travis Scott style
rinen roy
rinen roy 19 horas atrás
Bubble ur gum... Into my sweet channel... #rinen roy @rinen roy
rinen roy
rinen roy 19 horas atrás
Alfred  Aubry
Alfred Aubry 20 horas atrás
💪🏽 fuck that in the gym jamming. Flex on these bitches while I pop my gum 😂
Nadia Elric
Nadia Elric 21 hora atrás
this is trash wtf
Astroworld //
Astroworld // 21 hora atrás
This sounds like a freestyle
Peter Popoff
Peter Popoff 21 hora atrás
The Marques Houston of the Migos.. .
AnG Sorry
AnG Sorry 23 horas atrás
Damm Quavo 🌶🔥💦
King Levi
King Levi 23 horas atrás
Why did they have to kill 2pac why couldn’t it be all the crap mumbling rappers these days
Fatu Granger
Fatu Granger Dia atrás
This song would have been a joke 5 years ago 😂 wtf happened?
Beast Awaken101
Beast Awaken101 3 horas atrás
Fatu Granger It already is a joke lol
Anxiety BlackBear
Youre my best celebrity i love you
Franco Cabj12
Franco Cabj12 Dia atrás
Like bro
笨蛋吃屎 Dia atrás
*Pop bubblegum while she thumb her weave*
Walter 1985
Walter 1985 Dia atrás
Rap dies
Tyler young
Tyler young Dia atrás
pop bubble gum, pop bubble gum while i rap like a bum pop bubble gum pop bubble gym while i rap like a bum skrt skrtt skrrtttttt ferrari rariiii rarii benz benz benzz get rich woahh ohh ohh ahhh bentleyy Quavo is the best rapper alive. best lyrics ever
joy brown
joy brown Dia atrás
Jeremiah Gadsden
Jeremiah Gadsden Dia atrás
This gon be a hit watch
Jeremiah Gadsden
Jeremiah Gadsden Dia atrás
This song is from the north dat way
cuzjuan Dia atrás
the post apocalyptic scene dont make sense unless quavo ready to pop off lol
Daniel Justo Padilla
Esto suena que le duele que le duele que nicki ya no le dara ese culo a este hijo de puta!
CRAZ CAPA Dia atrás
Deserves a hot dislike
Marlon Barbosa Da Silva
Ninguen Brasil?
Dominic Campbell
Dominic Campbell Dia atrás
So, I'm curious. When did the concept of having a music video that fit the song become extinct?
djsixnaq Dia atrás
i love his voice 😩😩
Kyle Kline
Kyle Kline Dia atrás
Looks like the episode of spongebob where squidward goes to the future and it's all chrome.
King Mario
King Mario Dia atrás
1:50 my nigga a sixers fan🤣💀
Martez Mcfarland
Martez Mcfarland Dia atrás
Nigga doing his thang. Stop hating with the negative comments. They are making double money. Money as migos and money as solo artist.knowledge is 💪
KungFuKenny Dia atrás
Miles Jones
Miles Jones Dia atrás
Ready player one movie. If you haven't seen it, watch it and this will make more sense. I don't get the exact direction with this but I know it's based off that movie. Because of the video. He's chilling in a slummy place until he puts the virtual reality glasses, goggles, or whatever they are called on. Could actually be saying something though.
La Flame
La Flame Dia atrás
Always the same shit
It Girl Luci
It Girl Luci Dia atrás
Brendan Brown
Brendan Brown Dia atrás
That one girl is thiccccccc
Daflawlessstone Dia atrás
I hate i listened to it
Daflawlessstone Dia atrás
Dis shit sound a fool
Jay Tick
Jay Tick Dia atrás
Jesus this dude is absolutely awful.
Terrance Thompson
This is talking about what's gonna happen to America WWIII. From California to New York its gonna look like a desert 🏜 once those nuclear missiles come America is gonna pop like bubble gum.
Alpha1Epsilon2 Dia atrás
Auto tune trash
lovely Key love
lovely Key love Dia atrás
It's not my cup of tea, I feel like I heard this before
Thumbed through all the new music videos, back here poppin BuBbLe GuM
R. Schtoff
R. Schtoff Dia atrás
Fucking electronic spaz-voice-tuner.
Kennedy Crawford
Kennedy Crawford Dia atrás
Is he going solo? or is this just a one time thing?
MrClipps -
MrClipps - Dia atrás
Why autotune
Jaziah Brooks
Jaziah Brooks Dia atrás
BucketGang Trista
Lit 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 everyday
Nwankwo Ifeanyi
Nwankwo Ifeanyi Dia atrás
Screw y' is super dope!! Listen to it while eating gum
Marllon Tavares
Marllon Tavares Dia atrás
sabe muito !!
Iqbal Galih
Iqbal Galih Dia atrás
This is hip hop?
Raul Hamza
Raul Hamza Dia atrás
Romania 🇷🇴
Sti Wrx
Sti Wrx Dia atrás
Whose the main bitxh
Winnie Kgwajane
Winnie Kgwajane Dia atrás
Plz go back to offset and takeoff plz ur songs were going to be more nice if they were there with u plz
Donovan Nash
Donovan Nash Dia atrás
Such a shame. Offset and Takeoff would have added so much more diversity to this track. Hope Quavo realizes that.
Donovan Nash
Donovan Nash Dia atrás
This generic ass video SUCKS. Lyrics are for the most part trash, his flow and the beat is carrying the track. Don’t understand why this wasn’t just a Migos track. Would have been a hit.
Sea Bass
Sea Bass Dia atrás
Please wake up and find Yahushua (Jesus). Don't you see what "They" are showing in this video? Disaster and deception is coming soon. Find Yah (God) through his WORD, HIS SON, Yahushua, before it's too late. Please, please, please as many as possible, please open your eyes. Their fangs aren't even hidden anymore.
I Prizma I
I Prizma I 3 horas atrás
lol you gay
michael moore
michael moore Dia atrás
This song sounds like one huge hook
Enock 45
Enock 45 Dia atrás
YSK Myron
YSK Myron Dia atrás
This song kinda crank more than Workin Me.
Aaron Simpson
Aaron Simpson Dia atrás
on a scale of 1~10 it's a uhhg..
Trolove Cro
Trolove Cro Dia atrás
whoa dat future prediction :O
Juliet Carr
Juliet Carr Dia atrás
what the fuck man That’s lit ✌🏼👌👌👌🏼🤯
Mr. Tahser
Mr. Tahser Dia atrás
Ты пидртла ебанная здохни от спида ублюдок как ты смеешь диссить пипа ты еблан гандон здохни оо спида мразь
mentos 02
mentos 02 Dia atrás
hip-hop rip 2017 lil peep rip 2017
Analiyah Ramirez
Analiyah Ramirez Dia atrás
I just listened to this idk how many times
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