Quality Control, Lil Baby, & DaBaby - "Baby" (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for Lil Baby & DaBaby - "Baby"
Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2 OUT NOW!!
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Music video by Quality Control, Lil Baby, DaBaby performing Baby. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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13 Ago 2019



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Comentários 23 908
Angel Tega
Angel Tega Hora atrás
My guy is allergic to making good songs
Cleo Spalding
Cleo Spalding Hora atrás
"I'm taking out the trash" 😂😂
YouCuck Hora atrás
This would deadass be a fire movie
Diane White
Diane White 2 horas atrás
Hey can you call my phone number 6148178302
Janae G.
Janae G. 3 horas atrás
0:56 Lil Baby U Petty😂
That one Radical dude
That one Radical dude 3 horas atrás
Nice Scarface reference
Nrgizd 4 horas atrás
When he said “I tell my bitch on faithful but I still got the hoes” I felt that
Fernando Mejia
Fernando Mejia 4 horas atrás
they should have splitted when they went inside the house
Dragon Born
Dragon Born 5 horas atrás
Gbgghyddvbgdssfvbb mumble.
Andy Zeno
Andy Zeno 5 horas atrás
My lil young generation co-workers told me about Lil baby about a month ago and I been jammin his music every since. Sound good chopped and screwed
WeeZy 6 horas atrás
I like how it’s at the location of the chainsaw scene in Scarface
Pierre Deris
Pierre Deris 6 horas atrás
lil baby dababy oohhhhhhhieee
Nigel Clayton
Nigel Clayton 7 horas atrás "10 racks" By Lil Turk. If you fuck with Lil baby you'll fuck with this!
Jerry Gardner
Jerry Gardner 7 horas atrás
Dabay he is so fine with his arttacvie sexy self Love his songs
Tasha Mitchell
Tasha Mitchell 9 horas atrás
Baby verse was better than baby..but I do like these two babies then baby.. I'm talking about all 🌳 of them
KING 9 horas atrás
Baby getting jiggy with baby and the baby is flexing but the baby be getting mad so baby bought a Richard milllie and a lambo so then the baby settled it with baby and hugged it out and made a song called baby and that's on baby 😂👶
Benz Frosty
Benz Frosty 9 horas atrás
Lb arkalıo aq
Simon Acosta
Simon Acosta 11 horas atrás
Lil baby looks like a few dudes I’ve worked with in that apron
lil monsta
lil monsta 12 horas atrás
babies can fuck!
Roberto Lumbreras
Roberto Lumbreras 12 horas atrás
This was a scien from Scarface
Jason 12 horas atrás
Mumble mumble mumble!😞
Ivan Juarez
Ivan Juarez 13 horas atrás
Stephan Torres
Stephan Torres 14 horas atrás
Take out the trash lmao
FLORIDA-TONY 15 horas atrás
Nice 👍
Marcelo Antonio Olivera Aparicio
Yeah Rest in peace to Bankroll, show 'em how to do it Baby goin' crazy, he been gettin' straight to it I done caught so many flights I end up fuckin' all the stewardesses Catch me in Atlanta, no security with my jewelry Found out I'm rich, my baby mama talkin' suin' me 'Nother bitch tellin' lies on the pussy like she screwin' me Catch him down bad, that's his ass, nigga, you or me SI diamonds on the chain, he ain't foolin' me We was skippin' school on the train, duckin' truancy My main partner turned into a rat, he talkin' 'bout Rod and me I pray the judge give that boy a bond so I can pop him We was in the hood, sellin' bags, shootin' choppas I done fucked around and tried to go and lease a helicopter Baby really a problem, somebody gotta stop him And the haters watchin' too hard, I think they got binoculars Every nigga with me on go, it ain't no stoppin' us Niggas actin' like they got the bag, I'm tryna stop it up Do this for the bros down the road, gotta lock it up All you gotta do is say it's smoke, then we're poppin' up Baby got the streets on hold, he ain't drop yet I've been goin' hard, it's gon' be hard for you to top that I make it look easy, but this shit really a process I'm really a millionaire, still in the projects Baby puttin' on for the city Baby, he the realest, Baby probably got a couple million Baby hang with four or five killers Baby got children, Baby probably still drug dealin' Baby ain't a trapper, he a rapper Baby makin' classics, Baby in the hood gettin' active Baby keep it real with his people Baby like a preacher, Baby probably still sell reefer Huh? Baby probably still got them 'bows I tell my bitch I'm faithful, but I still got the hoes Baby gettin' jiggy, on stage with the Glizzy Baby CEO, he shake the game like he Diddy You would think it's Mardi Gras, I got these bitches showin' titties And I ain't throwin' beads, I pull them bitches' weaves I'm stallin' bitches out, if I'm a dog, then she a flea And when I fuck her doggy style the only time I'm on my knee I barely wanna hit her, got her beggin', "Baby, please" I tell a bitch to shut up, you 'bout to fuck my nut up The label's CEO keep beggin' me to keep the gun up They know, you play with Baby, Baby beat him, cut up Private plane, wifi, on the FaceTime with Johnny I told him, "Ice my wrist up, I like to hold my fist up" How that boy DaBaby in the air not gettin' his dick sucked? Why he keep the fire and throw them fours in every picture? 'Cause nigga Baby puttin' on for the city Baby, he the realest, Baby probably got a couple million Baby hang with four or five killers Baby got children, Baby probably still drug dealin' Baby ain't a trapper, he a rapper Baby makin' classics, Baby in the hood gettin' active Baby keep it real with his people Baby like a preacher, Baby probably still sell reefer
Coochie Snatcher
Coochie Snatcher 17 horas atrás
Who knew two different rappers named "baby" would be some of 2019's most popular rappers lmfao.
Rahstyles Dotcom
Rahstyles Dotcom 19 horas atrás
2:43 .. Thats it
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 20 horas atrás
I tell da bitch to shut he boutta cut ma nut off
STORMIU 22 horas atrás
When Xbox and ps4 squad up”
HERBERT JONES 22 horas atrás
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 22 horas atrás
This is like scare face 😂😂
Mesmer 23 horas atrás
Does anybody realize the mysic video is a scarface parody?
Gilbert Botello
Gilbert Botello Dia atrás
I wonder if anyone noticed this is Scarface
Leif Newman
Leif Newman Dia atrás
tried to look through blinds that were closed
Big Bodie
Big Bodie Dia atrás
Lil baby looks like the giant off of the movie jack and the beanstalk the one that kneels at the end of the movie
Rafa Feitosa
Rafa Feitosa Dia atrás
Wheezy producer of the year.
Stacie Suggs
Stacie Suggs Dia atrás
Wish y’all had mo bitches up in there
Pro mobile gamer
Pro mobile gamer Dia atrás
Tykhon Koliy
Tykhon Koliy Dia atrás
Man, I keep watching your videos and whoever is producing them is legitimately the best. I usually get bored quick but damn do you switch it up.
TimeClock Dia atrás
Me watching a smosh intro The intro: 2:55
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