Quackity Visits Dream and Technoblade In Prison

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Things do not go to plan.
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Streamed on: September 14, 2021
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14 Set 2021



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Comentários 3 743
QuackityVODS Mês atrás
oh no
gab 11 dias atrás
Lel Lil
Lel Lil 13 dias atrás
Oh no
XaraStar★ 25 dias atrás
oh noes
Techno team
Techno team 25 dias atrás
unlimito 20 horas atrás
Hoe did u get so much netherite and obsidian
MightyLOA 4 dias atrás
let me be as respectful as possible khm-khm quackity's *character* is the dumbest person to ever walk the smp (repeat the mantra: a hated character = a good actor)
elirie ;🦋
elirie ;🦋 5 dias atrás
Yes.. but their voices... quackity's negotiating voice😩😩
ait redz1438 YT
ait redz1438 YT 6 dias atrás
Trofin Roxana
Trofin Roxana 8 dias atrás
Because you say the word what start with ,,f" so i will unsubscribe
Nagenadesh Vasudevan
Nagenadesh Vasudevan 10 dias atrás
I lost it when he said " bring back the fridge" 😂😂😂😂
Cauã TV Ff
Cauã TV Ff 12 dias atrás
loose in dream face
facts 12 dias atrás
16:55 "bring back the fridge"
thant star
thant star 15 dias atrás
f cking loser quackity
SpecialAfiq 15 dias atrás
Woah who are you and why are you gonna say that
yanIv cohen
yanIv cohen 16 dias atrás
im a bitch and i ssuck at everything im noiob
ran 15 dias atrás
Masked Lion
Masked Lion 18 dias atrás
i think ranboo is involved in this because of the ARG because ranboo showed a clue thats a clock as we can see here there is a clock i think the enderwalk is coming back
Papaya Doodlez
Papaya Doodlez 18 dias atrás
Quackity on his brat arc
GabGames_YT 20 dias atrás
bring back the fridge
Potatonuke2007 20 dias atrás
The amount of voice cracks quickity had through the video, lol
Gifted Gays
Gifted Gays 20 dias atrás
I watched technos POV first, if u wanna know what happened, check the comments
Gifted Gays
Gifted Gays 20 dias atrás
So he left a book with philza telling him to plop the end pearl thingy that he made and it would teleport him back, he was supposed to wait three days, and accidentally waited three months
Unicorn girl Forever
Unicorn girl Forever 21 dia atrás
Me this is just Minecraft and there like life or death
♡dreamie♡ 21 dia atrás
Quakity: Bring back the frige Me: did someone even notice that
Půrplė Gāchå
Půrplė Gāchå 22 dias atrás
Bring back the fridge
Aiden john
Aiden john 22 dias atrás
Quackity is such an emo edgy lilxan looking crack head he annoys me so much why do you act like this? It's a game wise up you child
pokemonguy 22 dias atrás
Quackity:"bring back the bridge bring back the FRIFGE" dream: complete silent........ awesamdude complete silent.........
emmathesimp 23 dias atrás
20:26 lol Dreams just MINING his own business if you get what I'm saying.
emmathesimp 23 dias atrás
Lol yall Sam is just so freaking done with humans. He is just getting bossed around and yelled at and has made lots of mistakes that he feels horrible for a no one gives a sh*t.
Cactus Juice
Cactus Juice 23 dias atrás
16:54 who took the fridge?
deur sheby
deur sheby 25 dias atrás
"Bring back the fridge"-Quackity 2021
Shaira 25 dias atrás
I hate quackity he tortured my fav youtubers
Daniel  Rudder
Daniel Rudder 25 dias atrás
Haidy Hesham
Haidy Hesham 25 dias atrás
Why you always mean 🙄
Jeff 4 the Raid
Jeff 4 the Raid 26 dias atrás
SpecialAfiq 12 dias atrás
Qwack qwack..
Symphony In Blue
Symphony In Blue 26 dias atrás
Technoblade, who's besties with a necromancer: *disappears* Quackity, who was about to stab him:... Wai-how the fuck did you do that you fuckin- wizzard bitch Me: literally dying of laughter at the little 'de-doo' noise him leaving made Sam: freaking out Prison alarm, late to the party: *intense screaming* Dream: probably hiding in his toilet Hotel: trivago
KIKIS SANCHEZ 26 dias atrás
Pato, soy una mama desesperada. Tengo una hija que va a cumplir 15 anos el 2 de Octubre. Ella es muy fan de ti y su sueno es conocerte que eso es muy dificil pero tal vez puedes mandarle un saludo en uno de tus videos o un livestream ella no se pierde ni uno. Es muy buena estudiante y solo quiero que sea muy feliz en su cumple. Tal vez ni leas este mensaje pero de todos modos lo quise intentar.
Pointless_animation 27 dias atrás
Dream:* getting beat up Ph1lza teleporting technoblade: haha, funny pain
Bella Smith
Bella Smith 27 dias atrás
Strongest and smartest
Deku 27 dias atrás
Deku 27 dias atrás
You haven’t posted in a week :(
Mülâzım-ı sânî II. Nazim Süleyman
I love how Sam is having a mental breakdown after techno escapes.
ash 28 dias atrás
Olivier Folkersma
Olivier Folkersma 28 dias atrás
quackity is cringe
Michael Stones
Michael Stones 28 dias atrás
16:56 bring back the fridge 😂😂😂
Liam Hendry
Liam Hendry 28 dias atrás
The best part is how Quackity or Sam could just look at Techno’s stream and be like “oh, right… stasis pearls”
Ellie Flores
Ellie Flores 28 dias atrás
Sir you said bring back the fridge what fridge
buttload of milk
buttload of milk 28 dias atrás
This is my favorite fuhkin bit of acting by Q
DartGS 2
DartGS 2 28 dias atrás
I thought you stopped streaming on the dreamSMP
DartGS 2
DartGS 2 8 dias atrás
Kaitlyn W
Kaitlyn W 10 dias atrás
I'm pretty sure he's only doing lore on the server
Marry Cris Castillo
Marry Cris Castillo 28 dias atrás
I hate you
Marley Perez
Marley Perez 28 dias atrás
honestly c!quackity annoys tf out of me just because he doesn’t listen
Christain 29 dias atrás
Some would say "technoblade never dies"
techno with no brim
techno with no brim 29 dias atrás
Techno trying to do serious lore is the funniest thing 😭😭
Techno's mic was so broken he teleported away
error YT
error YT 29 dias atrás
Bring back the bridge BRING BACK FRIDGE 16:55
Coco's alt :P
Coco's alt :P 29 dias atrás
My captions trying to say technoblade: Tractor blade Tactical blade Techno blaze
dimogorgos 29 dias atrás
Think about stasis portal
Jaron MacDonald
Jaron MacDonald Mês atrás
“BRING BACK THE FRIDGE!!” -Quackity 2021
Grimm1517 Mês atrás
Quackity kinda a bully
weirdyou Mês atrás
bring back the fridge !!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
Dream's "I-I-I didn't do anything" made my heart drop.
Luca377Bazooka_ Mês atrás
Technos mic glitched so hard that he glitched out of reality
SpecialAfiq 12 dias atrás
Perfect timing
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
Fofo mzmz
Fofo mzmz Mês atrás
When the alarm turn on i was like * OH S*IT THEY ESCAPED!!!
Crocs On plate
Crocs On plate Mês atrás
Just gonna say, the alarm sound and Quackity shouting at Sam (and if there is like red lights flashing) this scene would really gives thrills and the intense feeling
it's Emerald crafter
Techno had stasis chamber and dream the lil hole he can hide in
FBI Mês atrás
Quackity: SAM TECHNO'S GONE best part ever Dream: I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING
Luna A
Luna A Mês atrás
it's weird that techno's mic is scuffed in your stream but seemed okay in his.
Elisa De Luna
Elisa De Luna Mês atrás
This is gonna be a good animation
Square banana
Square banana Mês atrás
Quackity:im going back to las navadas right now Captions:im going back to los angeles right now
007 Mês atrás
this is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
YT-_-koIrAfT Mês atrás
Techno never dies
fidgetpants Mês atrás
Remnant Freddy
Remnant Freddy Mês atrás
Send back the fridge Sam
Valencia Mês atrás
Technoblade only brings up plot holes when everyone's live and I'm living for it
(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)butter mix12
I want you to watch all episodes of bleach.
ZEO117 Mês atrás
Gavin Pongrace
Gavin Pongrace Mês atrás
Idiot doesn't even know about ender pearl stasis
gigi_yt Mês atrás
oh no
dolita windo
dolita windo Mês atrás
Dream's "I-I-I didn't do anything" made my heart drop.
Ik a name
Ik a name Mês atrás
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Zaqki Live
Zaqki Live Mês atrás
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez Mês atrás
Kill the dog
Andrew Calayag
Andrew Calayag Mês atrás
I mean. They could just check the toilet its not that hard I mean its like checking a prisoner under a bed common.
「「 Mês atrás
JamesWosh Mês atrás
only 48k likes???!!!!
Motzas Mês atrás
16:54 bring back the fridge
JelloJie I
JelloJie I Mês atrás
I love how dream is likely hiding behind the wolf
EmjayPain Mês atrás
Quackity Bring back Fridge??
Sydney Martin
Sydney Martin Mês atrás
i thought this was supposed to be the most advanced security system on the planet
hinata shoyo.
hinata shoyo. Mês atrás
Tommy fucking told everybody No one else saw or heard that? Or I’m I just late?
its gamer MED
its gamer MED Mês atrás
Quackity tecno and dream are coming your screwed
C White
C White Mês atrás
Status chamber boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia Mês atrás
Wow just wow I can't believe you
Lt Mês atrás
At this point he is going a little insane
Josiah Mendez
Josiah Mendez Mês atrás
why is this still a thing i thought dream smp was done
AllDiagram4276 Mês atrás
But you didn’t tell check under the water they were trying to escape he could have just been shifting 🤔I guess he did truly escape then
Veluta ✓
Veluta ✓ Mês atrás
14:21 technoblades voice lagging while he gets beat up by quackity is hilarious.
Standard Deformed Stalin
quite ironic that the prisoner praises sam more than the guard
Standard Deformed Stalin
18:41 mythrodak kinda already proved that wrong. he escaped BY CLIMBING THE LAVA
Standard Deformed Stalin
i watched technos stream and quackity fucked up and btw. (no hate) WE WIN THESE
Drix Mês atrás
Siddharth rai
Siddharth rai Mês atrás
Poor Sam
Jayden Aryson
Jayden Aryson Mês atrás
He use invisibility and go with u the all time when u in the prison and out of prison
IfIKey Mês atrás
Is that a lavender ribbon on your neck, Dream?
sokin jon
sokin jon Mês atrás
I’m really excited for Dream’s next upload
Shizan Aboobacker
Shizan Aboobacker Mês atrás
Poor Sam…
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