Put the meat on the onion to get delicious dinner in 10 minutes # 540

schnell lecker
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Put the meat on the onion to get delicious dinner in 10 minutes # 540
A meat recipe that can surprise any family member. A quick recipe for meat only takes 10 minutes of your attention. Delicious meat recipe, can be served for dinner or on a festive table. A simple recipe for meat, even a beginner can cook yu, the main thing is not to hurry and do everything with love.
Cooking recipe and ingredients:
Chop 3-4 onions
Chop 1kg pork like in the video
Salt and pepper on both sides
Chop 1 onion, fry for 2-3 minutes
Chop 300-400g mushrooms, cook for 10 minutes
Season to taste with salt and pepper
Chop 2-3 tomatoes
Bake for 50 minutes at 180 ° C
Grate 200g of cheese, sprinkle over it and cook for another 10 minutes at 200C. to bake
Bon Appetit! Thank you
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11 Out 2021



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Comentários 2 199
Maria Znane
Maria Znane 25 dias atrás
Bardzo apetycznie wygląda tylko zrobić 😋👍🌲
Marianna Kaczmarek
Marianna Kaczmarek Mês atrás
Wygląda super myślę że równie dobre spakuje
Dylan Morton
Dylan Morton 8 dias atrás
Trzeba ten przepis wypróbować
jamesfreddyc 10 dias atrás
Small alteration for wowza result: quickly sear (not fully cook) the pork first before placing on bed of onion.
Елена Миллер
Очень хороший рецепт Но очень долго его вы растянули Можно было действительно сократить некоторые моменты
Christine Douglas
Christine Douglas 4 dias atrás
To long to watch ,and I don't like onions
Larissa Lotuhhova
Larissa Lotuhhova 8 dias atrás
Просто устала смотреть.
Валентина Угрюмова
@James McGuire я делаю без помидор и грибов. Очень вкусно. Иногда хочу с ананасом, если беру курицу вместо свинины))
Bonnie Valls
Bonnie Valls 12 dias atrás
@James McGuire yes and the onion were chopped in the beginning and fried not quartered and sliced.
Sveta Issaeva
Sveta Issaeva 21 dia atrás
@Галина Мулик согласна с вами, очень долго.
Mrs Dee
Mrs Dee 2 meses atrás
🥰👏 I will be cooking this for dinner tomorrow. Thank you
Jon Young
Jon Young 38 minutos atrás
How was it?
Ali Lyon
Ali Lyon 16 dias atrás
Made for tea tonight and I will never have pork cooked any other way. Absolutely delicious. Thank you.
Vicente Aguado Ubeda
Vicente Aguado Ubeda 9 dias atrás
Юлия Вернер
Юлия Вернер 27 dias atrás
Пока смотрела чуть не уснула Но рецепт 🔥
Marie Jones
Marie Jones Mês atrás
Such a good filling meal that is.really good ingredients too! Yummy!
packer812 4 dias atrás
I would use Bell peppers instead of tomatoes to make it less watery.
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 3 dias atrás
you can do that, I don't like pepper
ROLANDO MADRIZ 5 dias atrás
I truly ❤️ your recipe! and will be Incorporated into my weekly cooking repertoire.
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 3 dias atrás
thank you for sure
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 3 dias atrás
Oh thank you
Allen Post
Allen Post 3 dias atrás
Aye this is a winner for sure, and easy to remember!
Crypto Jack
Crypto Jack 13 dias atrás
Made this wonderful meal today. Everyone enjoyed it. Thanks very much 👍👍👍
Татьяна Рязанова
Отличное горячее блюдо! Спасибо мастеру!
Сергей Сергеев
Пельмени хавай. Что ты тут отличного увидела? говорит за 10 минут. а по факту час !!!!
Cherri Cuen
Cherri Cuen 2 meses atrás
That looks yummy! Something easy and yummy for dinner. Thanks 😊
Михаил Мишин
Очень аппетитно....👍👍👍и скорее всего очень вкусно!
Parece muy sabroso! Gracias 😋😋😋
Василий Карпаков
Я такой ужин готовлю 2 часа, иногда больше, а за 10мин. миф. Это для тех, кто готовить не умеет.
Mamy Kit
Mamy Kit 28 dias atrás
Thank you for sharing! Your videos are so amazing! Lots of good vibes going forward. Well done 🙌
Juli M
Juli M 3 meses atrás
Não vou demorar para experimentar essa receita que parece ótima! 🤩
Adriana Liliana Benini
Ricetta originale ma sempre troppo lunghe meglio stringere
So Juorn Er
So Juorn Er 3 dias atrás
Looks very tasty and healthy! I'm sure I'd enjoy it, however I'm not used to pork and cheese in combination. I would probably prefer chicken. Thanks for sharing.
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 3 dias atrás
and thank you, it's all a matter of taste, but you should cook
Train Adventure
Train Adventure 7 dias atrás
Great recipe! I'm definitely gonna try this.
Lina Lina
Lina Lina 10 dias atrás
Loving this meal❣️
T P 12 dias atrás
Awesome looking recipe, Thanks so much for sharing...can't wait to try it
Eule Fialka
Eule Fialka 3 meses atrás
Вкусный ужин за 10 минут плюс 110 минут подготовка и запекание. 🤣😴😴😴
Lidiya Gureeva
Lidiya Gureeva 19 dias atrás
А нарезка лука, грибов,к смазывание противня...
Швейк Йозеф
Швейк Йозеф 27 dias atrás
Селёдку забыла с клубникой!
ТОР 10
ТОР 10 Mês atrás
@Willi Berg как вкусно и аппетитно, но совсем недешево. Сделаю из куриной грудки, без сыра и помидор. Лук найдется. Пластины из окорочков посажу на кружочки картофеля, а сверху присыплю соломкой капусты, которую смешаю с яйцом и специями. И в духовку. Дешевле и тоже сытно. Но этот рецепт автора конечно супер. На праздничный семейный обед в самый раз и ну и ещё с каким нибудь гарниром. Приятного аппетита.
Willi Berg
Willi Berg Mês atrás
Такое на УЖИН, это скушать и всю ночь кувыркаться будешь. Это хороший ОБЕД
Ana Lucia Aguiar
Ana Lucia Aguiar 2 meses atrás
Валентина Михалкина
Благодарю за интересный рецепт !!!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 meses atrás
Amei vou fazer amanhã. Que delícia!@!
ІВАН Авраменко
Умереть, не встать! 10 минут растянулись больше, чем на час.
Sunset Roses
Sunset Roses Mês atrás
Going to make this today. Thank you for a wonderful idea! 🙂
Jon Young
Jon Young 36 minutos atrás
How was it?
Felix Vega
Felix Vega 3 meses atrás
This recipe seems so simple yet so genius! Every one of the ingredients used collectively will make an amazing taste and texture by the time the meal is done and ready to eat. Thank you, I am now hungry for veggies and pork!👌😉
Nad M.
Nad M. 16 dias atrás
But don’t you think it’s much to cook the mushrooms for 30 minutes - 10x3
Ольга Филатова
Вкусненько 👍👍👍 обязательно приготовлю спасибо 👍💖
Pauloroberto Albino
Pauloroberto Albino 26 dias atrás
yox465 Dia atrás
made it tonight. this one's a keeper!
KC in CA
KC in CA 13 dias atrás
Oh my goodness. I have this recipe except it uses garlic sausage as the meat - and it isn't cooked quite as long. It is one of my favorite meals and it really makes the garlic sausage special - not that garlic sausage needs anything to be special. I'll have to try this with pork loin. I'm sure it will be delicious.
Malina Nikolova
Malina Nikolova 2 meses atrás
чудесна рецепта!!!Браво!!!!😉
Chase Hadley
Chase Hadley 22 dias atrás
This is my style. Simple and effective.
janina7141 Mês atrás
Jídlo je opravdu velice dobré, ale v žádném případě to netrvá jen 10 minut!
Piotr A
Piotr A 2 meses atrás
Bardzo dobry przepis, napewno go wykorzystam.
Daureene Smith
Daureene Smith 2 meses atrás
Made this for supper tonight and my family simply loved it! I especially like the directions on how to make this dish. It really hit home when you said to take your time and make it with love! 😋💕. Many thanks for this video!
Kitwana Tyhimba
Kitwana Tyhimba Dia atrás
Thank you for sharing 😊❗️
Jeannie's channel
Jeannie's channel 2 dias atrás
I made this for dinner last night. It was really good. Just so you know I used a Swiss, Gruyère blend along with mozzarella cheese. Turn out delicious!!
Jeannie's channel
Jeannie's channel 5 dias atrás
What kind of cheese did you use? Thank you in advance for your answer.
Cathy Brown
Cathy Brown Mês atrás
Was the cheese motz .?
ken quid
ken quid 2 meses atrás
Was it ready in 10 minutes?
Irena Cwik
Irena Cwik 2 meses atrás
Wygląda super!
Bogdan Bogdan
Bogdan Bogdan 10 dias atrás
Ty pewnie tez-;))
Sueli Aparecida
Sueli Aparecida 2 meses atrás
Muito bom!
Sueli Aparecida
Sueli Aparecida Mês atrás
Драгана Милић
Pa neznate da deset minuta traje dva sata zato ste u čudu😆😆😆😆😆
Rick Hibdon
Rick Hibdon 2 dias atrás
I've been doing this for over 20 years! Drizzle some lemon juice over for a little "extra". You can also sprinkle dill weed on it.
Татьяна Захарова
Спасибо очень хороший рецепт.Буду пробовать готовить.
Flávio Mello
Flávio Mello 10 dias atrás
Elżbieta Dąbrowska
Dobry sposób, dziękuję.
Chuck Mack
Chuck Mack 20 horas atrás
That looks freaking köstlich!!
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 19 horas atrás
Равида Ильченко
Спасибо за рецепт очень аппетитно
Butcher Master Franky
Sieht sehr gut aus Bitte mehr davon ♡ ich Liebe Es ausgewogen zu Kochen und nichts geht über ein Schönes Stück gebratenes Fleisch.
Надежда Гукова
Спасибо большое за рецепт.Обязательно попробую приготовить.А Вам желаю успехов!
Андрей Словохотов
" за 10 минут получится вкусный ужин" и тут же - "Выпекать 50 минут при 180 ° C" = Б..., как в анекдоте: я на пять минут к соседке зайду, а ты каждые полчаса помешивай кашу....
Евгений Немков
Читнул комент, врубил скорость на 1,5😏
Marija Boikova
Marija Boikova 16 dias atrás
Joanna Pustkowska
Joanna Pustkowska 14 dias atrás
Wyjątkowo proste i smakowite !
Hertzair 18 dias atrás
For those who are wondering….”Schnell Lecker” is German for “fast and delicious “
Ditto Head
Ditto Head 9 dias atrás
It’s certainly not fast
Hortencia Navarro
Hortencia Navarro 5 dias atrás
Looks delicious! Will try this week Like that you have the recipe. 🌞
Grimdrum 10 horas atrás
Looks delicious!!!
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 10 horas atrás
thanks I know)
Glenn A. Ringdahl
Glenn A. Ringdahl 9 horas atrás
Looks comment/tip. Slice the onions pole to pole they'll cook down to a much better consistency that is less stringy.
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 7 horas atrás
thanks for the advice
Psycho Sid the puppet 🤪
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 7 horas atrás
and I don't doubt it)
Vera Silvia da silva azzi
Muito Boa
Rick Wells
Rick Wells 5 dias atrás
I'll try it tonight, looks easy enough
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 3 dias atrás
and how do you like the result ??
MrBenCTU Mês atrás
Можно было сделать ролик в 2 раза короче, если бы не показывать каждую луковицу каждый помидор и каждый кусок мяса при готовке.
MrBenCTU 25 dias atrás
@The OneLost да я не спорю, рецепты замечательные, заходят. Но всегда можно улучшать контент. Сокращать ролики, например, не показывать лишнее, не нужное.
The OneLost
The OneLost 26 dias atrás
У неё 800к подпищиков. Значит заходит.
Ziemel, meita
Ziemel, meita Mês atrás
В пять раз короче.
vodafone vodafone
vodafone vodafone Mês atrás
Все сойдут с ума за 10 мин.,а мясо еще будет запекаться.😁
Alex Rojas
Alex Rojas 6 horas atrás
Looks sooo good and easy to make
Tommy D
Tommy D 12 dias atrás
Looks yummy 😋
Maria Imaculada
Maria Imaculada 25 dias atrás
Pode trocar os cogumelos por outro ingrediente?
Bo Nam TV
Bo Nam TV 3 meses atrás
So good, you make great video vs delicious recipe
lord ofasgard1
lord ofasgard1 Mês atrás
@Star Light 😅😅😅
margarita suarez arguelles
@Star Light no
yosoyLILA 2 meses atrás
@Star Light [] t[
grajabe 2 meses atrás
-@Star Light -polecam korzonki w lesie
Star Light
Star Light 2 meses atrás
"De huidige samenleving is geen gouden land, maar een hel. Het is geen beschaving. Na het bereiken van het toppunt van barbaarsheid, is het een land van beesten die alle levende wezens doden en opeten zonder erbij na te denken. ALS HET ZO BLIJFT, ZAL DEZE WERELD GERUÏNEERD EN VERNIETIGD MOETEN WORDEN OMWILLE VAN HET VLEES ETEN." - Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi (vegan)
Thomas Krutulis
Thomas Krutulis 20 dias atrás
Now I’m hungry! Making this tomorrow!
Hoiyat Tsoi
Hoiyat Tsoi 21 dia atrás
Suggestion: you can adjust the speed of the video to fast forward some repetitive steps, so an 8-minute video can be done in 3 minutes. It may help increase the viewings. I like your recipe.
Stanley Wheeler
Stanley Wheeler Dia atrás
Thank you for suggesting that to speed these videos up. I always wondered why she has to cook everything up and why couldn't she just chop a few slices of everything to show us?
Márcio Costa cantor
Márcio Costa cantor 2 meses atrás
Bom dia! Pra mim é uma honra viu prestigiar seu trabalho, vamos sempre juntos somar e fortalecer nossos objetivos, Conto com você, eu já estou por aqui,,,
paula barton
paula barton 12 dias atrás
That looks so good I’m going to try this dish.
Sheila Sargent
Sheila Sargent 2 meses atrás
Yum! Looks good. I love to cook. 🙏💕
Matt Therrien
Matt Therrien 2 dias atrás
To me cooking is incidental. I love home cooked food.
Alexander Belov
Alexander Belov 2 meses atrás
Посмотрел видео, ..мысль..."надо что-то делать!" , встал с дивана, голова закружилась, сел oбратно.
Нина Романова
Спасибо за вкусный рецепт!
Joe Alexander
Joe Alexander 10 dias atrás
That looks amazing!
Elizabeth FAcchinetti
Elizabeth FAcchinetti 2 meses atrás
Muito bonito! Parabéns!
Kay Walker
Kay Walker 2 dias atrás
2am in the morning and am so hungry ...looking so going to try this one...
Kay Walker
Kay Walker Dia atrás
@Schnell Lecker, I went to as i said this one am going to do. soon.
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker Dia atrás
and how did it all work out?
Valdir Frota
Valdir Frota 9 dias atrás
p3.orion 2 meses atrás
"When's dinner?" "I've been chopping and frying and baking for an hour and a half, so just let me put the cheese on it and stick it BACK in the oven, and it'll be ready in a quick 10 minutes."
Ditto Head
Ditto Head 9 dias atrás
Виталий Уткин
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Joseph Schmidt
Joseph Schmidt 2 meses atrás
Danke, looks yummy!
Cooking with Parnik
Cooking with Parnik 3 meses atrás
So good , I love it 😍 thank you for sharing this recipe 😊👍
Gary Morris
Gary Morris 5 dias atrás
This looks wonderful !
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 3 dias atrás
Vera Lucia
Vera Lucia 2 meses atrás
Willy von Busche
Willy von Busche 20 dias atrás
Amazing. I am never disappointed when I watch your videos. So I am happy to give you a big smiling face. 😄 You have deserved it and much more. Ich wünschte ich würde in Deutschland leben. Viel glück für dich.
Галина Матвеева
Рецепт хороший, спасибо! Но очень растянут ролик и тоскливо смотреть!
Cindy Scott
Cindy Scott Mês atrás
I had a major issue with the temperature. When I took it out of the oven the meat was raw. So I put it back in at 350 until it came up to proper temperature.
Jim Brown
Jim Brown 25 dias atrás
350F is 180C which is what the recipe says; perhaps you were at 180F which is not even boiling water?
mawe13 2 meses atrás
Sehr schön gezeigt, ich versuche es genau so nachzumachen.🤤 Vielen Dank fürs teilen🙏
Andreas Ottitsch
Andreas Ottitsch Mês atrás
Looks really good and I will definitely try this.... However - as some other commentators seem to have stated (unfortunately my reading of languages using Cyrillic characters is a bit rusty...) - this will definitely take more than 10 minutes... - My guess is: some 15 minutes for doing all the chopping/cutting & at least one hour in the oven... Yet, might be worth it....
John Obiro
John Obiro 12 dias atrás
That looks gorgeous.
Галина Матрохина
Вкусно только грибы жарятся, а в духовке запекается.
Lubov Tsvet
Lubov Tsvet 26 dias atrás
mer kvartala
mer kvartala 24 dias atrás
Вы про мясо по-французски слышали?
Татьяна Новотная
Интнресный рецепт, нужно попробовать.
Alexandr Neverov
Alexandr Neverov 18 dias atrás
А совесть вообще говорит что!!!??? Видео отменное и полезное!!! Совесть ваша на месте.!! Рецепт офигенный!!! Спасибо и с наступающим!!!🖕🖕🖕♥️👏👏👏🤗🇰🇿
Антуаннета 2 meses atrás
Спасибо за рецепт.
Richard Howe
Richard Howe Dia atrás
Leave off the cheese and tomato and put a slice of onion and sweet potato on top of the pork loin, or use fatty pork chops if you ain't watching your cholesterol and waistline, hehe, and lay the pork on a bed of cabbage slices. After it comes out of the oven sprinkle some Cajun seasoning on it. then you got something. Yours looks good also. Hello from south Louisiana🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 19 horas atrás
Wow thanks Richard
Proud Pennsylvanian
Proud Pennsylvanian 16 minutos atrás
Zoom out and sprinkle salt and pepper from further away. It will spread more even.
Zaza@ Mês atrás
Gracias porque compartir, me gusta mucho usar la cebolla.
Natasha Papuciu
Natasha Papuciu 2 meses atrás
Të lumshin duart je një mbrekulli qofsh gjithmon e veçantë 🌟👏👏🙏🙏🇦🇱
Alexandre Martinez
Alexandre Martinez 2 meses atrás
Parabéns pessoal
Magdalena Skwiercz
Magdalena Skwiercz 2 meses atrás
Podoba mi się bardzo musi być pycha
Helen Boula
Helen Boula 2 meses atrás
The cooking part is so simple and quick it's the prep work that they'll kick you in the ass
Кулинарная Жизнь на Кубани Людмила
*Классный рецепт, просто, быстро и доступно. Спасибо* 👏👏👏
Вениамин Чуланкин
Может и вкусно. Но дорого ,для одного ужина.не для простых людей.а богатые ,дома не жрут.
Кулинарная Жизнь на Кубани Людмила
@Марина Р для мяса да быстро. Если бы заменить курицей, то было бы ещё быстрее.
Марина Р
Марина Р 3 meses atrás
Schnell Lecker
Schnell Lecker 3 meses atrás
рад что Вам нравиться, приятного аппетита
Александр Москаленко
У нас, похоже, разные представления о том, что такое 10 минут.
Connie Lui - Leone
Connie Lui - Leone 6 dias atrás
what is the name of this dish? I made it tonight for my Italian husband, and he love it. Thank you for sharing.
Pierangela Rossetti
Pierangela Rossetti 12 dias atrás
Buonissimo 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋 complimenti, buono
Korean Street Food, people waiting in line!