PSE Perform X vs Mathews TRX

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PSE and Mathews are two of the worlds leading archery manufacturers. We take the top target bow from each company and compare them.
We compare Weight, Adjustability, colour, Draw, Vibration and speed.


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26 Jan 2018



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Comentários 29
Alabama Saddle Hunter
i love everything about my trx 7
Brian 3 meses atrás
I almost came over there and hooked the scale for you!
Fender Man
Fender Man 5 meses atrás
Fender man Approved!
theguyinmaine 5 meses atrás
The after shot shock is a bit ridiculous. On all modern bows it's so minimal it's not worth talking about. Not like a bow is jumping out of your hand or the kick of an 7mm magnum compared to a 22 long rifle.
MavErickChris 7 meses atrás
The TRX remembers a civil engineering crane hahaha.
Archery And Stuff With Steve Lason
Pse is Ugly, Mathews is Stunning!!!
FlyingLunatic 9 meses atrás
This guy clearly is pro PSE, probably because they offer better margins....
bowhunter Anos atrás
I like your videos. It look like the PSE has the same cam as MATHEWS.
The Left Handed Archer
Can you do a new review of the text with the new modules? And it changes the valley
toadamine Anos atrás
Hook the scale on the D-loop! 😂
b tamp
b tamp 2 anos atrás
Steven, have you tried the new TRX 38? I have never been a Mathews fan, however I went to my local shop to try the TRX 38 out based upon some bowpro's suggestion. I am sorry to say that the TRX 38 is really really nice!! Try it out, I think it's worth your time; plus I would like to know your thoughts about it. I shot the 50 lb with 70%letoff mods.... soooo nice! I hear the 60 lb with the 70V mods are the way to go if choosing 60lbs.
Karl Wassermann
Karl Wassermann Anos atrás
b tamp I actually shoot the 60lbs version with 53lbs. The Valley is really short, that make it really aggressiv. I like.
Twerk Juice
Twerk Juice 2 anos atrás
As always love your reviews, seems today with modern compound bows, by what you think looks the best.
Chris McHone
Chris McHone 2 anos atrás
look like PSE using Mathews cam design
James Paquette
James Paquette Anos atrás
Chris M. More like Mathews and PSE using a Darton cam!
Dave the Bowman
Dave the Bowman 2 anos atrás
When are you going to review the TRX38 dude? Long overdue. It is quite different from the TRX (40) 2017
David B Lowe
David B Lowe 2 anos atrás
Thanks for the comparison
Gabe Nydick
Gabe Nydick 2 anos atrás
The Matthews is dead in the hand because of those circular shock absorbers in the riser at the top and bottom.
Apollo Prospector
Apollo Prospector 2 anos atrás
Lmao "feels like a boat anchor" - I bet Matthews loved that
Archery Supplies
Archery Supplies 2 anos atrás
And the PSE is heavier.
Adam Hall
Adam Hall 2 anos atrás
The Mathews is basically a modified two track cam system similar to elite and other bow manufacturers who use the two track cam system
Dave the Bowman
Dave the Bowman 2 anos atrás
I am very surprised that you haven`t edited this review to make a more polished product but there you go. I am also more surprised that you are comparing a new PSE with a year old Mathews. How come you didn`t use the TRX38? Just a thought dude. Keep doing the reviews yes but they need editing to make them precise and watchable and shorter, to the point. Cut the waffle.
False-Set Anos atrás
@Dave the Bowman well... Expect away.
Justin 2 anos atrás
Dave the Bowman So, again you expect less details.
Dave the Bowman
Dave the Bowman 2 anos atrás
5jjt; When a professional dealer does a video review of a product he wants to sell, nowadays, I expect a professional job. Yes editing takes time. I do it myself so am speaking from experience. I also expect respect from others for my having a valid opinion on a subject I know something about. For example, Lancaster Archery Supplies do edit their videos and produce a direct, to the point, informative video that helps the buyer decide on a given product without having to wade through the waffle. I have great respect for Steven Hann and what he does for archery and his enthusiasm is admirable. I also like his manner. I just think that after all the videos he has made, he could just go that little bit further and clean up his presentation.
Justin 2 anos atrás
Dave the Bowman Do you tend to expect others to change their behaviors to suit you? Editing takes time.
Kenneth Osborne
Kenneth Osborne 2 anos atrás
It's really not that difficult to design a bow that is "dead in the hand". Simply produce a more parallel limb & longer riser. Many target compounders prefer some feedback reaction on a shot, & the reason most top target bows continue to feature a more forward facing limb comes from consultation with their big name experienced pro target archers expressing their preference for the design. The Mathews TRG is one exception & is there in the mix to offer that choice for some. Also keep in mind, bows in these reviews are shot without any stabilisation to balance.
Jimbo8 baja 5
Jimbo8 baja 5 2 anos atrás
I really like your videos, but most of them have your dog going off in the background and it ruins you vids when your advice is normally spot on.
blindjoedeath Anos atrás
I love the dog! Don’t change a thing!
PaniKontrol 2 anos atrás
I'm not a strong individual so these bows are a little too heavy for me, but it's nice to see what's out there in the new lineups.
erg0centric 2 anos atrás
That's twice you were unsure of the colours, you need a script writer. Thanks Steven.
Cole M.
Cole M. 2 anos atrás
Quite a few pros shooting the trx in the states.
Brabham Freaman
Brabham Freaman 2 anos atrás
OMG, you couldn’t even bring yourself to edit out the bits of you fumbling around with the scale! 😞 yawn
cantwine e
cantwine e Anos atrás
Brabham Freaman i'm so glad I wasnt the only one 😂 I was like "This should not make me this frustrated!!" Lol love his videos though
Brabham Freaman
Brabham Freaman 2 anos atrás
5jjt Do explain further - I am fascinated to know how you arrived at this powerful, reliable conclusion.
Justin 2 anos atrás
Brabham Freaman It's easy to tell that you are selfish.
Brabham Freaman
Brabham Freaman 2 anos atrás
5jjt FO not looking for sympathy. What's your opinion? I'm dying to know 😬
Justin 2 anos atrás
Brabham Freaman Poor you.
b tamp
b tamp 2 anos atrás
Glad you make these videos; wish you would vid your practice shoots! By the way, the body language immediately gave away your feeling about the Perform X in THE LAST video.... Haha. You do not like it as much as you thought you would initially.
Benj_1_am 2 anos atrás
PSE 5.2 lb surely not oz?
Paul Freeman
Paul Freeman 2 anos atrás
Isnt the vibration on all bows after the Arrow is long go so it shouldn't have any affect on shots or have I got it wrong
Archery Supplies
Archery Supplies 2 anos atrás
No you are correct - but it is how it feels as an archer - This is why people add dampeners, and things like limbsavers to reduce the vibration. Saying all that. When you shoot the bow, if the bow is vibration free you are less likely to move or flinch and make a bad shot. So archers balance bows, put rubber on the bows to avoid the vibration. The whole design of the Mathews with short limbs and parallel is designed to reduce vibration and make the bow feel better to shoot. Parallel limbs and the compression limbs reduce shock making the bows easier to shoot in my opinion - This is why most bows today have the compression parallel limbs. But people shoot good scores with a recurve bow and old style bows. But saying that average scores have improved significantly since the changes have come in. A customer brought a Perform from me 2 weeks ago - he is a great shot been shooting for years - he is shooting his best scores ever since he got the bow.
Lloyd Wellington
Lloyd Wellington 2 anos atrás
I never seen anyone get their A$$ handed to them by a scale before. *chuckle* My vote is for the PSE, step ladders are for hanging Christmas decorations.
Karl Wassermann
Karl Wassermann Anos atrás
Shoot it ever in the wind? TRX is very unimpressed by wind and stands more still, than other bows. ;)
erg0centric 2 anos atrás
The PSE looks a decoration, the Mathews like the ladder. Don't get me wrong, I ordered a PSE, currently shooting an ancient bow retrofitted with Mathews solocam.
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