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Resident Evil
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A brand-new team-based survival horror experience is coming. #ProjectResistance
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9 Set 2019



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Comentários 3 164
StormkoopaCV03 11 horas atrás
Great, it's just some Umbrella employee renegade reject that got a hold off an Nintendo power gloves for no reason. lol
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 13 horas atrás
Should we put Mr. X in the game? DMX: Duh nigga
Beaury ROÉS
Beaury ROÉS Dia atrás
Its cool
Tamás Szekeres
Tamás Szekeres Dia atrás
WHY CAPCOM WHY? outbreak remake or file 3 is what we want not this bullshit.. this is straight SHIT... fuck this i dont want this shit.... i will never play this shit... just to let u know ever since outbreak was released only proper game u made was RE2 remake... please realise that u keep on capitalizing on your early successes but u keep fucking up the name of the series...
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale Dia atrás
Capcom, you are still on time to cancel this crap.
Drako_ weA
Drako_ weA Dia atrás
the people need a new outbreak
strixe7 Dia atrás
Vadim Dudeovskih
Vadim Dudeovskih Dia atrás
Who asked for this show me that person
A250791 2 dias atrás
X gon give it to them
The Zodiac
The Zodiac 2 dias atrás
Omg I’d love to play this
ZackDestroysU 2 dias atrás
Holy shit she has bad aim don't expect that much ammo unless you'r on easy
PugsAndKissesYT 2 dias atrás
This looks badass but i wish it was on pc damn
victor sepulveda
victor sepulveda 2 dias atrás
outbreak 3 o tal vez resident evil revelations 3 no esto
Anwar Lopez Cheeriernevada1
Remake RE 1 and add more puzzles then work on RE 3 after
Anwar Lopez Cheeriernevada1
The trailer reminds me of a nightmare on elm street for some reason
Signore Colomma
Signore Colomma 2 dias atrás
13.000 likes?? The world is going to shit...
El ZeldaVerde
El ZeldaVerde 2 dias atrás
Cancel this game and make other resident evil capcom!
Bufekni 2 dias atrás
Not switch?
SciGuy831 2 dias atrás
SaibotNB 2 dias atrás
Gustavo Orellana
Gustavo Orellana 2 dias atrás
Usted no aprende verdad
Gustavo Orellana
Gustavo Orellana 2 dias atrás
En vez de hacer un dino crisis hacen esto, ya la estan cagando de nuevo capcom
nofi4 3 dias atrás
Hello Left4Dead.
Ahmad Echo
Ahmad Echo 3 dias atrás
These gus will need more than this pistal to kill this dude (Mr.X)
Taghreed Alotaibi
Taghreed Alotaibi 3 dias atrás
RE fans : oh shit here we go again !
Wildzy 3 dias atrás
no resident evil 3 remake no like
SgCy 3 dias atrás
RE2 literally just came out, it hasn't even been a full 7 months
NovaProud Gamer
NovaProud Gamer 3 dias atrás
Soooo After we got Re7 and Re2remake Fans wanted a new re game that would be either Re8 o Re3Remake. A lot of fans wanted a Re3Remake that it would be similar to Re2remake. Or a new Re game that continued the storyline. What does capcom do? Work on a game that nobody asked for.
Fight ForFun
Fight ForFun 3 dias atrás
Another Left 4 Dead game
JpmestraoPSN 3 dias atrás
fuck this
r3l1csvk 3 dias atrás
also for pc?i mean,the end mentions steam tho testing is opened to register for xbox one and ps4 only
BIGDRIP Joshua Controls the wave
I love resident evil, so I'm definitely playing this spinoff of Friday the 13 with Resident Evil theme
BIGDRIP Joshua Controls the wave
@SgCy 4v1 like ft13 is what I'm talking about, but yea I know what your saying an i cant what to troll and scare peaple playing as the Mastermind
SgCy 3 dias atrás
It's nothing like Friday the 13th. Mr. X is just a limited use power up with a huge cooldown. 90% of the ti,e the bad guy is watching on cameras, locking doors, spawning enemies around corners, killing the lights, ect.
Mr games ,
Mr games , 3 dias atrás
I hope is not 3d
Zlion Hearth
Zlion Hearth 3 dias atrás
Resident Evil Evolve Corps 🤣
ElTakery007 3 dias atrás
Sincerely, a disappointment. It was completely discovered that it was not created by Capcom, but by a company that did not know how to graphically polish the game. I thought it was going to be the resurgence of the "Outbreak" saga, but instead they give us this. Nobody laughs at the history of the online games of "Resident Evil", I just like "Resident Outbreak File 1 & 2" and some games in the main saga. Fortunately they did not name him as a "Re", because it would have been the last straw. What pisses me off the most is that they were inspired by Outbreak characters to create the survivors.
SgCy 3 dias atrás
It's literally pre-alpha footage you twit. Good job putting your foot in your mouth
Fábio Gilberto Silva
Fábio Gilberto Silva 3 dias atrás
Who asked for this game ?
William Andrews Hermenegildo
This looks like a mix of Saw and Resident Evil.
BILDERBERG 4 dias atrás
Rising Light
Rising Light 4 dias atrás
Roah Roh Raggy
Michael Gardner
Michael Gardner 4 dias atrás
Noooo just give us Outbreak or at least a HD remaster
Emmanuel Nicolas
Emmanuel Nicolas 4 dias atrás
Omg capcom you never learn right? You builted masterpiece with re 2 remake and now you make this piece of shit? By the way i already own Dead By Daylight... not going to buy this copy paste DbD Re Edition. #RE3NemesisRemake
Zuan Idrys
Zuan Idrys 4 dias atrás
Holy fuck Mr X is going to giving me hard time sleeping at night.... AGAIN!!!!!!
Deniel delphine
Deniel delphine 4 dias atrás
*Algum BR?* 👊❤
Jose Tornero
Jose Tornero 4 dias atrás
Pura mierda habéis creado
Elton İsmayılov
Elton İsmayılov 4 dias atrás
Very good GAME
Leo Klein
Leo Klein 4 dias atrás
Umbrela corps 2/ Disguised?
Badr Alshummry
Badr Alshummry 4 dias atrás
I was happy when it came I mean res evil 2 but now I am upset because of your new game you want to return to the abyss again🖕🏻
ズリムパトリク 4 dias atrás
I like it personally
szymon strykowski
szymon strykowski 4 dias atrás
Simply Multiplayer in proper RE style, That's CAPCOM 😎👍
Captain Campion
Captain Campion 4 dias atrás
cant wait for ohmwrecker to play this
lechuuuk 4 dias atrás
Que paso tío Capcom, antes eras chévere.jpg 👎
Hoody 4 dias atrás
Wish there was a new Dino Crisis like the original
al mtz
al mtz 4 dias atrás
esto parece un dlc para resident evil 2 , no me interesa este tipo de juego , prefiero que hagan resident evil 3 remake
Jethias 4 dias atrás
I would rather see RE3 remake tbh. This game is another spinoff. Reminds me of Umbrella Corps and I don't trust buying this game because gameplay like this isn't what Resident Evil is about.
SgCy 3 dias atrás
Re2 remake is literally brand new, its less than 7 months since release.
Toshihiro Katsu
Toshihiro Katsu 4 dias atrás
i think its a good concept. really looking forward to see what this would be like after some dlcs and updates.
Dame100DeSalame 4 dias atrás
F**k you, capcom
ThaRider33 4 dias atrás
Alex Lima
Alex Lima 4 dias atrás
Si no tiene modo historia entonces que sentido tiene este resident evil? Y solo se podra jugar online? Esperaba mas del nuevo juego. La verdad no es algo que esperabamos. Y creo q lamentablemente su juego no se vendera muy bien. Todos esperabamos un remake del RE 3 o un nuevo titulo con historia como los otros y no este que la verdad no llama la atencion.
PerfectCell2018 4 dias atrás
*Sees Mr. X* Ah Shit. Here we go again.
Junior X
Junior X 4 dias atrás
Borgli 4 dias atrás
An actual Zombie Master title, hell yeah!
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