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24 Nov 2022



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Kelborn 40K
Kelborn 40K 2 meses atrás
Can't wait for Mark, Jack, Bob and Wade to jump unto that. Looks really cool and fun!
tatlı Freddy
tatlı Freddy 4 dias atrás
Vini flogerioツ
Vini flogerioツ 10 dias atrás
Andy Quiridumbay
Andy Quiridumbay 12 dias atrás
Mod Games cuando sacas project playtime
Lucas Cluthe
Lucas Cluthe 17 dias atrás
Luis Donoso Benavides
Luis Donoso Benavides 19 dias atrás
@E. M. Rivera 7
Evgeniy Green
Evgeniy Green 16 dias atrás
The game is amazing. If it reaches mobile devices with separate servers, it will be a complete breakthrough of the mobile market and cosmic revenues! I hope you will release it on the phones
георги георгиев
@Evgeniy Green no on pc
Evgeniy Green
Evgeniy Green 16 dias atrás
@георги георгиев If you're talking about mobile devices, then of course it will be free, don't even doubt it!
георги георгиев
Hey can I ask something will the game be for free
The gane itself is really amazing and there are a lot of theories that if true could be an interesting plot . My personal favourite is SupeHororBro's theory. It has a good plot and a terrifying story behind it. The main villain in chapter three could be anyone . From "The Prototype" to even possibly Daddy Long Legs. It would be really fun to see the game and i hope it comes possibly soon.
Maria Salinas
Maria Salinas 23 dias atrás
Looks so fun, but I wonder when the chapter 3 game is gonna come out… but love the trailer and I bet it’s gonna be a lot of fun!❤
Jafet Sanchez
Jafet Sanchez 17 dias atrás
it already come out🙂
darien san
darien san 22 dias atrás
it looks amazing!! I can't wait for the game releases!
darien san
darien san 17 dias atrás
wait really?! ok then!! thanks for telling me!!
Jafet Sanchez
Jafet Sanchez 17 dias atrás
oh and its free
Jafet Sanchez
Jafet Sanchez 17 dias atrás
cant wait? the game came out 12 dec and its already January so you can download the game on steam
FusionZGamer 2 meses atrás
This looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun. cant wait!
Benjaminsonic514 6 dias atrás
Shubham Dhuria
Shubham Dhuria 7 dias atrás
@Emotional Damage you scammer
david benzie
david benzie 14 dias atrás
Kaydengod12 16 dias atrás
I wish this game was on iPad 😢
Memoo Mnoo
Memoo Mnoo 25 dias atrás
Huggys Life
Huggys Life 9 dias atrás
Dude this is the best multiplayer game ever the design the new monster the decoration for the player EVERYTHING i hope this game will be a banger
JxiPlayz-AussieDay! 5 dias atrás
I’m exited for the mobile release, it looks really fun
NotAmongusGuy 15 dias atrás
Can't wait to play this with my friends!
kissicraft 23 dias atrás
Que trailer tan bueno me encanta
Fish_world Mês atrás
They never fail to make a game look good
Leonismar Farrera
Leonismar Farrera 3 dias atrás
por favor pon dejar poppy platique gratis
Shamim 6 dias atrás
Bro the developers were working on this game for six months and still they didn’t find more bugs which we find
Ronald Juan
Ronald Juan 10 dias atrás
ZacktheUmbreon 14 dias atrás
@Rostitan wow I didn't know someone marketing their game was bad🧍‍♂️
Unepic alex
Unepic alex 16 dias atrás
@Moose don’t it was made just for money and stole from somebody else
maakin mohomad
maakin mohomad 14 dias atrás
I can't wait to play this game
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy 12 dias atrás
For the final chapter of the whole game, theres gotta be a way we can revive the deceased experiments such as mommy, bunzo and the mini huggies so they can live happily ever after again🥺🥺🥺
Cleric colinzard32
Cleric colinzard32 4 dias atrás
Can’t wait for the mobile verson it already looks amazing
shera buda
shera buda 16 dias atrás
Project Water моя самая любимая игра Спасибо что ты её сделал
Noob Mês atrás
This looks terrifying and fun at the same time. play with friends and have fun while a tall blue or long pink or box is chasing you
Jafet Sanchez
Jafet Sanchez 17 dias atrás
@zuzu ata its free
ricky halim
ricky halim 28 dias atrás
I have broder
Mereniza Macatiag
Mereniza Macatiag Mês atrás
New monster name is Boxy boo
Mereniza Macatiag
Mereniza Macatiag Mês atrás
Huggy wuggy.Mommy long legs. Boxy boo
Parker Davis
Parker Davis 4 dias atrás
I can’t wait for this to come out
Ethan Stoerger
Ethan Stoerger 6 dias atrás
A horror game where you can play as the scary ones? Color me impressed But one question… How much do they charge on steam?
Ambika Laishram
Ambika Laishram 8 dias atrás
If this game came on Android then i will download it so fast and tell my other friends to download it
Fiorella Videla
Fiorella Videla 21 dia atrás
Cuando va a salir el capítulo 3 de POPPY PLAYTIME 💙
𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔
I'm happily surprised, this actually looks like it has potential. It's incredibly surprising how much potential Poppy Playtime actually has.
MelodyToonie Mês atrás
I seen you everywhere..
Yeah Buddy
Yeah Buddy Mês atrás
@Raven stan just use the pirate flag emoji
MegaNugget12 Mês atrás
Will project playtime come out to console??
MolFy Playtime
MolFy Playtime Mês atrás
↖️ I play Project: Playtime in REAL LIFE! Watch!!!!!👃🏽
Michael Melendez
Michael Melendez Mês atrás
Roko W
Roko W 23 dias atrás
Will the Android version take a long time? I know the Project Playtime is still in development due to bugs etc. Does your group already have an Android release date or not yet?
Thomas Simmons
Thomas Simmons 17 dias atrás
Playing as a player in a monster? SO GOOD!
Nefthaly Beaurregard
Nefthaly Beaurregard 9 dias atrás
Un 10 por las skins los trailers los escenarios y las animaciones
staymadgummybeef 10 dias atrás
Alright it's been 5 months since the teaser trailer came out meaning that in February the full trailer is 99.9% gonna come out
cica Mês atrás
I'm actually excited for this one. Sure, MOB games have thier dark backstory, but every company does, right? It seems like they are going the right way, and seeing that this game is gonna be free-to-play, and no pay to win, i say i'll give it a chance, and who knows? Maybe this will be one of the best multiplayer horror game!
cica 24 dias atrás
First of all, im a male, second of all no one asked you. Have a great day.😃
TheNewReality 24 dias atrás
girl do not try to justify this shit. just say you like it and move on
You’ve gone incognito
“MOB games have their dark backstory but every company does, right?” - 🤓
A Half Life Fan
A Half Life Fan Mês atrás
@cica no problem! It very rare to see an optimistic and a nice person like you
cica Mês atrás
@A Half Life Fan Thanks you for sharing your opinion!
Blues universe
Blues universe 8 dias atrás
I really wanna play this game I have to wait until it can be played on iPad or get my own computer 😭
Kaiju paradise adventures
Question : is boxy boo going to be a actual character in poppy playtime?
Cheem con la Coca cola
It must come out for PlayStation5 and Xbox, it would be the best game, everyone would play it, :).
Cheem con la Coca cola
I think I just figured out something.. On the train it says 9512 and my guess is playtime co. started in 1952! It has to be! 😮 let me know what you guys think. I hope MOB games sees this.
obvidaniel! -utb urfavedaniel #100SUBSTYASM
This is by far the best version of poppy playtime. Not only is it multiplayer, it looks so fun, and you can play as the monster!
Sam Setha
Sam Setha 16 dias atrás
Can we agree that there need to be a pinging system when it’s the last or two player because 3 game in a row that I got monsters I killed 5 and one guy left hiding in one of 100 of locker waiting for the players in the hole to die so they can escape and it happens to me just then the guy got no puzzle pillar solve and rescue just hiding in a locker for the hole game
Mick Reilly
Mick Reilly 8 dias atrás
cool effects i love it so much i don't know how you done a amazing game
Alisabet-Katya 19 dias atrás
Hello Poppy Playtime developers! I would like to ask when will Project Playtime come out for android? And will it come out at all?
Sarah Kh
Sarah Kh 20 dias atrás
This music is insane 🔥
Brayden Schollmeyer
Brayden Schollmeyer 2 meses atrás
Can't wait too see tons of BRvidrs playing this together, its gonna be great
MolFy Playtime
MolFy Playtime Mês atrás
↖️ I play Project: Playtime in REAL LIFE! Watch!!!!!👀
Morbid Fayde
Morbid Fayde Mês atrás
@Typisch oh, didn't know, just knew he had the picture of him and marzia in Japan and said himself he was retiring like, a year back, so
D'arktanyan Mês atrás
@Diesel Lew i insulted every cringe kid cartoon i find in my reccomend saying they should die
Typisch Mês atrás
@Morbid Fayde what? pewdiepie literally still uploads
STEVEMOBSLAYER 2 meses atrás
Mob Games cyberabused one of their fans for 2 years. They said and did absolutely horrible things to him, nearly driving him to suicide.
deepa arya
deepa arya 21 dia atrás
Can't wait for it
TheHaggyWaggy 22 dias atrás
you are the best as always i am your fan keep up the good work😁
Aurora 20 dias atrás
I'm excited to see the new OST's For chapter 3.😃😃😃
Rassim gaming
Rassim gaming 9 dias atrás
Is project playtime is going to release on mobile I hope so
Shadow_Fire 2 meses atrás
I really like those features you added to this exciting game! The best parts are: • multiplayer • playing as the monsters • new monster!
Lanny Reys
Lanny Reys Mês atrás
@LavenderiousYT its not, its a multiplayer game for us to enjoy while chapter 3 is being made
Lanny Reys
Lanny Reys Mês atrás
@Rocco Socko SP kissy missy might stay friendly in chapter 3, but i hope she comes as an skin for huggy wuggy that would be cool
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Mês atrás
MolFy Playtime
MolFy Playtime Mês atrás
↖️ I play Project: Playtime in REAL LIFE! Watch!!!!!🫱
Eric Bernardo Neaime
New map
Mr Creeper
Mr Creeper 18 dias atrás
Hi Mob entertainment this is a really fun game i just want to know when is there gonna be chapter 3 for poppy playtime trailer we need more!
Crazy Alpha
Crazy Alpha 19 dias atrás
I hope that game can play Offline and Online mode 🥺
ibrahim 13 dias atrás
Let's go dude the game is finally out
MOHAMED GAMER 2 horas atrás
We need project playtime for android and iOS
Ihatevee Mês atrás
this seems like a cool spin off, also looks pretty fun as well
Memoo Mnoo
Memoo Mnoo 25 dias atrás
LynchYT 23 dias atrás
HOLY cow its good damn
Jumbo josh: gaming
Jumbo josh: gaming 23 dias atrás
Thank you so much For making project playtime
ryth 20 dias atrás
When is it going to be on the App Store I'm getting too mad how long is it going to take
Catdude 16 dias atrás
we just want something, ANYTHING, on poppy playtime chapter 3
Unbreakable_Gamezz Mês atrás
This was such an awesome game to play 100 percent recommend it
Binetou Gueye
Binetou Gueye Mês atrás
birthday dude
birthday dude 23 dias atrás
this was too good
Amisha Liyana
Amisha Liyana 45 minutos atrás
is fun to play this game😊
Sleepy Boy
Sleepy Boy 16 dias atrás
Make more poppy Playtime updates (on mobile versions too)
Sonic forces players character
Is this ever going to be on mobile I’m just curious?
Fortcraft Ch Shorts
Fortcraft Ch Shorts 2 meses atrás
I love that the game is free to play, thanks a lot for that Mob ;3
Normal Noob
Normal Noob 2 meses atrás
Yeah. its no money
Puffydumb⁸ 12 dias atrás
Since we got chapter one, two for mobile,they might make project playtime for mobile too
Whogamin’ 19 dias atrás
When does it come out?
Da pickle
Da pickle 9 dias atrás
Brayan Rojas
Brayan Rojas 19 dias atrás
Me gusta que haya sacado el proyecto playtime en el ordenador,seguro que mucha gente le gustaría y yo quiero jugar a ese juego,pero no me deja aunque yo quería,sería mejor mandar al móvil proyecto playtime gratis😎
ThatNautilus21 2 meses atrás
Imagine if the box the monster disguises as to lure players looks similar to the boxes full of parts that the players must open? It would add a sense of danger and would allow the monster to use strategy to trick players Edit: There is no way 1.3K people liked this stupid comment
oi 23 dias atrás
Muito triste para olhar as pessoas para mim não chegou ainda o projeto vai estar não chegou ainda eu acho É porque tem uns bugs para olhar as coisas então fica esperando o presente
frog Mês atrás
@notemergencyfood the one where you spell learned with a D at the end (:
notemergencyfood Mês atrás
@frogthat makes total sense idk what english you learnt
Lilac Roses
Lilac Roses Mês atrás
@frog 🤣🤣🤣
balaozinho fofo
balaozinho fofo Mês atrás
@pancake commander and Bowser ppppp
Shaylyn LeFors
Shaylyn LeFors 16 dias atrás
We want chapter 3 now please
Ding Dong
Ding Dong 9 horas atrás
Is it going to come out in? Mobile if so what's the release date?
Antony sandoval Martinez
Cuando saldrá para Android o iOS ?
can't wait till it comes out on phone😃
Syfx 2 meses atrás
Imagine if they added proximity chat with this. That would be amazing
Prince Icarus
Prince Icarus Mês atrás
@Креативный кот every monster has their perks Mommy can climb Boxy can jump high Huggy can run I don’t see why add more things to make them different and they don’t need a voice changer
Креативный кот
@Prince Icarus Yes, but Huggy. Boxy Boo should not be able to speak. Plus, making voice changer is hard.
Prince Icarus
Prince Icarus Mês atrás
@Креативный кот monsters should definitely hear, I guess Mommy should be able to speak as well.
MolFy Playtime
MolFy Playtime Mês atrás
↖️ I play Project: Playtime in REAL LIFE! Watch!!!!!👥
the mertbert2010
the mertbert2010 Mês atrás
@Elos i guess thats ok for now
сырок сырный
please make full version free, some can't buy chapter 2 but can play online
OyunKralı 9 dias atrás
when will chapter 3 be out?
Cynthia Carrasquillo
Cynthia Carrasquillo 19 dias atrás
Mob Entertainment This is a perfect game!!! 👍 Can You Plz make a Official Boxy Boo Jack in the box!!! It will be cool for your merch store!!!
Artic CZ
Artic CZ 8 dias atrás
do you plan to make a mobile version of project playtime in the future?
Lucas E. Garcia
Lucas E. Garcia Mês atrás
It's not just a multiplayer... it feels like a prequel.
Bastian 076
Bastian 076 23 dias atrás
@Денис Икрамов an inglish
Bastian 076
Bastian 076 23 dias atrás
An inglish
Денис Икрамов
Mob games как скачать project playtime mobile
thegirlinthehood Mês atrás
It is, Huggy ain't mangled
Bastian 076
Bastian 076 Mês atrás
FlashburnWings 21 dia atrás
After project playtime can you make a mobile version of it that way mobile users can also join the fun 😀 in project playtime the game was super cool I liked it i wish you luck on the mobile version
Epic_face_guy 14 dias atrás
Sheesh this game is fire when I try to join a match that doesn't not let me fix this bug
Evolver54 16 dias atrás
every youtuber after watching this: time to go glitch hunting
JD Studio
JD Studio 7 dias atrás
When will chapter 3 come out?
Vienna Savage
Vienna Savage 2 meses atrás
I'd love it if the monsters had voice lines and taunts such as when they down a player, or maybe a foreboding call while they're searching/when they find someone! It'd really bring the creepiness to the game!
MolFy Playtime
MolFy Playtime Mês atrás
↖️ I play Project: Playtime in REAL LIFE! Watch!!!!!🫵
Fresh Coast Leather Works
Sheryl Daz
Sheryl Daz Mês atrás
@madformuse well the card board cutout of him does so maybe they will put that 🤔 if they were to put voicelines
Vienna Savage
Vienna Savage Mês atrás
@nuclear stuff well, alot of people disagree. Most find chapter 2 even scarier than chapter 1.
JYAC Mês atrás
yeah or if you could hit the default dance when you kill someone lol
Gunn 14 dias atrás
Please I want mobile version so bad 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻 LOVE FROM INDIA 🇮🇳💕
💛LILY ROWLAND 💛 11 dias atrás
Is this chapter 3? I thought it was Huggy with a robotic arm.
Boxy boo
Boxy boo 8 dias atrás
Well, when will chapter 3 with a prototype come out?
Nightmare 21 dia atrás
Are you ever gonna add this game to consoles!
Minecraft the Alex 2.0
Looks pretty good i have chapter 1 & 2 bought and already ready for this
anya klemyantenka
anya klemyantenka 14 dias atrás
When is the game coming out for iOS and Android?
Dog king daggo
Dog king daggo 12 dias atrás
When’s will project: playtime come out in ipad?
El KARROUTI Latifa 8 dias atrás
When is the release date for the game Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 ? Now, new year 2023 and the game is long overdue !
Gubriel 5 dias atrás
Hello mob games! I wanted to ask if there is going to be a console release for project playtime
aiden singh
aiden singh Mês atrás
i am so excited for this game to come out!!!!!
VaheGames 22 dias atrás
hello, I have a question. When will the game be released on the phone?
Marzie213 19 dias atrás
Make a happy ending on the last poppy playtime
Alex Kolp
Alex Kolp 23 dias atrás
Mob games i love this game so much great game
seba mer
seba mer 20 dias atrás
hello mob games, can you tell when the game will be ready for consoles and phones? I know I'm asking a lot and I know the game is still in development but I'm just asking.
Cameron Gilbertson
Cameron Gilbertson Mês atrás
I never played the poppy playtime chapters,but this looks incredible! I can’t wait to play it thanks mob entertainment.👍
Cameron Gilbertson
Cameron Gilbertson Mês atrás
I mean project playtime better play for ps4.
Lanny Reys
Lanny Reys Mês atrás
chapter 1 is free but 2 is paid, and this game will also be free
Exportcringe 23 dias atrás
Hey Mob will they be a mobile project playtime bc this is sooo fun
NINJA.GAMING 14 dias atrás
Can you make poppy playtime part 3 please?
creeper prankster
creeper prankster 11 dias atrás
Hey mob entertainment when is project playtime coming up for mobile release?
The Maxwell B Channel
The Maxwell B Channel 12 dias atrás
Now I am going to wait for a Boxy Boo plush.
Alejandro the BFDI Fan
I’m ready to play this game! I bet this will be fun
Steve Mascot
Steve Mascot 13 dias atrás
Dude, they need to release with a mobile version, it would make so much money for MOB games, right everyone? Everyone is so desperate for it, if you ever see this mob, think about making a mobile version of this game, it make molah.
MissChris1974 3 dias atrás
I can’t wait till it comes on Mobile iOS
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson 22 dias atrás
This trailer is crazy🎉
Marqus Robin's World
Marqus Robin's World 18 dias atrás
Question: Why is huggy’s jumpscare different and not the same same with mommy long legs
I love you Jed
Visualizações 202 897
Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3 - Teaser Trailer
I love you Jed
Visualizações 202 897