Pro Editor Reacts to Transitions in (G)I-DLE 'TOMBOY' 

Jordan Orme
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In this video, I react to #Tomboy from a professional video editor and filmmaking perspective!
Video Edited by: Jordan Orme
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13 Mar 2022



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Jordan Orme
Jordan Orme Anos atrás
Make a 15-20 sec video for a chance to win $1,000 in prizes :)
Ranya Preetanchal
Ranya Preetanchal Anos atrás
Shooky _Bxnny
Shooky _Bxnny Anos atrás
Try some idles other song and everglow, dc, ateez.. I wish could join 😭
Ranya Preetanchal
Ranya Preetanchal Anos atrás
I will try my best to win the prize! Definitely will participate tho!
I AM BEGGING YOU, please react to After School by Weeekly
GG Cannon
GG Cannon Anos atrás
Jordan, please react to the "2021 em uma música" music video.
Luis Ferd
Luis Ferd Anos atrás
they are not referring to the actual tomboy style, is more about them being fierce and getting out of the hyper feminine and girly stereotype society expects women to accomplish, kind of like "if this is not how girls should be, then i guess you can call me a tomboy if you want"
Hope Hope
Hope Hope Anos atrás
shuhua's paboland
shuhua's paboland Anos atrás
Midoriya Deku
Midoriya Deku Anos atrás
He flopped at this one haha
Tusjin N
Tusjin N Anos atrás
Mây Hg
Mây Hg Anos atrás
Yeah, Soyeon kinda said it herself in the MV as well: "If you get this song right, you'll get what I mean 'tomboy'", as this song is about breaking social gender stereotype.
sunshine sunoo
sunshine sunoo Anos atrás
7:46 soyeon said “you get the song right? you'll get what i mean, tomboy” yes, it's just symbolic. the whole song is about breaking stereotype of how ppl nowadays underestimating women's abilities to do something
NaomiAnn Dorothy Valeria
Chilla Foxyy it does actually, the context of tomboy here is the same with Destiny Rogers' Tomboy song.
Aria the First
Aria the First Anos atrás
Chilla Foxyy how about doing your research and finding out the gender bias going on there in SK?
@peachyytanღ Anos atrás
sunshine sunoo
sunshine sunoo Anos atrás
Chilla Foxyy how? breaking stereotype of how ppl nowadays underestimating women's abilities to do something, just like tomboy.
isa Anos atrás
Chilla Foxyy ur just not getting it.
jenny Anos atrás
saw a theory about that 'tomboy' is used to represent the breaking of gender stereotypes (perhaps this is what the "this is my attitude" and "it's neither man nor woman" lines mean) and i thought that was really interesting! and also the mv is so cool i loved it
scentessie the nevie
It is! The G in Gidle stands for girl so that’s why the G in I Never Die posters is faded and sometimes not even there, and why there are missing posters for the G in the MV
TheGreatEllie125 Anos atrás
I was thinking about that too when I read those lyrics
jenny Anos atrás
@scentessie the nevie OH RIGHT i didn't realise that's a cool detail!
smith chippie
smith chippie Anos atrás
Yes, they're not literally trying to be Tomboys - it's having the attitude of one.
Preston Salomon
Preston Salomon Anos atrás
I think it’s also a lesbian song since “I’m in love with a tomboy”, tomboys are usually females
joolteatea Anos atrás
Let’s get the cultural difference straight - As a FEMININE Asian I still have been called a tomboy for a number of small things from wearing oversized shirts to having any trace of a defiant attitude. It’s usually said as a backhanded insult like “you’re not being a proper lady”. So I love how this song is reclaiming that word and owning that attitude. Let’s try not to diminish feminist statements, even by accident, especially when Koreans are still living in a highly conservative and patriarchal society. They currently have to fight for basic women’s rights in their political environment.
Rose Anos atrás
As someone born and raised in America, tomboy usually meant a non girly girl. That’s it. Most of the tomboys I knew were really into sports.
bxhija Anos atrás
@Rose same as england
bella Anos atrás
Elviichan Anos atrás
Words can be used differently depending on the context, so let's appreciate OP's comment that explain how they see it in asian cultures.
mauve monster
mauve monster Anos atrás
i have to agree. however, in our country (philippines) tomboy means lesbian. in terms of culture, here in the Philippines we have this concept of "dalagang pilipina" - which means being modest, quiet and reserved. there's a huge pressure and expectation towards filipina women to act like this since it's traditional. so when their are women who act different they labeled right away as tomboy even they're not
Phoenix Maximus
Phoenix Maximus Anos atrás
I think your understanding on the word TOMBOY is only based on what you see and what you know in the western world. Mostly in Eastern and asian countries especially conservative countries uses the word TOMBOY as woman who breaks the gender role and perception of a woman according to that specific country/culture. A lot of "Tomboy" women can still look feminine but does not act accordingly to how their society perceives them. Just giving my 2 cents about your comment about tomboys and how they dress.
Shobe Skirt
Shobe Skirt Anos atrás
hi i saw your tweet and you're right
E Jay Linihan
E Jay Linihan Anos atrás
PREACH!!! Very well said !!!
Herb Anos atrás
@JRE Ibanez racism is showing
한미라 Anos atrás
@Herb against whom
Nhi🌸 Anos atrás
i liked everything you said about the video editing and production ❗️but for clarification when they refer to “tomboy” or say “yeah i’m a fucking tomboy” they don’t mean just the style of clothing. in other countries “tomboy” would be used to shame or refer to a way a certain person behaves that is “not lady-like” which is why they mention things like not fitting into standards for women, smoking, cussing, drinking and such❗️
Judith Kim
Judith Kim Anos atrás
honestly even if you look up an English definition of tomboy they will mention the behaviors and characteristics before necessarily presentation -_- i don't know why everyone is getting so caught up on the fashion which leans more in the pop punk which is also valid considering the music. there can be femme presenting tomboys imo
Roshni Gupta
Roshni Gupta 8 meses atrás
@Judith Kim people just want to hate...videos with negative views get much more engagement than positive reviews
runa 4 meses atrás
Exactly !!
Misterye Anos atrás
Don't look at this song in a western perspective. I-DLE is from a conservative country (Korea). You say 'tomboy' to a woman who doesn't necessarily appear nor act feminine. Soyeon composed this song to say that's it's neither a man nor a woman, just I-dle. They will love and embrace themselves for who they are and what they are capable to do, even if they're not conforming with what society tells them to do as girls/woman. (There are also few female producers in Korea, and I-DLE members are one of those, mainly Soyeon) That's why 'G' in (G)I-DLE is missing in all the visuals, mainly because of two reasons: 1) G stands for six (6), but now they're only five. 2) G stands for 'girl'. They don't want to box themselves, they want to break gender stereotypes.
Tomboy meaning here in the Philippines (Asian country) is the same with Western. So at first, I'm just confused with the song. 🤣
Troy Mendez
Troy Mendez Anos atrás
@KAEDEHARA KAZUHA I'm from ph but ik that tomboy is not just about the way a female should dress like a man? ig it's really a matter of perspective.
Misterye Anos atrás
@KAEDEHARA KAZUHA A lot of countries in the world defines it as a girl who's behaving like a boy/not feminine enough. But don't take it literally in a song. You need to look at the lyrics and visual. 'Neither man nor woman', meaning defying gender roles, gender expectations, and just being I-dle (themselves). 'Just me loving tomboy', meaning they are who they are, they will love themselves no matter if people wants to put them in a box.
이얏흥 Anos atrás
Yeah! 제일 맞게 설명했음. 그리고 idle도 I+'들' 이라는 의미임. 5명의 '나'라는 의미. 그래서 g를 빼는게 더 중요한거고 의미있는 것. 톰보이도 여러 의미를 담은 거고!
앨리aly Anos atrás
@KAEDEHARA KAZUHA a fellow filo here but i get what their message at first watch. Being called a 'tomboy' here has always been a coincide of the way you dress and how you move or act (not being a proper lady) not solely on clothing. First hand experience here because i was called a 'tomboy' when i was a kid a few fimes for moving 'tough' and sometimes messy, playing outside with boys while dressing in t-shirt and 'tokong' shorts. The impression has been universal i think it just depends on your perspective.
Peachy☽ Anos atrás
I loved this MV. Hats off to the editor for creating this masterpiece
Jordan Orme
Jordan Orme Anos atrás
rug swiper 186
rug swiper 186 Anos atrás
You are lucky dude
sylvia Anos atrás
Beat me Crzy
Beat me Crzy Anos atrás
You can watch the chipmunk version here
Beat me Crzy
Beat me Crzy Anos atrás
@rug swiper 186 you can watch the chipmunk version here
Ana Abb
Ana Abb Anos atrás
Jordan Orme
Jordan Orme Anos atrás
Beat me Crzy
Beat me Crzy Anos atrás
You can watch the chipmunk version here
Beat me Crzy
Beat me Crzy Anos atrás
@Jordan Orme you can watch the chipmunk version here
posepink Anos atrás
@Jordan Orme wdym by right ??
Neha Anos atrás
@posepink he means he's agreeing with the original comment
Tckk Anos atrás
The word Tomboy has very different connotation in most of the eastern countries. It's almost used synonymously to 'Rebellious Girl', someone who doesn't behave 'lady-like' etc. They went for THAT meaning of Tomboy, not the western one which pertains more to aesthetics. They challenge those stereotypes by claiming to be a Tomboy.
Alejandra Obando
Alejandra Obando Anos atrás
The meaning Jordan is giving the word here is not "the western one" we here know the different connotation of the word too and is a reclaimed word now. He just tried to be "i know best" and clearly he doesnt.
kimmy Anos atrás
@Alejandra Obando he does not know best but he knows right just look at the dictionary. tomboy is an english word they cant change the word from a different language so they should create a new one in their own you cant just steal a word from a different culture and add your thoughts in its meaning lmao
Moïsé ZB
Moïsé ZB Anos atrás
@kimmy dude that’s how language works, you take words from other languages maybe modify them a bit but it’s not something they invented. I’m sure you use words like “micro” “minimum” “philosophy” “etc.” which are all words in english that are originally greek. Honestly you not understanding that a same word can have different connotations or multiple meanings depending on the culture is extremely ethnocentric of you
MrMLaidlaw 4 meses atrás
That's what a Tomboy means in the west as well... Apparently the difference is that it's a deadly insult in the east. I see it as a fun song about dom girls lol
✾𝔇𝔲𝔷✾ Anos atrás
🌟FACTS🌟 1. The Director and Editor is a Woman! She was the one that edited INVU of Taeyeon. 2. "Tomboy" is the term they chosed to speak out about the prejudice for Girl groups not being "girly" enough, so they say "it's neither man or woman", I-dle is whatever they want (the group even promoted without the G that emphasize them being girls/women).
HakunaMatata Anos atrás
Hi, thank you for reacting (G)I-dle Tomboy MV! Glad that many people react to this MV. And I think through this MV you learn 2 things about *culture difference* between western and eastern cultures. 1. 3:25 It is 'I am fucking Tomboy'. Fucking is still considered as rude so they need to beep it in order to be media appropriate in South Korea and any other eastern countries. Fun fact: many beep on MV of eastern musics usually beeping for the word of 'fucking', so eastern audience know that without search it to the CD version. 2. 4:04 In eastern cultures, *Tomboy doesn't mean the appearance but mannerism.* Women and girls in eastern culture wearing feminine clothes are still considered as Tomboy because of their attitude, breaking the stereotype of being feminine attitude. Hopefully, this explanation widen you perspective. Many Thanks!😁
Aria the First
Aria the First Anos atrás
True. I dress up all girly and stuff but seriously, my interest are all boy stuff. Being a tomboy is not just about how one dresses. 🤦‍♀️
stayshu Anos atrás
@Aria the First fr
livfoofoo Anos atrás
Tomboy is image made by society (specifically men) for women who don't have feminine vibe or opinion which is literally the stereotype I-DLE is trying to break through this MV. In the MV when Soyeon is in the kitchen and the line goes "I don't wanna play this ping pong I would rather film a TikTok" It's her going against the stereotype that women belong in the kitchen only. Those lyrics mean that she's an independent woman and can do whatever.
c.H.u.N Leung
c.H.u.N Leung Anos atrás
Everthing about this comeback is IN F*CKING SANE. I am not even a fan like that but from the song to the music video to the styling are screaming ICONIC, and excuse me who did the choreo for this because the ending scene is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
WinE pArTy!!!!!
WinE pArTy!!!!! Anos atrás
I agree with u so muuuch....the outfits are fire🔥 the last scene of the MV is beautiful, like the choreography.... and the meaning of the song is very important and so good👏🏻😊
Lolly Anos atrás
3:22 "tomboy" is not only a noun but an adjective too, so the line "yeah i'm f*cking tomboy" is as grammatically correct as "yeah i'm f*cking awesome"
rey Anos atrás
Eyyy :D I know it's very easy to gloss over the deeper message of the song because the Tomboy aesthetic is what most people relate it too but the message really goes deeper than just stylistic choices. The "This is my attitude." line is one of the main hooks and I also think it's one of the most telling statements on how becoming a "Tomboy" is not just applying boyish styles but rather, becoming free to express yourself the way you want to. At the first parts of the MV, the girls are always confined in 4 walls. Even if it's a hallway, Soyeon's asylum, Minnie's room, etc. until Miyeon sees through the keyhole Yuqi and Shuhua driving. I interpret this as them finally *seeing* things from the outside perspective. They just became introduced to the concept of controlling one's self (hence, Yuqi driving her own car). The dolls also represent the idea of the ideal feminine while Ken, contrary to popular belief, does not simply represent their significant other but also the concept of toxic masculinity / misogyny. At the start of the MV, the audience perspective is also in first person, we're the ones being loaded into a car, being pointed a gun towards, etc. Just like how the girls slowly escape the enclosure, literal boxes, we also go from being in the first person to third person. We finally see what's inside the trunk because we, ourselves, are also free. 6 balloons representing IDLE (yeah, let me dream) and then the rest representing Neverland! They've literally killed the preconceived notions of what any of us are supposed to act like and what society dictates how we should act. In the end, there's so many layers and connections sprinkled through the MV that even I'm still trying to find them all. And in this comment, I haven't even discussed everything solely because of the *sheer* amount of messages you can derive from the lyrics alone. It's really fun! And I can't really blame people for missing what the song really means because of the assumptions we make with the word "Tomboy", which only proves IDLE's point.
Axis Anos atrás
Despite the title being "Tomboy", the song is a commentary and criticizing the conventional, standards, and stereotypes present in our societies today. Like just like what Soyeon says, Tomboy is an attitude, we dont mf need to fit in to your expectation just so one could be called tomboy. Same goes to her line "Sometimes we swear without cigarettes" as there is this stigma, mainly in Korea that when a girl swears a lot, it more likely that they smoke cigarettes and drinks a lot, and vice versa. She basically means, I dont need cigarettes just for me to swear. I can be whoever I want to be, and still be able to swear. If only I could make a video of explaining this song to international listeners because most of y'all really dont get it at all. Even Jordan himself "makes a frown face" because he expected the girls to be wearing some stereotypical tomboy clothing, but no, we dont have to fit in to those stereotypes just to be validated with how we want to be.
Aria the First
Aria the First Anos atrás
Not to mention that the smoking and swearing has a direct relation to Soojin too as she was accused of that when she was a teenager.
Roshni Gupta
Roshni Gupta 8 meses atrás
@Aria the First which is a ridiculous thing to "accuse" someone of...
artsology Anos atrás
So at the end of the video in the credits seen it shows Bomber MIYEON (the girl who threw the explosive lolipop) Sniper MINNIE (the girl with the gun you said was a barbie doll) Poisoner SOYEON (the girl who did the rap and blended ken) Driver YUQI (the girl with the blondish pink hair driving the car) Spectator SHUHUA (the girl in the movie scene)
sillything_ Anos atrás
It was miyeon walking in the corridor
shuhua was in the movie scene jjust because miyeon and shuhua got same part dosenot means they are the same person.
artsology Anos atrás
oh that's my bad, sry I'm a new neverland 😅
@artsology ok srry if you found me rude 😋
Aria the First
Aria the First Anos atrás
I like your views on video editing but I feel kind of sad how you looked at the song, I'm not sure if you read the lyrics. In South Korea, women are expected to behave a certain way and this song was a way to empower women to stand up to how they want to see themselves as and not be dictated by social norms. There aren't a lot of female producers there in South Korea because of the gender bias that it is a man's job. She mentioned on her interview that she was told this when she wanted to start writing her own songs. I feel like this song really did a good job showing that.
Uancho Alido
Uancho Alido Anos atrás
"Tomboy" was written by Soyeon who also composed and arranged the song alongside Pop Time and Jenci. Musically, the song was described as a rock and pop punk song with lyrics about "independence and breaking the mold [of] being a 'perfect' girlfriend".
kazu_ Anos atrás
loved this mv so much
Jordan Orme
Jordan Orme Anos atrás
Axle Gindervald
Axle Gindervald Anos atrás
That’s why she put the phrase “you’ll get this song right you’ll get what I mean tomboy”
K-Aki Anos atrás
When I saw the explosion behind Miyeon and the doll's parts I just thought what would be your reaction to it and yeah, I'm not disappointed lol
Jordan Orme
Jordan Orme Anos atrás
Hahaha thanks for hanging!
Beat me Crzy
Beat me Crzy Anos atrás
You can watch the chipmunk version here
Yosan Cahyadi
Yosan Cahyadi Anos atrás
I think they meant "Yeah I'm a f*cking tomboy", because the next line is "Yeah I'll be the tomboy" I'm from Indonesia (a part of Southeast Asia) and I totally understand what they meant by 'tomboy'. I think in Asian culture, the term 'tomboy' is mostly used to describe a manly/boyish, fierce, strong woman. For example: "Yeah, she never wants to wear a skirt, she's very tomboy" "She's a tomboy, no wonder why boys don't want to date her" Or if you want to be more specific, 'tomboy' can also mean a woman that takes the man's part in a relationship (?), this is rarely used though but the meaning can also lean this way.
starcrossed azure;
starcrossed azure; Anos atrás
Great breakdown of the MV!! However, a lot of people like you are saying “The concept fails to grasp the meaning of tomboy. They are NOT tomboys, they are dressed too feminine!” People saying that is the exact reason why this song was written in the first place. The whole song is a paradox: it is meant to represent the way people put women into boxes for everything they do instead of letting them be. The irony of the word “tomboy” while wearing feminine clothing is the evidence, and also the sentence “do you want a blonde barbie doll?” while they themselves represent dolls with dark hair. In the video, Idle is choosing to be “dolls” on their OWN terms, to be “tomboys” on their OWN terms. It’s also a way to represent how idols (not only girls, although they are the most common target) are put into perfect boxes of behaviour and looks.
ysean Anos atrás
I didn't expect the you will react on this mv, i've always wanted to see you react in (G)I-DLE's music videos because they are my ultimate stan and i like the way you react to every mvs. I'm a kpop stan that love editing so i find you very entertaining and i gain knowledge when you notice every little transition/edited parts in a music video! I'm from Philippines and i always watch your reaction videos ^__^
Audrey Anos atrás
Dunno if it was me, But on his story on Instagram, I told him to react to Girl's Tomboy then enct day found this lol
Sarah Anos atrás
He reacted to Oh my god too
who is this?
who is this? Anos atrás
(G)I-DLE's music videos don't have many edits, only a few have edits, that is: Hann(Alone), Señorita, Oh My God, and Tomboy I've recommended Hann's music video to Jordan, the answer is always "we'll see ^^" fuck
LishaSubs 11 dias atrás
Also Nxde ❤️
Moon Playlist
Moon Playlist Anos atrás
The word "TOMBOY" for others like fashion wear but in Phillipines, the word TOMBOY used to be called to the women who wears clothes, the style and act like a man. As a Asian Woman, sometime they scolded me to act like a lady but I can't. If they don't accept the attitude and respect of being tomboy, just let us be happy and be comfortable what attitude we showed to people.
sugar mountain
sugar mountain Anos atrás
agree. this happened to me too as a child and it left me questioning my own identity for YEARS, hating that part of myself that was not traditionally feminine because they always said it in a negative way towards me and because it wasn’t the “norm.” as a result i associated the term as something odd and not normal, even toeing the line of being misogynistic towards my own gender. when i grew up i kind of shunned that old thinking that was influenced by my elders and the people around me by changing my mindset into not giving a flying frick and i’m really happy that i am the way i am. i’m born like this, i’ll live my life like this, i’ll be this person. i would’ve been so miserable if i gave in to the naysayers, and i really love that a song about rejecting stigmatisation about what being a girl is and being yourself came out. props to gidle on this one (and it’s a banging song to boot!)
Оля Макей
Оля Макей Anos atrás
Men, tomboy is also about behaviour Not only appearance
Shobe Skirt
Shobe Skirt Anos atrás
aaliyah 11 meses atrás
not the men
Diana Maria
Diana Maria 9 meses atrás
Soyeon the leader writte and producer all songs from debut, and she is Akali in K/Da She is amazing
Seanon Troy Real
Seanon Troy Real Anos atrás
Tomboy is not only how you dress its how you act also.
kairo Anos atrás
i don't think You understood what they were trying to do by having a "tomboy" concept for the song 😭 but anyway great reaction i like seeing you talk about the transitions
Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller Anos atrás
I thought the sam. Plus, he didn't even finish the whole video, or at least thats what I see.
Georgina Anos atrás
The irony or Soyeon asking if you get the song and the message if the song flying over your head. They are not being Tomboys, they are stating you can call them Tomboy if you like due to them breaking a bunch of female stereotypes in the video but they are just I-DLE.
K PH Anos atrás
Soyeon's charisma is out of this world
Yumeno Anos atrás
8:26 "So I'm Ken. I'm this blonde, white boy that is getting kidnapped by I-DLE." OH MY GOD I'M DEAD
Yasmin Chan
Yasmin Chan Anos atrás
Soyeon absolutely KILLED the concept
S Purnata Hassan
S Purnata Hassan Anos atrás
"you know what i mean tomboy" clearly some people didn't know what she meant. tomboy is not about them saying they're tomboys because they dress like that tomboy chorus is saying "fine i will be a tomboy" a statement to overcome gender barriers.
ramen Anos atrás
“do they know what a tomboy is” the girls that get it get it, the girls that don’t don’t
SolarxX 10 meses atrás
and whats that on? Period.
ginger 11 meses atrás
A lot of fans think that tomboy is a song made for their ex member soojin. Soojin was known for being a tomboy and also for loving dance and the members and soyeon says that in her rap. Soyeon also mentions smoking, drinking, sex and swearing in her rap which is a few of the things that soojin was falsely accused of and the members are seen with moles under their eyes which is one of the signature points of soojin's appearence. Not only that but the song was the one of the first released after she was kicked out and it is an angry song which makes sense as soojin was innocent.
Stan AleXa stan talent
Idk how I feel about the song, but the MV... It was just on another level
greg grey
greg grey Anos atrás
i see the Power ⚡ of Soyeon i see the Heart ♥ of Minnie , i see the Soul of Yuqi , i see the Charm of Shuhua , i see the Beauty of Miyeon , i Feel the Flame 🔥 and Fire 🔥of Soojin in all the Members Hearts ♥ .
DAVINA SHI 2 meses atrás
Think of it this way, "yeah I'm f- tomboy" isn't grammatically correct if you don't really THINK about the song. It isn't just saying they are 'a' tomboy, they're saying they are 'THE' tomboy, representing the power and confidence they are implementing.
Mateo Pineda.
Mateo Pineda. Anos atrás
soyeon said “you get the song right?” but definitely you DON’T
Ivanna Springa
Ivanna Springa Anos atrás
To be honest if this song had maybe been released any other time I would have probably thought it was a pretty standard song with a pretty conventional message for K-pop nowadays (even if it is a bit more radical in its depiction of it). However SK's has a very heated political climate right now especially in terms of gender politics, all culminating in the fact that the newly elected president is considered by many to be an anti-feminist who many believe used misogynistic comments to gain the sympathy of male voters, many of whom are frustrated at the ever-increasing competitiveness of the job market and have blamed it at some sort of reverse gender discrimination. Given all this, I feel like the fact that (G)I-DLE decided to release this song during a time like this when it contains somewhat radical (at least in South Korean standards) elements like the line "neither man nor woman" or a depiction of them kinda murdering a man lol says a lot about their artistry and boldness in my opinion, even if the delivery of the song is itself a bit messy and confusing at times. And, don't get me wrong, this is not really me trying to label this song as political but rather trying to give credit to (G)I-DLE where credit is due, especially to Soyeon whose artistic decisions I do not always like but have to give major props to for always being extremely confident and authentic with her projects.
Natacha Anos atrás
Normally "Tomboy" it's in "old mind" for say a girl don't like "girly" things. So I think she plays with all girly things, she refuses to be.
K O Anos atrás
Chilla Foxyy Okay but it's an artistic approach bruh
Judith Kim
Judith Kim Anos atrás
Chilla Foxyy tomboy is not an aesthetic, an aesthetic can definitely be a part of it, but its literally "girls who prefer doing boy things" wearing more boy like clothing is only one, small imo, aspect of doing a boy thing. plus korea has their own ideas about what is for boys and girls
Maki Intensifies
Maki Intensifies Anos atrás
Chilla Foxyy But it's Korea, you'd have to see how they use that word, if they use it at all. Anyway, it seems like it's just a way to symbolize criticism of idols. You have to know the context, they said earlier that the song is a kind of "response" to fans who just criticize the artists, there is a name for them but I don't remember it. Maybe knitz or sometime like this. (deepl translate)
gay for Harvey the queen 👑
@Judith Kim the word is used differently in Korea. Do some research on that
Glory in Wonderland
Glory in Wonderland 2 meses atrás
Put the captions on or look at a lyric sheet for your next video! It will help a lot more things make sense. Yes they say "I'm fucking Tomboy." The grammar is off because they are using Korean grammar with English words. The translation would end up being, "I'm a fucking tomboy." The part you were confused about during the 2nd rap, Soyeon says: "I don't want to play this ping pong, I would rather film a tiktok.," and the end of that verse is, "I like to sex, I'm drinking whiskey I won't change it, what the hell!" But it's censored in this version as it is their public 'clean' release. It's the same reason 'fucking' is censored. They do the uncensored version at concerts depending on what the venue is and what channel is filming.
Ryujinismymommy Anos atrás
8:59 It has 6 Balloons which reminds me of Soojin 😭
Sorian Dul
Sorian Dul Anos atrás
Las reinas G I-dle son LAS REINAS!!!
Sekyno Furde
Sekyno Furde 29 dias atrás
Okay a lot of people in the comment already pointed out, but the meaning of the song is not that hidden I think Soyeon said "you get the song right, you'll get what I mean "tomboy" " and the song immediately come to the "it's either man or woman, just me, loving tomboy" They are not using the dictionary meaning of the word "tomboy", but give it another meaning, and it's being bound to neither the stereotype of men, or even women, they are just who they are, (G)-IDLE. You can say it's like...non-binary thingy?! But I prefer to call it tomboy as well
mahoon Stanley
mahoon Stanley Anos atrás
Also another thing people have been saying (not sure if its true) but that the balloons flying out of the trunk at the end (8:58) were resembling the 6 members (G)-Idle used to have. Soojin was a member but then got kicked cause a bullying scandal went around. And u can see at the balloon scene that one of the balloons flew in a diff direction, representing Soojin. So sad :/ :C
xo_Floryツ 6 meses atrás
El con sus reacciones hacen ver a las canción como lo que son Arte💜
Butterfly bum
Butterfly bum 5 meses atrás
I need a compilation of Soyeon “S.Y” rap lines
Moonsun's kid
Moonsun's kid Anos atrás
I like your content because you're teaching us and also make us appreciate the mv even more buuuut i'm a little disappointed that you didn't understand the point of the song and didn't look past your first thought
Helen Anos atrás
i really love this mv so much
ROSAN. 6 meses atrás
"She just blended ken" Got me dying 👽
Marta Zyśk
Marta Zyśk Anos atrás
In the middle school my girly friends called me tomboy only bc I spend a lot of time with boys (not hook up with them), we were playing soccer together and because I weren't too emotional they had a lot of respect to me Tomboy is a girl who has a lot of boyish behavior, some people don't accept girls/women who do typical men things
xanix !
xanix ! Anos atrás
they actually said “yeah i’m f*cking tomboy” in their album’s uncensored version, and soyeon said “I would rather film a tiktok” lol
K Z 10 meses atrás
His reaction to ken made so funny.
앨리aly Anos atrás
Saw a filo comment that the 'tomboy' sentiment is the same as western. I'm also a fellow filo but i get their message. Overtime the 'tomboy' impression changes from based solely on their clothing to attitude. (but i also think it collides to one another at some point). It's not solely based on the clothing but the attitude. You see a girl acting boyish here in ph wearing girls clothing locals will say "oh she's a tomboy". I think the song is about breaking stereotype and just embracing the fact someone's being called a tomboy for some reason and mocking that same 'someone'. Being brave and confident about who they are regardless of anything. This is a timely message for what happened in the elections of their country. (it's purely coincidental i believe yet this is timely accurate). I guess they used a ken doll to mock because most of the time men are using the term tomboy to describe a girl especially the heavy mysoginistic tendencies in their country. (G)I-dle did a concept and a song up for discussion and they did it fairly well. The songs and MV are superb!
Vinico M Sparkito
Vinico M Sparkito Anos atrás
I loved the song and the MV, they're queens
just me
just me 9 meses atrás
soyeon says “you get the song right, you’ll get what i mean “tomboy” if you actually take the time to search up the lyrics you will know what soyeon means my “tomboy”
Shawnct Anos atrás
"If you get the song right, you get what I mean Tomboy"
akun y
akun y Anos atrás
It's interesting how he breaks down the video. I mean, it's hard to editing the video so appreciate this guy! Thankyou for reacting!
First time watching this MV through a professional editor's lens! Very well commented and thankful for learning to appreciate more about video editing!
Tiago Mateus
Tiago Mateus Anos atrás
this editing and MV is absolutely incredible
MAX Anos atrás
I love this song so much wow
𓆩♡𓆪 Anos atrás
Red velvet prove that they are an open book for inspiration to other kpop groups. 💗
Fonchi _04
Fonchi _04 Anos atrás
They are the best, song of the year 💜
• starei
• starei Anos atrás
G idle always has an amazing song for every comeback like wow and idk why but this gives me itzy Loco vibes
Renz Guitche
Renz Guitche Anos atrás
I think the team that did Irene and Seulgi's Monster we're also part of the production for this MV
valesita. Anos atrás
sylvia Anos atrás
The music video looks insane plus their outfits 👁️👁️❤️ red white black combination.
SHIPRA GUPTA 6 meses atrás
This is why it'd my fav song! The meaning , music, edits EVERYTHING IS JUST FIRE
Louie Anos atrás
omg thank you for no introduction, its so much better when you click a video and the content is there right away ❤
Serohed 6
Serohed 6 Anos atrás
Thanks for the concepts! they were useful for understanding a bit more about the technical part about the video itself. However, I think you misunderstand what the group tried to tell with the tomboy thing. There are two very important lines that gives the hint: “you get the song right? you'll get what i mean, tomboy” and "neither man or woman, just ()I-DLE". Basically what they are trying to say it's they want to do whatever they want without being considered "girly" or "tomboy", they just want to be themselves. I mean, they pretty much say it in their live.
Oleg Rivera
Oleg Rivera Anos atrás
Naniyomihayo Anos atrás
When they said "Just me loving tomboy " it felt like the doll " ken " is the tomboy, I dunno I'm still confused but addicted to the song
Jordan Orme
Jordan Orme Anos atrás
Huh! That’s interesting
scentessie the nevie
I’m pretty sure Ken represents people that force gender stereotypes on them. “Loving tomboy” means the girls loving who they are and they’re comfortable being themselves, a mixture of feminine and masculine. And when they say they’re not a man or woman it refers to something Soyeon has said about being a female producer which is rare in Kpop and how she doesn’t want people to label Idle as women or a girl group because they are capable of doing the same things men do in the industry
Misterye Anos atrás
@scentessie the nevie Thank you for the enlightenment!
Judith Kim
Judith Kim Anos atrás
@scentessie the nevie finally someone gets it 😭😭 I feel like I only ever see ppl missing the entire gd point of this song
전성호 Anos atrás
@Judith Kim well people like to be spoon fed.. And can't read between the lines... Basically they have the IQ of Patrick Star.... Idle killed this concept
Mel Anos atrás
derisyah Anos atrás
the thing is no matter how hard i try to focus on the video-wise there is always something that i missed that's why i always come to your channel. thank you for always being positive and all the details you share with us lol.
Mel Anos atrás
This Music Video (and song) is just next level
Alisa Plaksina
Alisa Plaksina 11 meses atrás
9:00 "Oh, he turned into balloons" sounds so innocent, especially after the shot with them holding a gun.
Nitro Nic
Nitro Nic Anos atrás
The song is about being tough to stand up to prejudice and injustice in the world (their words). Their using tomboy as a synonym for tough. They don't have to change or sacrifice who they are to be tough. They can be tough and still be feminine. So they're saying I'm a @#$@$@ Tomboy. And it fits cuz the next time they say I'll be the tomboy. Also I've noticed they often leave out propositions probably due to language differences. And actually the cadence would fit a bit better if the "a" was included.
Dawn Lochner
Dawn Lochner Anos atrás
I have been checking for you on this!!!! Luuuuuv you're positive energy!!! I always enjoy you educating us!!! 🤘 *I think she means 'Im A fkkng Tomboy' just broken English* Maybe lol
Jordan Orme
Jordan Orme Anos atrás
Asteriaaa Anos atrás
i think they bleep it so that they can perform/promote this song on music shows.
Tia kapoor
Tia kapoor Anos atrás
But like many idols like blackpink also use curse words without getting bleeped (ㆁωㆁ) like pretty savage and others
Kirnsten Espiritu
Kirnsten Espiritu Anos atrás
@Tia kapoor but bp had to change those certain parts in order for pretty savage to be performed on music shows but they say that the CD version of it contains the swearing (including the other swear words that are in korean tho)
alexander idle
alexander idle Anos atrás
listen the idea of the song and mv is about how society expects and basically forces woman to be more "feminine" by policing them and giving them certain "rules" how to act and react. being a tomboy to idle in this song is more about the attitude than anything else, like society would call any woman who doesn't submit to men or put herself beneath them a "tomboy" no matter how sexuaIIy appealing she is just bc they believe being strong independent and fierce isn't a feminine thing so by saying they are tomboys meaning they're fierce and won't submit to what society expects from females to be like and they have no problem if people find that not feminine or call them tomboys I knew the concept of the mv was gonna fly over so many people's heads when I first watched it but I didn't expect u to be one of them LOL
Satan Anos atrás
0:13 I love this part 😭
Tas Nim
Tas Nim Anos atrás
Were you waiting for this comeback?? Aw never expect that you'll upload reaction video of "Tomboy" mv this early.
Jordan Orme
Jordan Orme Anos atrás
Yes :)
Misterye Anos atrás
@Jordan Orme i love you haha
Lourdes Egypto
Lourdes Egypto Anos atrás
zeronyne Anos atrás
First thing, if you are looking for grammatically correct, you are I. The wrong genre. And yes, it’s F-k. The CD version is not censored. Soyeon would love this analysis considering how detail-oriented she is regarding production.
zeronyne Anos atrás
Sorry for the typos…I think it’s still understandable.
Bam 5 meses atrás
I convinced myself that the heart that they have been using represents soojin
Material gwurlllllll
I watched the mv at 6am on the school bus and literally the first thing to come to my head when I saw the transitions was "Jordan finna react to this isn't he" like I been staring at my phone waiting. I did notice the monster hint aswell, and the words "I don't wanna play this ping pong" was another reference to "Ping Pong" by HyunA and Dawn which I thought was cool. There are many other references as well.
liliya Anos atrás
The 'ping pong' was used in the context of 'useless quick talk between the two' and not referencing HyunA and Dawn.
Material gwurlllllll
@liliya I heard ping pong and thought of it as that way you didn't have to correct me on it
warmth Anos atrás
The lyrics itself explains what their referring too. Cultural difference by word 'Tomboy', I'm Asian... I'll got wear Oversized shirt, sits comfortably, walk comfortably, yet a lot of people are telling me to act feminine and said that I'm a Tomboy. I'll be outgoing, hanging out with my friends, One joke will make me a Tomboy in their eyes... Tomboy isn't always about acting masculine when ur a girl or dressing up like a Boy. The comments in here explained it well.
tang Anos atrás
When soyeon asked if u got what they mean by tomboy i dont think u actually understood what they meant
sweetpotato🍠 Anos atrás
This mv gives me goosebumps
Lee QYCN CHANNEL Anos atrás
but i love this song, its so powerful
Rose Anos atrás
Blessy Dumalig
Blessy Dumalig Anos atrás
in the last part of the mv, i noticed something. it does look like there was an inspiration taken from Monster by Irene and Seulgi but the difference is that every time that it (Tomboy mv) flashed, their outfits changes (9:07 - 9:12). just a small detail i kinda observed :) also, i love your reactions to kpop mv's especially seeing every detail and finding out the meanings of the songs :D {p.s. sorry for my grammatical errors}
EclipseSeth 8 meses atrás
The rapper (the girl who made a Ken slushie) was the one who wrote the lyrics. Yeah they are not grammatically accurate in regards to English, and she is probably using tomboy in the Korean context (as in what Korean perceive as a tomboy), but that's her point of view. And I respect that.
Victor A. Fagundes
Victor A. Fagundes Anos atrás
The fact that Jordan really looks like the Ken HAHAHA
Pang Kou Xiong
Pang Kou Xiong Anos atrás
I love your explanation on the transitions. But in reference to being a "tomboy" the term has changed throughout the times. From a woman speaking bold being considered "tomboyish" to dressing more masculine. I believe the term changes constantly and this is their take on it. Just my 2 cent.
beomgyu's waeng
beomgyu's waeng Anos atrás
FINALLY! i've been waiting for your reaction, the transitions in the mv were INSANE! since i watched your videos whenever i see a cool transition on a kpop mv, i would sometimes what would your reaction be lol
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