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Check out this G-league player that randomly shows up to a private division 1 pick up run and nobody knew who he was, gets destroyed! lol
Jordan Stevens played for Midwestern State then tried out for the cleveland cavaliers at the NBA Summer League.
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20 Mai 2019

pick up basketball gamepickup basketball gamepro basketball player in disguisepro player vs randoms in pick up basketball gamepro basketball player destroys randomsd1 players gets destroyed by randomg league player destroys d1 playersrandom player destroys d1 playersprivate pick up game gets ruinpickup game basketballworst pickup basketball gameembarassing pickup basketball gamed1 basketball players get embarassed



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Comentários 1 563
Sean W
Sean W Mês atrás
Players in video Jordan Stevens - the guy killing everybody Hoodie Rio - Mizzou Jeremiah Tilmon the 6’11 dude - Mizzou Caleb Love, five star recruit - Red shirt CamRon Fletcher, five star recruit - White shirt Yuri Collins blue shorts - Saint Louis U Terrence Hargrove dark skin with the kyries - Saint Louis U EJ Liddell - Neon Nike swoosh shirt, top 50 recruit - Ohio State Bryton Hobbs w/ bald patch - Pro player
Zulu Jedi
Zulu Jedi 4 dias atrás
You can have Stephen a smith Job actually do your homework
Practical Driver
Practical Driver 9 dias atrás
I was bout to say... damn all these guys can hoop
Robby Wangsa
Robby Wangsa 11 dias atrás
The Serial Killer on the Court - Jordan Stevens
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones 20 dias atrás
Holy shit you're a legend bro.... May you live long prosperous years on this Earth, posterized everyone who tries to block you, and take everyone's ankles who tries to lock you up 💯💯💯 Bless 🙏🙌🏾
I'm not built to lead a team like Kawhi
@Michael Swadberg Either basketball or end up in the trailer park, collecting guns and banging their sisters like the rest of white trash
TheRealStonerSimpson 3 dias atrás
I ain’t know Torey Lanez could hoop 🤔😂🤷🏾‍♂️
Micheal Hebert
Micheal Hebert 4 dias atrás
Micheal Hebert
Micheal Hebert 4 dias atrás
And I thought I could play basketball
Micheal Hebert
Micheal Hebert 4 dias atrás
Bullet passes
dgmt 4 dias atrás
There are about 5000 div 1 college players. There are only 300-500 nba players. So obviously G league is still with about same amount of players (400-500). So not many high school and college players make it that far
Stephano 7 dias atrás
4:40 "Y'all defense sucks" Im dead
Mr Hardworker
Mr Hardworker 7 dias atrás
Nobody plays defense
Jamaal Horton
Jamaal Horton 7 dias atrás
Left handed dude got super work!!!!!
Crypto Wall Coin
Crypto Wall Coin 7 dias atrás
That slow mo wasa travel 3:50 min, but it looked legit live
Austin Sajdowitz
Austin Sajdowitz 8 dias atrás
Dudes in the G league not nba
Vegan Dude
Vegan Dude 11 dias atrás
11:32 best play in the whole video
Lythan Namoc
Lythan Namoc 11 dias atrás
This dude was in D2
Rocky Khadafi
Rocky Khadafi 12 dias atrás
When i use to watch Jordan play back in 2012 at Southeastern Iowa, i knew i was watching something you dont get a chance to see everyday, so every chance i got i let him know that, Keep Pushing J.O. no ones been able to guard you... Ever!
Rocky Khadafi
Rocky Khadafi 13 dias atrás
I see u J.O. #Blackhawknation
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 13 dias atrás
Imagine Kyrie Irving
JuANtoBi913 913
JuANtoBi913 913 14 dias atrás
Didn’t he drop like 58 points ??
BrokeBoi Beats
BrokeBoi Beats 15 dias atrás
0:03 he traveled
JR 15 dias atrás
There’s levels bro.
Jamesy NFG
Jamesy NFG 18 dias atrás
"Baby" celebration @ 8:33 just to get J'd 8 seconds later lmaoooo
BELIEVE 19 dias atrás
Jordan stevens remind me of speaker knockerz kinda
Alonzo Sirmans
Alonzo Sirmans 19 dias atrás
🤣😂😂 ay man this is excellence at its finest!! this is the true essence of the american dream! I love yall for this from the players to the team at BIL for pushin the culture strong all these years! Im in the army so im always away from my roots but i step on a military court n do my thang, yaw shud come thru... Stout or Soto PFC @ Fort Bliss, TX. Love yall man
lemme change it damn
lemme change it damn 19 dias atrás
Love seeing these children learn lessons. Like boy, u got SO FAR TO GO!!!😂😂😂
Levi Finch
Levi Finch 20 dias atrás
Hesi, step back, pull up, post, distance, attacking. Mr. COMPLETE (GREAT WORK).
Kayode Molen
Kayode Molen 20 dias atrás
D1 highschool...what is that?
Zulu Jedi
Zulu Jedi 20 dias atrás
Rico Hines get this man out to the west coast ASAP
Islandkid679 20 dias atrás
This may be a stupid question, but I've rewatched this vid like 5 times...and I'm still not sure who the pro is here. Is it the dude with the blue shorts and black tank top?
Donisto B
Donisto B 13 dias atrás
Islandkid679 definitely blue shorts
Josh Tran
Josh Tran 20 dias atrás
What shoes jordan stevens wearing?
Donisto B
Donisto B 13 dias atrás
Josh Tran some shoe in the paul george line i think
Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid
There are WNBA players that can run circles on these guys let alone the 12th man on a professional roster.
Ash 543
Ash 543 21 dia atrás
I know they high school players but gahhh damn get this man a contract
Montell Hatch
Montell Hatch 21 dia atrás
Ian even notice hoodierio
Dustin Griffith
Dustin Griffith 21 dia atrás
I clicked on this thinking it was another Professor live clip lol,... then I was like damn is that Bryton Hobbs the G league player????? Is that right??
GSHeverything _27
GSHeverything _27 21 dia atrás
What's his name yo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Roemello Douglas
Roemello Douglas 21 dia atrás
Bring this man to the UCLA private games bro
Carlton Applewhite II
Carlton Applewhite II 21 dia atrás
4:23 New Momo challenge ?
BluePrint MediaTV
BluePrint MediaTV 21 dia atrás
10:36 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Chris Moten
Chris Moten 21 dia atrás
I been hooping overseas for 5 years Jordan is a killa it’s levels to shit lol where do you think all of us D1 guys or D2 that was good go we go overseas come home in the summer and do exactly this
slabbinonspokez z
slabbinonspokez z 21 dia atrás
That machai pheifer edit tho lol
slabbinonspokez z
slabbinonspokez z 21 dia atrás
Lol. They mad 😆.
Hussein Qasin
Hussein Qasin 22 dias atrás
Is he in the nba or does he play overseas
QQ 22 dias atrás
Black tanktop, blue shorts, yellow shoes can play, no doubt. But, since you made a point of replaying his 3:48 move, that was a travel. He switched his pivot foot, from left to right.
4 X
4 X 22 dias atrás
Nigga look like George hill long lost brother
Justin Price
Justin Price 22 dias atrás
Squeak squeak
Larry Spriggs
Larry Spriggs 22 dias atrás
These cut scenes are hilarious 😂
Marco Johnson
Marco Johnson 22 dias atrás
Something people need to understand, often many ballers don't make it to the NBA not because they lack skills or can't play but because they lack the prototypical size and physical attributes that the NBA is looking for. Many times NBA Scouts and executives will pick a much taller or physical player over a shorter more talented and naturally gifted player because they're looking at the upside. "We can develop him, we can make him better, we can turn him into a beast." Where as the shorter player they don't really see the same dollar signs as they see with the bigger players. Now there are exceptions to the rule but take a hard look at the majority of the NBA players and you can easily see that the favor is on the taller players and it's been that way. That doesn't mean that the shorter guys can't play or compete because they have been since the beginning of basketball however they are often looked over and underestimated that's just how it is. As a shorter basketball player you have to work ten times harder than the other taller players just to get on the floor with any D1 school let alone start but if the cards are in your favor and you keep pushing you might be the next Isaiah Thomas to make the league and hey you might even be better than.
Sean Brown
Sean Brown 22 dias atrás
Someone just posted this nigga saying he was “D2” so which one is it 😂😂
TR40 22 dias atrás
aclusive 22 dias atrás
lmfao from the angle of the camera it looked like dude at 3:31 was dunking behind the backboard and almost hit his head 😂
zyhir Wallace
zyhir Wallace 22 dias atrás
Who is dat
IRideMarta Speaks
IRideMarta Speaks 22 dias atrás
Very humbling experience lmao 🤣
Chase Goines
Chase Goines 22 dias atrás
He will go good with LeBron and the Lakers
Chase Goines
Chase Goines 22 dias atrás
Bennybass 22 dias atrás
How tf is Fultz on a NBA roster and this killer isn't? I swear NBA players gotta sign contracts in blood or something, there's so many amazing guys that never get the chance
mpenn80 2 dias atrás
Bennybass this guy wouldn’t average 8 points in the NBA don’t be fooled
SDS Overfiend
SDS Overfiend 22 dias atrás
Them Young boys needed this humbling ass whooping. To show you what you need to work on to be prepare for the next level.
Quinton Kirk
Quinton Kirk 22 dias atrás
Basket ball is for girls
mike black
mike black 22 dias atrás
Ain't that Battle High School they playing at?
Rory Dread
Rory Dread 22 dias atrás
First time I’ve seen a basketball game with 99% made shots 🤭👀
Guardian IV
Guardian IV 23 dias atrás
He better than IT, y tf he not in the league
Guardian IV
Guardian IV 23 dias atrás
Lemme be real honest, he seems better than some of the normal nba league players
Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres 23 dias atrás
That boy a beast! Hecneeds to be in the league.
BIG DOG SURF VLOG 23 dias atrás
it would be a cool rule change for the NBA. Forget about the 10-second backcourt Rule and just give them a 20 second shot clock.
1diggitech 23 dias atrás
When i was young used to be older dude used to light us up, wore the old short coach shorts, wrist bands an knee wraps same ass move nobody could stop,pissed us off too.Come to find out he was a pro player that got hurt early in his career.
dequan spruill
dequan spruill 23 dias atrás
That high school BS barely works in college, u think its gon work with NBA dudes
GTA-Team- Manny
GTA-Team- Manny 23 dias atrás
3:45 I would have walked off the court 😆😆
SHIN MT 23 dias atrás
10:22 nigga look like Westbrick.
Rollin Dub
Rollin Dub 23 dias atrás
Who in the hell is that?
Caleb Steele
Caleb Steele 23 dias atrás
Who has the blue nike swoosh shirt with the black shorts, white socks, and blue Kobe’s on?
Mike Love Thyself
Mike Love Thyself 23 dias atrás
I could watch this all day, these boys was really hooping I love competitive basketball
don flame
don flame 23 dias atrás
this guy reminds me of gilbert arenas
Benjamin 23 dias atrás
damn this is a pick up game? I would pay to watch this
Tyler David
Tyler David 23 dias atrás
private d1???? tf
Maso Cattin
Maso Cattin 23 dias atrás
😂😂😂 @4:00
ezkieler850 23 dias atrás
Is traveling legal in this game?!
_joseph1600 23 dias atrás
it’s no way he should b in the g league
_joseph1600 23 dias atrás
so who is this lightskin dude tho
Howl 2k
Howl 2k 23 dias atrás
3:50 He traveled watch the pivot
Isaias Palafox
Isaias Palafox 23 dias atrás
4:42 “Y’all defense suck.!” 🤣
Offtopic K
Offtopic K 23 dias atrás
People don’t understand that an average g league player was a good college player.. they’re like 20-40th best in their draft class lol
Napoleon Highbrou
Napoleon Highbrou 23 dias atrás
Imagine Giannis in this game...... 😂😂
Hollywood Scentstory
Hollywood Scentstory 23 dias atrás
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight 23 dias atrás
Jason derulo is abusing deez young bloodz..
Yankylito 23 dias atrás
Ball was life
ImPichy 23 dias atrás
Imagine if this dude was on lamelos team
Drew Down214
Drew Down214 23 dias atrás
Dude can ball but he can't play above the rim
Grey 23 dias atrás
Whats actually happens at 10:11?
SturdySituation 23 dias atrás
Damn he got Waves and I could imagine how hot he gets why I stopped getting waves my head gets itchy when its hot
Drew Smithson
Drew Smithson 23 dias atrás
People ask me why I don't like college sports. Because the best college player might not be good enough to play last position as a Pro. I played a flag football league and our QB qas this college QB who played like practice squad/3rd string for a NFL team for 3-4 years, he was by far the best QB I've ever seen and he was 45. 70yrd bombs dropping on dimes. The amateur to Pro skillset isn't even close.
James Rajan
James Rajan 23 dias atrás
Lakers please draft this
deon yang
deon yang 23 dias atrás
What ever happened to the post up game?
Mackie SoLoud
Mackie SoLoud 24 dias atrás
Bao Papig
Bao Papig 24 dias atrás
Is stevens playong pg 2.5?
SEAN TURNER 24 dias atrás
Who got next, ummmmmmm I'm good ima just go home
SEAN TURNER 24 dias atrás
Damn dude in the blue shorts was the truth
William Handy
William Handy 24 dias atrás
Am I the only one who hates it when the guy on the side is counting down the shot clock. I dont even think there is a time limit to this game.
Chris Love
Chris Love 24 dias atrás
Who’s the guy in the black tank top? I know he’s from Saint Louis I played against him
Cannonball 23 dias atrás
Chris Love you got me
Chris Love
Chris Love 23 dias atrás
Cannonball you must be bored
Cannonball 23 dias atrás
Chris Love Mom’s spaghetti 🍝
louis smith
louis smith 24 dias atrás
A true lefty, that can ball...equal difficulties
Jason. 22 dias atrás
Being a lefty is usually an advantage
Ez Care
Ez Care 24 dias atrás
Now keep in mind that the guy is a pro player and he getting buckets no doubt, imagine NBA players skills are beyond this player, man it's not easy to make the NBA league or any over sea league. Respect the NBA man, bench players are nice it's just the elite players are on a different planet period!
ckying29 24 dias atrás
you know they pissed when they full court press during a pickup game
Kev Louie
Kev Louie 24 dias atrás
I don't think the gap was that obvious. I thought the rest of the boys are pretty good too.
sir snow
sir snow 24 dias atrás
God bless these young men.. Ain't nothing like doing what you love and being great at it 💯👏👏👏👏
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