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Iron knife made from bacteria
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I smelted iron from iron bacteria and then cast the iron in a mold to form a rudimentary knife, making this the first iron tool I've produced yet. The ore was a species of bacteria that lives by oxidizing iron dissolved in ground water. It appears as an orange/yellow cloudy precipitate in creeks and ponds. It's a very common natural occurrence and can be found on all continents. I collected the diluted ore and poured it into a large, porous ceramic pot I made. The water leaked out, leaving behind the concentrated iron bacteria "mud" like substance. I dried it out until it resembled rusty earth. It took a month to collect the ore for one 2 hour smelt, from a stretch of creek about 20 meters long.

Charcoal was then made simply by burning a pile of wood in a small pit and then extinguishing it with just enough water once it had visibly carbonized. It was quicker to make than the charcoal I normally make in a mound (1hr vs 2.5hrs) and took less preparation time making than the mound from mud. A small furnace was made and the multiblade blower (made in the last episode) was attached to it for air supply.

The furnace was preheated for an hour with wood and filled with charcoal at the end, using the blower periodically but not full blast. Then over the next hour, 3 double handfuls of charcoal (about 500g) and 2 single handfuls or ore (about 200g) were added every 5 minutes while blowing air into the furnace to burn it at this rate. Then there was a 30 min burn down still using the blower till the charcoal reached the level of the air entry. The total operation took 2 hrs. A lump of slag was taken from the furnace and broken up. Iron prills up to about 1 cm in diameter were retrieved. For the sake of experiment I weighed the iron produced on modern scales= 40g iron from an estimated 1.2 kg of ore. Even though this is a low yield by modern standards it is a marked improvement over my previous smelts that produced much smaller and fewer prills over all. I did another smelt that almost exactly reproduced this result (80g of iron stored). The increase in efficiency is due to the much better blower design (8 blades vs the original 4).

Next I cast the iron in a mold. The melting point of pure metalic iron is 1538 C. However, the iron prills I produced are cast iron, an alloy of iron and carbon where carbon is about 2-4% by weight. Cast iron has a relatively tepid melting point of 1150 C. Such a temperature is easily attainable in an open hearth with charcoal and a forced air supply. So, I put the prills into a triangular clay mold and put it into a simple pit forge that took very little time to make. Importantly, I made a special flat air pipe that spread the incoming air into a sheet that blew over the width of the mold to heat all of it evenly, a round one would only heat the middle of the mold and not melt it completely. Charcoal was then put on top of the mold about 12.5 cm deep and the air blast started. The fire became white hot, exceeding the 1150 C needed to melt the iron. The iron melted filling the mold and the iron triangle was taken from it.

Initially, I was going to make it into an axe head, but decided it was too brittle (cast iron is actually harder than pure iron but brittle) so I sharpened it into a knife. It took many hours of sharpening to bring the end to a point. It's not a sharp blade it works well for drilling holes in timber (like for making fire drill sockets). This represents the first iron tool I've made completely from scratch in the wild. Future experiments will focus on obtaining greater yields of iron, exploiting richer sources of ore and ultimately making better iron tools.

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29 Jun 2022



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Comentários 11 519
A Mere Creator
A Mere Creator Mês atrás
He has officially reached the iron age. Next is the steam engine and the industrial revolution!
giantbootyeater69 2 dias atrás
Can't wait to see him build a time machine!
Roy Mustang
Roy Mustang 3 dias atrás
Dr stone? Haha
Delitt 4 dias atrás
He'll be doing net positive fusion reactor in a decade
Betty the Russian Tortoise
@Windsaw that’s not such a bad thing, he could use nukes for political advantage
Elite blue playz
Elite blue playz 6 dias atrás
Man speedrunning the stone age what a guy
Joe Nevermind
Joe Nevermind 26 dias atrás
This is such an unbelievable Achievement! I don't even dare to imagine how many Days and hours you spent, to reach this point! The shaking of your Hands, as you relieve the precious piece of your work from it's mold speaks more than words! I love your work, your videos and your style! My deepest respect for this - and.. have fun with your knife!
Sanatna 7 dias atrás
@CJ2 This is one of the few guys who does it for real...
Games Land
Games Land 8 dias atrás
@CJ2 He's original and this is not fake.
Ian 14 dias atrás
@CJ2 Nope - this guy lives not far from me and he was the originator of these style of videos. While there is certainly more work that is not shown on camera he shows all the steps just not the long slow grinding of those steps.
MSgaming 26 dias atrás
I love watching these videos because it shows how far humans came, also how detached we are from the wild and the stuff we call primitive most don't know how to do.
Silver Shroud
Silver Shroud 12 dias atrás
@L750z _ We live on Earth, you're in the wild every second of your life. Any second could be your last, a bus, too big of a bite of food at home alone, lightening walking from work to your car, crazy person on PCP with a knife, human trafficker, this IS part of "the wild". We are just at the top of the food chain.
L750z _
L750z _ 17 dias atrás
Because we don’t need to be in the wild anymore. We’re so past that
Ushanka King
Ushanka King 19 dias atrás
@Amancio Xavier i am the heechee hiding in the center of the galaxy
Amancio Xavier
Amancio Xavier 20 dias atrás
@Eman M An Alien Observer.
Eman M
Eman M 21 dia atrás
Why are you referring to humans in third person? What are you
alex rodriguez grajales
Very impressive, but a little advise, avoid inhalating the gases that come out from the smokestack because its really heavy on PM10 and PM2.5 particles that will damage your lungs over the time. Always try to make sure to do the foundry in a nicely ventilated environment. Take care, great content.
Gareth Baus
Gareth Baus 11 horas atrás
@chris L Also none of my comments are particularly long, which in the context of your reply suggests you might have been arguing in bad faith.
Gareth Baus
Gareth Baus 11 horas atrás
@chris L The summery is that your accusations don't match the available evidence and are therefore unfounded.
Angelfish6421 Dia atrás
chris L
chris L Dia atrás
@huy pham ok sir i will never again say something like that and i will never again swear.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
chris L
chris L Dia atrás
@MrTryAnotherOne like this guy is talks really cool and he explained to me something that he thinks. . unlike all the others
Phillip Mele
Phillip Mele 24 dias atrás
My God, this is what “bog iron”/“peat iron” is, isn’t it? That’s so cool! I’d heard those terms but I’d never actually dug into what they actually were. Absolutely astounding and interesting.
Gareth Baus
Gareth Baus 9 dias atrás
@Aaron B The iron deposits he collects are similar albiet less mature versions of the same type of deposit.
Burnblast277 16 dias atrás
This isn't quite bog iron, but it's on its way to being so. Bog iron is specially when this same phenomenon has occurred in particularly low oxygen environments for a very long (potentially geological even) time period. Layers upon layers of these bacteria build up as a scum on the bottom of a bog which hardens over time into bog iron ore. These are also the environments in which peat moss lives, hence the term peat iron as well. So in short, what he harvested isn't bog iron, but if the water flow was slower and it was left to sit for a few thousand years then it would slowly become bog iron.
On a Pale Horse
On a Pale Horse 18 dias atrás
@Aaron B Fascinating, isn't it! Back when the lands of germanic people had a lot more swamps, it was how the "barbarians" in the north got a lot of what iron they did had. Most viking swords, for instance, were made from bog iron. They did know about mining, and some mining was done, but I guess this was a common man's way of getting some iron too, and probably cultural and/or convenient.
Aaron B
Aaron B 19 dias atrás
@On a Pale Horse This video and OP sent me down the Wikipedia hole; I had no idea peat bog was renewable
On a Pale Horse
On a Pale Horse 19 dias atrás
In terms of production, usually bog iron is already present in little lumps in the peat and so it is easier to harvest. I believe they would go and harvest peat from a patch of land maybe once or twice a generation to get the next formed iron out of it. (And probably use the dried peat as fuel etc)
Ghostcharm Mês atrás
This is truly in the top .01% of BRvid channels. Thanks for all the entertainment and knowledge over the years
Coriolis 19 dias atrás
@C.A.A.N whoa easy fella
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 Mês atrás
@Alpha e actually it's more like 12,000 channels
Alpha e
Alpha e Mês atrás
@C.A.A.N Calm down.
C.A.A.N Mês atrás
@Alpha e ok nerd, I wasn't pulling my calculator out to count exactly how much .o1% of how many BRvid channels there are. I was just listing some dope channels
ChickenNinja Mês atrás
@C.A.A.N .01% is still like 5000 channels
gamingSlasher 20 dias atrás
The patience of this guy is amazing and now he made iron tool literally from scratch. Mind blowing.
Elétrica Laydner
Elétrica Laydner 7 dias atrás
Fico feliz por ver que tu voltou com vídeos novos! Espero que fique sempre nos presenteando com novos filmes! Grande abraço do Brasil!!!
Cactus The Stupid
Cactus The Stupid 24 dias atrás
These videos are genuinely so helpful for fictional world-building (not to mention fun to watch!). It's one thing to read about how to make clay or iron or tools etc from scratch, but it's different to actually watch someone do it. Plus the insight in the subtitles provides details that aren't mentioned in written sources. It provides an entirely new perspective that makes more basic world-building a lot more interesting to think about. Honestly inspiring, and I think it's helped get me out of a writing block, so thank you!
MarvelouZzz 25 dias atrás
This guy can single handedly rebuild the human society. Amazing job. I have been watching you from long time ago. Seeing you reach the iron age is so amazing.
Primitive Technology
This is the first iron tool I've made. The method I used is reproduceable and relatively simple so the viewer should be able to get similar results to what I have. Watch the video with captions on to see information on the steps in more details. The ore I used is iron bacteria and it lives in soil everywhere though it only becomes visible when it becomes saturated with water. The viewer has probably seen it before when out hiking along streams but may not have known what it is. Any questions about the process let me know. Thanks.
someone else
someone else 3 dias atrás
There's 495 comments so I posted it on the main section too, but do you know what the reduction in charcoal to achieve pure iron would have been , roughly, and whether a clay crucible is viable for the same or a greater quantity?
BlightyBog 17 dias atrás
@Primitive Technology something you can do, is EVENTUALLY, that carbon will burn off, so long as once you get it cast, you don't liquefy it again, even keeping it at a red heat for... myabe 30, 40 minutes? (i'm unsure as i've never INTENTIONALLY tried doing this, usually i just accidentally turn carbon steel into wrought iron.) that will lower the carbon count significantly, even more so if you do some very gentle forging, as that "squeezes" the carbon out. maybe use a purpose-built mallet? i wouldn't use stone at first, as that might be enough force to outright crack the casting, but if it does you can always just recast it.
Plain 17 dias atrás
@Primitive Technology why did you not use your common closed hot ovens to make it liquid and already form it in the cooling down phase with hammers and stuff? Awesome anyway, I did not know it is possible with these iron bacterias!
fuck youtube
fuck youtube 19 dias atrás
@innoxima12 coal is much more brittle than iron. Just beating the chunk of coal will be like breaking chunks of dirt/mud off a rock. Idk it’s kinda the same just an analogy.
innoxima12 19 dias atrás
Why didnt the coal stick to the iron?
J L 8 dias atrás
This has been my favourite youtube channel for years, and I honestly cant even describe how happy I am now to see you have finally made a tool from Iron after your previous video making the prills so many years ago. It's such an achievement and I am looking forward to more metallurgical videos, and how your new iron tools improve the rest of your activities.
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 25 dias atrás
Thank you for the years of legit solo builds using only what is in the wild. Really fascinating about the bacteria, I googled about it after reading the description.
VerySpecificChaosFox 23 dias atrás
to go this long making this good content for this particular genre of content, you've gotta really enjoy what you do, i think we all should be more like the people that just go out in their shorts into the wild and spend hours making cool stuff
GetReal 25 dias atrás
This dude is legit he doesn't build pools or hard to build structures he just builds simple houses in the jungle
Survival Lilly
Survival Lilly Mês atrás
I was waiting for this video for years hoping you would advance to iron age 😃
ceiling light
ceiling light 12 dias atrás
He should try to get the isn't it an iron pick achievement
EatWhatU KiII
EatWhatU KiII 20 dias atrás
Survival Lilly...another great channel ❤
Jojo Hinds
Jojo Hinds 26 dias atrás
I am sorry but I think he has not but he has made it to the COVID age
noobder noobder
noobder noobder 29 dias atrás
@d-ren yes, but not in a usable amount.
Hayes 26 dias atrás
The primitive OG so glad you're still making quality content sharing your hobby for the world to enjoy YOU are awesome man
Eliah Meek
Eliah Meek 27 dias atrás
I've been with this channel for years and it's cool to see how much he has evolved with the videos 🤙🤙
Al Ewers
Al Ewers 22 dias atrás
The actual smelting process is very similar to Japanese heart steel, although I believe they use an iron bearing sand as a source.
alephcomputer 21 dia atrás
Thanks for making early game tutorials! I have been stuck with wooden tools and stone tools for quite a long time now, but now I have advanced to iron! I'll be thank you when I'm end game soon enough.
simezra Mês atrás
10 hours of sharpening, i felt that deep in my soul as a knife guy. this guy is a legend.
Dokk Stigvel
Dokk Stigvel 3 dias atrás
@kovona Yes he will have to (wrought) the impurities out of it by heading and hammering it.
kovona 3 dias atrás
@Dokk Stigvel Only way to know is if he tries forging it - cast iron will crumble and crack when forged. Wrought iron or mild steel will bend and deform plastically when forged.
Ian 14 dias atrás
@Daniel Kaschel You could make a wooden wheel and then attach appropriate sized stones to the outside as teeth. Then put the wheel on an old school pedal driven lathe type arrangement and you would have a decent grindstone.
Shachar Petrushka
Shachar Petrushka 27 dias atrás
It's a day or two for a bored persistent teenager with no modern entertainment.
seneca983 29 dias atrás
@Dokk Stigvel "That isn't cast iron. That is closer to wrought iron and very close to what mild steel is." It is cast iron. There are a number of reasons to believe that: 1) He used a lot of charcoal meaning that probably a decent amount was incorporated into the iron making it cast iron. 2) He says it's cast iron. 3) He was able to melt it suggesting a high carbon content.
Reno Fox
Reno Fox 22 dias atrás
This video was exactly what I needed! I like knowing that I could restart civilization if necessary, and having a way to make iron without mining is a huge bonus for that.
YJ 19 dias atrás
this is the second video i've watched from him and i genuinely love the effort he puts in this typa videos and his works as well. i used to admire those two men who apparently "built" buildings only to find out that it was fake, i quickly started to hate them. but watching this is 🤯 i wasn't even this interested before in this types of content but now i'm literally taking notes (mentally) so when post-apocalypse becomes possible i have an idea what to do. great video as always.
percy 6 dias atrás
He is fake too where tf does the pellets of metal come from he took the river mud dried it and then used that along with the coals to get some sort of ore how does that even add up
hectoritos1 8 dias atrás
In exactly on your same situation here
Leandro Peres
Leandro Peres 5 dias atrás
Melhor canal de sobrevivêncialismo que já vi não perco um video novo OBRIGADO PELO SEU RETORNO!
dalsgaard12 21 dia atrás
I just wanted to let you know, that I subscribed to your channel years ago, and have always thought the fake channels absolutely ridiculous. I respect your dedication. You are one of my heroes.
Lophostrix Mês atrás
Just watched SunnyV2's video on all the fake primitive construction videos out there and I just wanted express my gratitude for staying down to earth and honest about everything you do. You're the man John!
Deano 8 dias atrás
김두한 9 dias atrás
** 10 dias atrás
and penguinz0's xd
** 10 dias atrás
LeonZBlocks 11 dias atrás
Same lol
Toast MD
Toast MD 13 dias atrás
Now that's what I call a REAL primitive channel! Keep up the good work bro!
Joey Stack
Joey Stack 25 dias atrás
The cinematic buildup to this has been immense. Every once in a while we saw little beads being collected and saved and now we finally have metal!
Blank Spaces
Blank Spaces 7 dias atrás
I love this stuff. I made my own forge once out of modern materials of course. Got fire brick from home depot and ordered some furnace mortar, my design ended up looking like an engine block almost haha lower cavity to blow forced air and a hole in the back and split in the center of the upper cavity to direct air flow. I used an air mattress inflator and some black iron pipes to provide the forced air and mesquite charcoal for the fuel source and It got hot enough to melt good steel. Melted more that a couple half forged pairs of rebar tongs in that one haha. Love the content keep up the awesome work my dude.
Scott Vaughn
Scott Vaughn 6 dias atrás
everything you do is incredibly impressive. thank you
Deeeeniiiiss 28 dias atrás
i love how you're literally evolving as this series goes on, from using your bare hands to making iron tools, soon you'll have full diamond armor!
Cat the comment bot hunter
Oh my god its a Minecraft player
Unseen 5 dias atrás
@Eye / I next up: slavery
avokka 8 dias atrás
@Eye / I imperialism any% Speedrun: villager Labour camps
WackyEarth 8 dias atrás
Bruh he's gonna be recreating the weapons from tf2
Buufada 9 dias atrás
@Muhammud 😳🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marco Phillips
Marco Phillips 19 dias atrás
It would be really interesting to know how much time it took you to make each video, and the time you put in research and trials... I bet its weeks and months. You got 10M subs and you deserver ever one of them.
BLACK LIGHT 20 dias atrás
It's impressive how much work it takes to make simple knife.great work
yssing 13 dias atrás
I am very impressed, you made it look so easy to get pure iron from bacteria.. I would never have imagined it.
Elétrica Laydner
Elétrica Laydner 7 dias atrás
Este vídeo ficou sensacional! Prova que tudo o que existe na terra, veio da terra! Parabéns!
PekaCheeki ❶
PekaCheeki ❶ Mês atrás
thank you, I've been stuck in the stone age for a while and have been looking for a tutorial on how to advance, this helped me alot!
Ushanka King
Ushanka King 19 dias atrás
no bro you cant skip copper age you have to go through copper before iron!!
HudyKnight 19 dias atrás
Finally someone who doesn't exploit the age glitch.
Cane Dewey
Cane Dewey 20 dias atrás
Did you make the wheel yet?
Dinesh Marichetty
Dinesh Marichetty 21 dia atrás
that was the only thing he could afford so after buying it he made videos without noticing the amount of money he made
That One
That One 21 dia atrás
@kim christopher Cavemen hate this one simple trick!
Sean P
Sean P 20 dias atrás
John your stuff is so inspiring! Thanks for showing so many the way
Nox Vlager
Nox Vlager 19 dias atrás
I’ve been watching him for 5 to 6 years and this is the first time I’ve seen him make something metal.
She Hates Frosty
She Hates Frosty 27 dias atrás
respect man, thank you for sticking it out and teaching people these amazing skills, could really save a life one day
Astranix 01
Astranix 01 9 dias atrás
Hehe, sticking out
BlueFlame17 20 dias atrás
This definitely shows the importance we placed on things like whetstones and grindings wheels as our need for iron progressed. I can only imagine the patience and drive needed back then.
Aggressive_Hugs72 Mês atrás
This was nothing less than absolutely remarkable. The amount of effort put into such a small, but essential piece of metal really solidifies how much we really do take for granted all the small hand tools that have led us to this point in our technological advancement. Thank you for the massive amount of effort you put into making this, and THEN making a whole edited video about it. As I said before, truly fucking remarkable.🤙🏼🖤
kid 21 dia atrás
@Unknown Sword not yet
Unknown Sword
Unknown Sword 24 dias atrás
@Trash Mix lol, no we can't destroy the world. At best we could wipe out the majority of large life forms, but we don't have the ability to end all life on the planet let alone actually destroy it.
Noah Barkelew
Noah Barkelew 24 dias atrás
@dragnar05 What up girl?
Trash Mix
Trash Mix 25 dias atrás
Guys, I'm sorry to break it to you, but we're apes, we just got better caves and weapons (and also weapons that could destroy the entire world)
fexyo 26 dias atrás
@Guatón Joya lmao absolute legend
Amiel 23 dias atrás
been watching this channel for years, all those fake underground building guys had to imitate a fraction of what you do. Kudos for sticking to what you've been doing for years
Yaniv Proselkov
Yaniv Proselkov 3 dias atrás
This is the first video of your's I watched. I have since seen every video, in order, leading up to this one. I have seen you move from bashing rocks together to iron metallurgy with every step in between. Dude, you must feel like a legend to have DONE that.
Weekend Stuff
Weekend Stuff 3 dias atrás
Very cool to see the complete process. And good idea to make one piece out of the small parts with the "mold". Thanks for sharing. Weekend Stuff
dumb luck
dumb luck 21 dia atrás
I would love to see unedited versions of his videos to see just how hard it is to do all of this
Martin Anderson
Martin Anderson Mês atrás
We've reached the Iron Age! John, this is the video that many of your fans have been waiting for since the original Iron Prills video 4 years ago. Absolutely stunning achievement and a credit to all your hard work that we've been privileged to share.
Pedro Baldessar
Pedro Baldessar 7 dias atrás
@Photonic Pizza So he both has to develop a better furnace and prospect a iron ore deposit. Australia, where he lives, has banded-iron formations (BIF's) which are geological formations that contain a really high Fe content. So his next video will be "Primitive Technology: Becoming a Geologist"
nbfdmd 21 dia atrás
@Photonic Pizza Easy. He could just build a windmill and smelt some copper cabling. With enough knowledge of electromagnetism, he could make an arc furnace.
A Realist
A Realist 25 dias atrás
@james grist Nope. The easier method is to make a crucible steel with cast iron, some charcoal and some wood in a furnace. Then what it with hammer till everything consolidates.
Максим моя
Он узнал как раздобыть шлак от сварки и попытался его нагреть в печи. "Круто". Интересней было если он переплавил свинец. Проще и правдивей, но к сожалению нет в округе свинцовых руд. Хотя мог и в сценарий вложить пару свинцовых камней. А в печи уже добавить чистый свинец.
Photonic Pizza
Photonic Pizza Mês atrás
@james grist It’s unfortunately not quite that simple. Cast iron doesn’t refer to just the shaping method, it also has a very high carbon content, which makes it very hard and brittle. This makes it unsuitable for forging, it’ll just shatter upon impact even when heated (hence why it has to be cast). To truly enter the iron age, he’ll need a better smelting process (mixing with the charcoal adds a lot of carbon), and possibly a better source of ore (the bacterial ore is very impure).
Jordan 22 dias atrás
10:15 Man, that would painstaking work, John takes it seriously 👍🏻
Jordan 22 dias atrás
9:55 That's really cool, now that's he got the Smelting Iron Achievement he can make a full set of iron tools!
JPEGJames 26 dias atrás
Can you do an update video about the condition of your previous constructions? It'd be cool to see how they've aged or stood up against the elements
Artin Shidi
Artin Shidi 16 dias atrás
Pretty sure he does not leave even a spec of the builds
CheeseYourself 24 dias atrás
I actually started feeling sleepy while watching this, and that NEVER happens when I'm watching BRvid vids, thx John for giving me a sleepytime channel that I can watch before bed!!
Rudolf Vaavra
Rudolf Vaavra Mês atrás
I would never have believed that so much iron could be extracted from the bacteria in a single stream. Must have been a lot of work. Hats off to you.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 28 dias atrás
@Zashiki Warashi gravity was discovered in 1665, doesn't mean people before that weren't aware of a force that pulls you down
Lachlan K.
Lachlan K. Mês atrás
Some bacteria make and use iron magnets to navigate
Biały Mês atrás
@MrcabooseVG "The word bacteria is the plural of the New Latin bacterium, which is the latinisation of the Ancient Greek βακτήριον (baktḗrion), the diminutive of βακτηρία (baktēría), meaning "staff, cane", because the first ones to be discovered were rod-shaped." someone saw a bacterium... before that there were various silly and in the same time very popular hypotheses. If you want to know how silly they were and how popular -> just read your comments. Exactly the same super low level of logic or consistency was in them and all that likes for your comments are a solid prove that ignorance and not using too much logic is as popular nowdays as it was in medieval times! And modern understanding of the bacterium role in this world came with modern tools and modern methods...
NavidIsANoob Mês atrás
@MrcabooseVG So you said yourself they didn't know about bacteria. They knew about processes to make certain products, they just didn't know bacteria were involved, because there was no known concept of micro-organisms at the time. Not sure what you're trying to argue.
Joshua Rush
Joshua Rush 11 dias atrás
Thank You John for continuing this journey. You inspire.
Juice 18 dias atrás
Thank you for staying legit through your history… just saw a video exposing primitive building about how it’s all fake! You are legit friend, thank you🙏
BbClipperse 10 dias atrás
I really appreciate you making these videos for us to watch, it really sucks how some people might say it's fake
Alonzo Perez
Alonzo Perez 23 dias atrás
I like how this guy is legit building these things
Thomas Cross
Thomas Cross Mês atrás
Finally! Iron Age achieved! We waited for so long for it and we are so proud of You! Thank you for the journey! Can't wait to see the crafts you make with iron tools, because even the stone tool made ones were amazing!
Ardiak Beltz
Ardiak Beltz Mês atrás
I don't understand why the haste to the achievements and the metal ages..we lived 300k in the paleolithic, only 10k in the neolithic, 2k in the copper & bronze age, 3k the iron age..and remember..this is only a eurocentric point of parts of africa, oceania & america the stone age ends 2 hundred years ago or less..and made increible well works with stone & wood...we forced them to a really speed changes in euro-asia needs hundreds years in decades..(how"easy"can find and work wood & stone make we can adapt around the diferent enviroments of the Earth, our actual manufactured superspecialitzation and enviroment destroyers maybe make us like chetah to the extintion..not to space explorer like StarTrek or StarWars..we have the same social & psychological problems we had at the beggining of"history"recorded and by the way probably we create new tech than will solve that..) we will need 500k more in stone age to evolve adecuately to can use appropiately our actual tech..we can live mutualistic symbiosis with Earth biosphere, we can be the brain & inmune system of the Earth, but we destroy the enviroment who evolved us, some individuals can be clever but as specie we are to stupid..xD
reliantncc1864 Mês atrás
Took me longer to work my way up to iron in Civilization. He's going to be flying to Alpha Centauri in a homemade rocket before you know it.
whisp1000 25 dias atrás
It's so awesome how your wilderness home develops. Is there a specific goal you planned to progress to?
priscilaferrari1 3 horas atrás
Estava com saudades dos seus vídeos!
Shiron Pathirana
Shiron Pathirana 18 dias atrás
Excellent .. life survive techniques ❤️ thank you!
Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan 17 dias atrás
All these years watching him smelt iron pellets and seeing everyone ask him to make a knife and he finally did it. So satisfying. Knew he could do it.
Will Krause
Will Krause Mês atrás
This is one of the most monumental jumps in Primitive Technology videos, a true, tho crude, iron tool made from dirt, wood, and goo. Really amazing. And honestly, I'm shocked that dried iron bacteria is a ~3% grade iron ore.
Will Krause
Will Krause Mês atrás
@Big Mike Bog Iron is my personal likely first forged iron candidate, as it feels much easier to stumble on than the bacteria goo. It is totally possible someone collecting clay for pottery collected it in a particularly gooey place, and when the eventual pottery was fired the goo turned into little iron pellets along with their pottery, and they went from there. Either way, it's amazing how much iron is in these bacteria colonies, and how it's an actually useful amount.
Big Mike
Big Mike Mês atrás
Well... Where do you think we got iron from? Lol there's a reason it took humans tens of thousands of years to go from the stone age to the bronze age, and then thousands of years from bronze to iron. We basically just did this stuff until we had enough materials to spur a new wave of technological development (which requires a surprise of material to work with).
Rob Grady
Rob Grady Mês atrás
"And Goo" lmfaooooo
Winnoh Ogarte
Winnoh Ogarte 23 dias atrás
I'm glad i found the right guy for this content, also tried this with my father and it worked!
Tutu Animações
Tutu Animações 27 dias atrás
I love the fact that this channel sums up around 390k years of our species technology improvements in less than a decade
KizKim 22 dias atrás
Please never stop. Your videos are amazing !
MakoReactor 2 dias atrás
It is so interesting the fact of a living metabolism that eats metals 🤔 even more knowing that you use that in your advantage to make a primitive knife 😌 ... man the honest and simplest idea of making something out of nature and seeing that work in the most humble way without being pretentious makes me feel happy and calm 🙏
Wesley Catlett
Wesley Catlett Mês atrás
I've been waiting for this moment for years. I've never seen anyone work through these levels of technology so diligently and so knowledgably. Please continue making videos as you are living my dream and that of many others! Fantastic work!
MrcabooseVG Mês atrás
@Justin Robertson Bronze is actually a lot harder to create than Iron, i can make Iron right now with a pretty basic understanding and easy to find ore. To make bronze i'd need to find copper and tin and i don't even know where i'd start going about that...
CockatooDude Mês atrás
@D Murray Even if that is true (which it isn't), is that really a good way to judge how advanced a country is? Singapore is a world financial and economic hub, a pretty advanced place. 50 years ago it was a backwater port where a bunch of criminals and pirates hung out. They became advanced not because they invented a bunch of things, but by reforming their politics. It's not like countries have to independently invent everything they use. Africa in general is underdeveloped because it has been relentlessly exploited by colonialists for 500 years, first Europeans, now China. Hard to become an economic powerhouse under those conditions.
Nicanor Benitez
Nicanor Benitez Mês atrás
@D Murray yep.
Bread 26 dias atrás
He's the only REAL construction channel, im glad he's so honest with his fanbase
The Nailsmith
The Nailsmith 2 dias atrás
This man is speed running through history. He found an exploit where he could bypass the Bronze Age and got to go right to the Iron Age. He’s gonna hit the new world record
Imre Kiss
Imre Kiss 15 dias atrás
Hi, Iron smelting would have been much more efficient if there was some limestone next to it. (The melting point can also be lowered with other natural additives and the efficiency of the reduction can be increased.)
PeaceBuddha 19 dias atrás
This blows my mind every time I see it. Love your vids.
Steven Musante
Steven Musante Mês atrás
I’ve been waiting 3 years for this. I greatly respect you sticking to form and painstakingly grinding the blade with rocks. I’ve watched many channels accomplish less with the help of modern tools. Excellent job.
A Realist
A Realist 25 dias atrás
A paddle operated brick wheel would have made it easier for him to sharpen that blade.
Sussy ass motherfucka
@LegendLength I dont think primitive skills cheats
D Murray
D Murray Mês atrás
@cavemanvi he's passed every civilization except Europe and Asia!
LegendLength Mês atrás
I also promise the other channels cheat, even the ones that seem honest. If you look at the iron-making for some of those large channels it's clear they added like 1 kg of metal shavings.
Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen Mês atrás
@cavemanvi he need to make hammer now :)
Richard Li
Richard Li 26 dias atrás
Damn to think he went from inventing gravity reversers so he doesn’t fall into the sky to making this. Truly remarkable
Explosive Bean
Explosive Bean 26 dias atrás
I’d like to imagine a team of people doing this, each person assigned to one task, working like a well oiled machine.
Rainkit 25 dias atrás
That's just an iron works factory.
LostPodFiles 22 dias atrás
so glad your back bro, missed your videos, keep them coming please :)
Mihael64 20 dias atrás
Amazing video, and a great demonstration of our capability? Just wondering though, will you ever do a video on saltpeter? Or mining ore from rock?
Attila Rischt
Attila Rischt Mês atrás
I believe this method of iron gathering was used even quite far into the renaissance. To my knowledge the majority of iron for the peasantry was bog iron usually forming under wet grassland by the same or very similar bacteria. Tooling got a bit more sophisticated of course, but mined ore was not particularly affordable for the poorer strata
seneca983 15 horas atrás
@Extra Crispy Merriam-Webster gives "deviation of the expected value of a statistical estimate from the quantity it estimates" and "systematic error introduced into sampling or testing by selecting or encouraging one outcome or answer over others". Things like "unfairness" are not relevant to how bias relates to what I've been saying. "You arbitrarily conform to personal conjecture based on an opinion formed through personal history." History is *one* factor which *may* indicate degree or reliability but it's just one among many. "even a broken clock is right two times a day" I've only been saying that some sources are *more* *likely* to be correct than others. I've never claimed that some source should be expected to be correct with 100% or 0% probability.
Extra Crispy
Extra Crispy 15 horas atrás
@seneca983 We're talking about the definition of the word 'bias.' Webster defines bias as such, "an instance of such prejudice." Cambridge defines 'bias' as "the action of supporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way, because of allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment." The Britannica defines 'bias' as "a tendency to believe that some people, ideas, etc., are better than others that usually results in treating some people unfairly". You arbitrarily conform to personal conjecture based on an opinion formed through personal history. Whether or not it the legitimacy of the person's ideas are given credence through them having a golden ticket for the chocolate factory - or a membership at the local police station, you evidently prefer the opinions of 'certified authorities' over that of all else, in spite of the fact that this authority is not objective itself, and may - and almost certainly might have - private interests that potentially compromise their output by way of skewing it toward the things that they deem more important. AKA: you are biased, and no amount of hemming and hawing about it will change this fact; you might as well just skip to the point and go back to mooing and chewing on grass all day. Leave the big thoughts to people who can realize that even a broken clock is right two times a day.
seneca983 21 hora atrás
@Extra Crispy "wikipedia is not the only source of information on things, and generally speaking when you resort to definitions on english words, you resort to dictionaries as opposed to public forums on information." Well, Oxford Learner's Dictionary gives the following definition: "the fact that the results of research or an experiment are not accurate because a particular factor has not been considered when collecting the information". Credentials and other indicators of reliability of a source is an example of one such factor; neglecting to consider it can result in bias. "Your bias toward favoring your preconceived notions" Considering the reliability of a source is not related to preconceived notions. You can evaluate the reliability of a source e.g. *before* you know whether the answer/information it gives supports the notions you have beforehand or not.
Extra Crispy
Extra Crispy Dia atrás
@seneca983 wikipedia is not the only source of information on things, and generally speaking when you resort to definitions on english words, you resort to dictionaries as opposed to public forums on information. Your bias toward favoring your preconceived notions is something that will inevitably lead you toward skewed perspectives, but I imagine this is something that you'll either intentionally ignore or fail to recognize for the rest of your life. I don't expect that you'd be capable of, let alone be willing to do your own information gathering anyway
seneca983 7 dias atrás
@Extra Crispy "Bias means the same regardless of what you're talking about. This is simply a case of you not knowing what you're talking about, and consequently your definition deviating wildly from the standards of the english language." You're mistaken here. E.g. on Wikipedia one can find the definition "a systematic tendency which causes differences between results and facts" which is basically what I've been using here with slightly different wording. I'm not sure how you'd use the word in the context of subjective matters but that doesn't matter here because that's not what I've been talking about. "Every single source that exists is literally all flawed in some manner." But often they're not flawed in equal amount so it's rational to give them different weights accordingly. "You look at different sources explicitly for this purpose" Yes, it's often useful to look at different sources but it also often makes sense to give some of them more credence than others.
Reason 24 dias atrás
I stopped watching for years when his hut burnt down and I thought I'd have a huge backlog of content to watch through. I'm pleasantly surprised there's only a handful which tells me the large amount of time this guy puts into his projects
JasonLdee102 26 dias atrás
AMAZING! Very Well Done Sir! 👍🏻
Paul Orchard
Paul Orchard 23 dias atrás
From mud out of a stream to what could be forged into a blade is remarkable! You need to get a lot more to make an iron hammer and then you are set!
Jedda Barnes
Jedda Barnes 23 dias atrás
Watching him make stuff makes me feel like an anthropologist
Doot 29 dias atrás
i love the fact that this guy can just be like: "i wanna make a furnace" and he just makes a whole ass functional furnace. like that is some serious skill
Kaya Dia atrás
@BlueFire Animations fr
Dnd enthusiast
Dnd enthusiast 4 dias atrás
Nah he just got enough cobblestone
yanyan biscuits
yanyan biscuits 9 dias atrás
@Legend of the Stormlord imagine a minecraft mod primitive technology edition would’t that be fun
CleverGirlAAH 14 dias atrás
Woah. I just saw you commenting on Tucker Carlson videos and now here in one night. Serendipity, eh?
IoI wut
IoI wut 17 dias atrás
never thought I'd hear/read "whole ass functional furnace" let alone agree with the statement
alexandre lima
alexandre lima 19 dias atrás
Cara! Vc tinha que fazer um pré-largados e pelados para os participantes do programa. Vc simplesmente é mestre da mata. Imagina ter todas essas técnicas para enfrentar a mata. Meus parabéns. De Curitiba-Brasil.
Justin van hek
Justin van hek 22 dias atrás
modern knowledge applied in primitive scenarios, amazing!
Moon Games
Moon Games 22 dias atrás
Going by the colour of the water it seems to have a high iron oxide content which could mean an iron deposit further upstream or around the area your at might be good to take a look so you can possibly create more iron tools.
The Plague doctor
The Plague doctor 17 dias atrás
It'd be crazy if we got an iron axe head in the future! Keep up the good work dude!
Two Kharacters
Two Kharacters Mês atrás
You did it! For years you've been trying to get a useful amount of iron out of that bacteria in an efficient way! I'm so amazed and vicariously proud of your accomplishment. All the years have paid off PT. Congratulations and well done!
David Mistoffelees
David Mistoffelees Mês atrás
@KoeSeer Spoiler: spaceship in next video :3
soulstoneking Mês atrás
Fun fact! His names John plant! He's also written a book!
KoeSeer Mês atrás
next video: I made steel sword and steel tip arrow
Just a Nobody
Just a Nobody 15 dias atrás
​ @Primitive Technology ​ have you thought about making glass? growing wheat? creating a mill (whether you use manpower, or some other form of power) and creating an iron axe would seem like an achievement, although it would take a lot of iron ore, especially considering how much work it takes you to get your iron God bless
ResentfulShorts 18 dias atrás
Cant wait to see the video of you making a particle accelerator! Looking forward to it
Raj Rante
Raj Rante 19 dias atrás
you are the reason why I am hooked to this kind of contents.. not the one that are sped up or building resorts ( for sure they are using machines to do that) yours is more relaxing to watch.. thank you!
Torin Ireland
Torin Ireland 16 dias atrás
I would say that's more a spearhead than a knife, but nice work! Really gives me more of an appreciation for modern fabrication methods / tools. Amazing stuff.
Michael S.
Michael S. Mês atrás
And to think this guy is re-enacting and blending historic time periods it's mind blowing, our ancestors also had to crawl their way through all these stages themselves. Hats off to you John, you are an inspiration
ĐΣċīƥΣɌ 20 dias atrás
@Greener01 ahh yes, the hundreds of thousands of years biology and chemistry.
Ptolémée Sélénion
Ptolémée Sélénion 21 dia atrás
@Greener01 I've seen better wizardry.
Ptolémée Sélénion
Ptolémée Sélénion 21 dia atrás
Sakésaurus 22 dias atrás
@ShadowkillZ theory is nothing else but their collective experience for a few millenia in a scientific language. People like to think medieval people were brutes that had no idea of confirming their theories. That reflects in the view of science as "standing still since the Classic Period". In truth, the info they accumulated over centuries has birthed the theories and practice we use nowadays.
Sakésaurus 22 dias atrás
Ancestors had better sources of iron then bacteria infested mud. That being said, the thought+experimentation that goes into discovering the technologies is also a luxury, so it balances out
Dionleno Gaspar
Dionleno Gaspar 25 dias atrás
Que bom que você voltou a fazer seus vídeos 🇧🇷
Angelfish6421 11 dias atrás
Por que você colocou a bandeira do Brasil?
Steel Ocean
Steel Ocean 23 dias atrás
You never cease to amaze the world with your mind bending achievements
Cindoreye 19 dias atrás
I'm a biochemist/microbiologist and I was like "oh he's utilizing iron oxidizing chemotrophs, that's cool" and then it hit me--someone figured out that this weird slime in a slow moving stream contains a useful element and, while such iron was rarely used to make implements, it was often used in creating primitive pigments. That just boggles my mind. Before the written word, someone figured this out and put it into practice.
Rocco Frisone
Rocco Frisone 22 dias atrás
Anyone else discover this guy awhile ago, forget this guy for a couple years and then remember him, fall in love with his videos all over again and binge all his videos in a week?
trolo jolo
trolo jolo 7 dias atrás
John Doe
John Doe Mês atrás
Congratulations dude it's been a long road to get to this. HUGE respect. I love that this is scalable, you could just as easily make a full sized iron axe by increasing the volumes of everything. Maybe even a stream dam with miniature water wheel direct driving a furnace blower to get consistent airflow and higher temperatures.
AlbertaGeek Mês atrás
@Magne M The superior durability of steel would have been the selling point. As far as weight goes, it's the same, because of course steel is just iron with a wee bit of carbon added. But that little bit of carbon can do wonders for strength and the ability to hold an edge. IIRC, even once the making of steel became widespread knowledge, simple metal items were usually still iron, but a weapon was going to be steel - because your life literally depended on it.
Magne M
Magne M Mês atrás
@AlbertaGeek and that is why steel became a thing? Raw Iron being super heavy and costly
AlbertaGeek Mês atrás
@Magne M Undoubtedly they did, until they figured out the smarter way of doing things.
Magne M
Magne M Mês atrás
@AlbertaGeek Just resmith it, its probably what they did?
AlbertaGeek Mês atrás
@7. 62 _"what i am saying is they probably wouldntve bothered with the extra work"_ Well, it's obvious you're not a tradesman of any sort. Or anyone who builds anything for a living. Certainly not with an attitude of "I'll do a comparatively quick-and-easy job now that'll just make for more difficult maintenance down the road rather than putting in the work of a proper job the first time around and have easier maintenance."
Luka Vignjević
Luka Vignjević 9 dias atrás
Iron POG (love your work and what you bring to the platform, keep it up my guy)
AchupiK 22 dias atrás
Muy impresionante. 10/10
Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards 25 dias atrás
Bro I’ve been following you from the first. You amaze me every time. Love you bro!
Flo Vi
Flo Vi 9 dias atrás
That is crazy, this opens up so much in the future!
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