Primitive Technology: Grass thatch, Mud hut

Primitive Technology
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Primitive Technology: Grass thatch, Mud hut - Creating a grass thatch, mud hut from scratch.
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About This Video:
With the wet season at it's peak, a shelter was needed to keep tools and materials dry as well as providing a dry work-space for future projects. So after some procrastination, I decided on a low roof design. A 2.5 m by 2.5 m hut with a ridge 2 m above the ground and side walls 75 cm high. Upright posts were put in at about 60 cm intervals along the 3 walls. The front was left open as this is more of an open workshop than a dwelling. Grass was collected from high up in the hill as it will not grow in the darker, lowland forest. Carrying the thatch to the hut was the most labor intensive part taking approximately 36 hours over the course of more than a week. The walls were then coated in soft, grey mud from a nearby clearing. The floor was coated in the same material. A large amount of rain fell due to a nearby tropical cyclone passing to the north. Despite this there were only a few leaks (mainly on the ridge line) that were subsequently patched with more grass. A fire was then lit with fire-sticks despite the damp conditions. This was done to help dry the mud walls and floor. The end of the video shows the yam mounds behind the hut doing well from of the torrential rain. The shelter will suffice for the remaining two months of rain that is expected to fall.
About Primitive Technology:
Primitive technology is a hobby where you build things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials. These are the strict rules: If you want a fire, use a fire stick - An axe, pick up a stone and shape it - A hut, build one from trees, mud, rocks etc. The challenge is seeing how far you can go without utilizing modern technology. I do not live in the wild, but enjoy building shelter, tools, and more, only utilizing natural materials. To find specific videos, visit my playlist tab for building videos focused on pyrotechnology, shelter, weapons, food & agriculture, tools & machines, and weaving & fiber.

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22 Mar 2019

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Mistaken Face
Mistaken Face 23 horas atrás
Minecraft is way more easy
Turk February
Turk February Dia atrás
No talking, no stupid intro music, just relaxing and entertaining videos. Great job.
Maria Cárdenas
Maria Cárdenas Dia atrás
You always cut trees but never make videos by planting them. Your channel does not show sustainability, but you contribute to the destruction of forests. Think about it and do something to regenerate nature.
Leonardo Nascimento Santos
@primitivetechnology, could you make a video of how to make a toothbrush?
Weird Jellyfish
Weird Jellyfish 3 dias atrás
How does he deal with the Mosquitos?
Atom Xp
Atom Xp 3 dias atrás
asdf poo
asdf poo 4 dias atrás
Casually says in subtitles: T H A T C H I N G T O O K 3 6 H O U R S
maestro 5 dias atrás
Почему ты не убираешь кору? С ней дерево гниет быстрее
TheFamThr33 5 dias atrás
Need someone to build your kids or grandkids a new play bourse or tree house call this guy, he’ll do it record it not say a word an before you know it, he’ll be done and gone and your grandchildren or children will be so happy, until they knock it down but no worries just watch this video and you’ll have it down in Just at few months.
Liam Neidig
Liam Neidig 5 dias atrás
Just a reminder to everyone that you should turn on captions!
supadave32 ,
supadave32 , 5 dias atrás
Bro out here cutting grass with a rock, i dont even cut grass with a lawn mower...damn
We didn't listen
We didn't listen 6 dias atrás
That's basically a wattle and daub medieval shed right there, just need some whitewashing. Make it a bit bigger and with tiles roof and you got a perfectly fine medieval house.
José Neira Rodas
José Neira Rodas 6 dias atrás
It is just extraordinary!
Tyler Bronman
Tyler Bronman 7 dias atrás
I just want to see him build a house inside a mountain, just a pickaxe and a house that will stay forever.
Charlie Steed
Charlie Steed 7 dias atrás
I love how you now include previous inventions in your videos, I always thought they would reappear
TJ Marshall
TJ Marshall 8 dias atrás
I work on tow boats on intercoastal waterways and have a 20 days on 10 day off schedule. On my time off, I have become infatuated with primitive survival. My mom has a 47 acre plot in deep east Texas, US; within that plot I have an acre of my own. We have a creek that runs completely through the property with a high embankment, surrounded by the pineywoods, almost just like this. The creek has great clay "tiles" for pottery in mass abundance. I have created a dam and several fish traps within the creek and have been highly successful. Crawfish, minnows, catfish, bluegill, sun perch, and the occasional bass. We do have an open grassy field that I use to collect my thatching, along with a Blackberry patch smack-dab in the middle. We have wild hogs, deer, and all of the other creatures that live in the woods. Flint is plentiful, I do make arrowheads by flint-knapping, along with arrow shafts and bows. I have learned how to do so much, just from watching your Channel. I have subscribed I would like to connect with you on a personal level just to answer some more questions that I have. This is pretty much how I have started to live whenever I have time off from work offshore. It saves me money, it keeps me healthy, it keeps me agile and aware. If anyone is really looking for a good Channel to subscribe to pertaining to primitive survival skills, this is the one.
FernandoMoreno90 8 dias atrás
7:08 Where is Wilson?
sandy pangestu
sandy pangestu 9 dias atrás
At 6:58, foot print of what? A wolf? Haha
Maradona Riquelme
Maradona Riquelme 10 dias atrás
Se eu pudesse eu vivia igual índio!
Joanne Clifford
Joanne Clifford 10 dias atrás
insanekillakane 421
insanekillakane 421 10 dias atrás
Ok wheres he getting all this string from
Esteban Huamani
Esteban Huamani 11 dias atrás
Imagine coming to a fucking Yankee and burn because he think you are from the VC
Дима Бычков
Дима Бычков 11 dias atrás
Зато ипотеку не надо платить
TS stingis
TS stingis 11 dias atrás
This man has built more huts/houses than a single civilization
Vishnu Prasad
Vishnu Prasad 12 dias atrás
On closed captions. Trust me. It’s worth it
Jay Tyler Stride
Jay Tyler Stride 12 dias atrás
He should have his own city state in the next civ6 update
sytestorm 12 dias atrás
I thought he was making floor tiles at first on 6.53
KingHenry1015 12 dias atrás
When the internet stops working
Fenti Kurniawati
Fenti Kurniawati 13 dias atrás
Rumah gubuk
Thefunny Guy
Thefunny Guy 13 dias atrás
Next thing you know he’s ganna make a city
Hobon 27
Hobon 27 13 dias atrás
I see this video don't ever skip
4NN13 H
4NN13 H 14 dias atrás
How many of those sweet potato barrows would you actually need to have to feed a family year-round? Seems like you’d need hundreds, right?
Play_Will alves
Play_Will alves 14 dias atrás
Cadê os BR ? kkk
Sadık Can Demirci
Sadık Can Demirci 14 dias atrás
If you have been bald you was like a one punch man !
M_I_F_I_X games
M_I_F_I_X games 14 dias atrás
jdzencelowcz 15 dias atrás
This guy & Survival Lilly could win the Naked And Afraid challenge blindfolded. Also, I wonder if he's gonna build a 3rd Pig style brick house. Finally... #DangLoudInsects
pdanc 15 dias atrás
Does he live like this all the time? 🤔🤷‍♂️
Dead Memes
Dead Memes 15 dias atrás
And how the F*CK does he not get splinters?
Dead Memes
Dead Memes 15 dias atrás
I think he should make a video on how to make natural shorts
Dead Memes
Dead Memes 15 dias atrás
I believe this man lives outside and somehow found electricity
MrGoatflakes 15 dias atrás
0:44 no adventure is complete without an encounter with a mud crab ^-^
bhushan deshmukh
bhushan deshmukh 15 dias atrás
Love the background sounds
Nevorek Nevorek
Nevorek Nevorek 16 dias atrás
Дождик! Класс!
Big Al
Big Al 16 dias atrás
That was the biggest tick I've ever seen in my life! 😳
Hedia Susiani
Hedia Susiani 16 dias atrás
I love when you put back that lil' crab back to the river
ATK CHANNEL 17 dias atrás
Hello please sub my channel
KittenMan32 17 dias atrás
Omg this was so funny and realistic I was watching this in a car with the windows down and when he got the fire started we passed a house that was burning something and I got a whiff of smoke and burning smell
José Valeriano
José Valeriano 17 dias atrás
what country is this????
2002 0802
2002 0802 17 dias atrás
how can you hate this or dislike it?
A H 19 dias atrás
People will live like this again. That’s our nature, not the digital slave life.
Nevriye Gültekin
Nevriye Gültekin 19 dias atrás
See? This is the original primitive technolgy. Not those two kids eating like pigs
Kutulue 20 dias atrás
Nice work as usual. I think making some good flat stone floors for one of your huts would be a good thing to show. Also maybe put in some good drainage channels (rock lined?). As you know Cairns rain is pretty decent.
yung mutt
yung mutt 20 dias atrás
the og survival man
Incelroni 20 dias atrás
Is there a method to make waterproof plaster?
Arioch IV
Arioch IV 20 dias atrás
Interesting to see him struggling a little bit to get the fire going, when it normally seems to effortless. I think that would be me on my best day. I also really appreciated how he just paused for a moment to admire a crab. Crab: Yep, I'm a crab. PT: Carry on.
Hoss 20 dias atrás
6:30 "miserable conditions" and next shot he has mud all over his right shoulder...yeah there's no way he didnt slip and fall in mud
SixSix 11 horas atrás
he had mud on his shoulder from carrying that log on his shoulder with the clay/mud.
Blake Barthold
Blake Barthold 20 dias atrás
I remember when I used to make treehouses and dig mud stairs into a hillside as a kid. These videos are so peaceful.
z w
z w 21 dia atrás
Damn boi you one fineeeee ass piece of meat
Dylan Walker MO
Dylan Walker MO 21 dia atrás
I can just feel the bug bites
Antoni 21 dia atrás
That crab
Please, portuguese subtitle, i from Brazil
Dylan Thompson
Dylan Thompson 22 dias atrás
Anyone else turn the subtitles off and just listen to these videos?
Nyan KAT
Nyan KAT 22 dias atrás
What are you gonna make on your camping trip? Him: yes
Arioch IV
Arioch IV 20 dias atrás
Q: What are you going to build today? A: Civilization.
Floopy5426 22 dias atrás
Who do I enjoy this so much?
Anastasia 22 dias atrás
dammit, I want to live in that hut. I want to make a hut and live in it GOD DAMMIT
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 22 dias atrás
in this modern day housing market that hut is probably worth 300,000
백영민 22 dias atrás
I think of ARK Survival Evolved. If you only have dinosaurs ^^ Are there any pests, dangerous animals, or plants? We want you to broadcast carefully. Subscribers from far away ~ Fighting!!
Gh0zt 23 dias atrás
I bet he's brutal in minecraft.
Ryan Sheppard
Ryan Sheppard 23 dias atrás
Hi, have you ever thought about releasing duplicate videos, one with commentary?
Moses D
Moses D 22 dias atrás
There are captions
GodDamnGonzo 23 dias atrás
Reminds me of rust at the start of a server lol
Oxicoco Lover
Oxicoco Lover 23 dias atrás
*A crab.*
SgtHuggeD 23 dias atrás
Please build a wilderness workout bench with fired clay barbell. :)
wooden kat
wooden kat 23 dias atrás
As active as he his? His hut is his barbell!
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Cody Cuppes
Cody Cuppes 26 dias atrás
An amazing amount of skill. Thank you for showing all of us how it is done. I was knapping flint knife blades and spear points decades ago as a teenager but I do have to admit as I get older I appreciate my SAK and Swedish axe. All that cutting with stone tools is WORK.
Sulas Tri
Sulas Tri 26 dias atrás
good you
Ridwan Nasuha
Ridwan Nasuha 27 dias atrás
Im from Indonesia🇮🇩, but i like👍 your fideo📽. You☝ its strong💪 boy👨...
Kozma Productions
Kozma Productions 29 dias atrás
Me building in ark
Michael F
Michael F Mês atrás
Grass holds up better than palm fronds? Did the round hut get eaten by moths, too?
Anonymous Wasp
Anonymous Wasp Mês atrás
dude im jealous i wish i did all the stuff you did
ATOYDUCK Mês atrás
In Conan exiles I can build this way faster
Tom Ashley
Tom Ashley Mês atrás
I want to see what you would build in a northern climate.
Clay GM
Clay GM Mês atrás
Where is that?
John Galt
John Galt Mês atrás
1.2 thousand dislikes from people with mosquito bites Lol
D T Mês atrás
I just found out about this: if you turn on subtitles, you actually get a descriptive caption on everything he's doing.
D U O L I N G O Mês atrás
Welp,there goes my new gallery at 9:34
Michael Xx
Michael Xx Mês atrás
Rumour has it that he hibernates during the dry season. When he emerges he has sloughed off his old shorts and is wearing a shiny new pair ready for the next year ...
V B Mês atrás
Where is it exactly , In which wood ? Very good work
Aifoscookie Mês atrás
This is and will always be my favourite channel on BRvid
Lowell Deepnya
Lowell Deepnya Mês atrás
You should do a world tour
I see climate change hasn't affected that AREA
Gopnik Bucket
Gopnik Bucket Mês atrás
Will this fit 3 people
Artem Popov
Artem Popov Mês atrás
Как его комары не съели
cinarandelijah Mês atrás
36 hours?!
Joao Araujo
Joao Araujo Mês atrás
Amazing! Congratulations.
Legend never dies
Legend never dies Mês atrás
That is your land?
Billy Creme
Billy Creme Mês atrás
This man seems like an awfully nice person, he just has them good vibes to him
뀨루루뀨류루 Mês atrás
한국인 없나?
Blhaa blhaa
Blhaa blhaa Mês atrás
0:45 Lucky for you Mr crab not hungry right now I ate 2 days ago
Noah Hamilton
Noah Hamilton Mês atrás
What’s he gonna make next? Clay shoes? A camera? A freaking gun? Nuclear bomb? Pressure cooker?
super soaker
super soaker Mês atrás
Wait, what happened to that one clay hut you built?
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