Primitive Technology: Grass thatch, Mud hut

Primitive Technology
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Primitive Technology: Grass thatch, Mud hut - Creating a grass thatch, mud hut from scratch.
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About This Video:
With the wet season at it's peak, a shelter was needed to keep tools and materials dry as well as providing a dry work-space for future projects. So after some procrastination, I decided on a low roof design. A 2.5 m by 2.5 m hut with a ridge 2 m above the ground and side walls 75 cm high. Upright posts were put in at about 60 cm intervals along the 3 walls. The front was left open as this is more of an open workshop than a dwelling. Grass was collected from high up in the hill as it will not grow in the darker, lowland forest. Carrying the thatch to the hut was the most labor intensive part taking approximately 36 hours over the course of more than a week. The walls were then coated in soft, grey mud from a nearby clearing. The floor was coated in the same material. A large amount of rain fell due to a nearby tropical cyclone passing to the north. Despite this there were only a few leaks (mainly on the ridge line) that were subsequently patched with more grass. A fire was then lit with fire-sticks despite the damp conditions. This was done to help dry the mud walls and floor. The end of the video shows the yam mounds behind the hut doing well from of the torrential rain. The shelter will suffice for the remaining two months of rain that is expected to fall.
About Primitive Technology:
Primitive technology is a hobby where you build things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials. These are the strict rules: If you want a fire, use a fire stick - An axe, pick up a stone and shape it - A hut, build one from trees, mud, rocks etc. The challenge is seeing how far you can go without utilizing modern technology. I do not live in the wild, but enjoy building shelter, tools, and more, only utilizing natural materials. To find specific videos, visit my playlist tab for building videos focused on pyrotechnology, shelter, weapons, food & agriculture, tools & machines, and weaving & fiber.

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22 Mar 2019



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Comentários 7 166
De vuelta al desván
De vuelta al desván 5 horas atrás
You are blood
Timenaught 6 horas atrás
I wonder, does he have another person who does most of the camera work with him? His shots are always very impressive when he's doing time skips or giving close ups of details. I imagine he doesn't have another person, which just makes it cooler.
born tobe wasted
born tobe wasted 9 horas atrás
Русскоговорящие здесь есть??? Когда будет новое видео?
ixon forul
ixon forul 10 horas atrás
She pro to making fire
it'sFckinRaw 12 horas atrás
from 3.5M to 9.3M wow!
MAISOKEA OFFICIAL 12 horas atrás
New creative idea👍👍👍
쩌쩐다! 12 horas atrás
Original "Primitive Technology"
Chea Longdy TV
Chea Longdy TV 13 horas atrás
Extro 14 horas atrás
This looks like great fun tbh
catklyst 18 horas atrás
You feeling it now mr cwabs?
It's me Ashen
It's me Ashen 19 horas atrás
If I were to do this on the land nearby id be covered in like 80 ticks and most certainly get lymes disease
mad dog rides
mad dog rides 20 horas atrás
So when is the Agm-114 made out of sticks and clay video coming out
mad dog rides
mad dog rides 20 horas atrás
For being a caveman this guy is a fucking genius
Trenton Palmer
Trenton Palmer 21 hora atrás
I feel like it's time that he makes a hut with flooring.
Rhys Hughes
Rhys Hughes 21 hora atrás
Hope Bunnings Warehouse doesn't see this and trying and buy out the Australian bush as a competitor.
mitchell wood
mitchell wood 23 horas atrás
beast modddddde
Seven Seas of the Universe
Could you do this stuff in the Rockies?
Hunter A
Hunter A Dia atrás
Legend has it he never learnt to speak
Johannes Trümper
I wonder. Is he abdoning every previous projekt and make something new or is he making it in the near of the last one.
FlightLegit Dia atrás
This is alot of doing for one person but, is very needed, giving any situation. Great work as usuall. Boss man right here!
FlightLegit Dia atrás
The fact that he doesn't put ad's on his video's is amazing.. He Definitely should though.
さとし Dia atrás
1:22 Terminator 2
Amadet Amadet
Amadet Amadet Dia atrás
розетки где ?
Sylveq TM
Sylveq TM Dia atrás
Make blowgun
глэк Dia atrás
Когда Вы перемешиваете глину с водой, зачем вы добавляете сухие листья?
Thiên Hoa TV
Thiên Hoa TV Dia atrás
Wielki Kloc
Wielki Kloc Dia atrás
Zajebiste kurwa też tak chce
David Kirkpatrick
Always impressive in many ways. Thanks PT. Never knew about captions being available until reading the comments of this video. They enhance the experience of watching this amazing guy. Like for getting the grass. I wondered how far away it was and what type of effort he goes through for the grass and even the piles of rocks he has around. The caption about the grass was: “Grass only grows high in the mountain, an hour round trip to get a bundle of thatch”.
RobFindsTreasure Dia atrás
When you click on the video and are happy that it’s 10 minutes long but then realize it’s ONLY 10 minutes long... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Арт Ваммир
муравьи в помощь.
mixer Dia atrás
очень здорово,так на природу захотелось,жаль то,что сейчас апрель
Kevsepticaye OG
Kevsepticaye OG Dia atrás
Would be interesting to see people like yourself build a working community using these primitive methods. See what you all can do in a year.
Giancarlo Mareco
Giancarlo Mareco Dia atrás
This is a man to gieve pleasure in the end of the day!!! Who we will elekt to lieve the eternity in the mitle of the jungle!!!
성이름 Dia atrás
I need your more videos. Move human!!
vvitkor12 2 dias atrás
I wish to see what happened with previous constructions. How long did they survive and what condition they are now.
Tri Prasetyo Prambudi
Tri Prasetyo Prambudi 2 dias atrás
good job =d
CosmicScam 2 dias atrás
Green top
Esan In Pakistan NurRiz
El Loco Rift
El Loco Rift 2 dias atrás
He better upgrade to wood soon. Or else he'll get raided.
camron akhavan
camron akhavan 2 dias atrás
Who else feels this guy would be great on survivor
camron akhavan
camron akhavan 2 dias atrás
Also this man is the perfect BRvidr
ROCK SOLID 2 dias atrás
wtf... Took me forever to find this channel again I used to watch this back in 2017...copy cats are everywhere with the same name too
Joacopg2008 2 dias atrás
Like si ablas en español
Vincent Bain
Vincent Bain 2 dias atrás
Do you have an instagram account? I found a couple that have your videos and pics. But not sure if they are legit.
Died OfCancer
Died OfCancer 3 dias atrás
I'm about 15 inches taller than this man. I am afraid.
Andy H
Andy H 3 dias atrás
What's your secret for avoiding mosquitos?!
Ziya Haci-ResulOFF
Ziya Haci-ResulOFF 3 dias atrás
Minecraft... TerraFirmaCraft... Lovers? +1
Dfathurr 3 dias atrás
To say this is boring, well indeed it is But to say this is unique. Also indeed it is He shows us how to make simple things from scratch Many people do that thing also from scratch, and many of it show with more unexpected, often ubiqutous way to present it But often, silence and sense of humble, although boring, is the best thing to be done Especially doing anything that related to nature and wilderness Rarely something mix something good and bad, and mix it into a good thing I believe word "uniquely boring" is good thing And i'm sure this channel show us most of it Make sense if almost 10 million people followed this And i hope it will increase
Died OfCancer
Died OfCancer 3 dias atrás
Did Iplay This game
Did Iplay This game 3 dias atrás
Do you actually plant a tree again after cutting down a tree to safe natural resources.
Yarin Ehrlich
Yarin Ehrlich 3 dias atrás
your videos are great! thanks ! how about making a musical instrument in the jungle ?
Eapeisi Te'O
Eapeisi Te'O 3 dias atrás
Two story grass thatch mug hit Challenge yourself😀😀
Emperor Hirohito
Emperor Hirohito 3 dias atrás
Hi, big fan. When are you going to do a video where you construct an AH-64 Apache Longbow attack helicopter made out of sticks, mud, and rocks?
painhellemental 9000
painhellemental 9000 3 dias atrás
Anyone else wonder if his camera is just a rock with some twine and a hole in it with glass
Gamerz 3 dias atrás
Next Top BRvidr to Beat PewDiePie!!!!!!!!!!!!
Az 74
Az 74 4 dias atrás
Friendly reminder to turn on subtitles😉
ツsnxw- 3 dias atrás
Nah, I just prefer the peaceful-ness of the video alone.
Alex Olson
Alex Olson 4 dias atrás
i am planning on making a book about primitive building and survival in the wilderness and this man is the reason why i am taking the time to work on it including my website so i need more ideas than what is on this channel so all the help that i can get is great
Skipper Blue
Skipper Blue 4 dias atrás
serious question: why not just put dirt on top and plant grass on top instead of harvesting it and tying it down?
MrSplic3r 3 dias atrás
Huge amount of weight, and the grass would grow vertically and not shed rain, then the roof would leak mud
Thomas Catt
Thomas Catt 4 dias atrás
That crab is so cute!!!!!!
Chase the Compiler
Chase the Compiler 4 dias atrás
Unwavering Discipline
Unwavering Discipline 4 dias atrás
Nice i ll make one in my local beach for the overly sunny days
ツsnxw- 3 dias atrás
Mephiston 4 dias atrás
Fair amount of reused footage in this video, but I'm still okay with that. The grass cutting footage and the shots of the yams with the vines and stick at the end, in particular. Still good.
Timmy Isom
Timmy Isom 4 dias atrás
is it just me or does he look more fit than his other vids??
Dreamabangis Price
Dreamabangis Price 4 dias atrás
This is the real Primitive not those fucking asians making house with pool and those goddamn kids who always eat like a monkey
Ha500rry 1
Ha500rry 1 4 dias atrás
He is secretly talking to us turn on subtitles
yeah woo
yeah woo 4 dias atrás
이 유튜버 보시는 한국인 계신가요
MrAxelortega1 4 dias atrás
who else got 10 mosquito bites from watching this video?🤕
Kurt Co
Kurt Co 19 horas atrás
Three only
andrew wolf
andrew wolf 4 dias atrás
Cute crab
Never Stop Being Awesome
Somebody make a smartphone game like this already.
Lan celot
Lan celot 4 dias atrás
THIS IS MY LIFE 4 dias atrás
I want to be like you
Nova Arguello
Nova Arguello 4 dias atrás
when is he going to get to smelting.
Clayface3790 4 dias atrás
them: if you were stranded in nature. what would you bring? me: not what. who
x Morgenstern
x Morgenstern 3 dias atrás
u both would go mad and kill eachother if hes always this quiet
Heavy Heights
Heavy Heights 4 dias atrás
Are there people out there just in case something bad happens or what?
Mark G
Mark G 5 dias atrás
ADHarris97 5 dias atrás
Where in the world does he build everything? Love the videos!
ADHarris97 4 dias atrás
+sir bane awesome, thank you!
sir bane
sir bane 4 dias atrás
Queensland, Australia pretty sure
Phil D12
Phil D12 5 dias atrás
Sacha 5 dias atrás
These videos are always so relaxing
Wild Life Tasmania
Wild Life Tasmania 5 dias atrás
Great vid as usual PT! As a new BRvidr myself, I can appreciate the effort involved. If I can bring 1/10th the joy to others as your videos have me, I'll be happy!
Андрей Едунов
I like it!!!
William Singht
William Singht 5 dias atrás
I have only two tips for this guy: 1) try to learn Java or 2) start cultivating coca and selling it to the Russian embassy in Argentina
William Singht
William Singht 5 dias atrás
IMHO I saw skyfish!
alien max
alien max 5 dias atrás
Im 9 yrs old and I did all of this stuff in my familys property, now Me and my Friends have our own village-like forest.
Carte Izly
Carte Izly 5 dias atrás
You can identify easily an original primitive technology vidéo with the fire logo... or the fact that there is no swimming pool on the thumbnail
wanlina 5 dias atrás
Primitive Technology: Grass thatch, Mud hut ft. little crab
HustlerMitch 5 dias atrás
Thought you were gunna eat the crab lol
C4josh pid
C4josh pid 5 dias atrás
Wow just realised he invented a camera
ANDRII V 5 dias atrás
I know why you rarely make videos! Because you are waiting for the rain to show that the roof does not leak!
TV shocker California
TV shocker California 5 dias atrás
Chesda Gaming
Chesda Gaming 5 dias atrás
Sir one channel use your vdo to post in another BRvid channel
MrSplic3r 3 dias atrás
Provide a link or name and I expect he'll look into it. He reads a surprising amount of the comments
Uji P ae lah
Uji P ae lah 5 dias atrás
Why not, 4vidios for 1moon
Serennekin 5 dias atrás
He has to be making like millions with almost 10 million subscribers. Imagine the mansion this guy goes home to every day lmao. So weird to think that he doesn’t live in the wild.
Yash Tharma
Yash Tharma 5 dias atrás
Others do for money. This is for passion
Hdjfug Shhshd
Hdjfug Shhshd 6 dias atrás
How did you get the fire going
phuc ewe
phuc ewe 6 dias atrás
Somebody needs to give him some new ideas. Like invent the wheel or something.
Tobey A
Tobey A 6 dias atrás
I have 2 curious questions though. 1- Is this all in happening the past and he is just uploading all of these in the present? 2- Does he really sleep in the hut that he has built, and how does he sleep on those rocky ground?
Jordan Howard
Jordan Howard 6 dias atrás
This guy is ARK survival reincarnated
Agent 47
Agent 47 6 dias atrás
Me open up youtube BRvid : hey, watch this dude build a house Me : but why? BRvid : just watch it!!
Timmy Isom
Timmy Isom 4 dias atrás
YULITAMCI 5 6 dias atrás
Dukung terus Chef LITA n jangan lupa subscribe Indonesia
Benjamin Nelson
Benjamin Nelson 6 dias atrás
has this dude not done naked and afraid yet? I think they'd have to force him to leave haha
Katya Kovyazina
Katya Kovyazina 6 dias atrás
Юлять...ну нехер конечно чуваку заняться...и это бодрит....буду с тёлочкой в лесу и условия будут экстремальные обязательно построю такой домик.... респект народу каменного века🖐🖐🖐
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