President Trump walks across Lafayette Park to St. John's Church

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President Trump walks across Lafayette Park to St. John's Church. Holding a Bible he says, "We have a great country. That's my thoughts."

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1 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
kuzu luku
kuzu luku 9 horas atrás
a2pha Dia atrás
5:36 Also, cameraman ? Terrible shoddy video recording. You are fireeeeeeeeee-duh !
a2pha Dia atrás
3:56 "Mr. President, your thoughts right now ?" ...silence... Smartest thing he ever said.
a2pha Dia atrás
3:08 How can you tell him and his entourage are part of the presidency ? Not a single mask. Not one. Hell you could dress up in a basic business suit and pretend to be part of them long as you didn't wear a mask. . We can only hope fate carries out its nefarious plans ... Is that 'my' plan ? No, it is =A= plan.
a2pha Dia atrás
5:10 You read it, you moron !
Gohs Art
Gohs Art Dia atrás
Camera man should be send to prison for treason.
King Scottish1194
I have but 1 comment with Mr. Donald J Trump's walking capabilities: "IT FU__ING MOVES"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they said Jabba The Hut was not capable of moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Domingo Chavez
Domingo Chavez 2 dias atrás
Daniel Hanson
Daniel Hanson 3 dias atrás
Soundwave Superior
Soundwave Superior 6 dias atrás
What a Chad
R '
R ' 7 dias atrás
psychopath walkin
Josh X
Josh X 9 dias atrás
Im suing this camera man for traumatizing my ears
Michelle Santos
Michelle Santos 10 dias atrás
I love hearing leftist reporters call President Trump “Mr. President” fucking LOVE IT!!
Michelle Santos
Michelle Santos 10 dias atrás
We have a President truly protected by God Almighty!!
My church pastor referred me to a pyramid scheme
Benjamin Butler
Benjamin Butler 11 dias atrás
The Don , makes me proud to be a Christian :)
Caleb Livni
Caleb Livni 11 dias atrás
The cameraman sucks learn how to hold a camera
Denise Montoya
Denise Montoya 11 dias atrás
Right on President Trump! Show the people of the world it’s a spiritual battle and I believe your decision to show the Bible was letting the devil spirit realm know with Almighty God we are more than conquers in every situation. Please and Thank you for keeping law and order. Get rid of the chaos agents! Trump 2020!
old timer
old timer 12 dias atrás
Who was carrying the Bible for him .??
glointhedark11323 4 dias atrás
jk m
jk m 12 dias atrás
moses xxx
moses xxx 12 dias atrás
American laughing stock It's gone to far killing President
Carol Anne
Carol Anne 10 dias atrás
Muhammad was a false prophet and a pedophile.
Tamarcus Wright
Tamarcus Wright 13 dias atrás
Too bad he doesn’t read it 🦁 🤴🏿
jc kalden
jc kalden 13 dias atrás
1 Belief Blog : Sorry, Jesus isn't white 2 Matthew 24:4-5 (NIV) 4 Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.
Dream Messenger
Dream Messenger 15 dias atrás
The C-Span cameraman should be fired! Most historical moment of the year and it looked like it was filmed by a 8 year old girl with an iPhone.
Anne Ijeoma Evans
Anne Ijeoma Evans 6 dias atrás
That was deliberate. The camera is held by a leftist member of the mob who works for CSPAN but hates America and its president.
badopinionsrighthere 16 dias atrás
Just remember that he had hundreds of people teargassed and beaten up so he could hold up "a" bible.
Aykut Yüksek
Aykut Yüksek 16 dias atrás
4:10-4:20 coronavirus
thevancouverguy 14 dias atrás
nope, tear gas
Micah Young
Micah Young 16 dias atrás
this is gold lol meme material here this shit is too surreal hahaha
mister m II
mister m II 17 dias atrás
Why Dude On The Far Right Staring At The Boarded Up Church As Errrrbody Else Looks At 📷 Cameras 🤔🤔🤔 Watch Him... Sum Fishy Bout That
victorya ellis
victorya ellis 17 dias atrás
A leader guides and a coward neels
Christopher Fillmore
Christopher Fillmore 17 dias atrás
Pandering to the ignorant masses, utilizing religious symbols to portray a sense of authority. He can't fool me.
Deborah Kala
Deborah Kala 17 dias atrás
One thing I still don’t get is after the press briefing he said he was going to a special place. Didn’t ask anybody to follow him. Now look at the press running and rushing like little kids following his every move up until he gets to the church then take pictures of him to later say in the headlines that He went there for a photo op!? Lol 🙃 I just don’t get that
Rick Gardiner
Rick Gardiner 17 dias atrás
and this is one reason I don't watch shaky cam movies.
Loon 18 dias atrás
The Bible is starting to BURN IN HIS HANDS.
Mustafa Mustafa
Mustafa Mustafa 19 dias atrás
What a badass
Steven Orr
Steven Orr 20 dias atrás
Buildings boarded up like tombstones across the land starts right here and starts right now Ah shit
AR 4S 20 dias atrás
Who else felt motion sickness while watching? 🥴
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas 20 dias atrás
S s9brang pastar ng engot nd kc nbabasa comment q. Ngsv n aq n cgurado boss q hahawak s natural gas dito at mlalaking negosyo dhil mgkakapera kme pangpuhunan. Kundi b aman tanga kung nbsa nia un nd p xa nanalamin pr mkita nia kung saan aq kukuha ng puhunan. 🤣🤣🤣
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas 20 dias atrás
Pg nkapanuod k nga aman ng engot n mdaldal tlg mgkakapera k ng cgurado. 😂😂😂
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas 20 dias atrás
Bayad k boy. 😂😂😂
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas 20 dias atrás
Pingpipilitan nia ang bible pro actions nia gumagapang xa s mga muslim. Eh d ibig svhin kung tlg ang hawak nia ang bible tpos gimagapang xa s mga royals n mga muslim ibig svhin nangdedecieved tlg xa. 😂😂😂
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas 20 dias atrás
Hanapin nia s bible kung saan nandun ang taing engot n may hawak ng bible😂😂😂
V A 20 dias atrás
Trump is like season one Michael Scott
Just Moi
Just Moi 20 dias atrás
Bradly Brad
Bradly Brad 21 dia atrás
“When fascism comes to the US it will be wrapped in the flag carrying the Bible”
Dennis Pookie
Dennis Pookie 21 dia atrás
This guy has the biggest fist in the world to swing with, the US military. And he does not. And we face news organisations saying he is a dog wanting to wage war. I am woke.
DJ Criss
DJ Criss 21 dia atrás
Man has balls! 👍🏻
CGMe 22 dias atrás
Skip to 4:59 to avoid The Blaire Witch Project.
Bernie Dreasure
Bernie Dreasure 22 dias atrás
this embarrassing - the actors and the filming crew
francis meehan
francis meehan 23 dias atrás
King John and held up the Bible this is symbolic ...remember this moment ...king john 3
Alan Dampog
Alan Dampog 23 dias atrás
what a loser trump is.
Troll under your mom's bed.
Christopher Knox
Christopher Knox 24 dias atrás
Dammit troops. One of y’all had the chance to assassinate him and do us all a favor
Richard Boutin
Richard Boutin 24 dias atrás
daniel earle
daniel earle 24 dias atrás
stupidity the press
daniel earle
daniel earle 24 dias atrás
The press does not run the show,Trump does.
D Me
D Me 25 dias atrás
President Obama would've been able to walk there with cheers, & without having protestors gassed.
D Me
D Me 23 dias atrás
@RocketmanRockyMatrix Difference is, The Idiot Trump is not a legit "president". He's a puppet planted by foreign interests. A really dumb & corrupt one, who likes to sign worthless photo op "official" documents.
RocketmanRockyMatrix 23 dias atrás
And the streets would be cleared without entrances being blocked off. Police brutality has been happening long before Trump became president.
Wayne Grey
Wayne Grey 25 dias atrás
Truly one of history’s defining moments.. and some iconic images
Rogier V
Rogier V 23 dias atrás
dick llarge
dick llarge 25 dias atrás
Shame, grabbin the bible like he do a pussy
Scott Payne
Scott Payne 25 dias atrás
_Freedom for the depressed, and a chicken in every pot!_ 😎
Frank Pace
Frank Pace 25 dias atrás
C span I hope you do your job better than your camera work. Dam who the hell taught you how to use a camera 🎥. Go Trump
H Wen
H Wen 26 dias atrás
God bless Trump
Wishful Thinking
Wishful Thinking 26 dias atrás
One of the most narcissistic, self-aggrandizing photo-ops in history.
J. M.
J. M. 26 dias atrás
Watch "Dan Rather On Lies In The President Donald Trump Era | The Last Word | MSNBC" on BRvid
Trac User
Trac User 26 dias atrás
They shut down most of the televangelists and now look what we have.
r m
r m 26 dias atrás
The greatest president in history
Lorne M
Lorne M 27 dias atrás
Coward walk of shame!
sade laniyan
sade laniyan 27 dias atrás
UMMM....BRvid youre PETTY for submitting this video as a result of typing in "giant alligators walking in park" 😌 GINUINELY PETTY.
a2pha Dia atrás
Perhaps they see Trump as the alligator ?
Ben 27 dias atrás
Rip earphone users
rpetzold 27 dias atrás
I apologize for being so late. I just realized tRump’s favorite bible character is sleeping beauty. no pre nup. Bazinga. I am the law .....
dun dub
dun dub 27 dias atrás
What if one of the camera men had a mini rocket launcher secretly embedded in the camera one day...
AJ Rockin Shockin Williams
@dun dub If I discovered something like that, I won't hesitate to beat the living shit of that camera man. I'm an American and he's the current commander in chief. He's still someone's Father, Son, Uncle, Grandfather and he's an elder. I'd protect President Trump with my life if necessary. Semper Fi
Jeff Kay
Jeff Kay 27 dias atrás
Is it me or was Trump holding the Holy Bible upside down outside a burnt church? The DEVIL is in the detail.
Knick Knack
Knick Knack 16 dias atrás
@Lenne who cares, why the photo op? Trump has never read the Bible, nor does he know how to hold one.
Lenne 16 dias atrás
It wasn't upside down. Idiots.
J. M.
J. M. 27 dias atrás
Congress is / has been Unreachable ...due to COVID19 PANDEMIC OUR LIBERTIES ARE BEING SHREADED We should not have to choose between security and Liberty everyone in government was able to maintain both without the Patriot Act this Patriot Act is the open and shut door of losing our rights losing our freedoms and becoming a thing of the past of being a free country
J. M.
J. M. 27 dias atrás
Watch "Congress Fails to Reform FISA & Patriot Act" on BRvid
John Keith
John Keith 27 dias atrás
Why did Barr gas the protesters? So a chicken could cross the road...
ideaquest 27 dias atrás
Warning: video may induce epilepsy episode and damage your hearing.
Peace and Love
Peace and Love 28 dias atrás
Why the press give so much coverage! Makes him feel important 😖
preto shohmoofc guy
preto shohmoofc guy 28 dias atrás
The camera is bad because Trump blindsided them with this. The day before the Liberal media was accusing him of being a coward and hiding in a bunker. Trump's response... "Hold my beer."
Richard Levarn
Richard Levarn 28 dias atrás
Worst footage ever with the best President ever!
slady 28 dias atrás
What was the point of holding up a Bible in front of a boarded up church? I dont get it. What is he trying to tell us??
slady 28 dias atrás
Seems nobody is worried about Corona. Not many masks..most of which are on reporters..and definitly no social distancing going on..
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