Precision Passing: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL

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1 Fev 2023



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Comentários 3 586
Gerson Crispin
Gerson Crispin Mês atrás
Who else didn’t know the Pro Bowl already started 🙋‍♂️
Kwame Tabiri
Kwame Tabiri Mês atrás
I’m only finding out now
Rigo Mês atrás
Same lol
Allen Vick
Allen Vick Mês atrás
I’m just now finding out💀
ragnarocking Mês atrás
I thought they cancelled the PB a few years ago.
MOOSE Mês atrás
i need these announcers more often the "show mcvay what he missing" and "i'm glad this ain't the combine cause nobody would get drafted" had me dying 😂
Greg Hicks
Greg Hicks Mês atrás
@Dan Metcalf OK, Boomer.
vversusv Mês atrás
Yeah I doubt the NFL will let them back commentating though, but I wish they would!
madhatten00 Mês atrás
derek carr would get drafted, damn, they really saved the best for last
Bool Mês atrás
@Dan MetcalfYou really just used a reddit insult and thought we wouldn’t notice
Caesar Prieto
Caesar Prieto Mês atrás
Thank you Carr #4 for the decade of consistency as a Raider fan. You are the Comeback King, always felt like we had a chance to get back into any game. Really which you could have had consistent coaches around you, you did the best you could with what you got. I will root for you to win a Superbowl. Thank you for all the memories. Good luck with your future as a Quarterback!!
Anthony Aguilar
Anthony Aguilar 26 dias atrás
Thank you Carr
Jontae Grace
Jontae Grace Mês atrás
@Chris Paradeise exactly. You cant make miracles happen.nansnssmsm??j*h yuhh u__
Bad Cornflakes
Bad Cornflakes Mês atrás
Most of us feel this way as Raiders fans, it's just the haters are louder. An empty drum when hit is always the loudest.
Kevin Ngo
Kevin Ngo Mês atrás
regardless of whether he reads this or not, thank you for writing exactly how a good portion of us feel 🙏
Jonnymika Mês atrás
couldnt agree more!
Shane P
Shane P Mês atrás
Only one with a 30 piece. That’s impressive. He was hitting those 1’s real well at the end. Good stuff Derek Carr
TJ Dillashaw
TJ Dillashaw Mês atrás
@Fake Name lmfao bro talk about an overreaction...
Fake Name
Fake Name Mês atrás
@TJ Dillashaw btw just to clarify, Tom is certainly one of the best QB’s of all time. This is because he’s one of the most patient and best decision-makers in football history, is elite at reading the field before and after the snap, is incredibly accurate, and has had an extremely underrated arm throughout his career; not because he would look the most talented on an empty field in shorts. His arm currently isn’t on the tier of Carr or Trevor, nor is he significantly more accurate while throwing to stagnant targets against air than any of the 6 participants. There are hours of footage to prove this. Just look up the last time Tom did a competition like this. It wasn’t pretty
Fake Name
Fake Name Mês atrás
@TJ Dillashaw the irony of saying “I’m not ignorant” in the same thread that you proved yourself to be an extreme casual is embarrassingly ironic. General rule of thumb: “common knowledge” is almost always just the wrong side of the Dunning-Krueger Effect. Competency = expert knowledge; not common knowledge. The average person is absolutely inept when it comes to 90+% of topics, as exemplified by your take on football. There’s a reason why literally every stat-focused, ESPN-watching, Madden-playing casual like yourself calls him the goat while nearly every HOF player and coach in the history of the NFL will tell you otherwise
Mike Ryan
Mike Ryan Mês atrás
@TJ Dillashaw I stated a fact: he made neither. Does that diminish his status? No. Simmer down.
TJ Dillashaw
TJ Dillashaw Mês atrás
@Mike Ryan lol hilarious. He wouldn't have shown up the the pro bowl either way is my point. Also why are you acting like he sucks he's the best NFL player ever 😂. I'm not even a big tb12 fan I'm just not ignorant.
Veraciety Mês atrás
As a Raider fan, we may not have made many deep playoff pushes with you Carr, but I always enjoyed watching your command of the game. You made the most of some lackluster teams. You kept your unit competitive. All the best wherever you go. You’ll always be a Raider to me.
Alex Brothers
Alex Brothers Mês atrás
Veraciety Mês atrás
@510jesus 2/9 = 22.2%. Obviously he’s no Manning or Brady. But he did improve our teams. The offensive coordinator we had in our 2015-2016 12-4 season was fired before the start of the next year. In the 2021-2022 10-7 season, and Carr’s best year statistically as I remember, Gruden obviously did not finish or return. Can’t really replicate success if the issues are swirling behind the scene. Not really an excuse for the 7/9, just my perspective.
510jesus Mês atrás
Lost me at many deep playoff pushes. Made wild card like twice in 18 years. Lol
Veraciety Mês atrás
@Максим Юрьевич The Raiders are tied for the 4th most Super Bowl wins and 4th most Super Bowl appearances in the NFL. They have the 6th most playoff wins since coming into the NFL in 1960. The Raiders have the 8th most Hall of Fame inductees. They definitely have been a very good franchise on the whole, and will return to form soon.
Zach Robinson
Zach Robinson Mês atrás
From a Bengals fan, Derek Carr had a hell of a field day with those targets 😂. Nice job Carr!
Chris Paradeise
Chris Paradeise Mês atrás
he needs a proper supporting cast and he's sure to go to the ship.
Heir To The Promise
@Jason Kipp He's letting you know there's no bias to his comment and is showing respect as an opposing fan. Just my opinion.
ray rice
ray rice Mês atrás
thanks bengals fan
jmami jr
jmami jr Mês atrás
@Jonathan he's a top 10 goofy lmafo
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin Mês atrás
Are they trying to promote drug use/addiction with snoop & pete ? Thats just weird. Sports are supposed to be about effort
JD Mês atrás
This was actually pretty fun to watch. I really wish it was advertised more. Like everyone’s been saying, I had no idea this was even happening today lol
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Mês atrás
Pro Bowl has been the week before the Super Bowl for as long as I can remember, and I am ancient.
Dub4Lif3 Mês atrás
@John Stevenson the players playing in the superbowl never go to the probowl anyways. lmao
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@John Stevenson Yeah should be after the Super Bowl and in Hawaii (but with the changes they added, because they were actually pretty good) OR It should be the week or day before the Super Bowl but inside the same stadium as the Super Bowl is played in maybe make it into a multiple day festival or celebration of Football as a whole.
MalRulesAll Mês atrás
Yeah they did do a bad job of advertising this cuz i lowkey forgot about it myself 💀😂😂
Nation of domination
@JD tbh the way the pro bowl is now no matter where you put it it won't help they don't hit like the old days
KampGaming Mês atrás
Nothing but respect for Derek Carr as a Titans fan! Somebody going to get one hell of a football player!
Randy Major
Randy Major 16 dias atrás
@Cory Thatcher w
J Da great
J Da great Mês atrás
Hoping my cowboys trade dak for him 😂 👌🏾
Blunt Force Trauma
Blunt Force Trauma Mês atrás
I think we can all agree that at least Derek Carr wasn't Jamarcus Russell
Holy Smoke
Holy Smoke Mês atrás
After carrs second team also figures he's not a starter.....all these people will dissolve
Chiefs fan, but I've always though Carr needed more support. The dude is accurate as hell. This just proved it! I can't wait to see where he ends up.
madhatten00 Mês atrás
all carr needs is a coach like mcvay who can tell him exactly where to throw the guy has tunnel vision, and that's why the raiders lost this year he basically only passed to davante adams deep while everything else was less than 10 yards
Bad Cornflakes
Bad Cornflakes Mês atrás
@that_guy_don_ and like 10 different coaches lol
TuRbO Duran
TuRbO Duran Mês atrás
Exactly I can't wait I'll be rooting for him whatever team he goes too🙋
Idaho 5K
Idaho 5K Mês atrás
Serious? He had the best OL in the nfl two and three years ago. Same stuff. He has marquis receiving core. Arguable the best WR and TE, NFL’s leading rusher. He hates people at his feet and checks down anytime he has a lead. Too many 3 and outs late asking an average defense to be on the field too much. He cost way too much money to not be elite. Just saying.
Blunt Force Trauma
Blunt Force Trauma Mês atrás
Alright. You Chiefs and Broncos fans might be correct, but shut up. Us Raider fans dont wanna hear that noise coming from the likes of you a****les. J/k Hey Chiefs fan...good luck, but I hope Philly squashes the Chiefs. Much love, peace!
Suffer With Me
Suffer With Me Mês atrás
Jared Goff is super under rated at this stage in his career. I will always be pulling for him.
Chris Mês atrás
@Mike Lee I have to agree with you. I'm a Bengals fan, and I don't really watch the Lions. I did happen to catch a few Lions games this year, and they looked really good. Like a few more key pieces away from being contenders.
Lord-MarroKing Mês atrás
@Dr. Spatula 🤣🤣🤣
Lord-MarroKing Mês atrás
@KingKaitain so that makes them Super Bowl contenders? Man you guys have said nothing period.
Lord-MarroKing Mês atrás
@Still I Rise🙌🏾 I will thanks… the Lions can’t even win the division but now are Super Bowl contenders. 🤣🤣🤣
Dr. Spatula
Dr. Spatula Mês atrás
@Lord-MarroKing If you don't even watch football why are you commenting?
gk Mês atrás
As a ravens fan I love to see Tyler Huntley in the pro bowl. No idea how this happened
John N
John N Mês atrás
He was one of the alternates.
Emanuel Ugarte
Emanuel Ugarte Mês atrás
I had to look at it twice I was so confused😂😂
David Harris
David Harris Mês atrás
Carr went last because he has the literal home field advantage and STILL went off. Also, he was definitely making a statement with his performance and the look he had in his eyes.
Logan Funderburk
Logan Funderburk Mês atrás
As a raiders fan, seeing Derek do better than everyone makes me happy. One final goodbye
Dom Cruise
Dom Cruise Mês atrás
He’s gonna do a Matt Stafford
TDsly Mês atrás
@Barber Jungle 100% Scapegoat
Barber Jungle
Barber Jungle Mês atrás
@TDsly people were mad at carr that he threw multiple interceptions on the last game but two of them where off the finger tips and only one was thrown off but the wind swayed the ball in a different direction. If the raiders would have won that game all the fans would be cheering for carr and McDaniels would not have benched because there wouldn't have been a reason. But McDaniels made carr the scapegoat.
Dr. Spatula
Dr. Spatula Mês atrás
@Mvp Can you believe how stupid the Rams were for getting Stafford? Dude was 74-90-1 with no playoff wins and with Calvin Johnson
Dr. Spatula
Dr. Spatula Mês atrás
@Shad Dow There is no one better available. No one good is going to want to go there. The best QB in the league would struggle to get wins
Austin Payne
Austin Payne Mês atrás
As a Lions fan, I’m just happy our boys were included
Getting Mês atrás
Huntley and Carr really were fun to watch.. I think pro bowl headed in a better direction once again, we like to see wholesome moments with the players
LaterNerd Mês atrás
​@Getting Geno Smith is a pretty absurd anomaly. What he did is so far from what should be expected. For 99% of players you get one chance to start and make an impact. Once you're benched that's it. You'll forever be a career backup. Zach Wilson for example will never be a franchise QB. He had his chance and blew it.
Getting Mês atrás
@Russian Roulette dude you're talking nonsense lmaoooo.
abc 123
abc 123 Mês atrás
@Getting Geno WAS a backup because he got punched and injured, go watch The Voice, you might be better analyzing the contestants there as you know nothing
Getting Mês atrás
@Russian Roulette yeah buddy you're a joke lol. Geno was a backup for 8 years and you think Huntley is doomed for his career. Go somewhere else
Is no one going to mention how accurate Jared Goff is?
Mark McIntosh
Mark McIntosh Mês atrás
As a lions fan we’re lucky to have him
Chase Mês atrás
God I'm gonna miss Carr. Can't believe Mark Davis is letting McDaniels use Carr as the scapegoat. Hoping to see Carr on a contending team where he'll show the casuals he's top 8
Veraciety Mês atrás
@mrfunnylookin ha yes Agreed.
Charlie Greene
Charlie Greene Mês atrás
@mrfunnylookin ha yes the raiders are like the dolphins any good player we get they trade away
Charlie Greene
Charlie Greene Mês atrás
@mrfunnylookin ha yes funny how u bring up last 2 years but mentioned no accountability to the qb the last 2 years 24td 14 int and 23td 14int this is good to you?????
mrfunnylookin ha yes
@hey hello How many head coaches? 9 years by the way. Keep in mind no one man can do it by himself. It take a good defense to be able to stop someone. KC always ran one play on us. Hitmelong. They just ran right past our DB for touchdown after touchdown.
Phil Anderson
Phil Anderson Mês atrás
As a lifetime Raiders fan, nice to see Carr do so well his last week on our team.
bunker Mês atrás
I love how it’s Derek Carr and Tyler Huntley who actually were balling 💀
Zoe Wheeler
Zoe Wheeler Mês atrás
​@veryslyfox He looks like Prince Adam (The Beast's human form) from Beauty and the Beast.
Mack Mês atrás
@Tristan Garrett I don’t hate Huntley, he’s just objectively the worst player to ever make the pro bowl. He was voted in when he had 0 TDs and 2 INTs lol. The pro bowl is a joke
hey hello
hey hello Mês atrás
Carr top 12 or 13 qb period ..... geno Smith had a better season ... geno sucks lol 😆
hey hello
hey hello Mês atrás
They didn't belong there 🤔😳 14 int leading the league... Huntley played 3 games .....give me a break 🤣
Tristan Garrett
Tristan Garrett Mês atrás
@DaFuzzBear Yea it isn't really his fault he got chosen.
Travey Mês atrás
God damn I’m gunna miss Derek Carr in the silver and black!! But I’ll follow and root for him wherever he ends up! Ready to buy that new jersey❤
Bad Cornflakes
Bad Cornflakes Mês atrás
Oh you one of them swag goblins, 😂
Riley Sullivan
Riley Sullivan Mês atrás
Loved seeing Huntley and Carr do the best. That's awesome for them.
Mark Ive
Mark Ive Mês atrás
I hope Carr finds a great team that appreciates him 👍
Sithum Samaraweera
Sithum Samaraweera Mês atrás
Man, I love Trevor Lawrence. He and Dougie P combo is going to achieve some greatness.
Erik Foreman
Erik Foreman Mês atrás
@Mark LaVonna keep it to yaself, nobody cares what you think
Mark LaVonna
Mark LaVonna Mês atrás
@RA I'll give you a thumbs up for also being an Eagle's 🦅 fan but Trevor Lawrence has a long way to go....... A long way. In that last game of his in the playoffs he was horrible
abc 123
abc 123 Mês atrás
Not really, just wait til Doug gets mental again and starts tanking them games...
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
I hope they do, I’m afraid to get too excited for them but if they managed to make it work they’ll be a hell of a force.
RA Mês atrás
I definitely agree. I'm an Eagles fan, and Dougie P got us our 1st superbowl. I will always be grateful for him and cheer his success. He's a great man, and a phenomenal coach!
Jay Mac
Jay Mac Mês atrás
Man I remember watching this every year as a kid. Finally getting to see all the players you put on your favorite team in madden play together irl lol.. Now i forgot it was even a thing
Windham Wood
Windham Wood Mês atrás
Ironic how Huntley and Carr where made fun of for being there, but they did the best out of everyone 😂
Tee Emm
Tee Emm Mês atrás
@TheLegend0070 someone is obviously bad a judging QBs. Carr is a worse version of Alex Smith. Jimmy G is #3...and has probably has the highest YAC/C out of everyone, way over inflating his numbers. People saying Carr is the 18th most 13 of the top 19 QBs in accuracy are all playing and Steve Young is at 22, the highest to retire before the 2000s. Comp% says a lot more about the evolution of QB play than it does quality of QBs, because there's only 2 names ahead of Young that even deserve to be compared to him at this point. Why don't you throw some advanced stats like Adjusted Completion %, Air yards, because Carr isn't a great QB, he's always been right around average in the league, which is a huge feat in itself, but let's not pretend he's a great QB or even close to #18 all time, lol.
TheLegend0070 Mês atrás
Huntley and carr is better than Kirk cousins lol the fact that Kirk cousins is in the pro bowl is embarrassing as hell.
Seabass • 62 years ago
Doesn’t mean anything they shouldn’t have been there. They performed good in here but in game wise can’t say the same
ZOMGOAT🐐 Mês atrás
I'm just glad to see jared goff here. Also this just shows that whatever team Carr goes to will be happy because he is still amazing. And huntley proving everyone wrong was great to he could be a starter some day with a good hc if not a great backup.
Jack Lambert
Jack Lambert Mês atrás
This is only 10000% more fun to watch than a regular football game nobody cares about. The NFL needs to come up with crazier and crazier skills showdowns every year.
Zoe Wheeler
Zoe Wheeler Mês atrás
Seeing different, younger players show off their skills brings me joy.
Vamp9190 Mês atrás
Nothing can beat the late Sean Taylor's hit on the punter, but this new Pro Bowl is pure gold!
FedorMachida Last
FedorMachida Last Mês atrás
Hype! D. Carr is the man. I hope he can go to a good team next season and get in the Playoffs.
Christopher Madrigal
That Derek Carr performance brought a smile to my face gonna miss the man in the silver and black ! 💯
doggy Mês atrás
@Isaiah Ramos but the coach wants him to stay in the pocket. It’s kind of like Kurt Warner. And his defense has been horrible throughout his career
Isaiah Ramos
Isaiah Ramos Mês atrás
@doggy yea, the oline has been terrible for years. It definitely needs work, but the type of money carr was getting u would expect him to step out the pocket, not step in, and take a sack. Look at mahomes, for example
doggy Mês atrás
@Isaiah Ramos doubt you’ve watched 200+ games, but is no one talking about his o line
Isaiah Ramos
Isaiah Ramos Mês atrás
@doggy been watching every game since i was 8 yrs old. Carr cant handle the blitz plain and simple. Funny how most raider fans were saying trade carr for the last 2 years. Now its a different strory.
doggy Mês atrás
@Isaiah Ramos he was a top 5 qb all of those years 😂😂😂
LaterNerd 18 dias atrás
Good for Carr that was awesome. Wish we had a chance to see Russ this year. He's always great at this.
Henry Bryant
Henry Bryant Mês atrás
I’m proud of Geno Smith, talking about a underdog story.
Tomma D Mango
Tomma D Mango 17 dias atrás
As a saints fan, this video gives me hope for next season 🙏🏻
DSM The Editor
DSM The Editor Mês atrás
This is awesome. It's like seeing Madden 05-06 minigames come to life
Tranquilizer Mês atrás
Love it. Shows why i love Derek Carr as a QB so much ^^
Tommy Chew
Tommy Chew Mês atrás
I'm a Chiefs fan but, Carr winning that was the best!
doggy Mês atrás
@Chemo Therapy he’s gonna rock one of those nfl helmets 😅
Tommy Chew
Tommy Chew Mês atrás
@Chemo Therapy I bet Raider fans would prefer he wore theirs as a parting gesture to the upper office, he's a good/great QB. Give him the support a QB of his caliber deserves and, there's no telling what might happen.
Chemo Therapy
Chemo Therapy Mês atrás
Wtf helmet is carr going to wear in the pro bowl game lol
Tommy Chew
Tommy Chew Mês atrás
@Raj Sakaria I'll pass on that, that's not my bag.
Lord7th Mês atrás
@Raj Sakaria lmfao
Moneybags KT
Moneybags KT Mês atrás
They all did well!! Real fun to watch!
ElzMCgamer Mês atrás
I’m glad my boy Goff was in there, he did alr!! Go Lions!
Trevin Mês atrás
Great show Carr and Huntley … way to stand out amongst your peers.
mrfunnylookin ha yes
What was amazing is, Carr did it without hitting the money ball.
Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar Mês atrás
man, Derek crushed this. good for Derek! show them what they're missing
jrdb19 Mês atrás
Shout out to Huntley man dude seems awesome and I’m rooting for him hopefully he can improve and become a great quarterback
DB Mês atrás
Love this stuff. Really enjoy just watching these guys test their skills. As a Raiders fan, thank you, Carr, for your service. I will route for you wherever you go.
Maddenbot209 Mês atrás
@Sir Mixalot lmao
DB Mês atrás
@spank buda yes. I didn't catch the auto correct, but a lot of people seem to enjoy thinking I'm that stupid. Maybe their day is shity and this gave them a grin, who knows.
spank buda
spank buda Mês atrás
Don't you mean "root for" i.e. to cheer instead of "route for" i.e. from one place to another?
DB Mês atrás
@D. Coleman you morons sure having a lot of fun over an auto correct mistake. Glad I can make your simple mind smile.
Blake Mullinax
Blake Mullinax Mês atrás
These dudes are the real deal! It’s not as easy as they make it look
Alton Farnsworth
Alton Farnsworth Mês atrás
Big TIME DC4 fan he played his heart out for us raiders fans. Someone is gonna get a big surprise at the qb this next season.
Inflatable Conan
Inflatable Conan Mês atrás
Can't wait to be at the game this Sunday to give my man Carr a proper send-off.
Choppi Mês atrás
I respect all the players that showed up to entertain the fans.
Brettsparadox Mês atrás
Nice to see Carr get some good press. The guy is such a good dude
Anthony None Ya business420
As a packers fan I have huge respect for Derek Carr & it’s sad to see the Raiders let him go
BayAreaBullies Mês atrás
@uwduh365 there's fact to that but we are talking about (SCORING QBs).... not def what was said was supplemental to the main topic. I don't watch EVERY team so I can't tell you that, but throughout the years we haven't been just dead‐last .. barely scoring 14 points a game is a problem to me but we all have our own views on the situation... his brother was David Carr the most losingest👈 made that up 🤣 qb in the nfl...... and if Derek looked up to David growing up he was looking up to a loser.... the loser in David trickled on down to Derek nothing will change that.
Hunter Mason
Hunter Mason Mês atrás
@BayAreaBullies what teams have had worse defense over the past 9 years??? The raiders are practically dead last in EVERY category.
BayAreaBullies Mês atrás
@uwduh365 a qb who avg 1.4 td/game sound good to you? It's teams with worse def than the raiders that have qbs I believe to be weaker than Carr that can score more points than him
Hunter Mason
Hunter Mason Mês atrás
​@C.Funk worst defense in the NFL for 9 years 😂 sound good to you?
ShiFtY 1
ShiFtY 1 Mês atrás
As a Washington fan this is funny. Both qbs we drafted in 2012 are at the probowl. One playing and one in the booth 🤣
510jesus Mês atrás
Congratulations to Carr on the participation trophy. Those skills would have come in handy in A REAL GAME.
Freaka Zoid
Freaka Zoid Mês atrás
These skill challenges are so much fun.
Josh Keeton
Josh Keeton Mês atrás
This just shows how receivers actually run the ball and quarterbacks just put it in the vicinity.
Buggie Mês atrás
Tyler did amazing proving the doubters wrong wow.
Bobbyhillthe3rd Mês atrás
I'm a denver fan but I'm glad DC went out there and showed everyone what's good.
Juantonn !
Juantonn ! Mês atrás
@CRAZY AMERICAN 🇺🇲 and then choke in the wild card game okay
screw_32 Mês atrás
Imagine him in a Broncos jersey instead of Russ
He's definitely landing on a good as team. Just watch
Street Disciple
Street Disciple Mês atrás
@Nacho Business 10 passing TDs of 30+ air yards & 12 TDs of 20+ air yards which lead the league
TuckTuck Mês atrás
Too bad Russ wasn’t out there I think he hold the record for most points 😂
Peter Schertz
Peter Schertz Mês atrás
7:04 "Show Sean McVay what he's missing!!" had me do a double take and in stitches
Shiela Haven
Shiela Haven Mês atrás
I laughed hard 😂😂😂 go Goff show them 😂
Jadyn Kincer
Jadyn Kincer Mês atrás
As a ravens fan I honestly am starting to think is Huntley starts having better decision making and he has a little more confidence in his throws and runs he can be a good replacement if Lamar does leave (I don’t want Lamar to leave😢)
Zepol Mês atrás
Imagine the QB who can throw with both arms in this competition 😮
Jacques Young
Jacques Young Mês atrás
Dc brought a smile to my face, gone but not forgotten
Valerie Lynn
Valerie Lynn Mês atrás
Amazing Derek Carr showed them what your made of ty for the amazing decade you gave us raiders fans you are a true role model and I’ll always root for you no matter where you play raiders are my favorite team 4 life but Derek Carr is my favorite player of all time hands down congrats on the win 🥇
Daniel Van Dusen
Daniel Van Dusen Mês atrás
@Sir Mixalot Being a Texans fan, you are absolutely right. It was a shame what happened to David. I had such high hopes after that Dallas win but they gave him basically 0 protection and the result is Texans ruining a possible great quarterback.
Winston Montag
Winston Montag Mês atrás
@Anthony you'd win a chip with Carr on that team
spank buda
spank buda Mês atrás
In a skills challenge game that doesn't mean nothing? This isn't the combine!
Michael Slack
Michael Slack Mês atrás
LuckEh GamingTM
LuckEh GamingTM Mês atrás
Please do stuff like this more often.
zType Mês atrás
I remember when the best QBs in the league did this...
Matthew Goetter
Matthew Goetter Mês atrás
Props to all the people working the cameras filming this who survived being near the ten point bucket
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy Mês atrás
Gonna miss DC so much! Wish him luck with his new team. Like he's gonna need it throwing like that. God damn shooter
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Mês atrás
“I think he got it one push-up” killed me 😭
J R G Mês atrás
Didn’t know this was going on, but this was entertaining as HELL to watch. Dereck Carr had something to prove and really showed out.
D Reconic
D Reconic Mês atrás
a friend
a friend Mês atrás
I'll watch 3 hours of this over the pro bowl any day! =).
Raffels Videoblog
Raffels Videoblog Mês atrás
just imagine what Derek Carr could be if he had consistent coaching...
Rodney Mês atrás
As a Raiders fan, I'm kinda glad we're starting fresh at QB, but I'm glad Derek just lit it up in his old backyard
mark drangstveit
mark drangstveit Mês atrás
wow this one was quite competitive!!! ive skipped the last few due to some of them being low scoring...not sure what changed but dang.. it was fun
OBNOX IOUS Mês atrás
Allen and Diggs back in the pro-bowl 😂😂😂
sumfollowsTv Mês atrás
I truly didn’t know this was even happening right now💀
ツVVave Mês atrás
i thought it was on saturday😭😭
paul16451 Mês atrás
@malo_213 umm, both the USFL and the XFL will be starting. The XFL first game is the week right after the Super Bowl.
sumfollowsTv Mês atrás
@Mike Marek yea I did. Just never payed attention to it. Sadly the pro bowl is a joke now
Mike Marek
Mike Marek Mês atrás
So you didn't watch any playoff game? They literally would,t shut up about it
Black Youngsta99
Black Youngsta99 Mês atrás
Buggy Ron
Buggy Ron Mês atrás
I hope DC goes to the right team and situation. He deserves it. Respect ✊
Dean's Elliott
Dean's Elliott Mês atrás
This is awesome! We need more!!!
CK fromCA
CK fromCA Mês atrás
We gonna miss Carr so much being a Raider fan hurts so bad man 😢
Jimmygamingdallas Mês atrás
J.Goff with the pen point accuracy 😳😳
Robert Chagolla-Gonzales
Great job Carr. 🔥💯💯💯 Will always be my QB
Blake G
Blake G Mês atrás
as a chiefs fan i’m happy for derek carr and how he performed in this
Vuluxity Mês atrás
@9tails kyle damn 💀💀💀
spank buda
spank buda Mês atrás
Who cares about this! He needed to prove himself in the actually games. Carr was tied for 2nd in the NFL of most interceptions with 14. Carr is inconsistent. Carr is just a good QB that needs to be a backup.
C.Funk Mês atrás
As a Raiders fan, not happy he couldn't play this good for the last 8 years
WRizzLiam Mês atrás
@9tails kyle what is wrong with you bro
Tae S.
Tae S. Mês atrás
Not y’all crying in the comment section cause he’s going for the chiefs 💀
Mês atrás
Man they cut off Derek’s amazingly funny interview! Pure Hilarity! 🤣😂😂
TheRotbringer Mês atrás
I had no idea when any of this was happening. Hope the guys are enjoying it.
J. Caston
J. Caston Mês atrás
Derek Carr with the dead shot accuracy 😮
Stxlthfully Mês atrás
as a raiders fan, im gonna miss derek carr
Retrokix Mês atrás
It’s crazy that every single pass Derek carr threw was catchable if it was a human. Trevor Lawrence had some uncatchable passes. But Carr eiether hit it directly or missed by less than a foot that’s wildly accurate
American First
American First Mês atrás
My boy Carr is updating his resume with this one, whoever gets him next is getting an amazingly talented QB that has more heart than anyone in the league, gonna miss you DC
Ryan Heidt
Ryan Heidt Mês atrás
@Jalon Rhodes he just outperformed all those other qbs while theyre was 2-3 of them that were top 10 qbs this year. Its impressive how dominant he was compared to the others stop clowning lil dude
Jalon Rhodes
Jalon Rhodes Mês atrás
Updating his resume ? Guys do you see what this is , y’all acting like this a real game
ic2014 Mês atrás
How Carr and Huntley were apart of the pro bowl is beyond me 😂
TheCheeksClapper Mês atrás
watching Goff miss that last pass over and over and over was hilarious 😂
FatigueZ Mês atrás
I think they're on to something with the new format, I enjoyed watching this more than a pro bowl game
William Lavely
William Lavely Mês atrás
Seahawks fan here. Derek Carr Deserves a Superbowl. Sad what happened to him in the 2016 season... I think they would have gone and won it all... Still, I think he will kick ass and has a lot in him!!!
Kash 21
Kash 21 Mês atrás
Damn, never realized Carr has the arm he does....effortless!
Marianne Converse
Marianne Converse Mês atrás
Chiefs fan to the core, but I have to say Derek Carr really stepped up in that event. Way to represent AFC West!
Dr. Spatula
Dr. Spatula Mês atrás
@Kevin I don't think Stafford got near the hate Carr did ESPECIALLY from fans. Stafford also had one of the best WR to ever play for a while, though, while Carr spent most of his time throwing to average at best
Lord-MarroKing Mês atrás
@Frank nah you good. At least we agree Carr isn’t good 😂
Frank Mês atrás
@Lord-MarroKing mb lol
Frank Mês atrás
@Kevin Stafford had some great years with the lions. Not his fault they are a trash franchise. Carr is not a good qb
2 Pou
2 Pou Mês atrás
As a raider fan wish Carr was able to throw dots like this all season
Edgar Rivas
Edgar Rivas Mês atrás
EyeBMike Mês atrás
So mf'n happy y'all brought this back! Reminds me of childhood playing Madden 05 with the fam! Thanksgiving and Christmas... PS2 Madden and NBA Live
DakInABox Mês atrás
Bro Carr know he got things to prove. Wherever he goes I know he gonna show the world the talent he still has but everyone forgot about
Ben Currier
Ben Currier Mês atrás
It'd be cool if it was like NBA all star weekend where everyone selected had to participate. Obviously the injured and super bowl contenders couldn't but imagine if it was Burrow, Allen, Herbert vs Rodgers, Cousins and Brady. That would be so much fun to watch.
deiondre0 Mês atrás
Someone must've told Derek Carr to imagine each target as Mark Davis' face
Zoe Wheeler
Zoe Wheeler Mês atrás
I'm ded right now reading this comment.
David Harris
David Harris Mês atrás
Being back in the facility for the first time and probably seeing familiar faces, his face looked dialed in for sure 🤣
Aren Diaz
Aren Diaz Mês atrás
@Neriah Osborne Peyton coaching Carr would be so dope!
Neriah Osborne
Neriah Osborne Mês atrás
I bet it was Peyton. He’s wise anyways
weaverpsu Mês atrás
Hopefully next year, they have some good quarterbacks compete. Glad this competition came back though.
Fortyb Who dat
Fortyb Who dat Mês atrás
As a Saints Fan just watching his accuracy gives me some hope. Come on over to the WHO DAT NATION!.
Bob Carter
Bob Carter Mês atrás
Thank you NFL for putting this up for free and not behind a paywall.
IpsissimusPrime Mês atrás
Love this! And I don't even watch football - ever! LOL Derek Carr is amazing! Wishing him the best.
B M Mês atrás
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