Police Bodycam Shows the Moment Judge Is Cornered by Cops

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Police recently released bodycam video showing the moment a former judge was cornered by cops, this as the suspect was just sentenced to prison. The video shows cops chasing 52-year-old Lance Mason minutes after he fatally stabbed his ex-wife 59 times in front of their two children. Mason has a history of domestic violence against his ex-wife and pleaded guilty to murder in the same Cleveland courthouse where he served as a judge for six years.

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5 Nov 2019



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Comentários 1 758
Brandon P
Brandon P 15 horas atrás
Hopefully he get stabbed 60 times in prison
Ben Vo
Ben Vo Dia atrás
He is a judge and did that? Omg that’s crazy
wakawaka1976 2 dias atrás
Damn judges...
Becky D
Becky D 3 dias atrás
Now I wouldn't be upset if they had actually shot this animal.
Edwin Morales
Edwin Morales 3 dias atrás
The blood at 28 seconds geez
Prove Me Wrong
Prove Me Wrong 4 dias atrás
Damn, that guy stabbed his wife? Wtf man! Get that guy outta here.
sunny robinson
sunny robinson 5 dias atrás
Dude is weak killing his wife. Ohio get it together
sativa shiva
sativa shiva 6 dias atrás
Wasn't the first time.
Jermaine jones
Jermaine jones 7 dias atrás
U cant fool mother
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez 7 dias atrás
Imagine how many lives he destroyed.
Nonya Bidness
Nonya Bidness 7 dias atrás
goat playzツ
goat playzツ 8 dias atrás
what if he got locked up with the person he sent to jail lmao
King Alpha
King Alpha 8 dias atrás
"I would've *gotten away* if it weren't for you meddling kids..."
bleach 8 dias atrás
Imagine being a judge then stabbing your ex wife 59 times while your kids is watching disgusting human,like how sick do you have to be to do that.
Island Mamaz
Island Mamaz 9 dias atrás
Peter Demerly
Peter Demerly 10 dias atrás
And that's our American legal system. I hope he hot exposed as a crooked judge in prison
T. Shrine
T. Shrine 10 dias atrás
Let's appoint more people into jobs they don't deserve!
Nathan Fessenden
Nathan Fessenden 11 dias atrás
“Caught red handed”
charlie p
charlie p 11 dias atrás
Black wives lives matter!
Tyrone Price
Tyrone Price 11 dias atrás
This is a shame former Judge Mason ruin his life by stabbing his ex wife to death.
F AL 11 dias atrás
Its worst when the cops on the streets have a history of domestic violence.
Bean 11 dias atrás
Damn.... I was like he’s innocent because he’s black. But then, I saw his bloody hands and they said he stabbed his wife... and I’m like wow
DAN TROLLER 12 dias atrás
FIFTY NINE S T A B W O U N D S edit: sorry
André Botha
André Botha 12 dias atrás
I'm here because two kids had to see their mother being stabbed by their own father. My heart goes out to these two.
J bouie
J bouie 12 dias atrás
She probably tried to take him for all he's worth. Its cheaper to kill her
Q James
Q James 12 dias atrás
Damn so sad. I am almost damn sure she was not sugar & spice & everything nice.
Brainism Thoughtism
Brainism Thoughtism 12 dias atrás
Looks like Bubba found New Boo'Boo!
hushpuppykl 13 dias atrás
WTF???!! 59 times.
Edgey Brah
Edgey Brah 13 dias atrás
If he was black they would of shot him
Richard Przybylek
Richard Przybylek 13 dias atrás
First time in a long time cops caught a killer that wasn't one of their own
MEGA 13 dias atrás
If he was white they would have shot him
Julius Adams
Julius Adams 13 dias atrás
They're going to put him in the same prison cell with someone he sentenced to life with no parole that's going to be interesting
Feral 13 dias atrás
Caught red-handed literally.
John Seed
John Seed 13 dias atrás
Not ganna lie thought this was ganna be a video of police using unnecessary force
abrsvt 13 dias atrás
If the blood dont fit you must acquit..
Rumpelstillskin 13 dias atrás
Ashamed, don't worry soon you'll be on fire.
Lou Hutson
Lou Hutson 13 dias atrás
He takes full responsibility? You have no other choice, judge. You were literally caught red handed!
NK Maze
NK Maze 13 dias atrás
Jealous partner, if I don't have you none else will.
Bawo A
Bawo A 13 dias atrás
We forgive you.
Jerry Banks
Jerry Banks 14 dias atrás
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