Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

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First came Sinnoh remakes. Then came Sinnoh pre-makes.
Introducing #PokemonLegendsArceus, a new challenge and a new frontier for the Pokémon world.
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26 Fev 2021



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Comentários 14 069
Taffee 6 horas atrás
Might as well put as much effort into it as you can. If the final product is good it could be revolutionary.
Big Boss Naked Snake
Big Boss Naked Snake 11 horas atrás
Sadly because cyndaquil is a starter pokemon in this game it means i have to pre order no matter what. I've kind of a soft spot for Gen 2. Im too easily won over when it comes to pokemon games.
winnie the pooh
winnie the pooh 12 horas atrás
Oh my gosh its a llama stuck through a fen - I mean Arcoos has its own game .
winnie the pooh
winnie the pooh 12 horas atrás
you could call it black and white 3 or another legends game mabye Kyreme
winnie the pooh
winnie the pooh 12 horas atrás
Where is gen 5
Patricio Fernández del Río
Se ve muy buenas pero que no termine como Pokémon espada y escudo
norre 15 horas atrás
Pokemon Company: *makes games similar to the games they made since the GameBoy* Pokemon fans: NOOO, you need to innovate Pokemon Company: *innovates* Pokemon fans: NOOO, you need to stay at the same formula!!!
James Polinowski
James Polinowski 16 horas atrás
Pokemon: Sigh of the Backyard
Bobthedinosaur 125
Bobthedinosaur 125 17 horas atrás
Breath of the Pokémon
BlueFire Gaming And Cards
Remember devs, the fanbase is behind you on taking your time on this one. We are all actively saying *don't* rush the game. That's not a common thing to happen with any video game fanbase so make the most of it.
Ghost Type
Ghost Type Dia atrás
A Pokémon generation should last atleast four to five years to increase the longevity and give the development team enough time to create the next generation. However, if The Pokémon Company, Game Freak, Nintendo, etc is going to try to release a new game every two or three years (BAD IDEA FOR QUALITY BTW unless they hire more staff for Game Freak or bring on another team to help with development), they *REALLY* need to revert back to using sprites. Lots of indie developers are successful with that and there's lots of cool aesthetic designs they could shoot for over the same 3D models y'all have been using since XY.
Attimi 9 horas atrás
They've all had a three or four year gap between generations
Shaw Farrow
Shaw Farrow 2 dias atrás
Early next year hopefully i'll have my timing in order on game release day, a trip to Tokyo Japan booked precisely and access to a megastore where i can buy whatever the F i want the latest and everything on an unlimited card with no budget and have it personally shipped back to England the UK!
Jacob Kuttas
Jacob Kuttas 2 dias atrás
Could they be the main characters ancestors?
Morgana Chan
Morgana Chan 2 dias atrás
Really hope there’s shiny’s
Frank Woods
Frank Woods 2 dias atrás
This game looks like it might be on Xbox or ps4? It feels like it. But it won’t. Sadly
Frank Woods
Frank Woods 19 horas atrás
@rainha ata i ment Xbox or pa4
rainha ata
rainha ata Dia atrás
But switch is a console
That dank guy
That dank guy 3 dias atrás
Grand Tickler
Grand Tickler 3 dias atrás
looks like a ps2 game but i guess its gameplay that matters
Grand Tickler
Grand Tickler 2 dias atrás
@Morgana Chan low quality textures, poor use of said textures (very basic map layouts that any kid can put together if they tried messing around with terrain generation), little to no post processing. the only thing they nailed are the 3d models but even those are lacking proper shading, lack of anisotropic filtering, lack of proper anti aliasing.. and the list goes on. just look how pathetic those low polygon trees look
Morgana Chan
Morgana Chan 2 dias atrás
Explain how this looks like a ps2 game...
Me the awesome guy
Me the awesome guy 3 dias atrás
Definetly needs some texture polishing and im not very into the lighting when you’re outdoors, but the concept is dope and im excited to see how it turns out
Krunal 4 dias atrás
Will it be available for switch lite?
Me the awesome guy
Me the awesome guy 3 dias atrás
I’d assume so, i doubt the joycons will need to be removed for this.
kerosiiv 4 dias atrás
Not a fan.
Pats Gaming
Pats Gaming 5 dias atrás
This looks awesome!!
Marcos Henrique
Marcos Henrique 5 dias atrás
so that's why they took down pixelmon....
The_Triforce_Mushroom 5 dias atrás
The Legends of Arceus: Breath of Wild Pokemon
The_Triforce_Mushroom 5 dias atrás
14,000th comment
Fighters of Anime
Fighters of Anime 5 dias atrás
I want to learn more about Pokémon League Arceus. Maybe summer.
Morgana Chan
Morgana Chan 2 dias atrás
@Louie Duck hopefully
Fighters of Anime
Fighters of Anime 4 dias atrás
@Louie Duck perhaps master ball
Louie Duck
Louie Duck 4 dias atrás
@Fighters of Anime so we can catch Arceus in this right?
Fighters of Anime
Fighters of Anime 5 dias atrás
Rowlet from Alola, Cyndaquil from Johto, and Oshawott from Unova
Roberto delatorre
Roberto delatorre 5 dias atrás
I wish there Pokémon game you chose between playing as trainer and gym leader or both with same graphics as Pokémon shield game
Andrew Comparison
Andrew Comparison 5 dias atrás
Pixelplayz2215 5 dias atrás
My main question, will their be shinys and a shiny hunting method?
Lucas Lu
Lucas Lu 5 dias atrás
Make it mmorpg next
Carleen Albert
Carleen Albert 6 dias atrás
Zuko 7 dias atrás
Aditya Rajan
Aditya Rajan 7 dias atrás
It looks really good so far. Just needs to fix the fps of the pokemon(especially that poor chimchar and chingling) and textures need a little more polishing and the game just needs some visual polish overall. But so far, the game has massive potential. My biggest concern in all honesty is just a really empty open world with like... absolutely nothing to do besides catching and battling pokemon lol.
Andrei Gromyko
Andrei Gromyko 8 dias atrás
I'll keep dreaming of something like this but with just gen 1 and 2 (and maybe 3); the rest is just trash, look at the other two pokemon that aren't cyndaquil 🤦🏻‍♂️🤮
Morgana Chan
Morgana Chan 20 horas atrás
@rainha ata lol yup
rainha ata
rainha ata Dia atrás
Morgana Chan
Morgana Chan 2 dias atrás
AndYFromNYC 8 dias atrás
Someone better get the Music to these beautiful trailers they put out that day ,I will listen to that for years.
Maryam Rashid
Maryam Rashid 9 dias atrás
I saw three new pokemon when i saw it in slo mo
Morgana Chan
Morgana Chan 20 horas atrás
@Maryam Rashid good luck on your exams
Maryam Rashid
Maryam Rashid 2 dias atrás
@Morgana Chan and don't get your hopes up i might have been mistaken
Maryam Rashid
Maryam Rashid 2 dias atrás
@Morgana Chan ok i will but not now since i have exams
Morgana Chan
Morgana Chan 2 dias atrás
Can you please give time stamps?
Me the awesome guy
Me the awesome guy 2 dias atrás
@Maryam Rashid i watched the whole thing in 0.5 speed and saw nothing
Lucas Vidal
Lucas Vidal 9 dias atrás
I'm looking forward to this being another huge disappointment. At this point Game Freak needs to hit rock bottom to get a grip. If you pay close attention, the combat mechanic seems to be the EXACT same thing. Static Pokémon with poor animation.
rainha ata
rainha ata Dia atrás
At least they improved animations A LOT in comparison with SWSH
Gilbert Nwaiwu
Gilbert Nwaiwu 9 dias atrás
nice looking mobile game
E 10 dias atrás
I am gonna choose the fire type for sure
Just Vegeta
Just Vegeta 10 dias atrás
I want ,this looks amazing
Entropyfive 10 dias atrás
i like the idea but this looks so bad....
rainha ata
rainha ata 22 horas atrás
@Attimi yeah I know, I was just commenting that some things may be changed, but of course the game is way more than 5%
Attimi Dia atrás
@rainha ata I know, I was just correcting the other person saying it's barely into production
rainha ata
rainha ata Dia atrás
@Attimi they only need to polish some things, like fps and some lighting. They did it with dlc so why not here?
Attimi 8 dias atrás
@hollow skull Dude it comes out in a year, it's definitely most of the way into production
hollow skull
hollow skull 8 dias atrás
yeah because it's like 5% into production
Furret • 7 years ago
Furret • 7 years ago 12 dias atrás
Prince 12 dias atrás
Finally my beloved lama stuck in fence got his very own game
HailPriest 12 dias atrás
Gamefreak is lazy AF!!!
Adolf Borje II
Adolf Borje II 12 dias atrás
Please! Don’t rush it! I believe in you! Also, Fix sword and shield and All Pokémon games.
Adolf Borje II
Adolf Borje II 12 dias atrás
Will it include all regions? Will it be misleading? Will it be good or great? Me: Wishes that it is not a deception and could include all regions and Pokémon via DLCs. A delayed game is good but a rushed game is bad forever. One day: Pokémon Sword and Shield update to fix all issues and include all Pokémon. But, today: It will be determined.
Winter Song
Winter Song 8 dias atrás
A Pokemon game with all regions will never happen, it's just not realistic at this point.
RONALDO World 12 dias atrás
Is this a game ?
Meeperz Creeperz
Meeperz Creeperz 12 dias atrás
So this is the reason the Original Pokemon Legends got zucced?
The Masked
The Masked 13 dias atrás
Why r the starters mixed I'm scared
Nik Leduc
Nik Leduc 13 dias atrás
you best not dun goof it again, just go back to 2d or do a octopath traveler style 3d game
Adam 13 dias atrás
1:05 that Pokemon is moving in stop motion!!
Kenzo Julindra Putra
Kenzo Julindra Putra 13 dias atrás
I am happy because this Will never be on the anime Ash Will not become a Hero again
Catherine He
Catherine He 14 dias atrás
I like xy version better
Bottled Poe
Bottled Poe 14 dias atrás
the like/dislike ratio is so good this time, dont mess it up game freak
Gabriel Krows
Gabriel Krows 14 dias atrás
0:42 That chello tho..
The Own
The Own 14 dias atrás
How were they catching pokemon in pokeballs in these times? I thought pokeballs were some sort of a technology.
MrKingPingu 14 dias atrás
LET PIPLUP BE A STARTEr >:(((((((( lskadnwejsdfknlc
Danmark Royol
Danmark Royol 14 dias atrás
Is this availavle on android?
Danmark Royol
Danmark Royol 9 dias atrás
@。。セージ aww🙂
。。セージ 9 dias atrás
No only switch
Ronak Mahajan
Ronak Mahajan 15 dias atrás
Make Arceus uncatchable. Even by a master ball.
Specimen 15 dias atrás
Didn’t know they had beret way back
dear gamefreak. You must read my comment and do what I say. seriously. Put Legend of Arceus and Sinnoh remake as one game. Stop the sinnoh remake that you are doing now. And start making it all over again from beggining. Start making sinnoh remake in quality of Legend of Arceus. After defeat ellite four and team Galactic from Sinnoh map, make the story line that protagonist go to distortion world to go through on the way to past time of Sinnoh (Legend of Arceus) So basically, make it just like Gold/Silver version. Two regions on one game. For this time, present sinnoh would be first region to play, and then past time Sinnoh would be second region to play. You can double the price of game. If three regions comes, you can tripple the price of game. We pokemaniacs wants good quality game. We don't want any game that looks like Chinese counterfeit. The Sinnoh remake looks like Chinese counterfeit.
@rainha ata that is the problem.
rainha ata
rainha ata Dia atrás
The remakes were not made by Gf
Jacob Kuttas
Jacob Kuttas 15 dias atrás
What features will this game have when it comes out?
Spheraz 15 dias atrás
Annoying Dog
Annoying Dog 16 dias atrás
Alternate Title: The Legend Of Pokemon: Breath Of Arceus
Kieth Jovanne Dagomboy
Kieth Jovanne Dagomboy 16 dias atrás
Rip charmander idea
Ashik Rahman
Ashik Rahman 16 dias atrás
delay the release date like cyberpunk then disappoint us all
Phantom 16 dias atrás
Take your time. I'll wait. DO NOT RUSH. Please. I don't want it to turn out like Sw Sh
Deshawn Ryder
Deshawn Ryder 17 dias atrás
We cant ride them tho probably character customization is gonna limited even tho Nintendo has all the money to make a good pokemon game because of scalpers
nia 17 dias atrás
Those are my 3 least favorite starters. Damn it
Jack 16 dias atrás
Unova hast the worst imo it's the worst part about black and white and the 2nd
Kyreem 17 dias atrás
William Wood
William Wood 17 dias atrás
absolutely love the 15+ FPS gameplay.
Ramal 17 dias atrás
Sorry nintendo but the new pokemon looks bad. Let the fans design the new Pokémon.
Zorke 17 dias atrás
Arthur 17 dias atrás
Por favor que o mundo n seja grande e vazio, que os personagens tenham expressoes, que o desenvolvimento nao seja rushado!!! Vocês atualmente estão decepcionando muito os fãs!!
Shadow Phoenix
Shadow Phoenix 18 dias atrás
this is sick
deepak panchal
deepak panchal 18 dias atrás
sinnoh is the start, books below that are of kanto and jhoto (probably).
p 0 p
p 0 p 18 dias atrás
This looks like it was made by a beginner sonic fan on unity-
Living Cold
Living Cold 18 dias atrás
.nothing satisfies you
Reechek 18 dias atrás
Pokemon: The Phantom Pain
CloudedArcTrooper[DTQ] 18 dias atrás
did i just see a battle, without initiating a cutscene??
Alien ESP
Alien ESP 18 dias atrás
This game is going to be mad!!!!
Red King
Red King 18 dias atrás
Pokémon meets BOTW
LeeNeedsFriends 18 dias atrás
wish they put this much effort into brilliant diamond and shining pearl, i get that game freak isnt the lead developer on it (which i think shows how good they are by comparison) but this game looks so beautiful in comparison its rlly a shame they couldnt do it for those ones, especially since those are main series games and an adaptation of (in my opinion) one of the most beloved games in the franchise
Plaegu 19 dias atrás
People are shaking the frame-rate is bad but I think Chingling is meant to move like that. In the scene the player is moving normal and the grass is too.
Attimi 18 dias atrás
It's an animation error, I doubt it's meant to move in such a jittery way
Francisco Acevedo
Francisco Acevedo 19 dias atrás
An interesting fact of this video is that all pokemon that appear during the trailer are from generation 4 or before and most of them are on their first phase. That makes me think we will see a lot new regional pokemon forms from generations coming after the fourth one as Oshawott and Rowlett 😁 P.D. Of course I also expect to see new pokemon 😆
Upzet 19 dias atrás
Can't wait for no one to pick Oshawatt.
PEREZ 19 dias atrás
Is this just a concept? Why does the frame rate drop so much? Why do their feet clip through the ground? I hope it gets polished up
Luis Fillipe Beserra
Luis Fillipe Beserra 19 dias atrás
Well they have a 1 year and maybe 3 or 4 months to make this game playable and with good content like the regi shrines and puzzles and maybe sinjoh ruins in MR.coronet
luis garcia
luis garcia 20 dias atrás
The graphics don’t look good tho
Kevin 19 dias atrás
It’s still extremely early in development so you can expect better graphics I think
NINJtube 20 dias atrás
would be weird if this was some new world cyrus made with palkia and dialga
NINJtube 20 dias atrás
anyone notice that the logo on the main characters outfit to the arm that yellow one, looks like the team galactic logo
STAR GUARDIAN 20 dias atrás
Still waiting for pokemon vr
Kawaii Potatoes
Kawaii Potatoes 20 dias atrás
This game gives me my top 3 favorite starters to choose from, take my $60 dollars rn
Alex The Human Guy
Alex The Human Guy 20 dias atrás
So basically open world Pokémon with real time battles. I’ve never touched a Pokémon game in my entire life but I’m listening
Cαρρy Я
Cαρρy Я 20 dias atrás
I didn't know I was play Genshin Impact... oh wait-
Bunny 20 dias atrás
I want a open world pokemon game where i dont gotta play as a little kid and i can go to pokestrip clubs and look at pokeboobies.
Fiddle N
Fiddle N 20 dias atrás
The Legend of Pokemon - Breath of the Wailord
A R 20 dias atrás
cmon knock it off with this 30fps shit
Attimi 18 dias atrás
It's the Switch, bro
Joshua Sherwood
Joshua Sherwood 19 dias atrás
Sigh, ALL of the 3d zelda games are in 30fps. SOOO, yeah this is going to be in 30fps.
Smoke 21 dia atrás
GAME FREAK. Even if you need until late 2023 to polish this game, DO IT. We are tired of rushed Pokémon games. It wasn't this case up until 2013 when the 3DS came. So if you really want to release it early 2022, hire more employees with your gazillions of Dollars or give the devs the time they need to finish the game. I don't want to see Pokémon in 5fps in the final game.
Dark Death
Dark Death 21 dia atrás
Pokemon Devs: "Go find me the team behind Okami!"
Supreme Doggo
Supreme Doggo 21 dia atrás
They should make a pokemon game where MEGA EVOLUTIONS ARE BACK they all starters and add mega evolutions for MORE POKEMON and a nice clean game where there's a huge map and spread out and not just a straight line and there should be caves, secret mountain areas and more islands where you can get there on like a boat or something and they should add friends that your get in the story that travel with you and when you battle they give you a boost or help you out in certain battles and the final pokemon is HARD AND CHALLENGING and a GOOD STORY with plot twists and graphics that is better then sword and shield (if that's possible) and characters that are not like 2 feet tall that are about sword and shield characters size and pokemon legends arceus battle system and special places that you have to find to get mega stones spread out in the map and add stones for all the pokemon that could mega evolve in the game and i like a long story a nice stadium like in sword and shield and when you mega evolve your pokemon epic music comes up that makes you wanna break dance like in sword and shield when you dynamax and like 3 or 4 DLCs and gym leaders that get harder and harder as you progrees through the story and the tornerment or champion your facing have a pokemen that is lvl between 70-75 and cities and in those cities you can find items like EXP share and stuff and pokemon centers and legendaries and you can fly in planes and a bunch of stuff like that this one could be the ultimate pokemon game. And are like futuristic or like normal pokemon and not old times and if they make this it would be a hit. Like this so they can see this plz and my fingers hurt
fullmetal1119 21 dia atrás
I hope these wild Pokemon experience emotion, and react to their surroundings. I don't want anymore stoic emotionless characters.
Fernando.H 21 dia atrás
real time combats pls
Lucky Blah
Lucky Blah 21 dia atrás
damn this ones gonna SUCK! talk about a low quality franchise.
Luis Fillipe Beserra
Luis Fillipe Beserra 19 dias atrás
@Living Cold more like he stupid nostalgia,
Living Cold
Living Cold 19 dias atrás
Nothing satisfies you. You gotta hate GameFreak for trying something new.
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