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15 Ago 2019



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Maria Zueva
Maria Zueva 22 minutos atrás
Maddie Stone
Maddie Stone 7 horas atrás
Can we please get another one 😂😂😂 I AM DYING
Katalina p
Katalina p 7 horas atrás
please please PLAY MORE OF THIS!
Rachel Kibble
Rachel Kibble 8 horas atrás
Oh my god!! Please play this again, and drag Julien into this again, he annoys you enough, make him sit through this!
Julia S
Julia S 12 horas atrás
I was just struck by the distinct recognition that these characters and plots are some bullshit that little girls playing w their barbies would make up. Like the characters look like barbies lol
Beeb 13 horas atrás
i like your gaming voice
Avery Wilson
Avery Wilson 14 horas atrás
more episode
_ marie
_ marie 14 horas atrás
caydence harrison
caydence harrison 14 horas atrás
please do more of theses
Cheyanne Headley
Cheyanne Headley 17 horas atrás
I still currently have episode and Wattpad on my phone and used to play both high school story and college story
riri duvall
riri duvall 18 horas atrás
Please do this again I’m cryinggg
fuck off
fuck off 19 horas atrás
As a AVID Episode player, yes i’m 21 and play this shit. ITS fun the gem shit is fucked but the stories are so fucking ridiculous that it’s entertaining 😂😂 Jenna showed exactly how I play this shit and think about it.
Victoria Burgess
Victoria Burgess 22 horas atrás
Sorry for torturing you Julien, but that was great! Do more!!!
Gothicc Dia atrás
We need more!!😭
Emily Wheeler
Emily Wheeler Dia atrás
You should defiantly do more of these
Villan J
Villan J Dia atrás
I can't stop rewatching this for some reason it is so relaxing and funny and just so chill. Also i feel invested now in beech and i want to know if she finds love in the big city. Please do a follow up pls pls pls
Julia Pierce
Julia Pierce Dia atrás
please make another one of these. i cant tell you how many times ive watching this.
CuteToad Dia atrás
Her picking the promiscuous options gave me anxiety lol
Femmy Hoekstra
Femmy Hoekstra Dia atrás
PLEASE i need more of this
Samantha Harris
Samantha Harris Dia atrás
Yo. I need to know what happens with Beech!!!
Kaylie Alexander
Kaylie Alexander Dia atrás
Omg can we please have a series of this- the cliff hangers are killing me lol
Julianne Nunez
Julianne Nunez 2 dias atrás
Beech yassssss beech
Mintfaery 2 dias atrás
PLEASE finish this story I'm so into it 🤣🤣🤣
Shelby Tatum
Shelby Tatum 2 dias atrás
Will sell my soul for her to make another one. Beech’s story can’t be left unfinished
Taylor Barton
Taylor Barton 2 dias atrás
I know it's been 3 months since this was posted, but please continue this story. I re-watch this at least once a week
William Vence Jr.
William Vence Jr. 2 dias atrás
we need a part 2
dv8copykitty 2 dias atrás
please play this again!!!
Korbee Crippen
Korbee Crippen 2 dias atrás
i’ve watched this video more than 12 times
Sunny Random
Sunny Random 3 dias atrás
Jenna, please make a part two, this is hilarious
Brittany Lewis
Brittany Lewis 3 dias atrás
I just laughed so hard. I wanna see more of these!!!
Carolina Campos
Carolina Campos 3 dias atrás
SIIII play this again please. Loved it.
Godwin Axisa
Godwin Axisa 3 dias atrás
Pleeeaase give us some more beech!
rooklight 3 dias atrás
Oh god I want an update so BAD
alyssa young
alyssa young 3 dias atrás
this is one of the videos I come back to repeatedly because juliens commentary is so good
Porsche Desha
Porsche Desha 3 dias atrás
Pleeeeease can we have a part two 🙏🏼
Zombie Trin
Zombie Trin 3 dias atrás
Haven’t laughed so hard in a bit 😂😂
Marvelislife Spider-Man
Please do another one it’s so funny
Baylee McNally
Baylee McNally 3 dias atrás
you HAVE to do more this made my life
Sam Hyder
Sam Hyder 3 dias atrás
I’m really out here still waiting for a part two
Sam Hyder
Sam Hyder 3 dias atrás
And I will not be made a fool
fluffycorgu 3 dias atrás
do this again!
Charlotte McCluskey
Charlotte McCluskey 3 dias atrás
I’ll never understand how someone can dislike a Jenna Marbles video
Charlotte McCluskey
Charlotte McCluskey 3 dias atrás
fluffycorgu the only logical explanation
fluffycorgu 3 dias atrás
they were laughing so hard they couldnt see the like button and accidently hit the dislike.
Sarah V
Sarah V 3 dias atrás
All I want is another episode
zara maruszeczka
zara maruszeczka 3 dias atrás
Can you please for the love of god play this game again oh my god
Mackenzie Christman
Mackenzie Christman 4 dias atrás
Please play this again 😂😂😂
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 4 dias atrás
uhhh *WAA AA AAAA*
Part-time Sleeper
Part-time Sleeper 4 dias atrás
Jenna, please another iteration of this.
Lindsay215 4 dias atrás
hi this is probably my fourth or fifth time watching this. waiting for a sequeell
sonja kwantes
sonja kwantes 4 dias atrás
PLEASE do this again
Hope Pitzer
Hope Pitzer 5 dias atrás
I just want to say there is an actual high school in my hometown called Beech High School. That's all.
Branda Holladay
Branda Holladay 5 dias atrás
Still waiting for the second video!!!!! Please!!!!!
Leafy 5 dias atrás
I had episode, and yeah I played this
Skyler R
Skyler R 6 dias atrás
Ok this is glorious but also you guys should play BitLife because that's what I was searching for when I found this vid lol
Alyssa Ortiz
Alyssa Ortiz 6 dias atrás
I’m too invested, I need the adventures of beech
Nikki Cusack
Nikki Cusack 6 dias atrás
Why did she move to the city? Does she have a job that she needs to start? What about leases?!?
Ariana Snyder
Ariana Snyder 6 dias atrás
Please make another video to continue the story line. I wanna know how the story of beech ends!! 😂😂
IluvJaSam1 6 dias atrás
Pleeeeease play this again Jenna!!!
Tpulli !
Tpulli ! 6 dias atrás
Seanna Kochan
Seanna Kochan 6 dias atrás
Play Episode: Love life again! Pleeeeasee
fia lodato
fia lodato 6 dias atrás
Queen is Love, Queen is Life
If this doesn't become a thing I'm taking beech's knees the way Ethan couldn’t
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