play EVERY PS4 game on Nintendo Switch!

Kevin Kenson
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Playing Death Stranding, God of War, or any PS4 game on the Nintendo Switch! Hopefully Microsoft brings XCloud to the Switch. Only a minor Nintendo Switch Hack involved.
How to put Android on Switch:
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12 Nov 2019



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Kevin Kenson
Kevin Kenson 8 meses atrás
If you want to hack your Switch
Brody Rilling
Brody Rilling 24 dias atrás
Important question. Can I get it back to Nintendo status
For hacking ps4, you need to jailbroken. What? Why did we need to jailbroken?
LordMaChao17 Mês atrás
wh y
Victor Manuel Camarena
Victor Manuel Camarena 2 meses atrás
So you played PS4 games on a switch through a method that Android phones and ps vita can do better. Ok. 🗿
Zombie Moose82
Zombie Moose82 2 meses atrás
I want the last of us 2 to get the PS5 treatment, and i can't wait for the metroid prime trilogy to hit the switch; I'm gonna steal my kids switch to play it.Ps , I found a cheap switch on ebay with a pro controller, 128gb sd , and a charging dock currently at 350 on ebay; if anyones looking.
gabe gamerboy
gabe gamerboy 21 hora atrás
Persona 5 on switch XD
gabe gamerboy
gabe gamerboy 21 hora atrás
Is true gamer he unblock him switch and in android have one app u can play ps4 games in u phone
Marina Makary
Marina Makary Dia atrás
Simplified Instructions?
Myla 4 dias atrás
idk the fact you have to be connected to a ps4 and a internet connection kinda eliminates the portable factor of the switch
Kermit Muppet
Kermit Muppet 4 dias atrás
now i can play batman Arkham knight😳😳
Prodigy 4 dias atrás
When I clicked it I was like this is complete click bate...I was wrong
casey jones
casey jones 4 dias atrás
@Kevin Kenson do you even have a discord server
Living Life
Living Life 5 dias atrás
Maybe there is a way you can connect your Switch Directly to the PS4 so you can play your Switch on the TV in PS4 Graphics
Michael Dimas
Michael Dimas 5 dias atrás
If you can’t use the joy cons then what’s the point?
qcar trebl
qcar trebl 6 dias atrás
No! Way!😯😯😯😯
DANG Pulverize
DANG Pulverize 6 dias atrás
The FBI would like know your location
Christos Archer
Christos Archer 7 dias atrás
Nintendo would be smart to add the Android mod anyway. If it lets you play mobile games that makes the switch a cheap alternative to crazy expensive phones.
X 3 R 0
X 3 R 0 7 dias atrás
“We have found a way to play playstation on the switch” Psvita: *cries*
Im going to unbox something
P5 finally on switch
Justin Peters
Justin Peters 9 dias atrás
I’m not impressed yet. When we can actually stream to the switch at full res, without android, let me know.
Jason Gooden
Jason Gooden 9 dias atrás
UFD Tech got a strike for making Android on Switch videos
Jacob Helton
Jacob Helton 9 dias atrás
I’m playing gta5 Nintendo switch edition
Dom Avenged
Dom Avenged 9 dias atrás
Remote play on switch but you need a controller 😂 what's the point lol
Gringo and Paulistano
Gringo and Paulistano 10 dias atrás
Meh...I guess it was cool that you could run android on the Switch, but I’ll stick to using a Vita or a tablet for remote play.
Samuel Pie
Samuel Pie 11 dias atrás
Is this for real?
Dexter Osborne
Dexter Osborne 13 dias atrás
Ps vita can do remote play
Darren Sebastian
Darren Sebastian 13 dias atrás
Basically you playing ps4 games on switch with android os and you can use xbox one controller......
Kyle 0
Kyle 0 20 dias atrás
Id much rather use a ps Vita for remote play. I have a note 10 plus, I'm gonna try it out. Just want to find a controller that charges my phone at the same time
comrade_craig 20 dias atrás
Might as well use phone if youre connecting controlle
comrade_craig 20 dias atrás
I just updated it and its a new switch. Damn
some body
some body 21 dia atrás
Switch made his career
Hazel America
Hazel America 21 dia atrás
I mean it’s illegal right? How do I do this without getting into trouble? Also are all the ps4 games available when you download that software?
Vsauce No u
Vsauce No u 22 dias atrás
*Finally, Persona 5 on switch*
Bananz06 22 dias atrás
The first few seconds of the video, my mans playing Ps4 on a Nintendo switch while using an Xbox one controller. Mind blown 🤯
Gianfranco Miranda Romero
Nobody: Kevin: How to play Cyberpunk 2077 in your 3ds
viktorvlahov11 25 dias atrás
You can just use the magisk module called ps4 remote play enabler
İnançhi Mapping
İnançhi Mapping Mês atrás
If Nintendo never betrayed Sony
Chito Silvestre
Chito Silvestre Mês atrás
Cool. Im playing VR on my motorcycle helmet.
Waluigi Wah Ha Ha
Waluigi Wah Ha Ha Mês atrás
Be patient the legit version is coming to eshop after next gen starts but microsoft is coming first to switch. They are helping nintendo with online infrastructure for trade off having gamepass on switch cause japan is hard market for xbox. This also secures master chief a spot in smash.
Pepsicle Mês atrás
How do you move back to the normal switch
Clue1ess On Switch
Clue1ess On Switch Mês atrás
Imagine playing warzone on your switch
Fancyllamma Mês atrás
So would steam link work?
Ari Wenger
Ari Wenger Mês atrás
damn this guy is straight up showing people how to hack a switch and nintendo still hasnt raided him
Jesus Razo
Jesus Razo Mês atrás
Take off the beanie bro. Shit
drewjbx Mês atrás
** PS4 Not included
david ifeacho
david ifeacho Mês atrás
how to use a ps4 pad with out adpter
DSFalcon Mês atrás
I got a PS4 ad, fr
Five Cent nickel
Five Cent nickel Mês atrás
People with a switch v2: sad noise
Ramyak Jain
Ramyak Jain Mês atrás
It is the Androswitch one pro
FLEX Feeds
FLEX Feeds Mês atrás
lalit gurung
lalit gurung Mês atrás
Hanad Abdullahi
Hanad Abdullahi Mês atrás
I don't have Nintendo momy is buy tomorrow
ParrotsWithSara Mês atrás
if u have nintendo online and transfer the games to switch would it work or would u need the ps4 subscription too
Xydrac Mês atrás
FBI open up
Alex Reyes
Alex Reyes Mês atrás
Can you do this but with xbox
Minecraft Gaming
Minecraft Gaming 2 meses atrás
Why am I watching this, I don’t even have a PS4
SeanJhon Dinozo
SeanJhon Dinozo 2 meses atrás
And then the android could play emulators
buffat 2 meses atrás
The one thing I want is being able to play GTA V on the switch. It'd be a dream come true.
Peyton Welch
Peyton Welch 2 meses atrás
Next video: *How to play wii on ps vita*
Ivan Arana
Ivan Arana 2 meses atrás
If Sony made a new handheld I’d totally buy it
Techne Spechie
Techne Spechie 2 meses atrás
Why we don't have PS4 games on switch
Dorian daipivka
Dorian daipivka 2 meses atrás
it`s awesome !
Shgo 2863
Shgo 2863 2 meses atrás
I gues now I could play gta v on the switch
I'm in love With my dog
*me and my friend playing cod mw* Me: yo I gotta use the bathroom. Friend: alright. Me: wait I got my switch. Friend: what?
Victor Priem
Victor Priem 2 meses atrás
Switch lite?
Blue 2 meses atrás
Harby Andre Franco Fernandez
How to play a ps4 game on the Nintendo switch screen with a Xbox one controller
Jamis Mirs
Jamis Mirs 2 meses atrás
Just use your playstation if you want to play a playstation game. For fucks sake!
Mr. Kimble
Mr. Kimble 2 meses atrás
Does this still works?
Firemelon XG2
Firemelon XG2 2 meses atrás
Is Switch running almost like PS4 or It has a very big difference?
Achtunger 2 meses atrás
Wait. That's illegal.
Amv Crazy
Amv Crazy 2 meses atrás
your such a PlayStation fan boy that you put up to making this embarrassing video if u had did this with xbox it would have been way better
Booty Nugget
Booty Nugget 2 meses atrás
Plays PS4 on a Nintendo Switch using an Xbox controller
coolworths 2 meses atrás
All you need to do is never update the switch you use all the time and have an old one and buy this thing then put Android on it then push the thing on it you bought them hook it up to the computer then...
yare yare daze
yare yare daze 2 meses atrás
But can you watch Netflix tho?
Ivan Hendrika
Ivan Hendrika 2 meses atrás
Ps 4 500 gb $190 Nintendo W $500 (it got more expensive after covid 19) Well, thats a expensive "joystick with screen"
MohaModz ClipZz Ofc
MohaModz ClipZz Ofc 2 meses atrás
Can u test the "PS APP unlimited" on google play store, to test the Analong sticks? Ps app unlimited its like psstreamer
Sandy Imawan
Sandy Imawan 2 meses atrás
Hi kevin, you must check this xda thread, with this guide you can use your joycon to play on remote play ! Shout out to xda member @uaevuon
Shakey Warrior
Shakey Warrior 2 meses atrás
Never content with the console as it is are we?
Aisha Bello
Aisha Bello 2 meses atrás
Pls do a vita video
Neji.Clap 2 meses atrás
Next: How to play GTA VI in a calculator
Manuel Lora
Manuel Lora 2 meses atrás
istandbyhisword 2 meses atrás
Or just use aps vita slot easier
lochskye 2 meses atrás
lol, so the short version of this video: hack the shit out of your switch and run a custom android version, this is lame.
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