play EVERY PS4 game on Nintendo Switch!

Kevin Kenson
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Playing Death Stranding, God of War, or any PS4 game on the Nintendo Switch! Hopefully Microsoft brings XCloud to the Switch. Only a minor Nintendo Switch Hack involved.
How to put Android on Switch:
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12 Nov 2019



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Kevin Kenson
Kevin Kenson 28 dias atrás
If you want to hack your Switch
Ded Ender 072
Ded Ender 072 13 dias atrás
Spill the tea nigga
Christopher Johann
Christopher Johann 16 dias atrás
Try using this feature outside, far away from your PS4.
gLitch X Gaming
gLitch X Gaming 19 dias atrás
@chaz Hustedt wiiU 2 = Switch
Guccibeast 0
Guccibeast 0 23 dias atrás
Kevin Kenson that looks like my switch
MastersunTutorials 2 dias atrás
Not to be rude or anything but I find this to be stupid because I wanted a switch to play games made for it. If I wanted to play a ps4 game on anything other a ps4 I would play it on my gaming PC. But not on my switch even though it looks kind of cool.
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 3 dias atrás
2020 we gonna need rehab if they turn everything to streaming
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 3 dias atrás
If they make the galaxy fold durable enough to fold and have aka joycons I'm sold and emulate easily
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 3 dias atrás
Why doesnt Nintendo have thier own cloud streaming for thier older titles and even have a service to play for a month many games since it's not a ps4 right
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 3 dias atrás
Screw Microsoft. Ps eh left us hanging many times comon Nintendo we want higher framerates and a qhd screen yello We dont want a huge book that's supposed tobe a tablet that's not even the size of my cellphone o.o
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 3 dias atrás
Console wars o.o
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 3 dias atrás
Like a tactical game or rpg I would like to see how that runs
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 3 dias atrás
Why not try some less intense games from ps4
Hablando Boxeo
Hablando Boxeo 5 dias atrás
How to play resident evil 4 on Atari
Muzaffar Zarrataj
Muzaffar Zarrataj 5 dias atrás
So you're gonna run PS4 game on the Switch and end up docking it so you can play it back on the tv Hmmmm
jdotglenn 5 dias atrás
And the PS Vita is crying itself to sleep.
south South
south South 5 dias atrás
Too many steps.....Ill just grab a cheap android tablet and play my ps4 on it
Virginia Shea
Virginia Shea 6 dias atrás
Your just asking to completely ruin your switch and save data...
Dr. Norbarian
Dr. Norbarian 7 dias atrás
He gestures with his hands too much...
Nashion Robertson
Nashion Robertson 7 dias atrás
You jailbroken the switch
Jimmy A
Jimmy A 7 dias atrás
Android running on switch with pc booting for ps4 streaming.
More Cloud tech USA
More Cloud tech USA 8 dias atrás
Razor > Switch
Rudy A Adame
Rudy A Adame 8 dias atrás
So you can play PS4 games on a handheld that you can only play at home?
Andres Uribe
Andres Uribe 9 dias atrás
Why why why why why why!?!
WanWarrior 9 dias atrás
i tried today. it seems Google had pulled off Google Play store for every Nintendo Switch type device. You can still download .apk installer for any app out there from the web browser though.
Mankit Li
Mankit Li 11 dias atrás
So I have to do this every time I boot up my switch to get into Android?
GamingCuttz 12 dias atrás
Bro I don’t mean to be dick here but really stop talking with your hands so much.
DAP ure
DAP ure 12 dias atrás
Xbox n ps4 what big dumming BRING IT ON STRADA
Candy’s Channel
Candy’s Channel 12 dias atrás
Very disappointed that you are one of those Switch hackers
DAP ure
DAP ure 12 dias atrás
It looks Fffffrrrrrrreeeeeakkkin great
DAP ure
DAP ure 12 dias atrás
Nintendo. Nintendo
DAP ure
DAP ure 12 dias atrás
The switch mega
Paolo D Gianne
Paolo D Gianne 12 dias atrás
Enunciate dude!
Raging Moustache
Raging Moustache 12 dias atrás
Does Android slow down the switch in any way?
Kai Christensen
Kai Christensen 12 dias atrás
Is there a way for hen user?
Mr. Neverdie
Mr. Neverdie 13 dias atrás
Game over, Nintendo wins
Bionicokura 13 dias atrás
Can it play fortnite?
MellzDhaBoss 13 dias atrás
This just crazy
Bobby P
Bobby P 13 dias atrás
I like your shirt
Vaku Zaku
Vaku Zaku 13 dias atrás
Next :- how to play fortnight in GBA.
Soviet Lasagna
Soviet Lasagna 13 dias atrás
Now I can play PlayStation games on a switch screen with a Xbox controller
Khin David
Khin David 14 dias atrás
U still have 2 leave ur ps4 on
Indi Genius
Indi Genius 14 dias atrás
Finally a USE for the Switch 😂
Ryker Martin
Ryker Martin 15 dias atrás
I saw your shirt and just’s kame house
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