Placebo - Where Is My Mind [MTV Designerama 2004] 

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Placebo Where Is My Mind Live at MTV Designerama, Berlin on September 29 2004


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27 Jul 2011



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Comentários : 52   
@claudio130 4 meses atrás
Placebo covers of this great song are brilliant, unbelievably good, very powerful and moving
@quynghila7310 4 meses atrás
One of the soundtracks of the 90s generation
@AlexaBellaMuerte 3 anos atrás
they nail every single cover
@paoloverlengia9364 10 anos atrás
placebo have got the touch. they always bring improvement with their cover songs.
@t19music69 Anos atrás
Bom demais
@user-yg7bf8gz7o 6 anos atrás
Просто великолепно!
@NoMercy_Evil 6 anos atrás
Лука Велигодский голос - просто офигенский!
@Varvar731 5 meses atrás
пишу тебе из 2023))))
@user-zc7hs1vc7b 6 meses atrás
Acojonante...y lo flipo con los Pixies, pero mamina mía qué pedazo de versión se han marcado estos!
@user-gg5lm3wd2s 6 anos atrás
Excelente ❤
@austriantruther4648 2 meses atrás
So good!!
@tommycanada8912 3 anos atrás
I have to admit....I think I prefer their version over the pixies...which is mind numbing. They bring a more rockier, heavier element to this classic song!
@wendysunanmills7102 2 anos atrás
I'm so glad I found this channel, some incredible vid's and performances. Thank you SuckerLoveHD
@katiajacquet4181 Anos atrás
ils déchirent tout 🖤 Merçi Suckerlove
@iovezerokanametamaki 9 anos atrás
excelente!!!! ♥
@cristhianquintana373 8 anos atrás
Te doy
@giogvene7651 10 anos atrás
Love Placebo
@frit8ting 11 anos atrás
wonderfull song, wonderfull cover...
@wendelina85 11 anos atrás
i don't know how many times i already mentioned that i love brian molko. i really don't know and i don't care. i can't help myself but adore this wonderful guy.... :)
@MsOctopato 10 anos atrás
2:52 Favorite moment.
@pedrovinals8929 Anos atrás
@ka85ren 10 anos atrás
Great !!!!!!!!!!!!
@WillieWagglestick 5 anos atrás
Brian Molko is just adorable
@rorymac7746 6 anos atrás
I can't deal with Brian's hotness wrapped up in utter talent like that. And in this particular performance there's also the haircut - which I would dread on anyone else - except he makes it perfect. How? :)) I am completely infatuated with him, it's not even funny. Brian, if you ever read this - you should know I love you :) not a projection of you - but the real you (as you've been pretty honest in "presenting yourself" to the world all these years :).
@ligal75 3 anos atrás
@onamemmet 10 anos atrás
This is the second tape I've watched by these guys. In both songs the bass is prominent in the music, but I see no bass player. What's up? Do they have a bassist?
@Xirsuyx 7 anos atrás
mano a mano they have a touring guitar-bass-keyboard player with them on their every live shows. gives them full control on the live shows.
@Daisy-tj2se 3 anos atrás
Bill Lloyd has always been on tour with them since day 1 of the band, playing guitar, bass and sometimes keyboards too…But it's his deliberate choice to have a lower profile onstage, that's why you rarely see him on those videos :)
@wmrok5686 8 anos atrás
MTV and music, when was that?
@ms_needle3502 5 anos atrás
A long time ago
@user-oh9zf3sv7z 4 anos atrás
@thereaper_xxx Anos atrás
This was the first version I heard and this is the original for me.
@stangreen3007 2 anos atrás
WONDERFUL !!!! Better than the original from the pixies ! MAGNIFIQUE !!!! Encore mieux que l'original des pixies ! FANTASTICO !!! Todavia mejor que el original de los pixies !
@ligal75 3 anos atrás
@enzamastromatteo9473 11 meses atrás
@ialus751 3 meses atrás
Creme a la creme a la Pixies….via Placebo
@wingardiumleviosa484 7 anos atrás
2.45 - 2.55
@Mslilsis666 11 anos atrás
cause he's a fuckin genius!!!!!!!!! No really he is very intelligent sexy an I think extreamlly talented, please cum to tha states guys your brilliant!!!!
@chemical560 12 anos atrás
esta de poca
@69alvarin 4 anos atrás
Alguien viendo este video en el 2019? :3
@chxvx4470 3 anos atrás
2020 🖤
@consuelo4865 Anos atrás
Viéndolo ya en 2022😜🤟🏻😝
@caz5992 6 anos atrás
AMAZING thanks xxx
@sambaldwin163a 7 anos atrás
knock knock daddy loves you bel
@ssamuelc87 2 anos atrás
2021 here o/
@glittergirl19022 6 anos atrás
so lifeless
@dario.caindman 2 anos atrás
Horrible cover...
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