PJ Morton On His History-Making Live Album, Winning A GRAMMY & More | ESSENCE Fest 2019

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GRAMMY winner PJ Morton talks backstage at ESSENCE Fest's 25th about being the first artist to record a live album at ESSENCE, what the festival and the city of New Orleans mean to him and more.

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6 Jul 2019



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Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae 6 meses atrás
The first time i heard PJ Morton was when he collabed with Yebba Smith how deep is your love Gumbo and since then i subscribed to his channel and He won a Grammy?Congratulations to PJ Morton.I know a great voice when i hear one.And Yebba Smith is in the latest song of Ed Sheeran.Wow.Thank you for sharing this.These 2 are one of my highly gifted underrated artists/singers who deserved to he heard on a larger scale.I have lot of them in my lists.I have been praying to God about this.Thank God that you are listening.
j j
j j 6 meses atrás
All i know is, yall better give Billie Eilish a grammy
Carol Yaz
Carol Yaz 6 meses atrás
Taylor swift
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