PJ Masks Mod in Among Us

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We played PJ Masks in Modded Among us!

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Mod By

• Video Editor ► Bren

• Animator ► David

​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu - Such Fun
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2 Jul 2022



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Comentários 7 327
Josh Mês atrás
This brings my childhood back to life, I love it! Thank you so much SSundee your the best!
abdulhakim nigomi
abdulhakim nigomi 12 horas atrás
Xh savage
Xh savage 3 dias atrás
Epik alt
Epik alt 10 dias atrás
same bro
Joy Kokas
Joy Kokas 13 dias atrás
I used to love this show. And I love ur videos! Especially the among us at 3 am one!
LoneGolden YT
LoneGolden YT 14 dias atrás
Felicia lynn
Felicia lynn Mês atrás
My son is so happy about this video. He was jumping around all excited sundee made a new video. Happy that you make your videos interesting for both the kiddos and the parents. You’re the real mvp.
April Kaufman
April Kaufman Mês atrás
Can we just give lookums props for having to watch all these kids show
Milfhunter69 20 dias atrás
Flame Mês atrás
Shub D
Shub D 17 dias atrás
thank you for bringing my childhood memoriesback ssundee
{ • - Preppy coro - • }
You never fail to make us laugh
Zachary Baxter
Zachary Baxter Mês atrás
Hi SSundee, there's this game I think you would like to play, it's called "Shotgun Farmers" It's basically Farmer stuff but with guns. And it has online pvp and co-op. Hope you enjoy it. :)
Cool guy
Cool guy 17 dias atrás
Yeah that game is wild I played that game a LOT.
SaturnKayliePH Mês atrás
One of my fave YTers played Shotgun Farmers before, so yeah
swalpna dixit
swalpna dixit Mês atrás
@DevHen Gaming When
christian peter paiso
​@OPT_ Dripzxy whut
DevHen Gaming
DevHen Gaming Mês atrás
He’s played it before
Hampter Dia atrás
omg this gives me so much nostalgia i remember this as my childhood
ลำดวน มานนท์
i watched PJ Masks like 6 years ago and when i see my dog enjoy it i keep it on so i can remember my moments as a child
Vikki Jones
Vikki Jones 14 dias atrás
Love it
Muhammad Adam Hasrulnizam
It's been so long since i watched PJMask I really missed that show :(
Stick Rafa
Stick Rafa Mês atrás
it really need a whiter storm mod in among us (just idea) abilitys: tentacle whip, pull lase, tentacle grab and another abilitys you can think about it
EpicSKGamingBoy Mês atrás
This was one of my childhood shows. Thank you Ssundee for making this mod. It brings me back so many memories.
God D ussopp our over lord
Your still a child your avatar is among us what do you mean childhood shows
Youssef Marsafawy
Youssef Marsafawy 27 dias atrás
Me too I used to watch it on OSN
Jorge Salvia
Jorge Salvia 27 dias atrás
jayson gehrke
jayson gehrke 27 dias atrás
I mainly watch it for there insane craft vids since I like seeing the weapons and injections and mods
Touch Chea
Touch Chea Mês atrás
Same man
Leeroy Jenkins
Leeroy Jenkins 22 dias atrás
this brings my childhood back to life too
Tony Belmonte
Tony Belmonte Mês atrás
I remember watching PJ masks when I was younger. Good old days...
I_Will_Post_Videos 25 dias atrás
and team umizoomi
I_Will_Post_Videos 25 dias atrás
also super why as well
I_Will_Post_Videos 25 dias atrás
i grew up with backyardigans and wonder pets
Rohan Crow
Rohan Crow Mês atrás
I remember watching this show it was pretty cool
Mystica_Playz Mês atrás
This gives me so much nostalgia
Jelly Burger
Jelly Burger Mês atrás
Watching All These Videos is Starting to Make a Nostalgic feeling ✨❤
SR Mês atrás
I loved pj masks when I was younger! Ty for playing this mod because it brings back so many memories
Jennifer Lucas
Jennifer Lucas 12 dias atrás
me too!
Irina Campbell
Irina Campbell Mês atrás
Let’s just remind ourselves this is a kids show and he’s a grown man playing a kids show 💀💀
Rebecca Poorter
Rebecca Poorter Mês atrás
Thank you for your videos and the laughs they give
Rex Mês atrás
you should do a mod where the imposter cant report kills
Naraya Ramaditya
Naraya Ramaditya Mês atrás
I like how Ian tries to make the PJ masks sound cool
ur right
Benjamin Serrano
Benjamin Serrano Mês atrás
Yes! I've watched PJ Masks a lot when I was little, this is my grandpa's phone
Idk 24 dias atrás
NotNightFury Mês atrás
"PJ Masks" now that's a name I have not heard in a long time, a very long time
Shub D
Shub D 17 dias atrás
oh my gosh I love PJ masks. since i was 5 years-9 yrs i used to watch it every day
GGgokupro Gamer
GGgokupro Gamer 24 dias atrás
"PJ maskss sksksksksks" Love it SSundee! Your the best!
REDACTED Gamer Mês atrás
I loved this show.
keenard albarra hertantyo
brings the old day that i always watch PJ masks
Nightmare Reaper
Nightmare Reaper Mês atrás
Mod idea: mummy tag mod. The imp is the mummy. As the imposter tags more crew mates, the crew mates turn into mummies to help the imp tag everyone else.
Lexi Claire
Lexi Claire Mês atrás
This is my daughters favorite show. I was definitely never expecting SSundee to make it an amogus mod
Angie Trakas
Angie Trakas Mês atrás
@Lexi Claire. I wasn't expecting this either. This will probably be the most unexpected video i will ever see on this channel.
_Iceey Mês atrás
Amogus XD you mean among us?
uju 285
uju 285 Mês atrás
Ikr i mean its nice how he has things for all ages from horrer like the backrooms to pj mask
Satanstrueson Mês atrás
it's one of my little brothers
Michael Tedesco
Michael Tedesco Mês atrás
。Past mike。
。Past mike。 Mês atrás
Queenof Gay
Queenof Gay Mês atrás
You really can make among us into anything 🤣🤣💀
Kaizo 4 dias atrás
This bring back so many memories
ava mcnulty
ava mcnulty Mês atrás
do a nyan cat mod! it would be awesome!! the first role is nyan cat (good role/hero) the impostor role is tac nyan wich is the evil nyan cat who throws fire balls. see what you can do with it! :)
Rosario Ramos
Rosario Ramos Mês atrás
Remember watching the show as a kid. Brings back memories.
Unicorn Youtube
Unicorn Youtube 27 dias atrás
I forgot how normal Among Us crewmates look like
Insta- Graham CrakEr
I remember watching PJ Masks with my little brother
adlerdeena Mês atrás
Mod idea: pokemon mod. so the imposter is mewtwo. The crewmates once they do x then they need find the imposter and catch him with a master pokeball
Puppy Power
Puppy Power Mês atrás
this brings back so many childhood memoreys
liran bitel
liran bitel Mês atrás
I don't know if someone is going to read this, but. I liked it more when the mods they used like a year or two ago changed the game slightly, where the core mechanics were still there. Like when they added a cool crewmate role (ex. Detective) or cool imposter role (ex. Flamethrower) instead of them changing the game almost entirely.
Julinda Elezi
Julinda Elezi 25 dias atrás
true now the mods just make like amongus like itsboring it dosent have the among us vibe
Artnixax Mês atrás
I agree that are getting boring and repetitive. I liked when the impostor couldn’t end the game in 4 min. It isn’t shown in the video because he wants to make the video longer and showcase the mod.
ülker kaplan
ülker kaplan Mês atrás
I agree and the mods are getting repetitive
David Dobrow
David Dobrow Mês atrás
Agree but I still like this stuff if it was a different game I don’t like that exactly full on among us that’s the part that I don’t like have a good day
Miabuildz Mês atrás
PJ MASKS wasn't the best idea 4 Among Us.
The Chill Spot
The Chill Spot Mês atrás
I honestly would absolutely LOVE to see a Pokémon Cards mod so hit the like button with your foot!
ItzGiuliaProv 23 dias atrás
PJ masks was my 2nd childhood show❤️
Cookie boi
Cookie boi 22 dias atrás
Now they are just adding my childhood at this point
Jake Fump
Jake Fump 23 dias atrás
My brother loves PJmasks so he loved this vid so thanks ssundee
💖Aslery- Go to My Channel🍑
Love the among us videos. The mods are really good 👍
redous mask
redous mask 2 dias atrás
Mud idea: so the crewmates have to find the hamster of darkness and they have a hammer to squash the imposter if they know who it is the imposter can steal the hamster of darkness and everything goes black after 88s they die
KIDKLAPZ Mês atrás
Hey! you should do a piggy mod where you have to escape and the imposter is piggy and, the imposter could turn into different piggies and get different abilities for each piggy.
lexis whicker
lexis whicker Mês atrás
I have watched PJ masks. It's pretty awesome.
Teddy adventurer
Teddy adventurer 23 dias atrás
The show: 3 kids that are secretly superheroes fighting villains SSundee: let’s make a make an among us mod and video out of this!
Jett Mês atrás
Mod idea: Tag mod. The imposter starts out as "it" and can kill people and tag people so that they become the imposter. You could also do a freeze tag mod where the imposter freezes people and one crewmate can unfreeze people.
Petra Ristic
Petra Ristic Mês atrás
It's nice idea dude
mellior villarojo
mellior villarojo Mês atrás
Its a bit common but amazing idea
Charlie Emily
Charlie Emily Mês atrás
That sounds fun
xXdarkshadowXx Mês atrás
cool idea
ThelastbaconXD Mês atrás
You bring my childhood back...
SpaceyGamerYT Mês atrás
I have been waiting for this mod so my brother will actually like watching a ssundee video
Ben Henry
Ben Henry Mês atrás
It’s basically 10 times more powerful than a normal wither
LukePlayer Mês atrás
Mod Idea: One Piece. As a crewmember, you can chose 3 paths: you can either be Luffy, the rubberman, Zoro the santoryu swordsman or Robin, a woman that has the ability to multiply her members anywhere she wants. And the final boss, crocodile, has the ability to turn into sand. Luffy's abilities: gomu gomu no pistol: shots his arm to punch his enemy; gomu gomu no gatorin gun: punches the enemy so fast that It looks like a lot of arms are punching the enemy; gomu gomu no bazooka, where he extends his arms back and pushes the enemy very hard, dealing great damage. Zoro's abilities: flying slash attack: Zoro uses his 3 swords tô send a projectile against the enemy; onigiri: Zoro dashes forward the enemy dealing great damage; Tower climb: Zoro grabs the enemy and jumps high, and then, dashes downwards, causing great damage. Robin's abilities: cinco fleur twist: creates 5 arms on the enemy and twists his body, dealing damage; seis fleur grab: grabs the enemy, paralizing him for 10 seconds; ocho fleur flip: creates 8 arms on the enemy, using 6 of them to hold the enemy, and 2 of them to trow him to the ground. P.S: all these abilities really exist Crocodile's abilities: he can turn into sand to send a sandstorm, which can be dodged by jumping It with the jump button, throw a rock against the player, paralyze the player by 10 seconds by getting all of his body water and send minions to kill the player. IMPORTANT: the player can Just hit crocodile after he gets wet due to a sudden rain that will happen on the arena. It will be like the Kirby mod, to unlock the abilities and upgrade them, you will need to kill crocodile's minions on the overworld and do tasks. To get to the final boss, you will need to find 100 gold pieces scattered through the overworld.
blake trimmer
blake trimmer Mês atrás
I love the content Ssundeee entertains us I can legit watch him any where in fact I'm watching him on my way to our vacation lol
Steven Geiger
Steven Geiger 27 dias atrás
Xavier Mejia edits
Xavier Mejia edits Mês atrás
I loved that show when I was a kid
Chelsey Jackson
Chelsey Jackson Mês atrás
I think we should do a Wolverine mod I think it will be cool and fun and you get to collect all and you get to collect the X-Men once you find all the ends X-Men
Rough-Suff Mês atrás
I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid
Kendra Foster
Kendra Foster 24 dias atrás
Dude. I’ve played among us with you before. Didn’t realize you were famous and crap. 😂
LeeMD11 Mês atrás
You have amazing content and the fact he put so much hard work into his videos is amazing keep it up
Noel Akins
Noel Akins 24 dias atrás
Love your videos
Thomas the Great
Thomas the Great 21 dia atrás
I used to like PJMasks. My favorite was the cat one. I forget their names I haven't watched it since I was 5
Liam Show gaming with KatCatLi
PJ masks is the bomb I’ve been watching it for like three years
Teen Magic
Teen Magic 12 dias atrás
I love the way you create content ♥♥
HeatedPanda5856 Mês atrás
PJ MASKS, WE'RE THE PJ MASKS! Dude, the nostalgia. I remember watching PJ Masks when I was little. There were two episodes I remember. One vaguely, one vividly. The vague memory was one where Romeo was throwing a bunch of down eggs everywhere around the city. The vivid memory was where owl girl had a very special owl sculpture from her grandma or something. She learned to share, and she gave it to Luna Girl in the end.
tshepo elphus Letlapa
Just wait until he find them
XerxesYT Mês atrás
Bro milked the among us hype to death 💀
So.. is Romeo evil or no in this mod? I just watched the first 30 seconds and I already have a question..
Falloffladder Ouch
Falloffladder Ouch Mês atrás
Do a necromancer mod. There are 2 fazes the first is a collection phase were you collect souls by killing monsters in the second phase you buy diferent skelitons and make an army. Then you fight the other players with your army.
WhatsGet Mês atrás
goddamn this takes me back
hai OwO World
hai OwO World Mês atrás
video idea : ice mod imposter : ice monster crewmate : crewmate ice monsters abilitys (they have 7 abilitys) : frostbite, a mini game where you have to dodge the avalanche, a snowball throw ,snow cover (it covers people in snow and people need to get a shovel to save them), giant ice cubes that slide around the map, invisibility, igloos (blocks like a wall) crewmates have a frozen meter if it is full they freeze to death escape if your frozen meter is empty (a summer party idk what to do) please do it took 10 minutes to think of
Cruz Escobar
Cruz Escobar 11 dias atrás
That used to be my favorite show when I was five
Cortez Betances
Cortez Betances 20 dias atrás
it was a good kid show i watched it all day that is pretty much all i did LOL
You have dirty mind
if some one remember this show Your an OG
AGENT-PUGZ Mês atrás
Ssundee, thank you so much every video you make never fails to make me smile,I’ve been down recently due to a lot of death happening.
Madi Moreton
Madi Moreton 14 dias atrás
It brought the best show that I watched as a kid
Matt Sample
Matt Sample 22 dias atrás
it gives me my childhood memories its a baby show now its been 3 years sins i whatched it i got big memories
tran hong
tran hong 28 dias atrás
This just unlocked my inner kid :)
Kimiko Pineda
Kimiko Pineda 24 dias atrás
I have watched this show it was quite fun
Zaniyah Kathleen
Zaniyah Kathleen Mês atrás
I remember this show from a few years ago but it’s still nostalgic
EmeraldRanger Mês atrás
I am pretty sure SSundee is giving lookumz shows that Simion forces him to watch
Gabriel Doyle
Gabriel Doyle Mês atrás
I remember that show I was obsessed
Epik alt
Epik alt 10 dias atrás
omg this reminds me of my childhood
Louis MBABAZI MUHOZA 21 dia atrás
You should play more of this game
Lena Mês atrás
A hunger games mod: before the games start the interviews and training happen your score will give you better chances of surviving. everyone needs to battle to the death, around the map there are weapons, food etc. and the dead people can sponsor the others
Lena Mês atrás
@ShadowKeefe6 😊
ShadowKeefe6 Mês atrás
Shadowwalker Mês atrás
When I started watching PJmask I didn’t even know what PJ meant that’s how young I was
Techx Mês atrás
could you pls try some anime mods. That would make my day.
Well, my mod idea is literally among us but the imposter can be killed with guns
brenda lozada
brenda lozada Mês atrás
When I was a little kid I love PJ masks
TheArtistLily Mês atrás
This was my favorite childhood show Thanks to lookums and ssundee they made this mod
The floppa guy and pet simulator x
I have been watching you a lot and I love the channel
Horror Artist Fan
Horror Artist Fan Mês atrás
mod idea: mario odyssey imposter is bowser and cappy is somewhere around the map and whoever finds him first is mario
levi cooper
levi cooper Mês atrás
I loved PJ masks when I was little
Amy Martin
Amy Martin Mês atrás
The reason sigils can't jump the fence is because of his week knees
Ejnxhell Gaming
Ejnxhell Gaming Mês atrás
Mod idea: One Piece. The crewmate try to find One Piece, but the impostor can turn into Blackbeard or Kaido, taking the power of darkness and turning into a dragon. But one of the crew mates will be Luffy who tries to save the others and help them find One Piece. And when the crewmates find One Piece Luffy returns to his final form and kills the impostor.
Campbell Partain
Campbell Partain 5 dias atrás
No not really
Mass Superrr
Mass Superrr 5 dias atrás
But the guy who turn into Zoro his controll is opposite but he has some ability
Matt 9 dias atrás
M.B Mês atrás
Ejnxhell Gaming
Ejnxhell Gaming Mês atrás
@Ryan Dong Yes🙂🙂
Shub D
Shub D 17 dias atrás
catboy, owlette gekko, romeo,pjrobot, romeo's bot (forgot what its called), the wolfie thingies( forgot what they're called), ninjalino,night ninja, luna girl, and some sort of rolling maniac dude who literally is so strong and can damage anything he hits (i forgot what he's callled too)
Toni Perriello
Toni Perriello Mês atrás
I have a mod for you role :tracker crewmember what it does: track dead bodys and find clues to who the imposters are. Impostors can shift into others. Pls used this role worked hard on it
Jun Ratilla
Jun Ratilla Mês atrás
I love this cartoon its my childhood
CattusPlayz Mês atrás
This has gotta be my fav mod
Harry Gaming
Harry Gaming Mês atrás
You've made my day by showing me this it shows so much nostalgia
Liam Show gaming with KatCatLi
For your next models should be like it changes person whoever is in the game the imposter can change it every one Instagram for the rest of the game with the same name in the same cup
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