Pixies - Something Against You + Broken Face + Brick Is Red + Gouge Away (Lollapalooza Brazil 2014) 

Hernando Guitiérrez
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Pixies - Something Against You + Broken Face + Brick Is Red + Gouge Away (Lollapalooza Brazil, Sao Paulo - 04/06/2014)


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7 Abr 2014



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Comentários : 152   
Alex O
Alex O 5 anos atrás
It's almost ridiculous how good these songs are.
somethingyettocome 2 anos atrás
Sebastian Avila
Sebastian Avila 3 anos atrás
Impossible not to love this. Long life to Pixies! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Ian Dewar
Ian Dewar 2 anos atrás
PAZ. Just putting aside for a mo the fact that she may be the most beautiful woman in rock music - TOP bassist and, for me, brought the Pixies right back to the top of the pile which is where they should always be. Ace bassist and utterly beautiful and compelling woman. Love you and what you've done for Pixies!
somethingyettocome 2 anos atrás
Yes. I thought it was just impossible to adequately replace Kim Deal, as she has such unique character, but they actually managed to do exactly that.
FER DEL ESTE Anos atrás
She added legs.. and stockings . oooooh ooooooh ooooh oooooo,,,,,
Gabriel Hardchycore
Gabriel Hardchycore 2 anos atrás
Impresionante ese comienzo!!!! Demoledor.........!!! Aguante Pixies.
shahril power
shahril power 6 anos atrás
Paz is kick-ass awesome ......
MrBardoTube Anos atrás
They're still kicking It live
olsonspeed 2 anos atrás
Still bringing the thunder, rock on Pixies!
zambagrande 3 anos atrás
Todos aman a Paz. Yo también.
Bob Paye
Bob Paye 2 anos atrás
Incredible show!
Johan Van Vaerenberg
Johan Van Vaerenberg 27 dias atrás
Such a pleasure to see all those front stagers who weren't even born when those albums came out...go reluctantly mad...I love you all.
Jérémie Campeau-Poirier
brick is red... such a good song that so many people don't know
Sud O’Nym
Sud O’Nym 6 anos atrás
Liked it when it came out but absolutely love it now. Slow burner!
superchunk12 6 anos atrás
Slow burner for sure....great song
0.5milligram 1/2
0.5milligram 1/2 6 anos atrás
Brick is red is one of the greatest song ever by Pixies for me. Simple yet soo complex
What Doth Life!?
What Doth Life!? 6 anos atrás
Can you prove so many people don't know it? None of us are special we're all gonna die and turn to dirt.
Si Chambers
Si Chambers 4 anos atrás
Fuckin love that tune
In the Kingdom #19
In the Kingdom #19 2 meses atrás
Paz! ❤❤❤❤
Riazor1370 5 anos atrás
I Love Nirvana's Neverminds album when it first came out, but when I discovered Pixies years-years later, I smacked my head...
Pablo Lozada
Pablo Lozada 3 anos atrás
Did you know Kurt Cobain want to be come a band like the pixies?
Christian Sanchez
Christian Sanchez 3 anos atrás
Nirvana is pretty good, right?
ElMondial Anos atrás
Yes Yes Yes
fernando santana
fernando santana 4 anos atrás
Paz hermosa grandiosa musica
Mihir Shah
Mihir Shah 5 anos atrás
Kirsten power
Kirsten power 8 meses atrás
Love brick is red,but as good as Paz is Ms Deals vocals just make it special
Lucia- Madrid Nishino Jurado
I like her solo stuff yeah she’s cool she’s played in great bands
Moon Along My Head
Moon Along My Head 4 anos atrás
I also still dance to TV snow 😎 she's the best
Matthew Moran
Matthew Moran 25 dias atrás
How have I only just found this. Outstanding. Thanks for sharing.
JDG 5 anos atrás
daaaaaaamnnn 3 of my favourte Pixies songs all together. this was a hell of a concert
annoyedok321 Anos atrás
Is it possible a 30 year old song is becoming the new hit of the Pixies? Gouge Away was always a solid song, but it feels more like a song of this decade
elbowonfire 8 anos atrás
Paz's legs have impacted me almost as much as her band impacted 90's alternative.
Jude Adie
Jude Adie 6 anos atrás
She wasn't in the band in the nineties tho
Jude Adie
Jude Adie 6 anos atrás
But fucking hell you're right about everything else
ModaMontArt 4 anos atrás
not even close lol
ModaMontArt 4 anos atrás
I don't think Elbowonfire is saying in the way you have interpreted , it's her band as she is in the band, that's how I read it, the written word is very arbitrary this way !
Ben Ryan Black
Ben Ryan Black Anos atrás
Ever heard of KIM DEAL?! Wtf
atomicinjun 6 anos atrás
Matthew McLean
Matthew McLean Anos atrás
Pixies sound so much better live, their albums are good, but live is sooo much better.
juliprive 3 anos atrás
Paz sos todo lo que esta bien
FurionStormRage 3 anos atrás
They where able to find someone with the same level as Kim in Paz. Marvelous.
Rix xy
Rix xy 6 meses atrás
Gouge Away - i love how chill that song is...
krydsfok 5 anos atrás
This is so cool!
finight9 Anos atrás
I love Paz Lenchantin.
Norberto Velazquez
Norberto Velazquez 5 meses atrás
Que sest list!! Demoledor
S Matt
S Matt 2 anos atrás
They couldn't have found a better replacement for Kim than Paz. Still got mucho love for Kim though
Austin Lucas
Austin Lucas 5 anos atrás
0:00 Something Against You 1:36 Broken Face 2:56 Brick Is Red 5:02 Gouge Away You're welcome. Have a good day.
Carlos Colon Music
Carlos Colon Music 4 anos atrás
Thank you.
Michaël Materne
Michaël Materne 3 anos atrás
U 2 😉
Dyn Jarren
Dyn Jarren 3 anos atrás
When I first Heard Black Francis scream out this song It felt like he was confronting some abuser or bully in his past! He actually scared me with his intensity! I thought good let it out! Let the pain and anguish out and confront the Abuser and just give it back to them. That’s the only way to get over it!
Evan LeCarde
Evan LeCarde 7 anos atrás
Paz is so cool
Jérémie Campeau-Poirier
+Eric Le Carde but she's not Kim
Jude Adie
Jude Adie 6 anos atrás
I agree she'll never be quite as awesome as Kim but she's a great replacement. And although I always fancied kim I'll give that one to Paz
Rolo Riemer
Rolo Riemer 6 anos atrás
Paz is not Kim but is as big as her.. so awesome!!!
CatoMinor 6 anos atrás
Add Taz Wilkenfeld, Yolanda Charles, Gail Ann Dorsey, D'Arcy Wretzki...and damn...the amazing Mohini Dey!
Alberto Baptista
Alberto Baptista 5 anos atrás
listen her solo work. she's a multi instrumental player with a fantastic work and tons of creativity. she's much bigger than it's possible to see playing with pixies.
Delhi Delirium
Delhi Delirium 5 anos atrás
As much as I respect Paz as a musician and I´ve seen her plenty of times with other bands ... well ,lets be straight about this : Kim Deal is irreplaceable in this band , sorry ! Band sounds diminished without her ... incomplete ... but all you older Pixies fans already know this anyways ... meh!
Jeff Vanderwerf
Jeff Vanderwerf 4 anos atrás
I've been a Pixies fan for over 25 years, and I love Paz up there. Kim has a unique voice, but Paz is a better bassist and brings great energy.
david husband
david husband 4 anos atrás
cmac 4 anos atrás
Both cool to me. Pixies are awesome.
Mrcatcake 4 anos atrás
Love both but Paz brings a new dynamic I really enjoy.
Ian Dewar
Ian Dewar 3 anos atrás
No question in my mind. Having followed Pixies from the start, they have been reborn in the last couple of years and Paz has been the catalyst that made this wonderful band vital again. Kim was just as important but Paz proves no-one is irreplaceable (maybe Frank I suppose in this context). Paz is the better musician and just ACE!
Cletus Beauregard
Cletus Beauregard 6 anos atrás
Hopefully, Paz and David will work together someday in a situation that's actually musical.
TheMills567 6 anos atrás
No shit. This sucks
Gmail Gmailer
Gmail Gmailer 6 meses atrás
screenfixer 8 anos atrás
what a magic
Sai Kong
Sai Kong 8 anos atrás
Frank looks like he needs to take a long vacation. Dude looks spent.
AFTimeLord 8 anos atrás
He just hasn't aged well. But then again, they've been playing live shows for a while, so I bet a guy like Frank deserves a beer and a vacation.
Devis Simonetti
Devis Simonetti 4 anos atrás
I love Paz
Nick B
Nick B 2 anos atrás
Oh my god! One look at Paz's legs and i cant even hear the music anymore!
HermanWaldorf 3 anos atrás
I love Pixies and was lucky enough to see them in the 90s. These days, I am sorry to say this, but Frank's voice is quite weak and cannot recreate the old intensity of their songs
Wolf Haddad
Wolf Haddad 2 anos atrás
I saw them this year and his voice actually sounded great
ElMondial Anos atrás
Nah Frank is still ok m8
L. Ricci
L. Ricci Anos atrás
the 90s were 30 years ago. voices get weaker with age
Mortimer La Morte 13
Mortimer La Morte 13 5 meses atrás
Love Paz.
sam pope
sam pope 7 anos atrás
charles need to focus less on energy and more on the quality of his singing, when he does this the band will thrive more then before
Pain Set To Music
Pain Set To Music 7 anos atrás
+sam pope Quality isn't everything.
Cpt. Dr. Hawkeye
Cpt. Dr. Hawkeye 5 anos atrás
Songs like something against you are all about energy and have always been. Pixies are entirely based upon loud/quiet/loud.
Operational Amplifier
Operational Amplifier 5 anos atrás
Horrible comment. Pixies is at their best when they have high energy.
Buenos Dias
Buenos Dias 5 anos atrás
Alex A
Alex A Anos atrás
Sooo goood,
Australopithecus Urbanus
edijef 4 anos atrás
FuzzyFuzz 6 anos atrás
oh god that shoulder shimmer she did at the start of something against you
Ian Dewar
Ian Dewar 2 anos atrás
Incomparable. Lovely and talented. Paz - no-one comes close
Michael Nadolski
Michael Nadolski 2 anos atrás dream girl
Eono e
Eono e 6 anos atrás
How did David Lovering to be in the crowd feeling the music and in time be in the drums playing? 6:57
Antonio Tabet
Antonio Tabet 5 anos atrás
It's not David! It's me. LOL
grimble grumble
grimble grumble 2 anos atrás
Ummmmmm god's on stage!!
Edward Ormsby
Edward Ormsby 3 anos atrás
Paz can be my Venus in Furs anyday she wants
Dyn Jarren
Dyn Jarren 3 anos atrás
When I first heard, Something against you, I knew something was wrong with Black Francis. I mean, he sounded disturbed on this song like he wants to hurt someone. Maybe he was ridiculed or bullied in high school or something. I don’t know but it’s sounds like genuine anger to my ears. I avoid people who scream like that.
david husband
david husband 4 anos atrás
I can not watch pixies without Kim.
Australopithecus Urbanus
GraveyardStation 2 anos atrás
then don’t.
Jonathan Walker
Jonathan Walker 3 anos atrás
Band looking and sounding brilliant... but who is Kim's replacement?
Gmail Gmailer
Gmail Gmailer 6 meses atrás
Paz Lechantin! Great musician
Javier Di Lello
Javier Di Lello 3 anos atrás
Paz = Argentina
Reageerbuisje 2 anos atrás
ElChilangoMX 3 anos atrás
What episode of the Breaking bad is this?
Simon Callaghan
Simon Callaghan 2 anos atrás
lucky Brazil
Борода Раста
Мдааа,дисторшна по больше да потяжелее надо было накинуть в первой песне
Pablo Díaz
Pablo Díaz 6 anos atrás
Gouge Away 5:00
Sleeves04 8 anos atrás
Anybody else think the singer dude looks like Hank from Breaking Bad?
Francis Lesko
Francis Lesko 8 anos atrás
Maybe in this video, but search for other videos of Black Francis, he's not that look alike
Aaron R
Aaron R 6 anos atrás
yes he does! he actually looks a lot like Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars too
S Oakley
S Oakley 5 anos atrás
The geodes he collected gave him deja vu. A time when he used to ROCK!
Tomasz Wójcik
Tomasz Wójcik 5 anos atrás
What I see? They are singing "Broken Face" and there is no pogo-dance under the scene? I know, pogo in pure version is not a fun for young girls and metro-sexual men.I was finishing this dance with "broken face" and my blood on t-shirt not one or two times. BUT! As I said - it was not a fun for young girls or metro-sexual men...
Tomasz Wójcik
Tomasz Wójcik 5 anos atrás
By the way: Hard-core in short dress looks ... very palatable. Paz! Forgive me please, but I couldn't take my eyes off your legs! HIGH CLASS! Nations! On your knees before!
Jonathan-Lee 3 anos atrás
Can someone answer me why Joey has a mic? I've never heard him sing..
IceColdSmoke2002 3 anos atrás
He sings in La la love you
James Grayson
James Grayson 2 anos atrás
@IceColdSmoke2002 Nah, that's Dave Lovering
Cliff Allen
Cliff Allen 3 anos atrás
I think that now, the godless, whom I respect your view, understand know that we need to get back to work to preserve our enjoyed freedom.
사무사 무불경
사무사 무불경 3 anos atrás
It's impressive. Some got marijuna?
Rebel Kebabs
Rebel Kebabs 8 anos atrás
Looks like Kim Deal 2.0 is having a blast playing with some bonafide punk rock legends
Rebel Kebabs
Rebel Kebabs 8 anos atrás
and she's adorable. so i'm not too butthurt about it
Carmen X
Carmen X 6 anos atrás
You do know who she is don't you?
Ben Carter
Ben Carter 5 anos atrás
jonathon kiner Because she has only worked with Maynard Keenan, Josh Homme and Billy Corgan before. I am sure the Pixies feel very lucky also, I would be
Jeff Vanderwerf
Jeff Vanderwerf 4 anos atrás
She's a seriously accomplished musician. She is not Kim Deal 2.0, she's not in the same orbit in terms of musical chops, as she is far superior to Deal. That being said, I loved Kim Deal in the Pixies, but Paz is a far better bassist and musician.
Felipe Andrade
Felipe Andrade 5 anos atrás
6:57 Olha o Kibe!
Antonio Tabet
Antonio Tabet 5 anos atrás
Australopithecus Urbanus
@Antonio Tabet showzão hein? Não lembro de ter visto uma apresentação melhor dos Pixies com essa nova formação. Eles pareciam estar realmente empolgados. Muita sorte de quem esteve lá.
Headless Spaceman
Headless Spaceman 4 meses atrás
Paz Lenchantin and some other people
Dillon O'Neil
Dillon O'Neil 8 anos atrás
what the hell happend to his voice. i guess its just not cuz kim deal isnt helpin with vocals
Andre Theberge
Andre Theberge 8 anos atrás
age my friend. wrote these songs like 25 years ago.
Rebel Kebabs
Rebel Kebabs 8 anos atrás
Well he wasn't exactly roy orbison from the start. these are pretty faithful to surfer rosa
negr00sei! 5 anos atrás
yeah he still pretty much sings them like he did in the 80s and 90s even though if you hear him talk his voice got way way deeper
TheMills567 6 anos atrás
I came here from A Perfect Circle. I should have stayed there....
Bradley Lacke
Bradley Lacke 5 anos atrás
Yes, please stay on Perfect Circle videos if you can't appreciate the Pixies.
cardigansarecool 4 anos atrás
You don’t understand punk rock, feel free to stay away.
cmac 4 anos atrás
Who are they?
Ben Ryan Black
Ben Ryan Black Anos atrás
I like Paz but she will never be able to replace Kim in any way shape or form.
Get It?
Get It? 6 meses atrás
Lovering . . . damn
Music Bastard
Music Bastard 4 anos atrás
Paz Lenchantin - TV Snow
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