Pixies - Hey (Live in studio 1988) 

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20 Set 2009



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CBerkley458 Anos atrás
I can’t offer valid reasons why but this is the greatest song ever.
Spuddywesker Anos atrás
well that's just like your opinion man.
CBerkley458 Anos atrás
@Spuddywesker nah. It’s a fact like gravity
Spuddywesker Anos atrás
@CBerkley458 shit you're right, sorry.
Crap Joe
Crap Joe Anos atrás
@CBerkley458 what about tame, i bleed, debaser? :/
Freek de Koning
Freek de Koning Anos atrás
@Crap Joe its all one song :P
Jacob Morin
Jacob Morin 2 anos atrás
His voice sounds almost exactly the same as the album version, that’s incredible
Ignacio Duplan
Ignacio Duplan Anos atrás
i know its amazing
Pierce Gerritsen
Pierce Gerritsen Anos atrás
They are the same guy
Ignacio Duplan
Ignacio Duplan Anos atrás
@Pierce Gerritsen we know lol
Daniel Cataño
Daniel Cataño Anos atrás
Not something like being a super man..
Icu2_999_hotel_hotel 10 meses atrás
@Pierce Gerritsen slow clap
RebelWraith 81
RebelWraith 81 4 anos atrás
This band paved the way for 90's alternative bands. The real pioneers of the grungy sound.
maria I
maria I 3 anos atrás
loud/QUIET/loud... just like the movie says.
valley of the dolls
they inspired kurt cobain
Double 10 meses atrás
@valley of the dolls smells like teen spirit is basically Kurts attempt at a Pixies song according to him
OGGOAT_ _ 10 meses atrás
Dinosaur Jr Sonic Youth etc pawed the way too
kh7955 Mês atrás
Don't forget Sonic Youth
brett N bolton
brett N bolton 3 anos atrás
lyrically, this guy is on a different level.
Eric Schultz
Eric Schultz 2 anos atrás
Pixies were the beginning of a revolution. He influenced more bands than he did fans.
evansdm2008 2 anos atrás
Yes. As always, Its only when the dust settles that it will be fully appreciated. For me, he’s right at the top.
Alfie Wright
Alfie Wright Anos atrás
Ugh. Said the man to the lady. Perfect lyric
R Anos atrás
Horse in my bed
The Betbet Underground
Frank's one hell of a rhythm guitarist. What he's doing isn't easy. He's playing some complicated rhythm parts while singing oh so passionately.
tonydeltablues 6 anos atrás
Agreed! Hey, haven't we 'met' before; on the La's demo video :-) Regards Tony
Curtis Long
Curtis Long 5 anos atrás
Totally agree, it sounds so simple, but upon practicing for a PIxie's cover set with this being in it, I have quickly realized how difficult his parts really are to play and sing.
Steve Gad
Steve Gad 5 anos atrás
It isn't easy, if you're just starting out, but then it's Charles' way of playing, so it'll be easy to him. You develop your own style so pointless trying to copy another players technique. He's a great guitarist in any case. But then so is anyone who can play. I've made my living from ONLY music since 1978 and am hitting the 4,500 gig mark this year, BUT I am still only a functional rhythm player, simply because I don't HAVE to be anything else (lead guitarist Jim Underhill handled that, now I'm solo) and the amount of gigs I do a week doesn't leave me wanting to try new tricks. I'm happy as I am, and anyone who is had achieved their aim. Enjoy music guys. (Point clarified in edit)
Jamis Billson
Jamis Billson 5 anos atrás
Caverman are you kidding me? Its simple to play. He doesn’t even need to change from playing the G root note. Been playing long have you mate? No! Thought not.
dingleberry liespewer
dingleberry liespewer 5 anos atrás
jamis play and sing this at the same time and see how easy it is. multi tasking is not natural to most humans especially when you haven't A. written the song you're playing or B. played it for years, if not both. think it's easy now? no! thought not.
strangemarkings 5 meses atrás
I’ve been listening to this song since the 90s but watching this 3 things hit me: 1. Frank is so at ease on the mic 2. I could fall into the glittering darkness that is Kim Deal’s eyes and 3. This song is damn unique; where the hell would someone in 1988 even find inspiration for this?
Ben Lanteigne
Ben Lanteigne 6 dias atrás
Some artists are just truly original. He’s an American treasure.
Pope WonKa
Pope WonKa 10 anos atrás
Kurt Cobain said " I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies. I have to admit it. When I heard the Pixies for the first time, I connected with that band so heavily that I should have been in that band-or at least a Pixies cover band. We used their sense of dynamics, being soft and quiet and then loud and hard."
Jerrod Butali
Jerrod Butali 9 meses atrás
And also their producer.
CYBEЯSiMULACЯA 8 meses atrás
And both bands are so lovely
H R 8 meses atrás
All of 90s alternative rock used those dynamics. Without the Pixies there would be no Nirvana, Pavement, Weezer or probably even Radiohead
hamtown1 8 meses atrás
My dumbass read this as Stephen Colbert
Jim Newcombe
Jim Newcombe 8 meses atrás
@H R I am far less grateful for those bands. I'm not sure Cobain penned any good lyrics, and I only recall Pavement as a name (and not a very good one).
mywhychromosome 7 anos atrás
It's funny, they're one of those volcanic, lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry musical units where you couldn't replace any of the members, but unlike most of those groups where in their younger days they seem tight like a gang, the Pixies ALWAYS seemed like this awkward group of misfits on the verge of telling each other to fuck off haha
Sancho Quixote
Sancho Quixote 7 anos atrás
+mywhychromosome Have you seen the documentary of their reunion? That's well worth seeing, and it would totally support your conclusion, b/c none of them act like their buds with a single other band member. Like they all just met on some message board, and freakishly happened to have musical chemistry when they didn't care a whit about each other off stage. That may be a complete misimpression, but the doc has this sequence where they are all sitting around each other, but they're doing the equivalent of looking at their phones. Drummer is space drumming, some dude is reading.. I don't remember exactly.. but the gist is.. we have nothing more to say to each other. They seemed like they all had good professional relationships, but it was like an office where you would never hang out with the people you work with. But the music sounding NOTHING like that. It sounded like they were born to work with each other. Black's voice was perfectly complemented by Daal's and there was just nothing missing. I didn't blame anyone who didn't like them or thought they were too messy.. one of those bands where your emotions take over or they don't. So to some people, they're gods, and some people their just noise.
mywhychromosome 7 anos atrás
Sancho Quixote That's a good point about the "some people they're gods, others just noise" thing...Pixies are almost a good 'test' band in that regard, to see if someone is on the same cracked mental wavelength as you are, because you can't 'learn' it, you either hear one thing or the other. As for the documentary, I did see it once years ago, and I remember being vaguely disappointed at the time that they were so awkward with each other, but I chalked it up to "well, it's a reunion years-and-years later, even the closest bands can get awkward like that when they get old". But the point I was making with this video was that it shows Pixies were ALWAYS awkward like that with each other, even in their heyday
Emre Alan
Emre Alan 7 anos atrás
+Sancho Quixote The only members who were friends were Frank and Joey. The rest were just in the same band. And Frank and Kim pretty much HATED each other.
rjbizzle1984 7 anos atrás
+mywhychromosome the pixies definitely aren't the same without kim deal, she was the coolest one in my opinion, and she is a brilliant songwriter herself, her and black francis should have worked together on more songs with the pixies!
Emre Alan
Emre Alan 7 anos atrás
oxrjbizzle1984y What does that have anything to do with the original comment?
patrick kinnear
patrick kinnear 8 anos atrás
The notes are palpable. They are so clean and well rehearsed, the only band that gets better the more I listen.
Moka B
Moka B 4 anos atrás
Kim fucks up the notes at 2:28 so not that well rehearsed but still an almost studio worthy performance.
MrBardoTube 10 meses atrás
@Moka B fucking up one note doesn't mean it's not well rehearsed. It can happen even you have rehearsed a lot
Joel Davis
Joel Davis 4 anos atrás
Kim Deal's backing vocals are fantastic in every song!
mcsoupy 4 anos atrás
Joel Davis Yes. Essential even when not a lot. I freaked out over Surfer Rosa and then Doolittle. Then when Bossanova came out I remember thinking , “Where the heck is Kim Deal?” I was shocked actually. I didn’t even ever buy Trompe Le Monde.
Royden Bellman
Royden Bellman 7 meses atrás
@mcsoupy Very silly and foolish of Frenchie to lose Kim. But she was always destined for greater things and she did it. So happy for her and The Breeders/The Amps, Kelley and Josephine and that groovy little drummer of theirs.
christbait1972 12 horas atrás
"Its the sound the mother makes wehn the baby breaks" One of the best lines in music!
Maddie j
Maddie j Anos atrás
I’ve listened to this song 15 times in a row I’m not kidding it’s so good
Maddie j
Maddie j Anos atrás
Take it easy thank you haha so do you
Josh Pease
Josh Pease 7 meses atrás
My first time hearing it. On repeat also hahah
Jeremy Blatter
Jeremy Blatter 5 meses atrás
15 times only?
Big Blocka
Big Blocka 10 anos atrás
Still convinced it's the greatest song ever written.
diegaah Anos atrás
Me too
Blurry Face
Blurry Face Anos atrás
Me too.
Julliana banana
Julliana banana 6 meses atrás
Me four
Kristina Koliesnikova
Kristina Koliesnikova 5 meses atrás
Me five
Bradley Love
Bradley Love 4 meses atrás
I refer to it as the coolest song in rock and roll. Not the most bombastic, technically complex, or even radio friendly, but there's something about it that is just smooth, sophisticated, and slightly bizarre. It's cool
Thomas Biancato
Thomas Biancato 7 anos atrás
Still one of the best song i've ever heard. Pixies were so far ahead of the other rockband but badly for them they were also underrated !
Dhana Vickerman
Dhana Vickerman 7 anos atrás
I totally agree with what u said. before their time.
CD M 4 anos atrás
In what way underrated? They were and still rated massively highly and one of the most influential bands of the last 30 years.
Mallory Graham (Malk)
Mallory Graham (Malk) 3 anos atrás
@CD M Ye but due to copyright laws and other bs, a lot of pixies content is being removed from the web. And because of that the entire younger generation is missing this bands legacy, just because they don't really produce any content for their old sound
BertE Bask
BertE Bask 6 anos atrás
The band that opened my ears to a whole world of music I hadn't known existed. Still one of my all time favourites and a go to listen whenever life gets too real! The Pixies rock!
Jason Thorne
Jason Thorne 16 dias atrás
The best punk band ever. They did not define it, but they sure refined it.
Das Wolf
Das Wolf 5 anos atrás
Joey has to be the most underrated guitar player ever.
Ben Chappell
Ben Chappell 3 anos atrás
always just weird enough
Mike(ggggg) 3 anos atrás
Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead thinks so too
Zanghì _
Zanghì _ 3 anos atrás
Next to Andy Summers From The Police
maria I
maria I 3 anos atrás
Love the way he plays! It always sounds like he's just discovering notes he never knew before...
itchywitch 2 anos atrás
@Mike(ggggg) love them both!!
Alexandra Porter
Alexandra Porter 2 anos atrás
One of the most under appreciated bands and yet they deserve so much more credit for their style and sound inspiring dozens and dozens of incredibly popular bands of the 90s all the way up to today. This band is a gem and always will be
felipe butteri
felipe butteri 11 anos atrás
You know a song is timeless when you have listened it a thousand times, and every time is like the first time...
Shayne O'Neill
Shayne O'Neill Anos atrás
You can really hear how Frank sings so damn loud that it distorts the microphone. When I saw them live I swear you could hear him louder just off his natural voice than he was on the speakers, especially when he really got into the howling. The only singer I've ever known to do that was David Bowie. Probably no surprise they where mutual fans of each other.
Pablo Van Cleef
Pablo Van Cleef Anos atrás
Liam Gallagher can too. Say what you want, dude had some power in his prime. Loud AF
Peter Bewer
Peter Bewer 3 anos atrás
This band was once in a lifetime. And the guitar solo is legendary.
saul maldonado
saul maldonado 5 dias atrás
ahhhh qué tiempos aquellos cuando las bandas sonaban tan bien tocando en vivo, ponías un disco, o en vivo y sonaban exactamente igual
scaredypicker 5 anos atrás
Unmatched genius. It depresses me so much that I wasn't alive to see them when they were like this. I've seen them since they reformed, but it's not the same
maria I
maria I 3 anos atrás
Have you seen the Dennis Miller performance? At the height of their super powers. "this is a song about a little bird that goes to sleep and has a dream he goes to Mars..."
Lupo de' Lupis
Lupo de' Lupis Anos atrás
That heavenly bassline!
hannah 8 anos atrás
Pixies- looking baby-faced & sounding absolutely awesome.
DraxDredd 8 anos atrás
patrick kinnear What did she do wrong lol...
cluttered chicago garage
I saw Frank Black live when I was in High School in the 90s. It was a couple years after the Pixies broke up. I don't know if I've ever watched video of the Pixies playing live in the 1980s. They're actually really tight. The four instrumental parts of this song fit together quite well. Their timing and dynamics are quite good for a live rock band in the 1980s. Frank gets a lot of credit, but I think the entire band was really tight, and they fit together very well musically.
Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett 2 anos atrás
Such an amazing song, amazing lyrics, amazing backing vocal, perfect one-note guitar solo, eerie and compelling the whole thing. God I loved this band.
HarroKitteh Anos atrás
This live performance sounds better than the official song... I keep coming back to it.
ali kasapoglu
ali kasapoglu Anos atrás
Definitely! It may even be the best record of this song. For the last couple weeks I have been listening the other records of this song, yet I can't see any better one.
Ping Pong
Ping Pong 4 anos atrás
This is one of the best song that ever been preformed. And I love all kind of music. But this is perfection. Damn. It is just something from another world. The lyrics, the desperation in the voices, the tone of the guitar, the haunting bass. I think this song will survive for a very long time. At least as long as humanity have left.
ncp2666 4 anos atrás
winogirlll Anos atrás
The pain in his voice. This is a great, great song. Goosebumps.
Unplugged Edits
Unplugged Edits 4 anos atrás
It’s been years, I’ve discovered so much fantastic new music, but this still remains the best song ever written to me
Floza 13 dias atrás
This is the first time I listen this song and this-is-fantastic 🤯
Linda Boo
Linda Boo 3 anos atrás
Always blown away by how their songs can be so simple yet so amazingly good; the essence of the best alternative in my lifetime.
MobiusBandwidth Dia atrás
it's like a perfectly crafted haiku, only a few elements, each one in exactly the right place and relation to the ones before and after it.
Nessa 5 meses atrás
That “you heard here first” hit hard. Like your living in a era where someday it’s just going to be a mark from the past and sometimes you don’t realize it yet.
Samsuzza 2 anos atrás
Still one of the sweetest guitar solos ever....rock me Joe
Eric Schultz
Eric Schultz 2 anos atrás
Pixies were the 'actual' beginning of Grunge. Kurt Cobain was clearly influence by these guys... 80's were not ready for them at all. Hell, neither were the 90's -- They have a sound that just didn't exist at the time. The music revolution didn't start in Washington. It started in Mass.
Craig B
Craig B Anos atrás
Mn too
S1ipperyJim Anos atrás
@Devon M Neil Young before all those bands
Devon M
Devon M Anos atrás
@S1ipperyJim Hendrix and Heart
Tom Read
Tom Read Anos atrás
The Fall, Joy Division, The Cure, Killing Joke, Swell Maps, The Damned, The Membranes, Echo and The Bunnymen, Fields of the Nephilim, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and other British groups were also making sounds going in this direction at the end of the 70s and early 80s, not forgetting Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Hüsker Dü, Fear, Butthole Surfers, Daniel Johnson and others in the US. Different bands influence each other, and that's cool. Nobody has an ultimate claim to one particular style of music.
Randy Kent
Randy Kent 5 anos atrás
This song is so creative, perhaps it's at the upper limits as to what these four musicians were capable of as one cohesive unit.
michelle needs
michelle needs 3 dias atrás
I love the space in this! Everything these days (well from the nineties onwards, i.e the loudness wars) is over compressed to shit. The volume dynamics just adds so much drama to the composition. Amazing, and inspirational!
robbieeighch 3 anos atrás
I wish I could sing like that. His voice is so clear and he controls it so well.
Соц. Поддержка
это прекрасно!
Björn Naß
Björn Naß 5 anos atrás
So mindblowing. Definitely a performer-band.
Earnie Rich
Earnie Rich Anos atrás
I can't thank the Pixies enough for their music!!... "When I heard the Pixies for the first time, I connected with that band so heavily I should have been in that band - or at least in a Pixies cover band". Kurt Cobain.
Mark Warren
Mark Warren 5 anos atrás
First heard this in 1988 when it was released on an EP that was given away free by (I think) melody maker and it instantly became one of my favourite Pixies songs. A truly great band.
Steve Gad
Steve Gad 5 anos atrás
I love this version simply cos it has so much passion and the whole band is fully immersed in it.
Bradley Love
Bradley Love 4 meses atrás
Coolest song in rock and roll. Not the greatest, hardest rocking, or any of that. Just smooth, interesting, and slightly bizarre. Coooool
Charles Hlangabeza
Charles Hlangabeza 9 meses atrás
It's nuts how good and unconventional this song is. That title card coming in just blew me away. Perfection
Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell 7 meses atrás
This song takes me back to high school. Pixies was one of those bands you only listened to if you were in a certain group. Everyone else just kind of listened to the pop chart music and the auto tuned rap. Of course my friends and I being skaters we loved Pixies and sonic youth. All of us smokers at the time hanging out in the smoking section. Glad we all mostly quit now though. Especially as one of my friends is a singer/music producer now. He's just released a cover of "All Along the watchtower" and I swear it sounds to me as if Pixies covered it themselves. It's a strange but cool take on it. Try searching Lonely Gimmick - All Along the Watchtower, I think he's seriously talented and deserves more attention. He does all the music himself recording to his laptop.
genausoanders Anos atrás
There is a simple and raw beauty to this song that still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. What a masterpiece
Eric Schultz
Eric Schultz 2 anos atrás
I cannot stop listening to this song... incredible sound
Andrew Dunbar
Andrew Dunbar 4 anos atrás
The combination of raw talent, emotion and ....... damn, something that’s just special. Soundtrack of my youth, music that always sparks a reaction no matter how many times you hear it.
Helena Anos atrás
Amooooo esse hino, e essa banda maravilhosa!!!❤🤘
Ha cker
Ha cker 6 meses atrás
This chord progression is totally brilliant.
Jaime AIL
Jaime AIL 5 anos atrás
Magnificent. What a musical joy. 4 people doing individual masterful music and coming together artfully.
Eskimo Joe
Eskimo Joe 4 anos atrás
I didn’t realise what a great live band they were until now...absolutely fantastic!
Dee 3 anos atrás
I got into these guys around the same time as Modest Mouse. They’re still among my favs in 2020! Keep on Rocking people:)
kezik'aza dibubwebi
kezik'aza dibubwebi 4 anos atrás
шикарно! 🤗😎
20thCB 3 anos atrás
Pixies were in a league of their own at this time. An incredible band at the height of their powers.
laurent o`gorman
laurent o`gorman 4 meses atrás
love the bass line !🥰
Matthew Larson
Matthew Larson 5 anos atrás
Right there with great weirdness like Bowie, or Bob Dylan, the notes, the emoting, the melancholy playing style, the morose lyrics, it's got it ALL..
Autumn Leal
Autumn Leal 9 meses atrás
I discovered the Pixies’ songs in 1990 and I can still feel this music in my bones. Absolutely love their sound.
SeymourPant 2 anos atrás
The "uh"s in this version are so impactful. Probably Francis' most passionate performance of this song.
Felipe Leite
Felipe Leite 2 anos atrás
That guitar solo, so soft, so beautiful...
Mark Pfeifer
Mark Pfeifer 6 meses atrás
Any true Pixies fan knows this is one of their BEST.
E J Anos atrás
This song is 10 years older than me and it sounds like it came out yesterday
Canalnal 4 anos atrás
One of the best bands of rock and roll history without any doubt.
Joy Gimbel
Joy Gimbel Mês atrás
That guitar work 🔥
blahyourmamafoo 11 anos atrás
gives me chills EVERY time...
K C Anos atrás
these guys should be in the underground rock and roll hall of fame. they opened the doors to a lot of bands going into the 90s.
PSYCH0NAVT 3 anos atrás
One of the best live performances ever. So much stronger than album version.
Toby Schadt
Toby Schadt 2 meses atrás
I was late to join the Pixies train, but this is perfection.
xupaooo 5 anos atrás
Que foda, quando ele manda o primeiro hey arrepiou tudo aqui
L 13
L 13 Anos atrás
Somehow their sound just works & gets me Great band Can’t wait to see them live in November
Stefanija Randjelovic
Stefanija Randjelovic 3 anos atrás
So raw, so beautiful, so sexy. My all time favourite by Pixies.
RetroBlack Anos atrás
And powerful.
nebnep 4 anos atrás
Pixies are one of the top 3 the greatest in the all time alternative rock scene. (In my opinion). Both Kim and Charles are more than amazing vocalists.
Coach_Craig 3 anos atrás
What a seriously underrated vocalist that man is
Bella Bear
Bella Bear Anos atrás
What I love about the pixies is they just were like everyone else they showed the world anyone can do this if they have passion and drive. Yet no one can do it like them. Love the pixies.
Richy Mês atrás
Russ Casados
Russ Casados 11 meses atrás
This sounds timeless, not like any 80s music that's for sure
CALEB QUINN 2 anos atrás
Can't stop listening to this version. Better singing than the record.
Rowland Joughin
Rowland Joughin 4 anos atrás
What a rad band,super stoked they finally came to visit us in Africa
Eveli Lovo.
Eveli Lovo. 6 meses atrás
The forerunners of an entire movement in the 90's. Thank you Pixies for your art.
beyza 4 anos atrás
Their sound is so much different than any other band I've ever heard. And I very feel blessed for knowing and listening to this original band.
Naatoyii’piiksii Anos atrás
been a fan of them for years, so happy when suicide squad played this for the group shot!
Aiden Martinez
Aiden Martinez Anos atrás
Went so good with that shot
Zardu Hasselfrau
Zardu Hasselfrau Anos atrás
carla cruz
carla cruz Anos atrás
i was like I KNOW THIS SONG
Reece Bird
Reece Bird Anos atrás
Have u seen it in fear street as well
Brian Kenpachi
Brian Kenpachi Anos atrás
You and me both. Brought me back to them. Love it
Ricardo Lima
Ricardo Lima 4 anos atrás
que saudades... tempos de ouro!!!!
Carol Cavalcante
Carol Cavalcante 3 anos atrás
Completamente viciada nessa música .
Jay Freeman
Jay Freeman Anos atrás
"Come on Pilgrim" and "Surfer Rosa" opened my mind to so much more music. I didn't understand them in 1988-89, but then I heard them again in late '90 and then the early months of '91 and I haven't looked back. So glad I heard this band before Nirvana and all those others after. These guys were the one of the best innovators!
Darren 3 anos atrás
This isn't just my favourite pixies song it's one of my favourite ever. I never get bored of it.
BUBBA4428 6 anos atrás
He nailed some really unpredictable vocals.
simon rigac
simon rigac Mês atrás
This is as far as r'n'r can go. Ultimate song!
clanmunro 77
clanmunro 77 4 anos atrás
Chills... Loving this live version. So before their time
Simone Oliveira
Simone Oliveira 5 anos atrás
Oh my god this is so amazing ♡♡ love Pixies
Luis Marques Pinto
Luis Marques Pinto 5 anos atrás
This music is so sentimental, almost as if personal. In Pixies we trust.
StuntzMcKenzy Anos atrás
I just started to learn how to play the guitar (as someone who grew up on hip-hop and rnb) and always heard this song in impactful moments of tv and movies and loved it, so I decided to look into playing it. But I never would've thought it was as old as me. It sounds like it could've came out in the early 2000's.
entrancedunicorn 10 anos atrás
They are so good live.
jorge carranza
jorge carranza 8 meses atrás
Love this song, just hear it for the first time about a month ago and is one of my favorites now
Celeste Rodriguez
Celeste Rodriguez 2 anos atrás
This has been one of my favorite songs since I was 12 and I've been singing it for YEARS. I recently started reading tarot and realized that this whole song is a reference to The Devil card. Its about putting yourself into a torturous prison of your own making. The card represents a problem you and your partner can choose to get out of but you submit to suffering (probably because its fun).
Jamie Anos atrás
Triptastic Anos atrás
Uh wow, what?
pdf pockethole
pdf pockethole Anos atrás
@Jamie why?
Ryan Zumsen
Ryan Zumsen 5 anos atrás
My favorite Pixies song and a fantastic version of it. As a bass player who eventually let go of my technical ambition (in high school i adored dream theater, jaco pastorius, tony levin, victor wooten) in favor of emotion, expression, and generally being awesome (in college i fell in love with pixies, the replacements, dinosaur jr, the wrens) it's both endearing and reaffirming to hear one of my favorite musicians of all time flub a couple notes at 2:26.
Ryan Tennyson
Ryan Tennyson 8 meses atrás
What a band!
Scott McMahon
Scott McMahon Mês atrás
Why is practically no one making music like this anymore...?
Milton 3 anos atrás
Muito bom 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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