Pixies - Here Comes Your Man | Field Day 2014 | FestivoTV 

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Pixies performing 'Here Comes Your Man' live at Field Day 2014, on FestivoTV.
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Artist: Pixies
Track: Here Come Your Man
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1 Set 2014



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The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist 3 anos atrás
I’m sure that when you hear the crowd sing the riff you wrote, you know you’ve made it in life.
Jay 7 meses atrás
This remains one of the best live shows I've ever witnessed. I get goosebumps watching the three songs FestivoTV put up from the PIXIES set Field Day. What an amazing evening this was. I wish they would release the full set.
Slackr 9 meses atrás
Wow, I can't believe this was 8 years ago... Feels like yesterday :) What a superb band
Jay 8 meses atrás
Mental, isn't it?! What a great day this was!
Cormac Daly
Cormac Daly 8 anos atrás
Best guitar players of the 80s: Johnny Marr, John Squire and Joey Santiago. Legends.
Sam Abbott
Sam Abbott 7 anos atrás
J Mascis too, it's a sea of J's
Cormac Daly
Cormac Daly 7 anos atrás
Sam Abbott Definitely. How did I forget to mention him!
Tmac 7 anos atrás
Bob Stinson
Charles R. Ellis
Charles R. Ellis 5 anos atrás
Michael Gurley
Danny Dorito
Danny Dorito 4 anos atrás
James Hetfield, Brian May?
rantzzz rantzzz
rantzzz rantzzz 2 meses atrás
There's pop music. Then, there's Pixies pop music.❤
Jon Beauchemin
Jon Beauchemin 5 anos atrás
Is this not the greatest song ever!?!? 😎 🎸 🎶
Andrew 5 anos atrás
wow, what a crowd!
Alejandro Serrano
Alejandro Serrano 2 anos atrás
🤘🤘🤘⚡⚡⚡yeeeah !!! Gran gran banda
Christina Anos atrás
AWESOME audience! No cellphones, just into the music...
james radski jr.
james radski jr. 4 anos atrás
Wish I was in the crowd.
David Curtin
David Curtin 3 anos atrás
What a fucking beautiful voice
Kent Merritt
Kent Merritt Anos atrás
Where was this?! That crowd was really into it!
Bex 10 meses atrás
I was there, if I remember right I think it was Victoria Park. Was a great day
suhijo 8 anos atrás
Nice crowd.
ikram k
ikram k 7 anos atrás
pixies without kim is like a tarantino movie without violence
jj ww
jj ww 6 anos atrás
in the studio, absolutely, but this is the best performance of here comes your man ever.
Patchouli Prince
Patchouli Prince 5 anos atrás
jj ww no way. The move festival in 2009. Big crowd full of energy, better sound quality and of course Kim on bass and vocals.
Patrick Crawford
Patrick Crawford 5 anos atrás
Of course we'd all love Kim back...but this is the best we can do. Plus.Paz is ice cool as fuck. Enjoy it or shaddup.
Herbert .Gatchalian
Herbert .Gatchalian 5 anos atrás
no disrespect to kim love her but damn this is paz!
Bradley Pence
Bradley Pence 4 anos atrás
I miss her too, but damn, this shit sounds good lol
Mark Elder Pascual
Mark Elder Pascual 7 anos atrás
nice song
Bex 10 meses atrás
Had such a great day, really missed kim though.
Anthony Baruch
Anthony Baruch 8 anos atrás
awesome, what a treat. the bassist is the same bassist from A Perfect Circle right?
Nebuladult 8 anos atrás
The very same
FestivoTV 8 anos atrás
Pixies - Here Comes Your Man LIVE from Field Day 2014!
FestivoTV 8 anos atrás
Click here to watch more Pixies! Pixies - Where Is My Mind | Field Day 2014 | FestivoTV
David Curtin
David Curtin 3 anos atrás
Steve Jobs on Drums Kyle Gas on Vocals
MacAggy 6 anos atrás
cool without even trying
Roy 144
Roy 144 Anos atrás
En la miniatura creí que era el "Perro Bermudez" 😂😂😂
FestivoTV 8 anos atrás
*Do you have a favourite Pixies song?*
Morteza Alavizadeh
Morteza Alavizadeh 7 anos atrás
Here Comes Your Man ;) It is my favorite Pixies song
Lauti Cardarelli
Lauti Cardarelli 6 anos atrás
maria I
maria I 5 anos atrás
Of course. ...Debaser
Emerson 5 anos atrás
Gouge Away!
Adam Badruddin Syah
Adam Badruddin Syah 2 anos atrás
0:53 he looks like my grandpa
Mikey 8 anos atrás
Uploaded Magdalena please !?
Kizzme Kizzme
Kizzme Kizzme 8 anos atrás
hey guys, this is what drugs and alcohol, sings beautiful but are terrifying.
Dark-EA-Dani Calif
Dark-EA-Dani Calif 6 anos atrás
00:53 eh Steve Jobs on drums xD
bip bong
bip bong 2 anos atrás
David Letterman
H0rridRex 7 anos atrás
Time. Almost.
Hasnizam Mohamed
Hasnizam Mohamed 7 anos atrás
That is not Kim right?
Therah Beats
Therah Beats 7 anos atrás
+Hasnizam Mohamed Nope, It's Paz.
Craig E
Craig E 2 anos atrás
She was in a perfect circle
Elly Greening
Elly Greening 3 anos atrás
im sorry just get rid of the bassist her voice has nothing on Kim :/
Sheldon Benton
Sheldon Benton 7 anos atrás
kyle gas?
Morteza Alavizadeh
Morteza Alavizadeh 7 anos atrás
Kevin Walsh
Kevin Walsh 5 anos atrás
Sheldon Benton 😂😂😂😂
Kid Sundance
Kid Sundance 3 anos atrás
Where the fuck is Kim
Jason Perez
Jason Perez 3 anos atrás
Sux. Where's kim? Not worth going
Admiral Walker
Admiral Walker 3 anos atrás
Why not? Black Francis wrote all the goddamn songs. Or as I should call him, Charles. Haha
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