Pixies Greatest Hits - Here Comes Your Man, Debaser, Monkey Gone To Heaven, Velouria - Rock Music 

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Pixies Greatest Hits - Here Comes Your Man, Debaser, Monkey Gone To Heaven, Velouria - Rock Music Playlist 2022
[00:00] - Here Comes Your Man
[03:18] - Debaser
[06:12] - Monkey Gone To Heaven
[09:06] - Velouria
[12:48] - Here Comes Your Man
[16:06] - Debaser
[19:00] - Monkey Gone To Heaven
[21:54] - Velouria
[25:36] - Here Comes Your Man
[28:54] - Debaser
[31:48] - Debaser
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22 Fev 2024



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Comentários : 35   
@Antisocial_Sounds Anos atrás
First playlist without where is my mind
@yngwiemartin5638 2 meses atrás
Still their best song however !
@bdunni88 24 dias atrás
And "Here Comes Your Man" 3 times? What a dumb "Greatest hits"
@kenjones6441 Anos atrás
The Pixies greatest hits consists of 120 tracks.
@TIAGOVSKI-hs4dy Anos atrás
Benjamim clementine
@JeffMelland 11 meses atrás
Only 120
@user-ly7gz2ey7z 8 meses atrás
la mejor banda que escuche en mi vida!!!
@victorneysanchez7400 6 meses atrás
Extraordinaria banda. De estas aguas bebieron las mayoria de los grupos alternativo. el Rock alternativo tiene su inicio con esta fenomenal banda....gloria a los Pixies.
@user-pl7gt5wr5v Mês atrás
from estonia whit love
@jamesalvarado4234 Anos atrás
Thanks for the upload of my favorite band
@kck-kck879 Anos atrás
Yeah, uuuuh, can't help but notice that there are quite a few great tracks missing from this list, and also that a few songs are inexplicably featured more than once.
@ColburnClassroom Anos atrás
maybe it's AI generated?
@YewrMan 9 meses atrás
Better than no list methinketh.
@HeyIwasaValedictorian 8 meses atrás
😂😂😂ty 4 pointing that out! I was so preoccupied w eating pancakes & dancing around the kitchen w bacon that i didn't notice🥓🥓🥞🥞🍳🍳
@carlosbernalism 11 meses atrás
Love your sense of humor.
@dcpsyficomics3119 Anos atrás
First time listen lot of Cheap Trick influence not bad😎😎😎
Where is Gigantic? 🤔
@user-pl7gt5wr5v Mês atrás
ty for nostalgia born 1972
he must really like debaser
@hervefayet7507 Anos atrás
@joelaraujo9360 11 meses atrás
✌️😃✌️🇧🇷 SP
@agentcooper4627 Anos atrás
I think these videos are made in a Asian sweatshop with algos.
@waymoncowley436 Anos atrás
@HateMemphis 11 meses atrás
Or the lodge and they're just knockoff copies of a well done playlist
@bocswu 11 meses atrás
Four songs? I don't know what's worse. A Bot/AI making videos or people responding and others liking, "First playlist without 'where is my mind'".
are you sure you know the group?
@timgibson3754 Anos atrás
Maybe it made the most air play. Who knows
@davidreuter727 2 meses atrás
@vayres7512 6 meses atrás
What is this? Missing several songs and repeat others.
@lockyp204 Anos atrás
No Gouge away. 👎
@user-pl7gt5wr5v Mês atrás
@raphaeld2261 8 meses atrás
Even chat GPT could do a better job... Point of this upload?
@andic8979 Mês atrás
Why are some songs on twice!
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