Pixies - Gigantic 

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Pixies Live Fa. Onrust 1988


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28 Ago 2010



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Pip Bunny87
Pip Bunny87 2 anos atrás
I can't get over her voice, I can't stop hearing this, as much as I love Pixes, I wish she did more vocals.
Ashley Ember
Ashley Ember 2 anos atrás
She made albums after the Pixies... The Breeders were a great group with Kim and her sister. No Aloha........Love that song.
TP1_ Philler
TP1_ Philler 2 anos atrás
@Ashley Ember The Amps album was pretty good too, albeit a little rough around the edges.
Scott Nixon
Scott Nixon Anos atrás
Go listen to the breeders !
Jay Freeman
Jay Freeman Anos atrás
I wish Kim was still in the band!!
John Morgan
John Morgan Anos atrás
You should check her out in the Breeders she's fucking fabulous 😍💗
Gerry Leb
Gerry Leb Anos atrás
Band is a one-off. Nobody can imitate them. Their material is absolutely mind-blowing. Rock n roll will never die.
s 10 meses atrás
Rock n roll died August 15th, 2007…
Frank Fairey
Frank Fairey 9 meses atrás
@s Maybe rock n roll as you know it, it is very much alive, but due to the internet gone are the days of 9 months touring dive bars to build you name, gone are the days of the main record labels deciding what music becomes popular, bands do what they want now. They combine genres, they make 20 minute songs, personally I like how it's become, great bands are easier to find now than ever.
Ketchup Junkie
Ketchup Junkie 7 meses atrás
@s FINE we’ll make a new rock and roll
DaSkrunkly 6 meses atrás
@Frank Fairey i agree with everything you said, people have to understand that rock is thriving but with streaming and no MTV, music won’t just be fed to them on a silver platter. they have to go find these great bands and there’s plenty of easy ways to discover them, spotify has suggested me amazing new bands that are genuinely the future.
Michael Burk
Michael Burk 6 meses atrás
Kurt Cobain said when he started nirvana he was just trying to rip off Pixies.
Jeffrey Schall
Jeffrey Schall 3 anos atrás
I can't believe this is 32 years old. And it still sounds as fresh and amazing as it did when it was released.
sqapy 2 meses atrás
If you still can read this, it’s absolutely mind blowing to performance was in 88 of last century!
LaMurena 16 dias atrás
Wow actually 35
Blue Eyed Brent
Blue Eyed Brent 15 dias atrás
Take it from a guy it just heard this for the first time... Not fresh
Alex G
Alex G 2 anos atrás
Possibly the most 90s sounding 80s song I've ever heard. And it's awesome.
Shirtless Henry Rollins 420
I guess it’s cause pixies helped create that 90s rock sound, it must’ve been so weird to hear this when glam rock and metal was the big thing
Timothy Thompson
Timothy Thompson Anos atrás
They were way ahead of their time
Diamond Doggo
Diamond Doggo Anos atrás
That’s because the pixies invented the 90s. Nirvana was inspired by the pixies. They were kurt cobains favourite band.
Alex G
Alex G Anos atrás
@Diamond Doggo yep, established fact. Good stuff.
Rob Cohen
Rob Cohen 10 meses atrás
Kings X was really good at that also.
John Boland
John Boland 5 anos atrás
And that's the song that started the 90's 1988. The soft seductive verses, massive monster chorus, and deliciously angular lead guitar throughout. The Pixies did it first and nobody did it better.
joe barrow
joe barrow 4 anos atrás
John Boland simply not true unfortunately as much as I’d like it to be, Kurt cobain wrote “spank thru” in 1985
VideoPrens 4 anos atrás
@joe barrow There were these types of songs of course but pixies made it what it is in the end.Kurt himself says he was infulenced by Pixies
joe barrow
joe barrow 4 anos atrás
VideoPrens influenced... exactly doesn’t mean they created grunge
ray croal
ray croal 4 anos atrás
@joe barrow calm down you are being a bit defensive nirvana had some great songs but pixies had more great songs that were greater
Hacm 4 anos atrás
ray croal not true, Nirvana was hands down better
Mister Finnster
Mister Finnster 4 anos atrás
I've been listening to The Pixies all evening instead of going to bed. It takes me back. This band, Sonic Youth, and Dinosaur Jr invented their own genre. '90s music before the '90s.
sam torres
sam torres 2 anos atrás
Take something raw, talented, but not quite ready for mass consumption and slow it down, but make it loud once in a while. I feel you'll get your point across and it will be memorable. Be afraid of your perceptions, but never your enjoyment.
Randy Tyler Does Stuff
Randy Tyler Does Stuff 5 meses atrás
90s before the 90s. That’s the perfect description.
vidgamarr 3 meses atrás
Jane’s Addiction, don’t forget about them. They were making this kind of noise well before Pixies or Nirvana. Jane’s in my opinion is the true “90’s before 90’s” band. Their debut “Nothing Shocking” came out in 1987 and it sounds like it could have easily come out in 1993.
lumpyspaceprince 3 meses atrás
​@vidgamarrI've never listened to Jane's addiction but now I gotta check that out
ocalaballa 7 anos atrás
That late 80s early 90s indie rock scene was fucking phenomenal
Mario M
Mario M 7 anos atrás
+Kip Watts Yeah, we called it "college radio" in those days. And some acts were already becoming famous, like R.E.M. Some never broke through and were forgotten. Others reinvented themselves, like The Goo Goo Dolls, and went mainstream.
creekandseminole 7 anos atrás
+ocalaballa Dinosaur Jr, Meatpuppets, Guided by Voices, Sonic Youth, Beat Happening, Modest Mouse, My Bloody Valentine, Pavement, Butthole Surfers, soooooooooo many great underground bands that paved the way. Indie/punk/metal 101 man...
creekandseminole 7 anos atrás
***** I went to that tour. Saw them play in Dallas. I chose not to use my earbuds. The holocaust section at the end last about 20 minutes. It was like a rocket ship going off. Lust just got back together. And last year Ride and Slowdive as well. Swervedriver recently released a new album too!
Conor Dennis
Conor Dennis 7 anos atrás
+creekandseminole Primal Scream
creekandseminole 7 anos atrás
***** awesome!!! Yeah it was sorta surreal seeing MBV live. Never would have thought that I'd get that chance. I wish I knew who the opening band was. The lead singer spoke with me a bit outside. He liked my Jesus and Mary Chain shirt I wore.
HawkeyeNation19 7 anos atrás
There is a reason why both David Bowie and Kurt Cobain loved these guys.
Pulse Head Licker
Pulse Head Licker 7 anos atrás
And Thom Yorke.
Longboardsinglefin 7 anos atrás
And Dave Grohl
David James Chamberlain
and other people with great taste
cuchitril 7 anos atrás
and me !!!!!!
Ryan Levin
Ryan Levin 7 anos atrás
HawkeyeNation19 Who doesn't love these guys!? They're amazing
George Mortimer
George Mortimer 6 anos atrás
That bass intro....shivers up the spine.
Radio Haven
Radio Haven 3 anos atrás
These guys were so 90’s in the 80’s.
Leif Harmsen
Leif Harmsen 3 anos atrás
The 90s were so 80s.
Kott Anafiga
Kott Anafiga 3 anos atrás
and 2000's
Razvan Popa
Razvan Popa 3 anos atrás
I think the band was so 40s
StrimbuLand 3 anos atrás
Check Dinosaur Jr 1987
marmar 3 anos atrás
These guys were apart of the 80s underground movement that nirvana brought to the mainstream in 1991. Note that nirvana was around in 1987 and knew all of these guys personally
John Vigent
John Vigent 6 anos atrás
These guys were light years ahead of their I miss this time in music
John Rosario
John Rosario 5 anos atrás
+CGC 007 & +credence7777777 What a happy group of fellas! :D
okir rama
okir rama Anos atrás
Yup, they already talking about BBC in the 80's
Bob 2 anos atrás
Can I give a very belated hats off and thank you to the sound engineers of VPRO television for this immaculate recording? This is perfection, folks.
SDC Anos atrás
One of the best American bands. Period. Punk rock with pop sensibilities. Crazy and well çrafted lyrics.
Unplugged Edits
Unplugged Edits Anos atrás
I love how her voice sounds somewhat small, but husky and very powerful. It’s beautiful. Leaving Pixies and starting her own band was a good call. Too bad they didn’t get nearly as much recognition as they deserved
Matthew Bradford
Matthew Bradford 3 anos atrás
I love how Black Francis almost always looks like he was just coaching a little league team minutes before the concert. Like he just parked the minivan, took off the team hat, and picked up the guitar for the gig. No corporate influence here, just some of the best American alt rock of the late 80's.
Ohh Kayy
Ohh Kayy 2 anos atrás😆 🤣 you are so right I'll never see him the same
David Galinat
David Galinat 2 anos atrás
LOL. Yep, Pixies are definitely not manufactured by some focus group.
Miguel de Maria
Miguel de Maria Anos atrás
"A rock genius in the body of an appliance repairman," as I heard someone put it.
Mike Nickerson
Mike Nickerson 10 meses atrás
You must be the coolest lawyer.
Allan Clark
Allan Clark Mês atrás
What an incredible band, you rarely get so much coolness in the same room
DaSpacechoechechoz Anos atrás
Best band, best song, best live performance. I listen at least three times if I listen once. It's like a chunk of rock candy.
Adam Cole
Adam Cole 3 anos atrás
Pixies are one of my favourite bands, but the main reason their later albums don't hit the earlier heights is because Frank Black took total control of songwriting, and Mrs. John Murphy could no longer contribute absolute gems like this.
Daniel Perry
Daniel Perry 8 anos atrás
Biggest Pixies hit, one of the few they let Kim take the front on, awesome and influential band. Frank is amazing but science shows the bass is what gets us going 😘
ZÉ DO ARROTO 5 anos atrás
Uma das melhores bandas de rock que escutei na vida!!😎
Anna K
Anna K 6 meses atrás
Such a great song by an amazing band. One of my fave groups even today. I saw them a few times in the late 90s, a couple of times more recently. Kim Deal is insanely badass.
Patrick Morris
Patrick Morris 4 meses atrás
if you like this you might like my brothers music. His name is Stu Morris. cheers.....
Haneix 5 anos atrás
[Verse 1] And this I know, his teeth as white as snow What a gas it was to see him Walk her every day into a shady place With her lips she said She said [Pre-Chorus] Hey Paul, hey Paul, hey Paul, let's have a ball Hey Paul, hey Paul, hey Paul, let's have a ball Hey Paul, hey Paul, hey Paul, let's have a ball [Chorus] Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic A big, big love Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic A big, big love [Verse 2] Lovely legs, they're a... What a big black mess, what a hunk of love He'd walk her every day into a shady place He's like the dark, but I'd want him [Pre-Chorus] Hey Paul, hey Paul, hey Paul, let's have a ball Hey Paul, hey Paul, hey Paul, let's have a ball Hey Paul, hey Paul, hey Paul, let's have a ball [Chorus] Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic A big, big love Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic A big, big love [Chorus] Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic A big, big love Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic A big, big love [Outro] A big, big love A big, big love A big, big love A big, big love A big, big love A big, big love A big, big love A big, big love
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 2 anos atrás
I thought it was “a big big load”
Roger Easter
Roger Easter Anos atrás
I thought it was the car the car the car is out back
KAI Anos atrás
Haha, I speak Spanish and that's why when reading these comments I found it funny. English can be confusing sometimes.
Dc Mac
Dc Mac 10 meses atrás
In the annals of music history, with progression to grunge and alternative, the Pixies and Gigantic stand above all. Legendary. And Joey’s vibro intro is 🔥🔥🔥
Guillemo Dred
Guillemo Dred 4 anos atrás
Gawd they are sharp! They sound like a massive guitar army. How did these band member not get along when pretty much everyone one on the planet loves all of them.
Moshe Wakatel Utiw
Moshe Wakatel Utiw 3 meses atrás
That's how it always is. Artists are always like that. I think Van Gogh lived with Paul Gaugin and pulled a knife on him at some point and never had another friend.
blobboflava 8 anos atrás
One of the greatest band of the 80s/90s and maybe of all time. Pixies and Sonic Youth are my favourite grunge bands and awesome live! Go Pixies!
Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell 4 meses atrás
Eeeew... I don't think we should put Pixies in the "grunge camp". They were well ahead all that. The term only came into existence a couple after their global impact. It's like calling The Beatles a "metal band" after they wrote Helter Skelter.
sirLiridon. 6 anos atrás
I'm gonna listen this song all my life, that's how great it is!
jacquie yorke
jacquie yorke Anos atrás
Possibly one of the the best band's this century
sorearm 2 meses atrás
Just sheer brilliance
tyler perkinson
tyler perkinson 3 anos atrás
What an atmosphere they created, with the TV'S, themselves, their performance, and the music they played. God, I missed out on so much being either a child or nonexistent in the 80's.
Adrienne Ortega
Adrienne Ortega 8 meses atrás
This was the gateway song into the world of the PIXIES!!!!! I've never looked back!!!! Literally LOVE THIS BAND!!!
Jamey Haws
Jamey Haws 9 anos atrás
Just the fact that this song is over 25 years old now but it's being used in a commercial today just further proves what Pixies fans already knew, One, that they were way ahead of the their time! And two that they made great music that has been often imitated but never duplicated!!!
tonymonsta 9 anos atrás
Also proves that they ran out of money
Sean Bell
Sean Bell 2 anos atrás
What makes this even more impressive is that they're not thrown off by having cameras shoved so close in their faces. I've filmed a lot of bands and always try to give them space and not distract them. Kim's a champ at 1:15 and look how close the one is at 1:26 to the guitarist. Seriously guys, consider a zoom or longer lens. I get the wide lens aesthetic of the era but shit.
Robert Beck
Robert Beck 3 anos atrás
People dont really realize what bands like this did for rock. The music coming from the northeast really was so new shit no one else was doing. Great stuff.
Luyen Dao
Luyen Dao 4 anos atrás
Pure mad, mad musical rarely found. Glad to have grown up with the Pixies...
Sean Mcdowell
Sean Mcdowell 5 anos atrás
can't say it enough,Pixies are my all time favourite band,glad to say i've seen them twice
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey 4 meses atrás
Genuinely timeless alt rock song. It's quality never lessens no matter how many years go by.
Patrick Morris
Patrick Morris 4 meses atrás
if you like this you might like my brothers music. His name is Stu Morris. cheers.....
Chacartes Rocker
Chacartes Rocker 7 anos atrás
Pixies!!!!! Uma das bandas de rock alternativa que mais contemplo no cenário rock!!!! Rock''and roll!!!!
GravlaxBob Mês atrás
A Big Big Love to the Pixies, what a band they once were.
Guy Meynants
Guy Meynants 11 meses atrás
Fantastic, can you imagine what it was being 15 years old and seeing this on Firma Onrust on television? it changed at least my life and love for music! Love the Pixies and Kim Deal
rodgazinya Anos atrás
Such an a amazing performance. I miss these days and these vibes. Hearing this brings it back
The Ravenhill
The Ravenhill 5 meses atrás
By the looks of the audience, they just witnessed one of the biggest changes in rock music and just didn't realise it... What I wouldn't give to be there 😱
Patrick Morris
Patrick Morris 4 meses atrás
if you like this you might like my brothers music. His name is Stu Morris. cheers.....
Maxim I
Maxim I 3 meses atrás
I saw the pixies live and it was amazing 👍🏻🎸🧚🏻‍♀🧚🏻
Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes 4 anos atrás
I saw the Pixies in the late 80's live at Newcastle Poly. They literally changed my life and I knew in my state of confused shock I'd witnessed the best or worst group ever. Based on more evidence this was evidently the former!
xhenx1 5 anos atrás
Wspaniałe. Lata młodości!!!!
Nelson Fragoso
Nelson Fragoso 2 anos atrás
Essa foi a primeira música do Pixies que eu ouvi.....amor a primeira ouvida!!!!!!
Mr. Dankman
Mr. Dankman Anos atrás
Greatest rock band in all of Earth's history.
Jerome Fressineau
Jerome Fressineau 3 meses atrás
This is just the perfect sumup of how Pixies were perfection
Craig Grant
Craig Grant Anos atrás
Why aren’t the audience going bonkers. They’re witnessing one of the greatest live performances of all time !
Anthony V
Anthony V Mês atrás
Because it's ahead of their time in 1988; it's like Marty McFly playing Eddie Van Halen notes during the Johnny b Good scene in Back to the Future (just not ready for this music, but your kids are gonna love it).
Guillermo Ferrabone
Guillermo Ferrabone 4 anos atrás
Simplemente lo mejor que pudo generar el Alternative Rock de los 90s!!!
Raul Anos atrás
La canción salio en 1988
Nicole Pérez
Nicole Pérez 3 anos atrás
Esta canción me trae mucha nostalgia a pesar que no soy de esa época, desde mi adolescencia escuchaba a Pixies, realmente su estilo revolucionó el rock y mi vida. Pixies por siempre!
jaime saenz
jaime saenz 3 anos atrás
Aldous Huxley
Aldous Huxley 3 anos atrás
No hablo español muy bien, pero entiendo lo que estás diciendo y estoy de acuerdo. La música trasciende todas las generaciones y naciones.
vidgamarr 3 meses atrás
Most people would get boo'ed off the stage if they made those kinds of noises into a microphone. But when Black Francis does it, people get hypnotized. Long live Pixies. A perfect band.
jim's books reading & stuff
This is my neighbour's new favourite song whether he likes it or not.
sam torres
sam torres 2 anos atrás
Face it, you know you have good enough taste for both of you.
Stella Argy
Stella Argy 2 anos atrás
BlueHopi Bridge
BlueHopi Bridge Anos atrás
J F lol
KMJ Anos atrás
Peter Null
Peter Null Anos atrás
Lmfao best comment ever !
845callaway 5 anos atrás
Just love the natural juxtaposition of Male and female voices...perfect with that wonderful bass guitar!!!
FRANCESCO Paolella 2 anos atrás
They are absolutely GREAT!
Jasper Yangchareon
Jasper Yangchareon 7 anos atrás
Bowie was right. Fantastic band and Joey is still a very underrated player. That vibrato and use of feedback sounds simple crude but it's hard to make it sound like he does.
Badgerthegreat 6 anos atrás
Every time I listen to a Pixies song now I find more of his excellent playing I hadn't noticed before.
mshanahanz 6 anos atrás
He's expressive and exciting
m0sketti 5 anos atrás
yeah, and it sounda almost exactly like it does on the album, so it's clearly a very controlled, deliberate sound and not just random feedback.
Nancy 4 anos atrás
Dude's a genius.
remo1366 3 anos atrás
He's one of rocks all time greats!
AmiEvil 5 anos atrás
This song keeps getting in my head!!! Driving my crazy totally unpredictable!!! I hear this feed back then I start yelling GIGANTIC GIGANTIC
JFK35 517
JFK35 517 6 anos atrás
The first time I saw the Pixies was Coachella 2004. Two friends and I flew fromNYC to California. They played Saturday night. It's was Pixies then Radiohead. What a moment. They blew me away even more than I had expected. Best Band ever hands down.
Spartan Black
Spartan Black 2 anos atrás
se adelantaron a la época y sacaron el mejor rock que he escuchado de los 80's.
Eduardo Rivera
Eduardo Rivera 6 anos atrás
GREAT Song GREAT Album! Love both vocalists and the rest it's ALL good.
cainpitt 3 anos atrás
Why is Joey Santiago so much more original than other guitarists? This band was so tight.
Owen 4602
Owen 4602 2 anos atrás
Because Joey did some of the most simple shit as a lead guitarist, that single note of manic vibrato is something alot of lead guitar players would think is “too simple”
Conor Kennedy
Conor Kennedy 2 anos atrás
he was alwas fantastic
Dizziemiss Lizzie
Dizziemiss Lizzie 7 anos atrás
Forever an amazing band
marisol s.
marisol s. 7 anos atrás
+Steve Idxp why are most of your comments in this video so condescending... they just said they liked the band lol
mavidateeta 6 anos atrás
i saw them in 1987-88at a free concert somewhere in downtown boston.. i think it may have been on the common.. i was only 9 at the time.. but i remember it vividly.
TheSlappyjones 5 anos atrás
never gets old ...
Sampai 3 anos atrás
Bands from the 90's and above owe a lot to these guys.
Golani 13 93
Golani 13 93 Anos atrás
I grew up with these tunes ,pure gold.
Banff 98
Banff 98 Anos atrás
I've watched this millions of times. And, I'm going to watch it one million more. God...Bless...The...Pixies.
Dallas Kolotylo
Dallas Kolotylo 4 anos atrás
Easily one of the greatest songs ever created
Steven Ellis
Steven Ellis 8 anos atrás
You can always judge how good a band is, by how closely live renditions of a song compare to the recorded version. Case in point: the Pixies. One of the best bands of their generation.
Exteminus 8 anos atrás
They're just called Pixies.
calvin I
calvin I 8 anos atrás
Exteminus ya but it would be weird if he just put pixies
Juan Cantu
Juan Cantu 8 anos atrás
Couldn't agree anymore...I always look for that when checking out bands live.
GravyDaveNewson 8 anos atrás
don't agree with that at all. What's the point of going to see a band if they play it exactly the same as the record? For me the great bands play songs differently, often every night. Check out Zeppelin, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Nick Cave and loads more. It's much more exciting for the artist and the audience.
southrules 8 anos atrás
GravyDaveNewson Exactly, the OP's statement here is lame and wrong as fuck, a band's quality isn't measured by this notion AT ALL.
Yos 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
I really hope music like this makes a comeback!
NICOLE SINCLAIR 4 meses atrás
It never went away!!!xxx
ericles antonio
ericles antonio 6 anos atrás
love her voice.
Daniel García Torres
Daniel García Torres 2 anos atrás
Me too
Frank Roman
Frank Roman 3 anos atrás
Love the pixies love this song great band
Gavin Taylor Treason 58
His high notes are so beautiful
Tacylla Filmes
Tacylla Filmes 3 anos atrás
Love this song 🎧
voteZDLR 9 meses atrás
the most influential band of all time. If this band didn't exist, Nirvana wouldn't have existed as we know them. Period.
Todd Orzechowski
Todd Orzechowski 7 meses atrás
Yup. Cobain admitted as much
MrBardoTube Anos atrás
Amazing band 😃😍
DiCelloPiano 3 anos atrás
My God the drums at 1:30 , the double kick those couple of measures is fire!
Outdoor Loser
Outdoor Loser Mês atrás
Hana 5 anos atrás
Fucking love these guys. Caught myself singing this on the Tube and at the station. Couldn’t get it out of my head. 🧡
BubberTV Anos atrás
Amazing song!
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 4 anos atrás
Pretty much every alternative band in the 90s owes their existence to this song.
Ben Rakoff
Ben Rakoff Anos atrás
Such a good bass tone
Tim Lofton
Tim Lofton 4 anos atrás
The Pixies - don't even try to categorize them. Still loving them in 2019!
Maite 4 anos atrás
Que nostalgia...eran buenísimos!!!!!
David Klompas
David Klompas 7 anos atrás
The Pixies are among my favourite alternative rock bands to have emerged during the late 80's and into the early 90's. And Gigantic is one of my favourite Pixies songs. Kim Deal's bassline is so simple, yet this doesn't take away from how incredibly epic it is, and her vocal delivery captures a deeply cynical sense of angst. Black Francis' rhythm guitar nails it, underpinning Deal's bassline in a manner rarely seen in mainstream alternative rock. Joey Santiago's lead guitar riffing is insanely catchy. And the lyrics themselves are ecstatically anthemic, which doesn't take away from their deep meaning. It was only fitting that Gigantic came out as the band's first single, and as the first single from their epic album Surfer Rosa. This song captures everything the band stands for and endures today as an iconic piece of popular culture.
David Klompas
David Klompas 7 anos atrás
P. S. This particular performance of Gigantic is outstanding. Admittedly, it is the first live performance of the song that I've seen on video, but I'll go out on a limb here in saying that it's probably an emblematic example of how they perform it live. The solo riff by Santiago stands out as a quirky reminder of why The Pixies are so successful.
MCGames 6 anos atrás
David Klompas don't overlook Dave Lovering he's no slouch man
TheSlappyjones 3 anos atrás
Never gets old..
Guy Meynants
Guy Meynants 2 anos atrás
Seeing this back remembers us why we all were collectively in love with Kim Deal back in the 90's. What a fantastic band!
kweejibo Dalí
kweejibo Dalí 3 anos atrás
i saw them live two days a row, Civic Auditorium and the Fillmore.... San Francisco, and yes they sound like their recording.. amazing, true musicians who can play it every time.. possibly a couple of the best days in my life... to see them back to back.. i have been spoiled for concerts ever since ... i just had to stop
James Hisself
James Hisself 12 dias atrás
Frank is a really amazing artist, but it's obvious he was not prepared to share the spot light with luminous Kim. She was simply not to be contained and I love her for it. I wish the Pixies with her AND the Breeders with her were both huge and still going strong.
James Reynal
James Reynal 4 anos atrás
love this track so much
Stefan Hoock
Stefan Hoock 6 anos atrás
I saw this performance on Dutch TV when it was first broadcast (I was 16 at the time) & I became an instant fan! :-) Hard to believe that it's almost 30(!) years ago when this show was taped...time flies!
#WOKEBOGAN 2020 2 anos atrás
I watch this daily…Kim is awesome as always…just a great live tv spot
KJ harbour
KJ harbour 9 anos atrás
this song ROCKS! It's GIGANTIC!
grumblekin Anos atrás
DAMN this still hits hard!
MickT 4 anos atrás
I saw them live October 17, 2004 at Vodo fest in New Orleans! The same stage Green Day played then The Pixies following them was the Beastie boys! It was one of the best concert lineups I have ever seen!... The Pixies are amazing they out Shined everybody!..
James Dixon
James Dixon 4 anos atrás
Before the Pixies was Sonic Youth. That is the best night of live music I've ever experienced. They were all lights out. Good memory!
Andrea Luna
Andrea Luna Anos atrás
i can't sing for crap, but the Pixies make me wanna just get my broom and rock out in my house...
mikey777799 7 anos atrás
Pixies had the best bass lines:)
The WilberForce
The WilberForce 6 meses atrás
Kim Deal has been giving me the chills for decades. Beyond special.
Patrick Morris
Patrick Morris 4 meses atrás
if you like this you might like my brothers music. His name is Stu Morris. cheers.....
J. J. Garcia
J. J. Garcia 2 anos atrás
I need this one for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, and for when I'm down, mainly.
andreaneilcmc 4 anos atrás
So much more melodic, powerful, influential and funky than Nirvana ever were!!
Macks1213 5 anos atrás
I am absolutely in love with this song
Eric Downs
Eric Downs 4 anos atrás
So unique.. Nothing like it. Nothing ever will be.
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