Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - VFX Breakdown by MPC (2017)

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Visual Effects by MPC
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Captain Jack Sparrow searches for the trident of Poseidon while being pursued by an undead sea captain and his crew.
Some of the best and most funniest movie moments happen behind the scenes. FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras channel gives you the latest and best behind the scenes footage, gag reel, vfx breakdown, interviews, featurettes and deleted/alternate scenes. We give you the before, during and after that goes into making movies.

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28 Jan 2018



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Comentários 57
Ben Mossman
Ben Mossman 2 meses atrás
@2:45 - FORGOT to render the foam. Gonna need a re-render
Arvid van thorre
Arvid van thorre 9 meses atrás
I was the 667 liker I uncursed this video thx me later
chris k.
chris k. Anos atrás
AWESOME.These guys are teachers not students.
883hhgf Anos atrás
wammes Anos atrás
Must be pretty shitty for actors to spend so much time staring at green/blue environments.
Ahan khan
Ahan khan Anos atrás
they does great jobss
Gafbdsnsskstón Lombardo
Gafbdsnsskstón Lombardo
Ron Devon
Ron Devon Anos atrás
It really is remarkable how much of it isn't there.
Houston Brown
Houston Brown Anos atrás
What music did you use for this? It is great!!!
Ron Devon
Ron Devon Anos atrás
"Invincible Spirit" by Mark Petrie
Affect Reflect
Affect Reflect Anos atrás
Kay 79
Kay 79 Anos atrás
Bring back davy jones
R. Parameswaran
R. Parameswaran Anos atrás
Felhek Lehrian
Felhek Lehrian Anos atrás
Why at the end of the video there's a half naked woman?
Johan Herrman
Johan Herrman Anos atrás
Record your video with a lavmic, or sounddampening your studio. The echo from cold concrete walls are damn high!
BigDaddy Strokes
BigDaddy Strokes Anos atrás
Tristan21 1918
Tristan21 1918 Anos atrás
The Pirates of the Carribean movies will always have masterful visual effects!!
Goliath Projects
Goliath Projects Anos atrás
TristanAnonymous 7 Dead Men Tell No Tales really got a downgrade there
Leonaяdo DiCapяio
Disnep has a big experience in drowning cartoons
Josiah Johnson
Josiah Johnson Anos atrás
Many of these sequences did not need to be so reliant on CG. What's the point? Why not stick two dudes in a rowboat on the actual water? Why do it in a studio?
Vaspiov Anos atrás
Josiah Johnson I do believe it's because of the zombie sharks and it's much easier to add it to a blue screen instead of the ocean
You can’t See me
You can’t See me Anos atrás
Bee Phan damn I didn’t even get your notification but cgi is more expensive than practical it’s just it requires more labor. So it comes down to either there lazy asf or had a time gap for this movie and need to do cgi.
Bee Phan
Bee Phan Anos atrás
King Krunchy1911 still it would waste time and harder to get the right shot.
You can’t See me
You can’t See me Anos atrás
Bee Phan every movie with an ocean in it they film in a very large pool. But I don’t understand why they didn’t use that trick here.
Bee Phan
Bee Phan Anos atrás
probably because it would be harder to film on an actual ocean, and maybe more expensive, also time consuming
Gafbdsnsskstón Lombardo
Gafbdsnsskstón Lombardo
cool .❤
Daniella Garcia
Daniella Garcia Anos atrás
This is something I'm wanting to do as my career
Daniella Garcia
Daniella Garcia Anos atrás
Lukas Bieri thank you so much ! (:
Lukas Bieri
Lukas Bieri Anos atrás
Daniella Garcia Great, wish you all the best!
Gafbdsnsskstón Lombardo
Daniella Garcia
Daniella Garcia Anos atrás
kevin parmar no , I'm currently going to college , gonna be going to film school after I graduate to proceed to achieve my goal of being a VFX designer and screenwriter (:
kevin Parmar
kevin Parmar Anos atrás
Daniella Garcia and now u ended up in kitchen didn't u?
Hayden Helin
Hayden Helin Anos atrás
MPC ( Major Pay Cut )
3kycat Anos atrás
Are we watching still movies or 2h CGI renders?
plusmetal rise
plusmetal rise Anos atrás
But this one has a ghost ship which can do things that none of the ship from first 2 movies can do.
3kycat Anos atrás
Well the first two have the real ships. Now everything is fucking CGI, this is my problem.
Dragos Anos atrás
So you suggest that they should've build real size ships and make some real ghosts? So what's the problem as long as the movies are good?
Arjun Dhugga
Arjun Dhugga Anos atrás
That's the point
Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ Anos atrás
3kycat That’s like saying are we still having lunch or 400 ounces of pasta?
Pan Alafil
Pan Alafil Anos atrás
This looks amazing!
Garou Lupo
Garou Lupo Anos atrás
Valeria sei sempre bòna.. pure in inglese!!!
Gauge Wiley
Gauge Wiley Anos atrás
I made a box in blender once. Hire me.
Minecrafter Anos atrás
qwerty link
qwerty link Anos atrás
*Google Translate* = sorry, alien language is not in my database...
Gafbdsnsskstón Lombardo
qwerty link
qwerty link Anos atrás
Lombardo... is your kind of laugh perverted that it got censored????? :p
Gafbdsnsskstón Lombardo
Blank Anos atrás
It's amazing what human can do.
Kakali Das
Kakali Das Anos atrás
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf Anos atrás
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