Philthy Rich - My Heart (Official Video)

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Official Music Video by Philthy Rich performing My Heart © 2019 SCMMLLC / EMPIRE


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20 Ago 2019



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Comentários 354
Simms Simms
Simms Simms 3 dias atrás
KcMo to da Bay SLAPPAGE!!!!!!!!!
Mohammed Hasan
Mohammed Hasan 9 dias atrás
Which song is this beat from
Shamark Carter
Shamark Carter 10 dias atrás
It's Philthy bih FAM always come with that 🔥🔥🔥
Kno Sleepe
Kno Sleepe 10 dias atrás
Go getem BIG 59... NARF to the OAK..
Jermaine Moss
Jermaine Moss 11 dias atrás
Man philthy and RJ fool for this one.....dam fire.
The Grinde Magazine
The Grinde Magazine 12 dias atrás
This Song Hella Dope!!
Put that put that
Put that put that 12 dias atrás
Chill philipe
Nelson_ 219
Nelson_ 219 12 dias atrás
Ly Patto
Ly Patto 13 dias atrás
Hit different win this your breakfast song nelljussnell
Tru Jackson
Tru Jackson 17 dias atrás
My nigga keep up the good tha south they like different shit....but now u understand.....we only have 12% of the U.S that is black......dont let tha south be the only only that tells that story
Lyndsey Rosson
Lyndsey Rosson 17 dias atrás
When am I gonna be in a video??? 💯 On God,💋💋💋
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 17 dias atrás
I wanna come fuck with u keep rocking u showing niggas in the Midwest love I need some let me know if u coming to the chi I need a street feature
Macka Lacka
Macka Lacka 18 dias atrás
Got a MOB sound to it
Romero Montgomery
Romero Montgomery 18 dias atrás
Learnin from Nip
twanp zilla
twanp zilla 20 dias atrás
God Bless Philthy
Julian Relphorde
Julian Relphorde 20 dias atrás
This sample takes me back,,, def another 🔥 🔥 🔥 banga Philthy!!! Lil Phil gettin big too,,, he almost knocked you over on the court...
Tone Capone
Tone Capone 20 dias atrás
I remember that nigga Dre from HS back in the day! Class of 04! Real playa ass Sem-city nigga...that was my nigga bra 🙏🏾
Ciprian Dobrea
Ciprian Dobrea 20 dias atrás
IDK...the hood rich ghetto fabulous shit kinda played out. Talking about the $300k Wraith only worth $150k. All those custom chains only worth $.10 on the dollar tho. And fuck all that Gucci. We gotta stop throwing our money away trying to impress POOR people. It's a huge sign of insecurity. Just my opinion!
Yaphet Santana
Yaphet Santana 21 dia atrás
"If I get knocked down it wont be from my ops. Most like a hating nigga from my block."... damn #ripnip
Edward Diaz
Edward Diaz 21 dia atrás
Ummm it’s only worth 150 and u spent 300 ??? This doesn’t make Sence? 🤔
Ciprian Dobrea
Ciprian Dobrea 20 dias atrás
It's called depreciation.
mrcamdaddyflex 22 dias atrás
Hella bass sippin n smokin muzik💯🔥
Stevie Ray
Stevie Ray 22 dias atrás
Love from Ep TX 915
LIFEOFLEXUS 23 dias atrás
Did y'all know that the girl with the blue bikini is my sister
Dallas Ryder
Dallas Ryder 21 dia atrás
You want the dick we trying to give her or something?
Adam The Great
Adam The Great 23 dias atrás
Messy Marv and Philthy Rich, new album name: It's a Filthy Mess!
OBOYZ4alife 23 dias atrás
Kyle Ward
Kyle Ward 23 dias atrás
Ain’t nobody talking about this bad azz bitch tho
Cesar Murillo
Cesar Murillo 24 dias atrás
Raaaaaaaa raaaaa raaaaa ok 👍
Ty Whitehead
Ty Whitehead 24 dias atrás
@KingleeBoy please make the instrumental
Free Shotta2100
Free Shotta2100 24 dias atrás
Dope af
peezo707 24 dias atrás
That nigga said a P of killzone 5900$ gahh damn we back in 2002
Sincere Montega-Bey
Sincere Montega-Bey 7 dias atrás
Matt Thanks
Matt Thanks 24 dias atrás
Kick that shit Felipe
Asia Beasley
Asia Beasley 25 dias atrás
Hi philthy
Jesus Carrillo
Jesus Carrillo 25 dias atrás
Damn I feel love when I see I bad one instead one treaten me
Nico Sosa
Nico Sosa 25 dias atrás
From “LiveWire” To “FOD” I grew up on philthy and Mac Dre 🤙🏽🤘🏽
Lathaddieus Gray
Lathaddieus Gray 25 dias atrás
Facts 🔥🔥🔥
ChuckBlanco 25 dias atrás
I got luv for you my bro #PhilthyRich & I’m meet you one day & tell you dat #AndDatsRealDoe💯 #AllWayFromDaOfDaMap #Mississippi
Kaveli 716 Maine
Kaveli 716 Maine 25 dias atrás
Nu Mny
Nu Mny 26 dias atrás
We been outcha! 💯💯💯💯. Semgod
DJOE.E 26 dias atrás
Beautiful work Big 59 ! 💜
Mark Baz
Mark Baz 26 dias atrás
Tap the blue numbers 1:08 then 👇🏽Turn this blue.
Mark Baz
Mark Baz 26 dias atrás
So, somebody who is a REAL & TRUE Philthy Rich FAN tell me who he is and or what made him famous (relatively) other than rapping. It can be from rap. Not saying that he is bad but he isn't all that. No super huge records or charting singles that I'm aware of. Homie seems to be authentic about the way he moves and has a lil' bit of actual money. Thank You in advance. P.S. Obviously IbGoogled him but I'm wondering what's not on there about cuz-o.
Lil A
Lil A 26 dias atrás
Free Jaybaby tru crook much respect hold your head bigg dogg
Ronaldo Silva
Ronaldo Silva 27 dias atrás
Fã 🇧🇷👊
deepak singla
deepak singla 27 dias atrás
BRvid Views Available 100k 200$ Contact :- +919041767325
Aurbrey Scott
Aurbrey Scott 27 dias atrás
This shit right here goes hard real smooth bro
Kevian Price
Kevian Price 27 dias atrás
Cereal milk got me Tweeking..I thought in the thumbnail Rich was Jussie Smollet
RaMundo 24 dias atrás
Kevian Price Lmfaoooo
m. cook
m. cook 28 dias atrás
When you broke niggas love you when you rich they hate they plottin on ya death tryna set a date Philthy
Sneakeraddict987 28 dias atrás
Ya sabes
Lil lee
Lil lee 28 dias atrás
What is a ccw
Ze Ze
Ze Ze 28 dias atrás
Philthy, Im just a youngin from the town just trynna break the cycle and finish school. Wass up, can you pay for my college I’m almost done all I need is a extra push to get over that finish line. Lmk some. Blessings to you anyway 🙏🏼
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez 27 dias atrás
This nigga lmao
brandonthizz86 28 dias atrás
In trap slapping fod
REAL RAP 28 dias atrás
This video epic anything under 10mil unacceptable💯💯
BILL NATION 28 dias atrás
Daron Johnson
Daron Johnson 28 dias atrás
This mf sick 🤧💯
Santiago Lopez
Santiago Lopez 28 dias atrás
Milwaukee Quel
Milwaukee Quel 28 dias atrás
Matt Quintana
Matt Quintana 28 dias atrás
Philthy been grinding so hard lately you can see it in his eyes. I know he's considering retirement but the game keeps calling him.
Telly Bills
Telly Bills 28 dias atrás
Kill it he did that
IAMYUNG DON 28 dias atrás
Buick72100 28 dias atrás
Not the Michelle` remix....Heavens Yes!!! That bass line on the original song was hard
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 28 dias atrás
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