PewDiePie's Wedding & YouTube Sues Copyright Troll - H3 Podcast #136

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20 Ago 2019



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frozenwintershitty Amoba
2019 pewdiepie turned into a Minecraft channel h3 podcast turned into a mobility scooter channel
u nAkde SnOW suh to pewdiepie
Bob Grant Bobs World
Bob Grant Bobs World 25 dias atrás
How about golf carts next?
Bob Grant Bobs World
Bob Grant Bobs World 25 dias atrás
frozenwintershitty Amoba yep
Winnie Tai
Winnie Tai 25 dias atrás
Winnie Tai
Winnie Tai 25 dias atrás
Ruby Penguin
Ruby Penguin 4 dias atrás
I learned so much about these scooters lol
matt damon
matt damon 5 dias atrás
Starting at 1:40:12 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, dude I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Give Pewdiepie a recessed jawline, no deep-set eyes, acne, make him shorter and then come back and tell me that you'll date him. Ethan and Hila are actually this delusional and blue pilled... this is sad
jpthefisherman 6 dias atrás
Wow, the ending was so cringe.
Nerte 6 dias atrás
Holy shit this is so boring to listen to.
Laura Keeble
Laura Keeble 6 dias atrás
Thank god Hila is around to check Ethan's constant (though mostly hilarious) ignorant comments xD it's a good balance.
goth chess
goth chess 8 dias atrás
Drunken_Monkey360 8 dias atrás
you know why everyone loves pewdiepie? he didn't start a podcast and show his true nature. I used to like you guys until we all saw how much of a dick you were lol
niyah w
niyah w 8 dias atrás
What happened to the incel topic they mentioned they were going to dive into a couple podcasts ago? Did I miss it?
Proper 8 dias atrás
I listen to the podcast on the drive to and from work and was laughing so much at the mobility scooter order part. When I had gotten home I had to see it to believe it. Thanks for all the goofs and gaffs guys.
friedchicken friedchicken
Im just pissed off how he keeps hating on pewdiepie at the last
ScubesFTW 12 dias atrás
scoot or die 🔫🚜
ThePaalanBoy 12 dias atrás
Floating tent: Change it to a 2 in 1 Tent and matrass I would buy 👌 Double as puddle proof Floats above instead of water coming in
Riley Kuehn
Riley Kuehn 13 dias atrás
I’ve seen that scooter that’s totally covered parked outside of a McDonald’s once...must’ve taken that thing on the freeway to get some Mac D’s
Parker Mcguire
Parker Mcguire 14 dias atrás
Gatsby all the way
Hugh Wieden
Hugh Wieden 14 dias atrás
need a gang of scooter bound people harassing Ethan non stop so he gets how the people being annoyed feels
Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen 14 dias atrás
Google “Jazzy Scooter”
Viper 16 dias atrás
I though he was gay XD
mk319mod0 16 dias atrás
This "Deedee Megadoodoo" faux pas is "Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow" level shit.
F xx
F xx 17 dias atrás
am i the only one that gets annoyed when they stop a flowing conversation just to talk about a topic they're planning to add in the title? I'm also soo sick of youtube talk. more mobility scooter, less copyright talk.
Clara Veres
Clara Veres 19 dias atrás
The Scooter Podcast
Pheminon 19 dias atrás
I think someone needs to tell Ethan what a podcast is. This ain't a podcast; it's just a 2 hour long unedited, unscripted H3 episode
Zippy the crazy cat
Zippy the crazy cat 19 dias atrás
I do not love pewds. I prefer Jacksepticeye. Nothing personal against Felix.
Prinempal 20 dias atrás
The scooter nation is crazy!
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson 20 dias atrás
Ethan, I have appreciated your videos but I'm about done with your judgemental attitude. Just because someone gets up and walks a few feet doesn't mean they don't need a scooter. And yes there are people who abuse the right and may not need the scooter, but you don't know their story. And if someone does have a medical condition where they can't get around, it does make it tough to exercise and weight gain can happen. I have a friend who had surgery that messed up their metabolism. They eat almost nothing and the weight just keeps coming on. Yet they refuse to use a scooter for fear of being judged. Should everyone just stay home so they don't offend your sensitive eyes? You probably won't read this (or give a shit) but how would you feel if you were constantly judged for YOUR condition. I hope to god your child never has an issue with weight or anything else because it's heartbreaking to watch as people like you shame others. Fat jokes are so old news.. Come up with some new content. I used to love your videos but now you just come across as an ignorant shaming asshole.
Mr.Anonymous 10 dias atrás
@Jason Anderson Didn't read that one either, snowflake.
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson 11 dias atrás
@Mr.Anonymous You are projecting again. My original post was in regards to Ethan's lack of empathy etc. You attack others online to make yourself feel better because in real life you are obviously WEAK and angry. Unlike you, I don't have time for this nonsense. I won't be reading or replying to your lame comments anymore. I will be muting or blocking you as well. Good luck in real life, Mr A!
Mr.Anonymous 11 dias atrás
@Jason Anderson I didn't read that. lol. Watch some comedy shows. Seek a therapist.
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson 11 dias atrás
@Mr.Anonymous Again, I skipped most of what you said. Are you on here all the time? I dare say you are the one projecting. Not enough love as a child probably. I feel for you.
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson 11 dias atrás
@Mr.Anonymous Are you seriously still talking? Check your own spelling and grammar. It's BRvid Poor poor Mr. Anonymous.
Addam Woolf
Addam Woolf 20 dias atrás
This Video is like California in 1849, full of Gold Nuggets.✌🖤🐺
GGVilleman1 20 dias atrás
"A convient way to dump your own body in the river" Fukn brilliant!
popcorn tastes good
popcorn tastes good 20 dias atrás
It's like a longer h3h3 video
Alex Tocco
Alex Tocco 21 dia atrás
I saw a sethsbikehacks video in the old lady scooter flip recommended wheeeeew
Arhum Miah
Arhum Miah 21 dia atrás
Mobility Mary, the CEO of racism
blue oh
blue oh 21 dia atrás
Pardon me, why do you h8 pewds
Pink ShitTzu Puppy 01
Pink ShitTzu Puppy 01 22 dias atrás
I’m annoyed for how long this skooter shit lasted and it wasn’t even warned from the thumbnail
Daryl Jones
Daryl Jones 22 dias atrás
The end of this video felt like i was having a seizure.
Sparky Bus
Sparky Bus 22 dias atrás
I'm glad to see some of the same video suggestions. Like the ugly 50 tail pipes on the purple car type shit.
Vyniotinis 22 dias atrás
i messaged mike
Mav Dop
Mav Dop 22 dias atrás
I sit and listen to your podcast while out in the pool during the summer and the beginning of the school year. Louisiana Sun plus sitting and not realizing how long I’m outside equals a hella sunburn...thanks Hila and Ethan
marmar layne
marmar layne 22 dias atrás
is nobody going to talk about how he typed “cooter” instead of “scooter” in the support chat
Paddy Magenis
Paddy Magenis 22 dias atrás
Hila cracking up at the extra large power chairs was funniest thing lol
Kevin 23 dias atrás
lmao imagine minding your own business and some fat lady in a scooter is shouting down the block EXCUSE ME EXCUSE ME I NEED TO GET BY. The worst way to handle it possible. I would flick her off too
Mr.Anonymous 18 dias atrás
I would intentionally NOT get out of her way, and be motivated to stay in her way every way possible - Just for her arrogant self-entitled attitude.
Red rage
Red rage 23 dias atrás
I am In-klein-ed to like this video
Tahj Bruns
Tahj Bruns 23 dias atrás
we should let Ela take over a whole podcast very soon.
Gabriel Meyer
Gabriel Meyer 23 dias atrás
And now we go live to our H3 field reporter, Mobility Mary...
Jeffrey Tee
Jeffrey Tee 23 dias atrás
Lmao what a way to end the show!
Adub Htown
Adub Htown 23 dias atrás
1:12:40 ❤❤❤
My Dixy Wrecked
My Dixy Wrecked 24 dias atrás
17:00 Its a miracle! Crashing into that sliding glass door cured her handicap!
Bradford Tink
Bradford Tink 24 dias atrás
What about enus Bateur
Please don't make a scene
1:41:25 Oof. Reality hits hard right here
Please don't make a scene
1:41:25 Oof. Reality hits hard right here
Eliot Aldersn
Eliot Aldersn 24 dias atrás
Kyle the cougar champ needs one of these to increase the amount of grannies that he’s slamming
Gabriel Cutler
Gabriel Cutler 24 dias atrás
3 2 1 ... sssss soold
Vittoria Di Martino
Vittoria Di Martino 24 dias atrás
There's a woman who lives in the town I'm from in Australia who has one of those self contained scooters in red and you're right, it turns heads, she's kind of known around town now because she's so often out and about in it.
Ashley Haney
Ashley Haney 24 dias atrás
"We're at an hour and twenty" really means, "Stop talking about scooters."
King Katura
King Katura 24 dias atrás
H3H3 sued for having Mad mary on payroll... Fking Eaten stop throwing skooter people on ur buss, just because you want scooter people training from he worst of the worst.
Ravens Revenge
Ravens Revenge 24 dias atrás
Sub to pewdiepie
Jurel 24 dias atrás
Holy hell this show was a train wreck. No one wants to listen to you guys shop for a freaking scooter! The bit might be funny but it’s completely ruined already by you guys milking the scooter thing, and on top of that, literally sit there and record yourselves shopping and call it a “show”. You guys are so much better than this crap!
J D 24 dias atrás
Mobility Mary is fake, you spent way too much time on it.
Banana Bonanza
Banana Bonanza 24 dias atrás
We need to get "hafting" in the dictionary Hafting Contraction of have to
4wd some
4wd some 24 dias atrás
"when Henry Ford came out with the car" uuuh I don't know what to tell ya buddy
Ol'd Bawles Login
Ol'd Bawles Login 24 dias atrás
Your host... Ethan "Scooter" Klien!!! 😂😂😂
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