Pesto - You Suck at Cooking (episode 73)

You Suck At Cooking
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Pesto. It's the besto.
Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin
2 cups basil
Half cup olive oil
half cup parmesan
couple spoonfuls of pine nuts (you can use walnuts if you want)
a clove or two or garlic
you can salt it a bit more if the parmesan hasn't done the trick

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28 Mar 2018

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Comentários 2 890
somthing_eles002 1
somthing_eles002 1 10 horas atrás
For a sec, I thought it looked fake
Mikayla Hooker
Mikayla Hooker Dia atrás
I tried pesto once and it actually tasted like vomit but like okay sure I guess it's cool whatever man
Aj Torres
Aj Torres 6 dias atrás
Get back outside
Shish World
Shish World 6 dias atrás
Fai schifo a cucinare si fai proprio schifo
OrvarPrime 7 dias atrás
I love pesto
Vincenzos Plate
Vincenzos Plate 8 dias atrás
Beautiful basil smoothie. Did you know pesto is the 2nd most popular pasta sauce?
Mr Fantasy
Mr Fantasy 8 dias atrás
I am Italian. Anyone here?
Finn Swanson
Finn Swanson 9 dias atrás
pine trees and cactus are my new favorite ship.
Gurzun Sebastian
Gurzun Sebastian 9 dias atrás
wtf i did just watch?
its_YEH_boi 13 dias atrás
Translation: You suck at cooking yeah you totally suck
Luigi Scarpa
Luigi Scarpa 13 dias atrás
This italiano it's fantastico mamma mia (translate it)
Mars Lockhart
Mars Lockhart 14 dias atrás
*pulls out a whole ass urn*
Kulatý Čtverec
Kulatý Čtverec 15 dias atrás
Italian Blood
Darren Peroza
Darren Peroza 15 dias atrás
NO!!! MENTE SCHIFO p.s this is a joke
Massimo Ungaro
Massimo Ungaro 16 dias atrás
i am italian
Idli Vada Sambar
Idli Vada Sambar 17 dias atrás
curry leaves have more flavor
Not My Username
Not My Username 17 dias atrás
Mint > Basil
rolfyyy 18 dias atrás
mr worldwide here again
That_ sad_loner
That_ sad_loner 18 dias atrás
Posion Knight
Posion Knight 19 dias atrás
That intro really caught me off guard
Paralizing Gamer
Paralizing Gamer 19 dias atrás
It’s bah sil not baesil
Kety Importa
Kety Importa 20 dias atrás
What I want to know is how that giraffe got a square pattern on him??????
Europa 20 dias atrás
This is so sad
David h
David h 21 dia atrás
NO YOU SUCK AT COOKING,.... who taught you to cook a priest when he put his weenie in your buns
thebitchfromtheback 21 dia atrás
Boss: why are your tired *green?* me: oh, I just put PESTO SAUCE all over it because I want to be lucky Boss: your fired.
Karina Mendoza
Karina Mendoza 21 dia atrás
Idk how i got here but i love the humor hahaha
InkDragon 22 dias atrás
Du suger på matlaging ja, du suger helt Norsk
Kara Huchel
Kara Huchel 22 dias atrás
“while this will earn you a lifetime ban from italy” has me rolling omg
Devon Hutto
Devon Hutto 23 dias atrás
My name is Devon this is wierd
jake hart
jake hart 23 dias atrás
7 to 10 small to medium large size pieces of random gravel. Lol
Dawn Piccolo
Dawn Piccolo 23 dias atrás
I have eaten pesto by the spoonful...
Manta Schovich
Manta Schovich 23 dias atrás
A.B 129
A.B 129 24 dias atrás
comments, on a scale of 1-10, how sexy is pesto?
Danielle Consolvo
Danielle Consolvo 25 dias atrás
okay listen i don't live in buck creek but i know that in northern indiana we literally do that.............. so like
sweaty_ramen 25 dias atrás
still hasn't made a bad video
Glitchy Glitch
Glitchy Glitch 25 dias atrás
It's really good on pizza.
PopFizzCJ 25 dias atrás
Tempesto Tempasta
yolo bitch
yolo bitch 25 dias atrás
give me a pound
Prehistoric Props
Prehistoric Props 26 dias atrás
You know what I am ok at cooking Making beef Wellington, and odd foods like stuffed steak rolls But I still love this channel
Cøøn Wild
Cøøn Wild 26 dias atrás
Finally, an awesome BRvidr from Indiana.
V-Forest Food
V-Forest Food 27 dias atrás
Is it dog food?
Just a Banana
Just a Banana 27 dias atrás
2:50 jumpscare
Anther 27 dias atrás
For some reason i hate pesto
David Coghill
David Coghill 27 dias atrás
I still don't get what pesto is.
Xidle 29 dias atrás
lowkey just looks like a bowl of cow shit when you put it in a forest like that
》Tessa 《
》Tessa 《 Mês atrás
Smashed all of the christmas ornaments on my neigbours' tree, no pine nuts. Did i do it wrong or should i just keep trying on otger trees?
jessica t
jessica t Mês atrás
this video helped me remember that pine nuts are in pesto for a bonus question on my econ test i love u
GameKnight131 Mês atrás
Switch to a pesto based diet. There’s so many types so who’s stopping you from have chicken pesto, ice cream pesto, salad pesto, the pestobilities are endless. The only reason to not switch to eating entirely pesto is that pesto sucks
Balloonatic Mês atrás
I don’t like pesto.
Casey Atwood
Casey Atwood Mês atrás
Why are you amazing?
Bless Parco
Bless Parco Mês atrás
This channel is addictive.
wh ut
wh ut Mês atrás
Boi, that ain't pesto. Need to blend a lil less, and tons more olive oil. But coolio recipe 👌
Z.Art Mês atrás
but u need to roast the pine nuts first!!! thats how ma momma does it
Brittani A
Brittani A Mês atrás
You from buck creek? I live next to buck creek in Indy.
Alessandro polonioli
I can confirm that the intro is pretty accurate... 0:14
darius morgendorffer
Whys that giraffe got a sqare dot?
Fede Devi
Fede Devi Mês atrás
Fai totalmente schifo a cucinare! Non è vero, comunque d'ora in poi lo chiamerò Blendo.
whoopsala Mês atrás
You are weird
Monsieur Sir
Monsieur Sir Mês atrás
Pine Cones would immediately attack Cactuses as their nature is inherently hostile
signed -God
signed -God Mês atrás
Just carrying your famous pesto dip to the colt potluck in the middle of the woods I see.
TommyTarkov Mês atrás
i want spagetti blendo now with cherry tomatos and gambas
GeekyCyclops 45
GeekyCyclops 45 Mês atrás
I am currently eating straight pesto
You Suck At Cooking
So good.
johnny budd
johnny budd Mês atrás
u from buck creek in
aurora4278 Mês atrás
Pesto is one of the greatest sauces thanks
Lee Mês atrás
this is my ig bio
devin hall
devin hall Mês atrás
pesto is alien blood sauce
Arcticflower 42
Arcticflower 42 Mês atrás
I suck at cooking, yeah I totally suck.. the dog liked it though
Mark Lajko
Mark Lajko Mês atrás
1:17 Face revel!!?!
ErinDoes Mês atrás
"small to medium large size pieces of random gravel"
a baked potato
a baked potato Mês atrás
*G E T B A C K O U T S I D E*
mika Mês atrás
dude tf is that thing walking in the background at 3:42
Kami Paluch
Kami Paluch Mês atrás
Why is deven so rude
joseph liao
joseph liao Mês atrás
TheWind Templar
TheWind Templar Mês atrás
*"Get Back Outside!"*
Mr. Spaghetti
Mr. Spaghetti Mês atrás
The intro translates to ‘You suck at cuchinaray yea totally disgusting’
Barry Benson
Barry Benson Mês atrás
Matt Voyer
Matt Voyer Mês atrás
'parmezan' I spy a canadian
dario cardaci
dario cardaci Mês atrás
Except for the blender part (totally understandable) this is truly a good looking pesto alla genovese. You should also try different types of pesto, like pesto alla Bolognese for example. Btw kudos for making an italian happy about italian cousine brought abroad
Jaxolotle Mês atrás
Fun fact Eucalyptus doesn’t grow in Africa And it’s also poisonous, and wares down animals teeth So i don’t think giraffes would be too fond of it
Matthew Rosica
Matthew Rosica Mês atrás
My favourite food
Azerith YT
Azerith YT Mês atrás
filthy Canadian jk i love you dad
PUTINEXE Mês atrás
Nice italian intro BOI
SapphireShield Mês atrás
Pecorino cheese is much better in pesto than Parmesan.
Lorenzo De Berardinis
Ti amo
half hope
half hope Mês atrás
It looks like throw up.
Ocrael Mês atrás
Ruby Loves Murdoc
Ruby Loves Murdoc Mês atrás
*_G E T B A C K O U T S I D E_*
Venomspawner Mês atrás
The intro in italian is really goog, hahahaha
TheR0BL0XN00B Mês atrás
Fucking rick
Toby Lin
Toby Lin Mês atrás
Giraffe can’t eat eucalyptus it’s deadly and can kill you if you eat it.
lmao autum
lmao autum Mês atrás
Paper Ghost
Paper Ghost Mês atrás
Presto you got some pesto
federico Piana
federico Piana Mês atrás
approvato dal comitato culinario italiano con un bel DIECI dal nostro sponsor Alessandro Borghese
I’m just a Normal channel
I love this Shit. It’s some Gud Shit. 🤣
Cj Terra
Cj Terra Mês atrás
I am from Indiana and in Buttcreek we also bury our dead babies in the basil leaf
lampard696 Mês atrás
This channel is great :D
Leafair The Gamer
Leafair The Gamer Mês atrás
These videos are hilarious (I know they're joke videos)
Giacomo Scagliarini
Garlic is a choice of the chef, i prefer it without garlic
JustSomeCarrotHere Don'tMindMe
I have a cold bowl of pesto and pasta that I brought to my girlfriends house for when I get hungry at 2 a.m. if none of you believe me then feel free to send me your contact info so I may send a photo.
Gassed Out
Gassed Out Mês atrás
Be quit Devon
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