People Having A Worse Day Than You

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People Having A Worse Day Than You! Just some funny photos showing people having a worse summer than you! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last vid Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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3 Dez 2021



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Comentários 7 994
SSSniperWolf Mês atrás
where the non spam comments at????
DoloresRoblox YT
DoloresRoblox YT 24 dias atrás
(●´ϖ`●) me! ♡
Aydentolive 71
Aydentolive 71 25 dias atrás
@Rachael Janice pizza
Rachael Janice
Rachael Janice 25 dias atrás
@Aydentolive 71 Shut up!
Aquadog :D
Aquadog :D 26 dias atrás
Thair non existent.
Twighlight’s  Hamster World
I love how she takes every opportunity to roast the vegan teacher
Intigamerz 3 dias atrás
LMAO she soo deserves it
sophxedits:] #roadto10
sophxedits:] #roadto10 22 dias atrás
Darlene Cane
Darlene Cane 23 dias atrás
@JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen yup. She threw the first virtual punch
Kpop Scenario
Kpop Scenario 29 dias atrás
JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen
🌺Ohana🌺 23 dias atrás
Let's just appreciate the fact that SSSniperWolf's videos never fail to entertain us and can save us from boredom 😩♥️😇
Bella Mês atrás
Who else loves the fact she post every day and in every single video she makes us all laugh and smile
Kaley Marsh
Kaley Marsh 3 dias atrás
wgyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mama rasie no bich
AishaTubeTV Mês atrás
5:55 Yes, yes it is. There are spiders everywhere in Australia. The biggest ones I know of are the huntsman spiders, they’re massive. I recommend you don’t go there if you have a phobia of spiders.
Jelly Lommiku
Jelly Lommiku Mês atrás
There was a huntsman on my pools pipe in new zealand
Zoe Spilias
Zoe Spilias 24 dias atrás
"is this what its like living in Australia?" as an Australian i can confirm yes, it is indeed. My grandma would just pick it up and take it outside. 🕷
Rosese_Are_Blue Mês atrás
"is this what it's like living in Australia" From an Australian person, Yes 😃
JustNirvana 8 dias atrás
same lol
The Lewis family
The Lewis family 15 dias atrás
🦋Edit train🦋
🦋Edit train🦋 16 dias atrás
Yes it is
[Mūshṟøøm] 17 dias atrás
Zoe Silvester
Zoe Silvester 20 dias atrás
@AnimeQueen👑💅 Probably
Mercymunamie Emmanuel
Can we just apreiciate the fact that lia posts every frickin' day 🥰🥰
S Mês atrás
8ts her full time job
Cassie Mês atrás
“Is this what it’s like to live in Australia?” Honestly. Yes. Most of the time a spider will crawl straight out off ur oven.
The kitsune
The kitsune Mês atrás
Btw just to let you know, the dentists didn’t pull two of her teeth out, it’s acc common that people don’t have both their canines since a dentist reacted to that vid and explained it.
“Is this what it’s like to live in Australia?” As an Australian person, i can tell you, Yes
Zach Hui
Zach Hui Mês atrás
their usually bigger
Style Mês atrás
Fun fact: None of us have finished watching this video yet
Zhongli Mês atrás
I have
Limey[chip] Mês atrás
jeallybean Mês atrás
I have
Julia D
Julia D Mês atrás
Yeppy yep yep Yessiry
Julia D
Julia D Mês atrás
XxsimplysophiexX Mês atrás
“Is this what it’s like to live in Australia?” As an Australian definitely yes lol
“Is this what it’s like living in Australia?” As an Australian well yes is an understatement
ii_LillyMaz_ii Mês atrás
i love how she says "oh no, our ______! it's broken!" everytime
NakedMollRat Mês atrás
Leah promised a few years ago that she will upload a video EVERYDAY and she still kept her promise,and I promised to watch ALL the videos and I still do,not only that but she is born to make videos!🙃❤️
risk Mês atrás
I love how lia takes every chance to use the meme ‘oh no our table it’s broken’ but differently
Julia D
Julia D Mês atrás
Oh no.... Our store..... It's broken!!!
-LiaPanda- Mês atrás
@Creamy I don’t see what’s funny about the meme I sit there every time I here like this, “😐”
Sophie🦄🦋 Mês atrás
Aj LivingLife
Aj LivingLife Mês atrás
laylamunee1 Mo
laylamunee1 Mo Mês atrás
Why do I love that so much😅😃
Dino Mês atrás
Scary fact at 4:23 the wasp is called a executioner wasp it is the worst wasp that can sting you and is 10x more deadly then the Japan hornet and the sting lasts around a week so be very careful with this was.
Jane Lord
Jane Lord 19 dias atrás
Awesome video. I laughed so hard!
MJ 2 dias atrás
The last one, he left the lock for the bottle unlocked, and it's kinda really hard to miss it. So he did it on purpose
•Jade• Mês atrás
I watch her every single day i cant stop watching her! And i will never stop, its like i have watched every video of hers
Jenna Gillett
Jenna Gillett Mês atrás
I live in Australia 🇦🇺 and the spider problem isn’t actually that bad. It depends on what part of Australia you live in, the outback has heaps of snakes etc. but other places have a tiny bit more than I expect America to. Australia is great either way,
Lilly Moses
Lilly Moses Mês atrás
I live in Australia and so far I've had three spiders just drop onto my head today
LemN Mês atrás
Shut up and let us meme on you for living in the upside down
Sophie🦄🦋 Mês atrás
Same I am Aussie to
zoeandbarra hunt
zoeandbarra hunt Mês atrás
I live in Australia to and I haven't had any problems with SPIDERS a pool...👍
Mae Forsey
Mae Forsey Mês atrás
I’m from Australia too! I’ve always wondered why our country had to be the one with spiders 😅 we have big huntsman and pretty bad spiders, such as red-backs (if you are from America or something, they will most likely be known as black widows. They are very similar)
◈Şķĸ Ěđíťž◈
that's soooo funny especially when the man was so tired that he jumped forwards onto the floor.🤣😂
Rale song
Rale song Mês atrás
About the map coming loose in the subway, I've seen something similar. Here our trams(streetcars) have old number plates which are attached with hinges, so they need to be swung open in order for the route number to be changed at the end of the work day if that makes sense. Sometimes they aren't secured properly and they swing and can hit people, aldo it's much less dramatic then the map in the subway because the number plates are only about one forth of the size of the map.
I love how she takes every opportunity to roast the vegan teacher
sana smaoui
sana smaoui Mês atrás
it happened a lot of times to my friends getting stuck in an elevator and the lights went out
-Lotl- Mês atrás
I love how lia takes every chance to use the meme ‘oh no our table it’s broken’ but differently Edit: wow this comment blew up! Thank you!
Brian Candie
Brian Candie 20 dias atrás
@Twitter User might as well kept ur mouth shut now i will never look at it
Brian Candie
Brian Candie 20 dias atrás
i seen comments with over 2K likes on this very video
Lasse Johnsen
Lasse Johnsen Mês atrás
decki Mês atrás
Everyone is using g the same comments
Amy Stewart
Amy Stewart Mês atrás
@Twitter User you again i don't even have time to roast you
¿Error¿ Mês atrás
This made my day because i sprained my foot and i could not walk for a long time. Thanks SSSniperWolf!
Bassist boy🎸🎸
Can we just appreciate how Lia posts everyday just to make us happy.
Rhylie Williams
Rhylie Williams Mês atrás
Just got bloodwork done for the first time and , this makes me feel better lol
One Noel
One Noel Mês atrás
She is so funny I laugh so hard.
Violeta .w.
Violeta .w. Mês atrás
Seriously everyone in the comments, "Can we appreciate how lia posts everyday" but can we actually discuss and appreciate the video 😭
Violeta .w.
Violeta .w. 27 dias atrás
@Cracker Monster IKr! then bots took over.. poor lia, she probably wants to see some GENUINE comments
Cracker Monster
Cracker Monster 27 dias atrás
Absolutely. People USED to actually comment
Ghome Garden
Ghome Garden Mês atrás
@LibanReactsTo -0 subs.
Twitter User
Twitter User Mês atrás
Natalie Sliger
Natalie Sliger Mês atrás
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido Mês atrás
4:00 looks like a carpet python, they’re mostly found in Australia and was probs looking for food
Anida Lekic
Anida Lekic Mês atrás
Congratulations sniper wolf with 30 million subscribers!! 👌👍
Teddytally Mês atrás
I love lia she really makes my day 🥺✨❤️
Imogineee Mês atrás
Everyone in the comment section: “Let’s talk about how great Lia is” No one actually discusses the video itself 👁👄👁
Chocolate powder lol😀
Why doesn't anyone talk about how amazing Lia looks in her new set of glasses
LegitUsernamee Mês atrás
@Hymns from the heart K. R.W same
Hailee Mussa
Hailee Mussa Mês atrás
Rilly how dare you
Hymns from the heart K. R.W
Idk I think she kinda look weird with em I much prefer the black ones
Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman Mês atrás
Enat Gizew
Enat Gizew Mês atrás
Yeah bro they look good
Tyler Waldron
Tyler Waldron Mês atrás
Congrats on 30 mil!
Emeraldrose0421 Mês atrás
I feel so bad for laughing at the doggy toy man 😂😭
AxstheticAurora Mês atrás
I love how she says plate when it’s a bowl 😭✋
That equestrain Girl
i had a very similar situation with a huge spider i didnt even know existed in my country abt a week ago it crawled its way into my pj pants
zek Mês atrás
Sssniperwolf: Is this what Australians go through everyday? Me who's lives in Australia: nah mate,😃
@Twitter User The AUDACITY lol
kakalakadoombie Mês atrás
@David Measham like I heard something were aussies are known for tackling crocs, like what-
David Measham
David Measham Mês atrás
@kakalakadoombie yeah I know right why do we get all the Stereotypes?
meisymoon Mês atrás
@Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera they're not monsters ;(
Dhilan Trivedi
Dhilan Trivedi Mês atrás
@Twitter User sure, u keep thinking that
Vivthepiggy Mês atrás
I love how she lit would take any opportunity to roast the vegan teacher
Roxy Galicia
Roxy Galicia Mês atrás
I know I’m a few days late but I was having a good day and this video made it better!
Tiktok_Wander Mês atrás
“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” - Gail Sheehy
Forky CLAPZ Mês atrás
2:56 “Oh no, our stairs, they’re broken” 😂
FoxLuvBlossom Mês atrás
I love how cute she is and how she says when ever something breaks,"Oh no our ________!It's broken!
FoxLuvBlossom Mês atrás
Oh no our stableness it's broken
FoxLuvBlossom Mês atrás
Oh no! Our fish! It's broken
• s t a r c h a s i n g •
oh no! my humour! it’s broken!
Blu_MoonRoblox Mês atrás
@Andry Lowry the cat lover Oh no COVID is outside
Andry Lowry the cat lover
Oh no our table!It’s broken!
Duckly Mês atrás
"is this what it's like living in Australia" From an Australian person, Yes, I always have spiders everywhere.😃 btw love ur vids ur the best
xXSarah PlayzXx
xXSarah PlayzXx Mês atrás
Everyone: talking about the video Me: has nobody noticed her new frames? Btw lia I love your new frames they look so good! And I love your video aswell, your so funny and that’s what I love about you and your videos!
Ingenious Mind
Ingenious Mind Mês atrás
Is it only me or everyone noticed and liked Lia’s change of spectacles? Gosh, they look so cute on her😍
Mae Forsey
Mae Forsey Mês atrás
“Is this what it’s like living in Australia” Yep, pretty much. I hate summer because of the spiders. In Australia we get pretty large ones too. Think of a huntsman spider, we have pretty massive ones here. If you have arachnophobia, do NOT come to Australia 🇦🇺😅🕷
『 ѕиσ 』
『 ѕиσ 』 Mês atrás
“Is this what it’s like living in Australia?” Yes. Yes it is as someone who is in Australia ✨
ꕕTicci_Tobyꕕ Mês atrás
I live Australia and it’s awesome
Axemonkey Mês atrás
@『 ѕиσ 』 I'm fine with spiders as long as they don't touch me. I'll get close to them, I'll relocate them with containers but the minute they touch me I'm releasing the tsar bomb
『 ѕиσ 』
『 ѕиσ 』 Mês atrás
@thomas stuparich *Wheeze* rip
Thialisss Mês atrás
thomas stuparich
thomas stuparich Mês atrás
the huntsman on my car last night:
qxCherry Blossomxp
qxCherry Blossomxp Mês atrás
The phone charger thing happened to me! I was touching the charger to unplug it. Then I burnt myself!
Petite Stevie
Petite Stevie Mês atrás
2:32 my grandma actually did the exact same thing and when people came to get her out they said stay in there, she said in a JOKING voice “I’m coming out!” and they were like “She’s coming out!”
Mika Wolf
Mika Wolf Mês atrás
I think with the plate in the microwave, it was probably one of those non-microwavable ones and they didn't look at the bottom.
Dabruh Mês atrás
“He even gave me a nice cup like this” (Spills coffee)
Kelly Koziel
Kelly Koziel Mês atrás
That executioner wasp was quite striking though I must say
Elise Mês atrás
lol the last video with the gatorade waterbottle happened with two boys in my class last year
°”ereh°” Mês atrás
It’s so funny how the part of that girl falling in the bath tub 😂
JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen
Elaine Paterson
Elaine Paterson Mês atrás
The worst part of my day is when she says "and that's all for today"
Lisa Cartwright
Lisa Cartwright Mês atrás
For the bee, drag cup along the wall till u get to the floor, wait till the bee land on the inside base if the cup, and quickly put it open down on floor the grab what u need to slide underneath it. Easy peasy.
Zykeira Robinson
Zykeira Robinson Mês atrás
OMGG this happened to two of my chargers and I had to wait till my sister bring her extra one bc nobody had another one I’m so glad I smelt it bc my house would have been a while smoke machine
Review & Report
Review & Report Mês atrás
Lia, You more than anyone you deserve to be happy and I am so sorry for everything that you have been through. Please contact me in any way possible because you are so inspiring and I want to hear more about your story in your perspective. The internet doesn't hold all of the answers.
Dark_Angel Mês atrás
Fun fact about that wasp they caught in a cup It’s one of the worst wasps to exist. Coyote Peterson let himself be stung by it and just check his video out to see how it went. I feel bad for the people who had That in their house or whatever 🤣
I am TERRIFIED of wasps/bees..
AWJ Gamer
AWJ Gamer Mês atrás
its called the executioner wasp. getting stung by one is gonna hurt like hell ive seen one before
Twitter User
Twitter User Mês atrás
captain sparkle fingers
I was hoping that I was going to find a comment like this. 😁Thx!
Mariam Mês atrás
I was going to comment this, I just needed the name!
Rhebecca Lowe
Rhebecca Lowe Mês atrás
Found a snake partially stuck under the discount sticker on my laundry soap in my storage room. I caught it and gently released it outside away from my house.
That_Weirdo Mês atrás
5:41 that ain’t an exploding toilet that’s my sleep paralysis demon coming out of its house because i’m going to bed 😃
Jelly Bella
Jelly Bella Mês atrás
thanks, now I'm not the only one having a bad day because my leg bleed 3 times for me being dumb.
Vici Studios
Vici Studios Mês atrás
love the new glasses they make me happy!
• Apple •
• Apple • Mês atrás
Good video you always entertain me!
-Sparkly-Simp- Mês atrás
“Our store its broken” “oh no our car is broken” LMAO
TheOnlyLay Mês atrás
The one with the elevator with the emergency phone I have the same toy 😂😭
Manschikabans Mês atrás
i am friends with an australian, and he wouldnt be scared of a spider, he would simply keep it as a pet.
this is insane love posting every day and i love you even more omg you're so funny i really love you and your content
Louiza Kyprianou
Louiza Kyprianou Mês atrás
@PEOPLE WHO LOVE FIGETS AND CAT NOIR COME!! Yeah I think it is very bad
@Twitter User bruh……. Ur content Is sooooooo bad
Shyla Hutchins
Shyla Hutchins Mês atrás
Peter Nolan
Peter Nolan Mês atrás
wowww. I'm happy for you!
Peter Nolan
Peter Nolan Mês atrás
@Twitter User bruh. unpog, unpog 👎
Lost Sparks
Lost Sparks Mês atrás
Ah yes. Aizen casually catches Ichigo's blade
Elizabeth Welch
Elizabeth Welch Mês atrás
if i ever moved somewhere with spiders like that kitchen tyrant, I would make sure i had a very patient neighbor willing to come over and rescue me all the time
Athena Kalloniatis
Athena Kalloniatis Mês atrás
"Is this what it's like to live in Australia" Yes.
Alissa Charlton
Alissa Charlton 25 dias atrás
The orthodontist pulling out two teeth when they tried to put on my braces would completely ruin my day!
XxSenpixX Mês atrás
Just take a second to appreciate how Lia post every single second for us
you'retoosensitive Mês atrás
When she lives a millionaire lifestyle based on reacting to other people's content, it should be her showing appreciation to her viewers
Jelly rock
Jelly rock 11 dias atrás
0:56 I love how they are eating Filipino food 😂😂😂
Hell ninja
Hell ninja Mês atrás
0:20 It’s funny how those two teeth are in the exact same spot as my missing teeth
Ewan Mackay
Ewan Mackay Mês atrás
6:06 I wanna see her reaction to an actual big Huntsman spider
russius32 Mês atrás
If that garlic bread was in my microwave it still would have been cold😂
A random internet person
So many people: "Can we just appreciate how nice she is and how she posts everyday
✨M I N ÅA S H I D O !✨
Ashya’s Adventures
I live in Australia and one of my friends had a tarantula as a pet and so sometimes people have random snakes in there backyard
Em The Birds #Search em the bird for my main acc
I was legit eating chocolate at this moment lol 😂
brylnplayz Mês atrás
In Australia this is kind off normal to be honest
Ash Saitta
Ash Saitta Mês atrás
thank you for the smiles and laughs, lia! we all really appreciate it!
Snapchat User [High Quality Videos] ⬅️
You wanna know why SSSniperWolf is wearing new glasses today? *BECAUSE I STOLE HER OTHER ONES AND FED THEM TO THE ANTS IN MY VIDEO. CRY SNOWFLAKES ❄️❄️ 🤡🤡*
willow Mês atrás
That spider is nothing compared to what’s chilling next to my bed rn, it’s bigger than my hand. Love australia
✧Picacho✧challenge to reach 12.5k subs soon
Your channel is the best channel on BRvid girl I love it 😍
•TheBubblesFamily• 17 horas atrás
1:00 it’s not a plate it’s a bowl 😂
Kirsten Donavan
Kirsten Donavan Mês atrás
This is a great video to watch after you figure out your brother made a mess of you room and your mom gave you laundry 😭😭😭
Kapeesh Mês atrás
It’s insane how Lia posts videos everyday and it doesn’t take more than three days! Let’s give her a round of applause, 👏👏👏👏👏
Twitter User
Twitter User Mês atrás
Kimberly Woods
Kimberly Woods Mês atrás
Jøeÿ’s ŁPŠ Ådvëñtüre’s
Andrea Ninard
Andrea Ninard Mês atrás
U right not she doesn't like when people call her Bey her name
McEula Mês atrás
4:08 This happened to me lol
candice gaona
candice gaona Mês atrás
I had a bad day today because half the top of a screw went in my skin that was connected to a vent its now a purple bump that hurts a lot when I walk
Philmani Hudson
Philmani Hudson Mês atrás
So that wasp that was caught under the glass... That's an executioner wasp, it has one of the worst stings of the entire insect world
iiSxnnyWxnterii #roadto120
The boy who inhaled the doggy toy sounds like me when my asthma attack comes and I can’t breath- 😁👌🏽
•Ben Platt’s De-Aging Makeup•
I’ve been watching your videos every time you post for a few years, and I love your videos so much! Keep up the great work ❤️
A_bizarreboiz Mês atrás
Sssniperwolf roasting the vegan teacher is like uncle roger roasting Jamie Oliver
Skrizii Mês atrás
Imagine trying to break into someone’s house and being caught because every time you breathed you’d speak
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