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22 Jul 2019

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Comentários 1 439
Arjit Singh
Arjit Singh 27 dias atrás
Nobody: Mike: “I enjoy driving my big D around”
S M 22 dias atrás
For when you have a little D.
Peter Horton
Peter Horton 22 dias atrás
Arjit Singh I enjoy whipping my big d around
DreamCarDriving //
DreamCarDriving // 23 dias atrás
Lololol after I seen Mike say this line I was looking for it in the comments and here it is! Lolol😂😭
Andrew Krossman
Andrew Krossman 24 dias atrás
Nate wu
Nate wu 25 dias atrás
should've said "I enjoy riding my big d around"
Al Warren
Al Warren 2 dias atrás
Totally agree PA summer are rough! So glad I moved. I do miss the country back roads between Harrisburg and Lancaster. LOL then Mr. TURNER shows up in his Trunks. Whatever happened the TwinTurbo 350z lol?!?! Nice cars guys, glad Central PA is rollin supercars! I really did love the 570s till the C8. Easier get to serviced and I imagine parts are relatively inexpensive too, can't wait.
Korbin Dallas
Korbin Dallas 4 dias atrás
I can't believe we've gone from the widebody C6... to this. My brain.... my brain cannot compute. How did we get some janky matchbox car rippoff of a Mclaren, from one of the most badass, aesthetically superior, Man machine that it once was. Plastic hex inserts on the back bumper? You're fired.
Forgotten Man
Forgotten Man 5 dias atrás
From what I’ve been getting for information. I’m hearing they are upping the displacement from 4.2 liters to 5.4 liters and could create over.750 hp with torque numbers close to 800 ft pounds.
James Martin
James Martin 6 dias atrás
i live in Massachusetts i know the heat i hate it
Rich A
Rich A 7 dias atrás
Didn’t look like to me the 570 was faster. First race you stayed ahead the whole way. Second race he got out ahead but you passed him
J b
J b 8 dias atrás
It won't
leo A
leo A 9 dias atrás
Nice cheap Ferrari
Rocky Mountain Ras
Rocky Mountain Ras 10 dias atrás
The base model would be great for me. I drive a 1990 300 zx, which I'm totally happy with. The C8 base would make me a very, very happy man. A buddy of mine G as a Hennessy Vette...i haven't heard his opinion on the 2020 yet.
DJ GaFFLe 12 dias atrás
13:19... $400k for that car!?!?!?! The C8 makes these exotics look like a waste of money now. Sure a Ferrari will be more exclusive but you just dropped home money on a damn car. C8 wins, America wins...
DJ GaFFLe 12 dias atrás
The new C8 is CruSHinG the competition! Why buy a Ferrari with you can look just as good with a Corvette C8 AND won't regret it if a rece$$ion hits.
Fred Schwartz
Fred Schwartz 13 dias atrás
Mark me down as one vote in the "filming yourself driving around and talking sucks" column.
Fred Schwartz
Fred Schwartz 13 dias atrás
This is a global game-changer. Ferrari, Lamborghini, et. al., are going to have to rethink their entire product line and pricing structure.
GTR MAN 14 dias atrás
Great looking car.The problem it just screams "I really wanted a European exotic but couldn't afford one"!😞😞😞
Best fun affordable car mx5ND
Or Maybe the idea is , I could've gotten a European exotic car , but I was sick and tired of the unreliability of the cars , so I'll be smart and buy a reliable Corvette exotic car and save up alot of money in the process
Aleph Ta YHWH
Aleph Ta YHWH 14 dias atrás
The back of the c8 is ugly and is a square box. It doesn’t match the front. The car looks good from the side only
chris mcintyre
chris mcintyre 14 dias atrás
15:00 equal weight in both cars ? Two people in both cars?
WolfKingJS54 14 dias atrás
So no big V8 in the Z06
Alex Shimkus
Alex Shimkus 14 dias atrás
Still wanting to obtain and find a deal on a C6 Grand Sport. My favorite gen! But as of now, enjoying the hell outta my C5.
Julian Wagner
Julian Wagner 14 dias atrás
“As they drive their 1993... whatever that they had to finance 😂😂😂🤣
fred flintstone
fred flintstone 15 dias atrás
Im new to your channel,i liked it until you promote politics with the maga rhetoric..cant get away from that bs anywhere..thought car guys were different and leave politics out.although its your right to do so.
George Hall
George Hall 15 dias atrás
Mad because a base C8 blows that zr1 away!
paul doyle
paul doyle 15 dias atrás
I have a c6z06 505 hp n/a if the base model is on par with that you will have a smile from ear to ear every time you drive it
Mason Morales
Mason Morales 16 dias atrás
10:19 bet
BigSounds 17 dias atrás
Bro what type floor is that in you garage?
bradyspace 17 dias atrás
American cars get a bad rep as drag racing muscle cars that can't turn. It's really the oppositie though. Huge tires are put on the back to help it hook up and all the weight sitting on the front tires, means they turn hard, and too hard. Your 50/50 Vette would easily take that Mclaren on a dog leg track. The rear engine C8 is an attempt to keep up with the Euro muscle drag cars (so called supercars), that can't steer ( understeer and snap back off the track).
musclepits 18 dias atrás
Yes get them all... Just heeeeelp him by subscribing and liking the vids. Woooo
Brandon Foreshew
Brandon Foreshew 18 dias atrás
bro slow down your rich but not worth more then another life
Eli Waldrep
Eli Waldrep 18 dias atrás
You should move to Alabama, you'd fit right in!
I 18 dias atrás
No manual? What a p.o.s right guy!? Wait, you bitches are all on its jock. Nm.
HotRod Fuego
HotRod Fuego 18 dias atrás
Damn Chevy knocked it out the park with the C8. I'm very excite.
Behindthen0thing 6 dias atrás
Excited . Not excite
Kipp Koenig
Kipp Koenig 18 dias atrás
Dude, do you realize how rude you are? Insulting older people, people who have to finance their car, people who drive suvs. What a jerk.
faZe Bot
faZe Bot 19 dias atrás
IS SOo hot and humid here in the south (texas, oklahoma) that people are walking around with respirator tank to be able to breath.
ODD LIL CASH 19 dias atrás
Laboring to pay for college. Sucks
Adam Berg
Adam Berg 19 dias atrás
The zr1 and the mustang need window tint Mike.
Vince Bermudez
Vince Bermudez 19 dias atrás
You should tune your zr1. You're car is insane now but imagine it tuned!!
Br Fa
Br Fa 19 dias atrás
The base C8 with Z51 pack is basically as fast as the C7 Z06 😂 RIP C7 owners
Raymond Upenieks
Raymond Upenieks 19 dias atrás
Depends on how you define fast. In 0 - 60 it should be right with the ZR-1 but top speed needs horsepower, so after that the ZR-1 pulls away. Somewhere in-between for total performance
paul watt
paul watt 20 dias atrás
So get rid of the trunk and use that space for you twin turbos :D
BUILT DIESEL MAFIA 20 dias atrás
GT500 next giveaway car??? I'd probably go broke buying stuff if it was lol
Jorfizle23 20 dias atrás
that red decal on the beep has to go
Alan Zolotoff
Alan Zolotoff 20 dias atrás
It would be so cool if you got another hellcat, you can’t have a Chevy and a Ford without a dodge ?????? 👍🏽👍🏽
bad bob
bad bob 20 dias atrás
No doubt super car manufacturers are in ... a panic
unknown 20 dias atrás
I'm from brooklyn. I live in fort Worth Tx. I rather do 105 here than 90 in NY. I been in 101 degrees in NY with humidity. Its killer. The feeling is inexplicably uncomfortable. I've been 115 here. And I hated it. But NY 101 was way worse... PA is very similar to NY weather so I feel for y'all. The new corvette is sick. Hoping I get the opportunity to buy a G.S. version if they make one? Then add breather mods. I have a 2017 camaro ss with breather mods and the hp jump was way more than I expected. 415rwhp stock which is 45 bhp horsepower over its rating on a dyno jet. Now its 471rwhp. Which is 542bhp. Not bad at all. Chevy is outdoing themselves.
Bilge Pump
Bilge Pump 20 dias atrás
The c8 is cool. It’s awesome. I’d like to drag it.
andrew mann
andrew mann 21 dia atrás
Iv been to California and Texas during the summer and the last few days were nothing like Ohio and PA
swisher lawn care vlogs
I do lawncare an landscaping here in michigan
miperritopinon 21 dia atrás
"ultimate American garage"?? Get a viper acr in there, then make that claim.
Tech4All 21 dia atrás
In Pennsylvania we have 115° summers with humidity and then we have all the way down to -20 in the winter
ssgogeta29 21 dia atrás
I’m really excited for the C8. To be honest, I’m not all that blown away by the looks of it right now (and from the intro I wish it was louder) but I think it’ll be a great one. It reminds me of the C6 in the front with a Camaro back end. Though, I really want to see one in person before saying, “Oh it’s ugly blah blah blah!”
Tahazu Designs
Tahazu Designs 21 dia atrás
It's ass looks like a Camaro...
Joey Hillard
Joey Hillard 21 dia atrás
It's so wierd hearing your from Harrisburg. I live like an hour away
CCR toyadventure
CCR toyadventure 22 dias atrás
Sounds like my F
Don Simms
Don Simms 22 dias atrás
Question. Do you have a real job or do you make enough money from BRvid to get your vettes?
Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez 22 dias atrás
14:22 now they can Litally make a AWD corvette ✌😬✌
WeN33dJustice 22 dias atrás
Negative people will never go away lol they just love to hate and talk shit about anything. Those are the people who hate life. Man the Zr1 is a beast and new tires definitely helped and stayed right by its side
Robert Curtis
Robert Curtis 22 dias atrás
Why is nobody talking about maintenance costs on the new Corvette C8.
Robert Curtis
Robert Curtis 19 dias atrás
@fukjabi I know but why isn't anyone talking about it? In a McLaren 720s an engine/trans drop is a minimum $5,000.00
fukjabi 19 dias atrás
Robert Curtis because no one owns yet xD tf
Utah county Picazo's page
Holycrap 3100 pounds with 745 hp. Gt 500 getting gapped
S M 22 dias atrás
Where you getting 3100#? Base is 36xx#
Patrick shrdz
Patrick shrdz 22 dias atrás
how much hp does that 570s make?
jym daddy
jym daddy 22 dias atrás
700 doesn't pull on 500?
Michael Melling
Michael Melling 22 dias atrás
Not to be a bonehead, but what good are these cars with humongous horsepower when the speed limit is something like 80mph max in the real world and where traffic tickets are also very real? Seems superfluous, no?
Bob Hope
Bob Hope 23 dias atrás
Well if your a big D, guess you'd also drive one too!
Jordan Scheurer
Jordan Scheurer 23 dias atrás
I really hope they dont put a small displacement v8 in the vette. Turbo or not it will not sound the same. Turbo the 6.2L you can run less boost and get the same power. And idk about 1000hp in the c8 zl1 lol.
thewoodshed 23 dias atrás
1:05 The temp love for those rearview mirrors are in the front of the truck. A/C won't affect it but moving in the ambient air will.
Motleymick 23 dias atrás
That glass roof is badass!!
1nespower 23 dias atrás
The C8 will be everywhere. Everyone and their grandma is gonna have one. It will lose it's wow factor when you start seeing it as much as a Honda Civic on the streets.
mark 23 dias atrás
Waist of time
Endtimeguitarist Endtimeguitarist
It looks European. Almost identical to an f430 in years past. The headlights are abominable. The American look is gone. I’m sure it performs well but the looks is what made people for generations get inside a car that performed meh. Due to it looking so similar to a euro car I’d actually rather have a euro car.
OK4Y 23 dias atrás
My rear view mirror melted
sponge 4930
sponge 4930 23 dias atrás
I'm laughing because I live in S Fl (Ft Lauderdale) area and it was 101* the other day and humid as hell so stop bitching about the heat in that ice box called Pennsylvania....lolol
Stephen Fulcher
Stephen Fulcher 23 dias atrás
Fuq Trump you racist p.o.s!
kb420ps 23 dias atrás
When are you getting the Granpa Vette back?
Atlantis 24 dias atrás
Maga key tag? Oh he’s retarded.. no wonder I stopped watching this kid a long time ago
Jamaican Johnny
Jamaican Johnny 24 dias atrás
Imagine if everybody did all this jumping through hoops for the base c7 and how dumb they would look when the Z06 came out
Jamaican Johnny
Jamaican Johnny 24 dias atrás
Putting two and two together with GM it was obvious that they were going to use the TT blackwing in the Z06 next year.
Jamaican Johnny
Jamaican Johnny 24 dias atrás
If this was real intel mike would be sued
Chad III
Chad III 24 dias atrás
So if the Zo6 is 745 hp the 2019 was 650 hp the 2019 ZR1 is 755 hp so the 2020 ZR1 is gonna be around 800 to 900 hp
cuntpuncher 24 dias atrás
Oh its American but looks a lot like Italian trash.
yjjeeper1 24 dias atrás
Can't respect a guy that bought new wheels because "he scratched them off-roading", please sell the Jeep to a guy :)
Trevor Alexander
Trevor Alexander 24 dias atrás
time to race the gt500
James Hanley
James Hanley 24 dias atrás
Do yourself a favor don’t try to grow a beard until you can!
Matthew scott
Matthew scott 24 dias atrás
That's some ugly cheap lambo knockoff shit right there lol...after the stingrays corvette went to shit...
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