Penn & Teller Fool Us Paul Gertner - Where're the balls from?

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Penn & Teller Fool Us Paul Gertner
#PennandTellerFoolUs season 4
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15 Set 2017

Paul GertnerFool Us



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Comentários 2 669
skudzer1985 2 horas atrás
I like how Penn hinted that he knew what was going on with the "half empty, half full" analogy.
Mike19737 3 horas atrás
He's a witch! Burn him? 🤯😯😂
Colton Hards
Colton Hards 5 horas atrás
And that one time at band camp
brassman5 5 horas atrás
Fooled or not, that was just a beautiful performance.
Lewi Yonas
Lewi Yonas 6 horas atrás
That last ball was a sleight of hand u can see his left hand is down there for a while before he reveals the middle cup
marcusgeraint 14 horas atrás
I havent ready on of the comments, you'll have to take my word for it. I'm nearly half way through, theres six metal balls. Its fucking obvious.
Sloppyballs McGuillicutty
I heard a ding.
Chris L
Chris L Dia atrás
The cup that holds my balls smells way worse than this guys.
karebu2 Dia atrás
I can see him hold the balls.. that’s bad
Bridge Norton
Bridge Norton Dia atrás
Why can’t talent show hosts ever act realistically surprised ? They always just have a comical gaping mouth...
Dank_Land Dia atrás
Probably cause they know the tricks and are use to magic cause they have had if for most of there life
KucheKlizma Dia atrás
Or even better yet why can't actual actors have a comical gaping mouth all the time instead of acting?
zact lee
zact lee Dia atrás
Specialized in kicker. Even allison figured it out. Too simple.
Ben Ingermann
Ben Ingermann Dia atrás
I saw him putting the balls under the middle cup but I dont know how he made them disappear
JmGreen Dia atrás
Where're is not a word mate.
Matthew Murillo
Matthew Murillo Dia atrás
Wow that trick took a lot of balls
Parker Durham
Parker Durham 2 dias atrás
My mind hurts
E To The Z
E To The Z 2 dias atrás
Man, I really want a Pepsi now
Nolan Bennett
Nolan Bennett 2 dias atrás
It’s a bell and a little slight of hand I assume
Robert Angel
Robert Angel 2 dias atrás
So he likes to cup balls 😂
Robert Angel
Robert Angel 2 dias atrás
2 girls 1 cup
Brian Givens
Brian Givens 2 dias atrás
poor Allison
StevenTheFan 2 dias atrás
I was like AH HA!!! I know where the biggest ball came from...wait there’s a coke...? and those red balls....ummm wait. But I still know where the biggest ball came from!
Ramesh Guruji
Ramesh Guruji 3 dias atrás
Damn I was checking my balls.
nonya business
nonya business 3 dias atrás
Whitebird- The Music Band
What problems do you have old man if someone gets famous with his idea.
dheeraj hazarika
dheeraj hazarika 3 dias atrás
Great great show
MudflapDB 4 dias atrás
Terrible actor and in real life she just shakes her head while talking
Jake Erickson
Jake Erickson 4 dias atrás
that’s a great excuse for taking a nap
Jente Zijlstra
Jente Zijlstra 4 dias atrás
I caught him several times. Still don't know a lot he did tho
シHenrikTheOnly シ
シHenrikTheOnly シ 3 dias atrás
The giant ball is easy. But a lot of things I can't explain.
Uton Francis
Uton Francis 4 dias atrás
I'm amazed that I could actually see some of the slight of hand he did but overall its a pretty amazing performance
Bubbles 97
Bubbles 97 3 dias atrás
Uton Francis I WAS JUST THINKING THE SAME THING! I’m like does nobody notice he’s not actually throwing a ball under the cup at certain times?!
Bober Bib
Bober Bib 6 dias atrás
Every time he puts hands in his pocket he grabs some thing eles, while he keeps on tinging side cups he's reaplacing another bearing. Hes using tings to hide the other noise from reaplcacment of the othere bearing But he dos lighting dpeed.just distracting trick.but still awesome
Silverbird 6 dias atrás
I can somewhat tell what he's doing by the way he holds his hands after he puts the balls in the cups. It's not a natural way to hold your hands, and they way he throws some of the balls under the cups strongly implies that he's just holding them.
Nick white
Nick white 6 dias atrás
How he’s for-nominal
GravityDefyingApple 7 dias atrás
Allison’s overreacting to trick is sooo bad..
Jz0ne -
Jz0ne - 7 dias atrás
skatejunkchufoolz 8 dias atrás
Very awkward hosting
Ben Kibby
Ben Kibby 9 dias atrás
What a performance. I was laughing the entire time! Before you start to break the trick down just enjoy it as much as you can the first time. :)
Flame 10 dias atrás
All his sentences rymed
Brodie401yt 10 dias atrás
A magician can rob a bank with mastering distraction
The One
The One 10 dias atrás
This Alyson bitch was the worst aspect of this show
Noul Silvyrin
Noul Silvyrin 11 dias atrás
i think magician should do the competition here not in agt my personal though
Bob Wilson
Bob Wilson 12 dias atrás
for once in my life I understood Penn's secret code. It helped that I pretty much understood how the trick was done as well
Dom Rivera
Dom Rivera 12 dias atrás
He has probably been studying that for a very . Very long time.
Dom Rivera
Dom Rivera 12 dias atrás
Very good trick though
Dom Rivera
Dom Rivera 12 dias atrás
He is sitting down for a reason . I know how he does it. Slight of hand .
Taco Stacks
Taco Stacks 12 dias atrás
6:28 his hand goes under the table to pick up the big ball ... that's about the only thing I recognized
RADIN SYAH 12 dias atrás
I saw him palming the biggest ball onto the table.
Andrevus Whitetail
Andrevus Whitetail 12 dias atrás
Here's the thing that i noticed. Penn was talking way too much after the trick. If Penn talks for a long time, you know they weren't fooled.
Inzamam Irshad
Inzamam Irshad 12 dias atrás
I just hate the old cleavage....just dont know why...may be because of American pie
Inzamam Irshad
Inzamam Irshad 12 dias atrás
I just hate the old cleavage....just dont know why...may be because of American pie
Catsupoy Gaming
Catsupoy Gaming 13 dias atrás
did you see the extra ball in his right hand in 1:32 put in right cup i knew all of you see that
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