Pearl Jam - Dance of the Clairvoyants

Pearl Jam
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Pearl Jam is back. New single "Dance of the Clairvoyants" available everywhere now:
"'Dance' was a perfect storm of experimentation and real collaboration...We’ve opened some new doors creatively and that’s exciting." - Jeff Ament
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Comentários 80
Gacha con Yackie :3
Gacha con Yackie :3 6 horas atrás
Is Dave Abbruzzese back with PJ? Jajajajajaja!!! Nevermind!!! :(
Gregory Merry
Gregory Merry 13 horas atrás
Sometimes when older bands come out with new stuff today some people don't like it. It might be because they've changed their sound or they're "past their prime" or something like that which is true for some bands. However this is not the case. Personally I love this new album and I can't wait to hear more of it.
Douglas Weston
Douglas Weston 21 hora atrás
Great song - great album. Dont we just think some of the riffing is RHCP's - you'd think Frusciante was on guitar - brilliant
Sandy Wahl
Sandy Wahl Dia atrás
Long live David Byrne, he still making beautiful music #MYHOUSE
bddrex Dia atrás
Great song album and band. Their new song sounds like the band the call. Go out and buy gigaton now.
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti Dia atrás
Me Too This Has Been the Hardest week of My life. Over whelming Sadness. Al most Constant. It’s Spirts That are passing.
Wakefield Tolbert
Me too..... I empathize...... Rough year. Every damn day is existential misery ...
Adrian Rose
Adrian Rose Dia atrás
Tune #stillgotit 😉👌👍🎶stand back when the spirit comes🔊🎸🎙
Vladimir Popovic
Vladimir Popovic Dia atrás
maftei ovidiu
maftei ovidiu Dia atrás
nice song!!!
Javier Sanchez
Javier Sanchez 2 dias atrás
Sounds like a track from Arcade Fire's Reflektor to tune!
fag theory
fag theory 2 dias atrás
This goes so hard
Acoustic Soulexternal
Acoustic Soulexternal 2 dias atrás
I've been a clairvoyant since just a little tike
Acoustic Soulexternal
Acoustic Soulexternal 2 dias atrás
Had a sorta David Bowie/Early Floyd days feel to it 🎶💜🎵✌️😎
crimson5111 2 dias atrás
30yrs later. Still amazing.
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno 2 dias atrás
I've been a pearl jam fan since ten, and I can already tell this one is another great album.
Jason Weir
Jason Weir 3 dias atrás
Sounds like Elvis 2027, or Pearl Jam...
ButTheCatCameBack 3 dias atrás
I was not expecting this style from Jam and's pretty fucking good.
Sam I am
Sam I am 3 dias atrás
Sam I am
Sam I am 3 dias atrás
Teetn undercv ice Ed?
belindasisterb 3 dias atrás
CFW TV 3 dias atrás
yeah, we still alive!
Belinda Holley
Belinda Holley 3 dias atrás
best song ever in the world
Bruxão de Rivia
Bruxão de Rivia 3 dias atrás
this song is perfect
rundoetx 3 dias atrás
Best Pearl Jam song in a long time. It's surrounded by other great songs on the album, but this is my fav.
Bartosz Paradowski
Bartosz Paradowski 3 dias atrás
Dance of the Clairvoyants.
David ajar2
David ajar2 3 dias atrás
It is sooooo good.
Nicole Schmitt
Nicole Schmitt 3 dias atrás
This song sucks
Shawn Morse
Shawn Morse 3 dias atrás
Pretty good. I'm enjoying it until Vedder goes on another political rant.
alquiventas pinamar
alquiventas pinamar 3 dias atrás
depechemode+joydivision+pearljam= dance of the Clairvoyants
DIEGO PEREZ 3 dias atrás
La calidad sigue siendo la misma, te amo pearl jam❤️❤️❤️🎼🎵🎶
Randee Collins
Randee Collins 3 dias atrás
Never was a huge Pearl Jam fan but, I like this Jam ;)
Todd Richardson
Todd Richardson 3 dias atrás
Pearl Jam couldn't be bad if they tried... Legends
Mari Costa
Mari Costa 3 dias atrás
Maicon de Souza Nunes
Maicon de Souza Nunes 3 dias atrás
Fire is a beating heart.
Peter Sutherland
Peter Sutherland 3 dias atrás
Aurora? Illinois? NW? Vedder and Jam?
Greece Athens
Greece Athens 3 dias atrás
No it's sound like Roxy music -same old scene
Skibara Skibarovna
Skibara Skibarovna 4 dias atrás
Every tomorrow the same as before - is it about quarantine?
Belinda Holley
Belinda Holley 4 dias atrás
best song ever
Peter Sutherland
Peter Sutherland 3 dias atrás
Lol What
Collins Cisco
Collins Cisco 4 dias atrás
to all who think this sounds like a 1-hit wonder band called Talking Heads (there's not "the" in there, guys) that is an insult, imo. I mean, I felt it had a Eurythmic's feel in the first several cords but it came into it's own. I think you need to put on headphones and put down the duck.
Mateus Honrado
Mateus Honrado 4 dias atrás
Talking Heads was never a one hit wonder as they actually had more one Top 40 hit.
darth vader
darth vader 4 dias atrás
In a way the beginning is like the sound of a muse intro
Faniel 90
Faniel 90 4 dias atrás
Rip pearl jam 1991 - 1999
Yeet Machine
Yeet Machine 4 dias atrás
IM GONNA SAY IT HERE WE FUCKING GO Pearl Jam are better than Nirvana
80s disco
80s disco 4 dias atrás
Sounds like the riff of Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
Carlos Ferraz
Carlos Ferraz 4 dias atrás
Definitely a grower! I wish fans would stop trying to insist there is such a thing as a "Pearl Jam sound" or formula. Pearl Jam have been truly experimenting since Vitalogy. No Code filtered the fan base and perhaps Gigaton will too...further. Pearl Jam = Rock Legends!!!!
Jeremy Russell
Jeremy Russell 5 dias atrás
I understand the comparison to T.H. but Eddie is better on vocals anyday. And the grit he provides the song is undeniable!!!
Ray Nash
Ray Nash 5 dias atrás
I think it sounds more like Depeche Mode then the Talking Heads. I like that they are trying new sounds! Rock On!
Klayman Klogg
Klayman Klogg 3 dias atrás
Toolfool90 5 dias atrás
Grew up with The Sound and Talking Heads...... love this!!!
Theodorus Rex
Theodorus Rex 5 dias atrás
Is this Talking Heads?
Giuseppe Quattrocchi
Giuseppe Quattrocchi 5 dias atrás
reminds me NIN
Federico Vavassori
Federico Vavassori 5 dias atrás
A bit of Editors
xencloud 6 dias atrás
Lyrics?? So refreshing.
LI LITH 6 dias atrás
Julie Armstrong
Julie Armstrong 6 dias atrás
Hated this at first. Its growing on me. Don't know why...
Anguscole76 6 dias atrás
this song is super dope,Pearl jam is still trucking on,so awesome
Carrine Plank
Carrine Plank 6 dias atrás
Great song pj 👍👍🤘🤙😎😎
Stu W
Stu W 6 dias atrás
Talking heads I reminisce 💞
Enduro tours Portugal
Enduro tours Portugal 6 dias atrás
In the beginning I didn't like it . But if you year more , than you will like it, it's not there's style but now I like it . Try to lissan more than one time. It's not at the first time.
JunkBoxHero 7 dias atrás
Pearl Jam: 1983
Alojz Turinic
Alojz Turinic 7 dias atrás
It sounds like britpop and I dont like it
Steve Vergaerde
Steve Vergaerde 7 dias atrás
I thaught this was Serj Tankian the first time I heard it...
James Gilbert
James Gilbert 5 dias atrás
After seeing your comment, I can hear it a little bit.
David Williamson
David Williamson 7 dias atrás
This sucks.
Łukasz M.
Łukasz M. 7 dias atrás
Wow! .. cool vibes .. Grettings from Poland.
Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans 7 dias atrás
Very Talking Heads, as other commentators have said. No complaints though - love both bands 😁
Ronnie Dersgaard
Ronnie Dersgaard 8 dias atrás
Guitar sounds like Duran Duran, they nail it, just a bit strange to hear Eddie's voice in this, and yet it sounds smooth, def. some respect for the pre grunge bands of the etighties and nice to hear that PJ are fans of that era too.
Scott White
Scott White 9 dias atrás
Golden Turner
Golden Turner 9 dias atrás
How infinitely talented are these musicians? You have the courage and talent to change your sound and foundation.
Jamie Houk
Jamie Houk 9 dias atrás
I am at least 10 years past grunge in age, but that's where my music comes from.
Senorita Rodriguez
Senorita Rodriguez 9 dias atrás
anyone else have this song on repeat?! Im on day 9 of my self quarantine and found this today!! Such a sigh of relief!!
Switch VR
Switch VR 2 dias atrás
I bought the album and this is the only song i like and it's on repeat...
Tim Montanez
Tim Montanez 2 dias atrás
I have had this song on repeat since I first heard it!!
Acoustic Soulexternal
Acoustic Soulexternal 2 dias atrás
I do alot of PJ covers & write originals as well if you'd like to check em out
Robin Glover
Robin Glover 2 dias atrás
Kind of a "Love is a Tower" feel.
Nathan Schritter
Nathan Schritter 3 dias atrás
Me. I do
Dr.Skeletal In 3-D
Dr.Skeletal In 3-D 9 dias atrás
Sounds a little like David Bowie and for that alone I love it
alessio marano
alessio marano 9 dias atrás
it's good but sounds like Editors song
Vyacheslav K
Vyacheslav K 9 dias atrás
sounds like duran duran
Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib
Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib 9 dias atrás
Getting Mr. roboto vibe.
Brandon Gabriel
Brandon Gabriel 10 dias atrás
That's straight up ziggy stardust
wildmercuryfilms 7 dias atrás
Brandon Gabriel You must be on crack. This is not 1972-era Bowie, obviously. It’s 1983-Let’s Dance-era Bowie
Michał Łuksa
Michał Łuksa 10 dias atrás
dobry kawalek kijowy klip
Grzegorz Dziełak
Grzegorz Dziełak 10 dias atrás
Das ist fajne 👍
MT_VU_RX _jukebox hero
MT_VU_RX _jukebox hero 10 dias atrás
"Stay Hungry" " I've gone Hungry". Temper of the Dog SuperBlood 🐺 WolfMoon Grunge Grunsh Take me to the River The girls want to be with the girls …
Klarowana 10 dias atrás
I love it!
Przemyslaw Wikarski
Przemyslaw Wikarski 10 dias atrás
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel 10 dias atrás
Bel pezzo!
natureboy 10 dias atrás
Total Talking Heads influence! I like it!
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