PCP's Hammer Valve & Receiver Block

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PCP's Hammer Valve & Receiver.This is a reuploaded video.BRvid earlier deleted this video
QEV valve;
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27 Out 2020



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Comentários 406
faykabute Mês atrás
Gênio excelente.Parabéns.
oddjobbob Anos atrás
Your drill bit contraption for drilling the 1/2” hole at the bottom of the square is very clever.
Martin Moore
Martin Moore Anos atrás
That is some of the crappiest engineering I've ever seen BUT brilliant nonetheless. I'd love to see what you could achieve with a decent lathe & milling machine. How you manage to improvise using such basic tools is really very good. I enjoyed that video.
face off
face off Anos atrás
Thanks for your appreciation sir.Hope that one day I will buy a lathe.
Антонио Петров
Круто!!! Вот здорово у человека хватило ума, знаний и золотые руки с нуля построить винтовку с балоном!!! Жаль до конца не доделал и тестов до стрельбы не дошло!!! Большой лайк и море уважения мастеру!!! 😎😉🙂☺😀😄🙄💪👌👏🖒👍🇷🇺🇷🇺
Oscar Noah
Oscar Noah 7 meses atrás
P p
Miguel Ángel Abascal Torres
Tiene su mérito hacer este rifle pero el cañón no está estriado por dentro y eso afecta tanto a la precisión como a la potencia. Así todo muy buen trabajo, deberías enseñar como dispara. Un cordial saludo
Владимир Валуев
Без станков, просто на коленке!!! Супер !!!
adonias soares
adonias soares Anos atrás
Muito bom
MarKi TV
MarKi TV 4 meses atrás
Hoping for more videos from you. Hope you come back to upload more. I learned and got idea from your videos.
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson Anos atrás
Your homemade products are getting more and more interesting, well done.
Jim 10 meses atrás
Are you hitting the valve of the bottle regulator to open the air? Do you need a plenum for this? Great videos btw :)
Dunno 5 meses atrás
I think maybe he's removed the pin from the regulator so his new valve is the lid of the bottle, not sure though I'm also wondering how.
Me Me
Me Me Anos atrás
Smart design and excellent handyman
Brett Dilworth
Brett Dilworth 7 meses atrás
Can you help me by telling me where i can buy all the parts needed for this build? And a parts list? Please
B. David.Z
B. David.Z 6 meses atrás
Bro can u send me guide or instruction for this project cause it's hard to memorize for me
Kyle Lee
Kyle Lee Anos atrás
Hi this video is very valuable. but would you please make a parts list? or how does the gas part work? not so much understand,thanks
Very creative sir. More power..
Blanca Carrillo
Blanca Carrillo 5 meses atrás
El video más creíble que he visto hasta hoy sobre este proyecto felicitaciones ¡
Felix D'souza
Felix D'souza 8 meses atrás
Nice diy stuff enjoyed watching your skills , what's the diameter of the barrel n what's size pellets are you using for this gun
Samuel Sturm
Samuel Sturm 4 meses atrás
Normaly airgun pellets are .22cal
NEObol 2
NEObol 2 Anos atrás
Класс!! Великолепная работа!
Oliwia 9 meses atrás
@Za Za hej
Za Za
Za Za 11 meses atrás
eddie Towers
eddie Towers Anos atrás
Валибек Шукуров
Слов нет.. Кропотливая работа. Молодец.
PB creator speargun & tool
Very very creative..... Good job sir... 🙏👍
Ralf V K.
Ralf V K. Anos atrás
That's the coolest DIY Gun ever seen. To make it perfect, invent a stick magazine for the bullets from below, quickly changeable, please.
Николай Чернов
Do you seen ever a Gyver Gun?
Tiger of karate
Tiger of karate Anos atrás
How many rounds you can shoot without recharging the air
Maureen Diaz
Maureen Diaz Anos atrás
Why there is no plenum between the regulator and the air valve..?
Juan MD
Juan MD 5 meses atrás
Id rather buy one.. That gifted hand of workmanship you simply cant buy anywhere
Sir Miles
Sir Miles Anos atrás
You need a dremel for you detail work on barrels, receivers etc! Great job
Pascal FRANCOIS Anos atrás
Hello, good description and very good realization, only problem, are your units of measurement. MM = Milimeter and not Centimeter (= CM). Otherwise everything is ok go on like this ..... Good job
Alvaro Pablo
Alvaro Pablo 6 meses atrás
Crystalis Night
Crystalis Night 11 meses atrás
@cybern9ne the MM conversion is alot more accurate which is why it was used over 2.54cm and 1in due to small minor margins of error one could make
cybern9ne Anos atrás
25.4mm = 2.54cm = 1in
kyawmyintswe123 Anos atrás
I think there is a problem with this gun tube internal diameter is9.5mm?so we have to load a big bullet that can affect the shoot distance?
Andrei Smirnov
Andrei Smirnov Anos atrás
Очень круто
Pr. Valmário Antônio
Quanto fica pra vc fazer uma dessa?
Alex Barragan Cagua
Alex Barragan Cagua 29 dias atrás
Amigo como le va buen trabajo me podría decir cuales son los materiales q ocupa para hacer el trabajo se lo agradecería
Влад PRO
Влад PRO 11 meses atrás
This guy is intelligent.
ayam gaming
ayam gaming Anos atrás
Wow amazing😍
Pelayo Besin
Pelayo Besin Anos atrás
What size for barel can fit a pellets??
Ht Ralte
Ht Ralte Anos atrás
Sir, i respect you.👍👍👍👍
игорь с
игорь с Anos atrás
Hi.where do you buy these brass pipes?
Dunno 5 meses atrás
Spend some time at a hardware store lol, maybe can buy them online
Bon Zen
Bon Zen Anos atrás
How would the gas work?
Temsu Jamir
Temsu Jamir Anos atrás
From where can I order the barrel
priyadarshijena Anos atrás
Wonderful brother how much did it cost u to build up this
El callado del salón
monax 3 x
monax 3 x Mês atrás
There is an air gun. I thought he wanted to make a real gun
cardozo peter
cardozo peter Mês atrás
How much do you sell this one? I need to buy one
Ian Bohanan
Ian Bohanan Anos atrás
Amazing to see people from 3rd world countries do so much with nothing but a drill and some thought! Good Job!!
Alvaro Pablo
Alvaro Pablo 6 meses atrás
That's supposed to be a compliment? Try again.
Edmar Lomberio
Edmar Lomberio Anos atrás
Wtf 3rd world country???? Haha.
Pa Chda
Pa Chda 7 meses atrás
You are a very talented person...
Shania Reano
Shania Reano 7 meses atrás
Very nice but the problem is how can we buy that kind of pcp hammer less or the finished product.
orcrist53 9 meses atrás
Now you should get a 3D printer, it would help a lot, still great Job!!!
Manuel Euclides
Manuel Euclides 7 meses atrás
qual o valou para fazer uma dessa?
Неизвестный мем
Самая простая конструкция псп, ничего нового
Khói Sương Núi Rừng
Very good ❤️ rất tuyệt
Рушан Садыков
Эх я думал вывешенный стволтсделает ,взял всё испортил
La parte del cañon y gatillo vendrá después?
Fabian Oyola
Fabian Oyola Anos atrás
Muy bueno
AMER HUSSAIN83 Anos atrás
He didn't shot any😭😭😭😭😭I was expecting it would be so powerful....any way I always love ur videos ur r so creative.... Love from Assam...
Steve Boone
Steve Boone Anos atrás
@AMER HUSSAIN83 I put this build right up there with the Tyson and Jones fight!!! I'd miss work to stay home and watch this!!!
AMER HUSSAIN83 Anos atrás
@face off hahaha I watched all of ur video and u think I will miss the bro na...✌✌✌
face off
face off Anos atrás
Please watch the final part
Bereely White
Bereely White Anos atrás
Мне одному поплохело, когда он метчик зажал разводным ключом?
Josue Valiente
Josue Valiente 4 meses atrás
Presioso trabajo
vijay kumar gupta
vijay kumar gupta 11 meses atrás
do you sell also?
Gerald Green
Gerald Green Anos atrás
Whats the fps & What would you want for one?
Agus records
Agus records Anos atrás
if the message is made, can it be sold or not
Masrin Y.
Masrin Y. Anos atrás
So proud..Verry good job bro..
Franco Meier
Franco Meier Anos atrás
Distance effective?
Kyaw Zin Aung
Kyaw Zin Aung Anos atrás
Please submit in full, until the test.
Segundo Cordova
Segundo Cordova Anos atrás
Como haces el sistema de gatillo
en que precio me la vendes
Q Handmade
Q Handmade 10 meses atrás
Excelente amigo, gran mano para los fierros, enorme saludo desde mi humilde canal Uruguayo
Sumaiti Sum
Sumaiti Sum 9 meses atrás
Antonio Skelton
Antonio Skelton Anos atrás
Could you make a .410 or 20 gauge shotgun pcp
SĐC Phạm Đức
SĐC Phạm Đức Anos atrás
AddictionC70 11 meses atrás
Where can I contact you, I'm building a 50cal with 3000psi output, I cant figure out how to make the bolt action vlave with seal to chamber so air dont cone out .... I got a rear tank setup as the butsttock
Желязко Пехливанов
You may want to check Airforce Talon airguns.They are pretty simple.
vikram augustine bor
Make regulator PCP .... brother...ur can make it
Legoman101 7 meses atrás
What does it shoot ?
Miguel Celis Serrano
Nunca se hizo la prueba su de verdad funciona, quedo inconcluso
Allan Pasion-Pagaduan
Do u sell it?
monax 3 x
monax 3 x Mês atrás
Okay, but these are things that not everyone can do, and even if they do it right, they cost more than a real gun, so I go and buy a new, standard gun from the store. It's better to make it as something dangerous.
Abhishek P Udayan
Abhishek P Udayan Anos atrás
Where from you got the brass barrel?
varun009 Anos atrás
It looks like a plain brass tube. I've seen some cut rifling tutorials. I'm going to look into making my own. Brass tubes aren't hard to come by in India. Finally, a half decent pcp.
Tieng Goi Tv47
Tieng Goi Tv47 Anos atrás
Very good 👍🤝👏
Thank you 😊
Tambunan spartan channel
I dont understand... How the output gas system... How the hammar hit the nipple from the pcp tank nipple??
Bani Dikin
Bani Dikin Anos atrás
Try to make dumping system valve air rifle my brother👍
Bani Dikin
Bani Dikin Anos atrás
@Masterg Samuraixmen chill bro!!
Reynolds Camba
Reynolds Camba 9 meses atrás
How to avail and how much?
Jhon Yono
Jhon Yono Anos atrás
Indonesia nyimak bang,,,,.coba buat untuk kaliber 4,5 dong bang!!!
WARnabGoLive Anos atrás
Please make an model like airforce texan rifle. Please.
face off
face off Anos atrás
Francisco Jose Rodrigues Lima
Boa noite será que dá para vc manda estás medidas
Shahril Anuar Husaini
do you sell?
umakanth bojanapalli
Wonderful idea that's reverse engineering useful in this message in the new items
Hue Nguyen
Hue Nguyen Anos atrás
Li jackL
Li jackL Anos atrás
For sale ?
LEALON Smith Anos atrás
What's the finish look like what's it do
Юра Зубченко
Отлично,, ,
farell channel
farell channel Anos atrás
Amazing good
Black Underground Gaming
Please make video on how to make power full gun 🙏 🙏
rugon TV
rugon TV Anos atrás
Wow idol Ang galing nyo po!! You are talented person!! Done idol. Ok na,,. Keep safe!!
Денис Касаткин
на заказ сделать сможет?
Rafael Moreira
Rafael Moreira Anos atrás
Eu estou louco por uma desta amo prática tiro esportivo, si por de vc mi manda o esquema dela pra refazer?
El callado del salón
Rafael Moreira
Rafael Moreira Anos atrás
Таир Иззет
Таир Иззет 7 meses atrás
Машалла !Сиз пек акъыллы Адам)
Hitendra Sarthi
Hitendra Sarthi Anos atrás
Brother were can I bought there brass pipes i want to make. 30 rifle. Can you help me for this.
AMER HUSSAIN83 Anos atrás
Bro is their any problem u r not uploading any videos...🙁🙁🙁🙁
Fabian Oyola
Fabian Oyola Anos atrás
Nice video! Congratulations Edit:+1 sub
Thinh Dao
Thinh Dao Anos atrás
What can be done at a distance of 20 m with an accuracy of 10m
Lorence Rosales
Lorence Rosales Anos atrás
RV Natural Food
RV Natural Food Anos atrás
interesting your video👍👍
OPT Panda
OPT Panda Anos atrás
Why this video are not finished until he completely test fire the Air gun .. T_T
NaYiem Adventure
NaYiem Adventure Anos atrás
Nice Works I Can Show You Of My Project PCP Homemade
Teng Cha
Teng Cha Anos atrás
Do you make it for sale. if you how much does it cost I would like to buy one
Shawon Mahfuj
Shawon Mahfuj Anos atrás
@Provanshu Dass do you make!
Provanshu Dass
Provanshu Dass Anos atrás
Bro pcp riffles are very expensive
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