PCP Air Gun Valve | PVC Build

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PVC Air Valve
Quick exhaust valve self defense pen
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16 Set 2020



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Comentários 230
Mel Farm
Mel Farm 11 meses atrás
Amazing! I am new to DIY projects. Your video inspired me to make one. Thank you so much. 😘
Manolo Dorado
Manolo Dorado Anos atrás
Amigo buenas noches te escribo desde colombia me puedes hacer el favor y me regalas la referencias de la tubería de pvc que utilizas para hacer el rifle gracias excelente trabajo me gustan tus vídeos
Sahalja Anos atrás
Long time waiting for this project from FaceOff..!! Thanks a lot for sharing👍👍
Brett M
Brett M 9 meses atrás
Can you pls make a link for the fittings used for the build thanks😀
Helton Reichert
Helton Reichert Anos atrás
Excellent job! How much pressure can the PVC cilinder stand?
Batlle Mecha Online
Batlle Mecha Online 11 meses atrás
@Helton Reichert thats not Jöreg
Long Triệu
Long Triệu Anos atrás
@Helton Reichert éw
Helton Reichert
Helton Reichert Anos atrás
@Yorgh Shprave Thanks a lot! I'm a fan of your work and brilliant ideas!!!
Yorgh Shprave
Yorgh Shprave Anos atrás
2 MPa max 😁 300psi
HEROL HENRY Anos atrás
Nothing short of genius.
Fausto S
Fausto S 11 meses atrás
Felicitaciones gracias por el video 👍👍👍👍
Jafar Mohammed
Jafar Mohammed Anos atrás
your creative method is awesome...really appreciate your show,,
Ignatius alves
Ignatius alves Anos atrás
What's the pressure on the guage?
Ariel Laurente Abaquita
How did you install the pressure gauge? Pls show us how did you do it. Thanks.
Jonathan Staley
Jonathan Staley 11 meses atrás
Just fantastic!!
Anton Schneider
Anton Schneider Anos atrás
Semi-auto air valve nice, are you going to make a "trigger" system to support it?
gammon 1
gammon 1 Anos atrás
Excellent, love your channel 😎
Bon Zen
Bon Zen Anos atrás
Nice and informative sir.but how powerful is much psi can that pvc cylinder hold?
Man Jago
Man Jago Anos atrás
You're truly Genius probably an Indian guy Wright?..I'm so respect by all of your creation..I guess too many Guys from an American n European appreciated with your just used only simple basic tools and random scatching..respect!!
veecee27 Mês atrás
MattyE Anos atrás
Looking forward to second part
MAC_VenomNC Anos atrás
Is there a complete parts list?
junjai Anos atrás
Nice job man.god bless
Wasabe Channel
Wasabe Channel Anos atrás
Pure poetry. Keep it centered! Thank you.
AA DIY Anos atrás
great project
Ed Del Mar
Ed Del Mar Anos atrás
Sir can you list down the sizes of the pipes, I really need it so i can make one.
Disturbinglook Anos atrás
Can you make a pcp regulator?
Disturbinglook Anos atrás
Thanks for making this face off💥
Asep Darmawan
Asep Darmawan Anos atrás
Smart n beautiful 👍
Roel Buscano
Roel Buscano 9 meses atrás
Thank you for sharing idea bro
jadz TV
jadz TV Anos atrás
What is the size of the tank the gray tube?
Workshop Media
Workshop Media Anos atrás
Waiting for second part
Aaron Charlie
Aaron Charlie Anos atrás
The blue pvc is 1/2 size, what is the size of white pvc?
Bessaa Bessa
Bessaa Bessa Anos atrás
Hello nice job please how to know the maximum pressure of the cylinder
Sistema Solar
Sistema Solar Anos atrás
amigo gostei muito tem como vc escrever as peças que precisa, pra mim motar uma
Kristján Rúnarsson
When you test it like that by hitting the valve does it make a loud bang or just a hiss?
DegDeg 11 meses atrás
Mine does a loud bang
Dhanakarshit 17 dias atrás
Bro..ur genius hats off to u...🙏..I would like to request u too make some cheap device which can be kept in car engine bay( stationary).. Which can detect rats(motion detection) entering car & spray a pepper spray or shoot bb bullet or electrifying( danger because engine area) only by giving command through mobile remotely....I mean when rat enters to food kept in car engine area, the device have to detect by motion camera & has to send alaram message to owner..owner by watching it through camera & its position has to give command to device which should shoot rat by bb ball gun or spray pepper remotely...because all other traps poisons sprays have failed in world
cuatro cinco
cuatro cinco Anos atrás
Ur awesome! Keep it up bud!!🤟
ZAN61 Anos atrás
Преветствую. И сново шедевр из подручных материалов. Новых идей. Всех благ.
Ricardo B
Ricardo B 11 meses atrás
Adam Shepardson
Adam Shepardson Anos atrás
What size is all the pvc
Дорофеев Сергей
Жду 2ой части
xfred studio
xfred studio 3 meses atrás
Amazing 😳👍
li kungfuli
li kungfuli Anos atrás
What is the material of gas exhaust vent? 3:23
pokzss ortega
pokzss ortega 6 meses atrás
How much psi it can hold?
Tauqeer Shaikh
Tauqeer Shaikh Anos atrás
Bro well done keep moving on 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mac Strange
Mac Strange Anos atrás
Nice work, good
Octavio Ignacio Jarandilla Soruco
Algien me dice los materiales en español se agradese
Adam Shepardson
Adam Shepardson Anos atrás
Can't find pvc fittings you use can you post link where to get them plz
Jay Alcantara
Jay Alcantara Anos atrás
can i asked? the list of pvc parts needed your great bro im from philippines
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta Anos atrás
Cool😎👊 Excellent
Vijay Korvekar
Vijay Korvekar Anos atrás
How much psi it could hold
Ruben Antón Cardoso de Cardoso
El depósito es de 3/4 o de 1 pulgadas.
Roel Buscano
Roel Buscano 9 meses atrás
Where can we buy the barrel?
Juan carlos Kwanggol
Good job..but be careful of handling power tools
Alex De Silva
Alex De Silva 10 meses atrás
Pls help what is that top part u fix on valve which will join the receiver
David Gangte 93
David Gangte 93 Anos atrás
sir, where do u get da pressure gauge? pliz reply
Gostei mais uma recomendação é bom colocar a proteção da Esmerilhadeira
Masrin Y.
Masrin Y. Anos atrás
Good job guyss..
DRAFTY Anos atrás
where you get this parts in my area no one sells this
Uy Cường Trần
Uy Cường Trần Anos atrás
can u show ú the list ò the materials.. im noob, hope u can help. I'm form Việt Nam, nice to receive your reply
white shadow
white shadow Anos atrás
*Bro, upayogicha pneumatic pc connector 1/8" Pc connector thread tap 1/8 " Bspt ano*
Adrianus Frengki
Adrianus Frengki Anos atrás
Mntap bang pingin belajar juga ni...💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍
I tae Channel
I tae Channel Anos atrás
I want you to do pcp air gun semi auto
samuel banney
samuel banney 2 meses atrás
What is the name of the little thing you add at 3:25?
희대의양손잡이 4 meses atrás
Nice bro👍
Vibes+ Anos atrás
Super nanba
david Maslog
david Maslog Anos atrás
How much it cost if I buy it?
呵呵 6 meses atrás
very good 你的方法简单明了 受到了很多启发
C K 3 meses atrás
how much psi a pvc pipe can hold? pliz ... need to know
Leo Paron
Leo Paron Anos atrás
you rock man
ANSHU Anos atrás
Good job bro waiting for next
Reddix Skrull
Reddix Skrull Anos atrás
This is a piece of art.... But please if your work with an angle grinder so close to your hands wear gloves XD
face off
face off Anos atrás
Thank you man.
Prasanth Varikkath
Prasanth Varikkath Anos atrás
Bro, y cant u try a carbid powerd pellet gun,,,,
Creative fest
Creative fest 10 meses atrás
So nice your video,
Arif cahyadi
Arif cahyadi 8 meses atrás
Hey .. thats cool .... can you built hpa engine?
ilhamnya sikin
ilhamnya sikin Dia atrás
Good job
Srirama Yeshwanth
Srirama Yeshwanth Anos atrás
Where do you get rifle barrel? Please reply
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Can we use steel water bottle instead of air cylinder
Von Svinpäls
Von Svinpäls Anos atrás
Of course ! Would just make it better
Fajar 2018
Fajar 2018 7 meses atrás
How long air cylinder tube
Gopikrishnan K G
Gopikrishnan K G Anos atrás
Waiting for 2nd part
hunter jami
hunter jami Anos atrás
please upload a vedio of making of pcp hand pump
derek Chorney
derek Chorney 7 meses atrás
There are two background tracks playing over each other and it’s giving me a conniption
Ariel Gamao
Ariel Gamao Anos atrás
I would like to see it being tested to fire
Zardz K.
Zardz K. Anos atrás
Are you an Engineer bro?? You're so smart.
Provanshu Dass
Provanshu Dass Anos atrás
I think so
Yama Azazel
Yama Azazel Anos atrás
Can u name the materials🤔🤔
ahmed elkhatib
ahmed elkhatib Anos atrás
Do you sell these valve
Jaxxon Balboa
Jaxxon Balboa 8 meses atrás
Now apply 250 bar to it!
Jon Singleton
Jon Singleton 2 meses atrás
Just a thought. I stopped the video at 1:40 to let you know I find the background music VERY annoying. I muted it and continued.
Cak Thelo Channel
Cak Thelo Channel Mês atrás
Nice 👍👍👍
Ricardo B. Romero TV
Galing Naman sir.
Rolly Herrera
Rolly Herrera Anos atrás
Lots of plastic, and glue for a weapon to get food or self-protection....I would expect eventual fracture in the plastic...Hey, but you do what you need to do, and with what you have...I just carry a big machete...
Yuda Baim
Yuda Baim 5 meses atrás
Bikin konten lg kelanjutan nya sampai jadi senapan bang..dan di uji coba
NItin Sawant
NItin Sawant Anos atrás
How to make trigger?sir
Mohito DZ
Mohito DZ Anos atrás
next tutorial : homemade high pressure pump for pcp :P , hope so .
Bessaa Bessa
Bessaa Bessa Anos atrás
Yes it's verry more necessary
Nuclear Nadal
Nuclear Nadal Anos atrás
Watch his previous videos
Ka DuGSiNG Anos atrás
Nice video
jhondievans26 Banac
Nice bro 👍my Guide na nman ako thanks sa video mo bro.
BADR XONE 3 meses atrás
Good job
5f2 2f5
5f2 2f5 Anos atrás
Teach me Master 🙏
HONEY BRAR Anos atrás
Thanks bro
warman doank
warman doank Anos atrás
Itu max brp PSI bang?
Băng La
Băng La Anos atrás
Make hummer by pvc
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